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  1. sure I can It will give you 2080 performance in non raytraced games
  2. waiting to see how amd actually handles Raytracing before I make a statement on that
  3. havent paid attention to control is it hard on the gpu?
  4. MS doing what TomCat said they would. 2080 performance in the console
  5. I'm expecting 2080 performance out of the gpus in the next gen systems.
  6. people always make this stuff sound harder then it is. I said a long time ago MS would come out with two skus this generation. I said they could easily take the GPU in the 1x add a ryzen2 core cpu and make that the lower sku xbox. major blunder in last gen was the Jaguar cpu's they held the whole system back. get rid of them and you have a competent gaming machine. Should I pat my self on the back now or later. I said that with the Ryzen2 cpu games would target 60fps as the standard. I was laughed at. Guess what MS appears to be using a gpu that is not even as powerful at the 1x gpu and doing exactly what I said. Execept going for 1080p-1440p instead of 4k since most people havent upgraded to 4k yet. consoles are basically pc's now. especially the MS console. Pc's have millions of combinations of hardware that dev. have to program for. Why would making games for 4skus be so difficult? It wont and the lower skus wont hold the top games back. I can play the same games on my 970 that people are playing on their 2080ti's just at a lower resolution and some effects lowered or canceled. the dev kit will do most of the scaling work for dev. It has a button for each sku so dev can test performance MS will come out swinging for the fences next gen so get ready gaming is about to be hella fun and as far as raytracing goes its a fluid technique the hardware is capable they are just refiniing the techniques on how to use the hardware more efficiently the effects on framerate will get alot better once they perfect the software tricks. Look at the gains and improvements theyve already done with the few games that are released. it will only get better.
  7. it wong happen cause there is no money in curing things the money is in the treatment. thats why Nothing has been cured in decades even doe we've had dna for many many decades
  8. your talking to a guy who can make adjustments in 5ms
  9. yep for 1buck. Xbox Dashboard says 14.99 for 1month get two months free but the microsoft website still has the 1$ upgrade deal
  10. I'll try it out later this week. I just joined ultimate for a Dollar today so I'm good till september of 2021
  11. love Halo's but ODST was a chore for me only Halo game I havent finished
  12. No games No money to be made. MS dropped the ball this gen Game Wise. New Hardware does no good if you dont have games to drive the hardware. Good thing they Acquired alot of new Studios. If they dont fix the AAA games drought their hardware has no chance
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