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  1. I took the test on March 29th which was my 14th day of symptoms, took 8 days to get my result back. Now my worst week was the week of st Patrick’s day. Night sweats, glass scratching your throat. Only 1 day was really bad where I thought ok I need to go to the hospital and it was March 20th, I had my hospital to go bag etc and I just passed out but woke up better. Now all I still have is a cough but they say the cough is most likely from lung damage from the coronavirus. I most likely got corona onhttps://vm.tiktok.com/tGXvVC/
  2. I don't like cocaine, I'm team functioning alcoholic. Helps me write, Plus it helps me not get distracted at looking at myself while reading a teleprompter which by the way is really hard to do when you have the square of your shoulder
  3. because its actually a segment i've written and I've been trying in our test runs for the show, where we talk about OG twitter, and should we judge people on current culture on 2010 tweets, I mean you in 2019 seem to still use gay as a slur, and that became #nobueno in 2012
  4. And also districts are gonna get redrawn in 2020 so who even knows what the 2022 district would be @Jose
  5. Oh shit you are right it is albio sires, and not donald, my parents are donald, I'm albio, but I could pick either one, based on what address I'd use to file. Its not like that matters. I would just look at who id have a better shot against. I think i would have a better shot against albio. I could easily win downtown jersey city, port liberte etc
  6. I really wish I could run in 2020, it be easier, with it being a presidential election and more millennials running for congress, Obviously it depends if I'm famous or not. But if I end up on a certain show, or my show gets picked up, then I just ride that train all the way to ultra fame
  7. fake news none of you thought, id ever have a legit shot at fame, I CAN JUST SAY FAKE NEWS AT ALL THESE ALLEGATIONS LIKE VEGANS ARE FAKE NEWS
  8. you mean the wayback machine archive yes when you got fancy tv corporate lawyers on your side you can GET ANYTHING removed
  9. theres nothing to dig up. every tweet from 2008 till the Trump first republican debate with Megyn kelly is gone, and I was removed from the wayback machine. I wasn't gonna get James Gunned. I'm 30 steps ahead of outrage culture. I wanna host the Oscars one day. I wanna do the white house correspondents dinner. I wanna attack Rachel Maddow for being real life choose your own adventure with the way she does the news
  10. What about outrage culture digging up the tweets? Well as someone who was always wanted to be famous, everything on twitter before June of 2015 was removed from my twitter. But the wayback machine Uh thank you TV lawyers for being able to remove everything about me from the wayback machine. Look either way 2019 my come up year, I'm heading to Miami next Thursday to film a commercial,
  11. Legality, my contract literally says, I can not run for office for 1 year after the final airdate of whatever the final episode of my show/contract end date is. So 2020 is out of the question because my contract expires NYE 2019. So legally I can't run for any form of office in 2020 Obviously, if I become legit famous and not D list famous, i can't run but lets say 2022, I think I could my neighbor was a chief of staff for a former governor and a lobbyist for hillary, I knew AOC before she became a congress person, she was literally my bartender and I always treated her cool. The issue is, I'd have to win Newark. because my district is the rich part of jersey city and most of newark. Obviously I could move etc, but I like where I'm at. The dude is old, I'm an outspoken TV personality, and I can clap back. What I run on Medicare for all, expanding Medicaid etc. Making tanning great again THE WORKS
  12. The Super Hard ending with Seprioth, after you get the secret 13th keyblade and Seprioth can just body you easily.
  13. One if I wanted to because Karl and Nokra are registered here @SFLUFANwould have had to wipe out my entire information due to the EU right to be forgotten act, Its how I got rid of everything of me from IGN even though I was banned. or he would have gotten a million dollar fine.
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