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Congratulations to Sony for winning E3 2019

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We honestly should have known better than to get hyped for E3 this year. It's the last year of this cycle, we all know there's one more E3 before the PS5 and Scarlet. Microsoft isn't going to unveil a console a year and a half before it launches, much less show gameplay of anything this early.


That said, none of the conferences have impressed me this year. I truly hope that it's because they're holding off for the next gen, but it really does seem like there was an extreme lack of creativity from the major publishers/developers this year Even the indie games are starting to look the same. The major publisher really re-hashed the shit this year. "Games as a Service" is really fucking killing the AAA industry. I'm a Ghost Recon fan, and I even moaned out loud when they said they were going to support it for "years." I don't want to play Ghost Recon for years. I want to play one, then a few years later, play another one. I can tell you right now, before Microsoft even announces anything, that Halo Infinite is going to be the same way. Mark my words, it's got 'Destiny clone' written all over it.


Also... Where the fuck is Capcom?

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9 hours ago, Dre801 said:

"Wait until NEXT E3!"


That's what was weird about Halo Infinite. The developers said E3 2020 will be a huge moment for the game. As a great post online said, 'the last thing people want to hear at E3 2019 is “E3 2020 tho”. lol' 


Just weird all around considering the hype behind it and how many people hyped online themselves silly over it and all the "rumors" that too many people still believe are happening.

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1 hour ago, crispy4000 said:

#1 Nintendo

#2 SquareEnix


Everyone else gets digitally generated CG participation trophies.


... Watch Dogs 3 looked alright.


Could have saved everyone a lot of time just having them. 10 minutes of State of Plays were more exciting.

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Just now, SaysWho? said:


They did participate. They decided to save us time, which is the most valuable currency.


Three cheers. :clap:

I'm Glad they skipped it.  Errrrrrbody else should have done the Same.  First time in my life that I'm only really really interested in one new game  and thats DeathLoop

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