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  1. well damn lots of 10's guess its time for me to end that streek
  2. I should be I was there from the beginning black nerd all day
  3. Damn Mofo's Killing Cats for 25$ My cat provides way more then 25$ work of service keeping the Mice out of the house. No Mice in Years since getting my boy Chino. when I first got him thought it was a girl so his name was china then them Balls fell out of nowhere so had to remove the a and add an O
  4. yea I'm building for PVE encounters I dont do much PVPing. Thats why I want Unstoppable Force cause it seems to synergize with an LMG build. still trying to figure out if I like demo or sharpshooter specilization
  5. you are white if you dont know what Saint Louis Fried Rice is it's a Black thing. I will agree with you about STL Ribs. I love my Pork Steaks but Only Barbequed Provelone is part of Provel. all you need to add is the ONE did you use to rock the Blues jersey as you Avatar?
  6. Yall leave my Baby Momma alone
  7. It's wonderful not making anyones list
  8. Stay off of my City bitches. We show you the Proper way to eat a Bagel and it turns into jokes. Best STL style food. Toasted Ravioli STL Fried Rice is the Best in the nation Bar None Provolone Pizza
  9. For Women Gamers Yall Chicks are fine. Way to break the Stereotype
  10. Thanks You finally ready to let ole TomCat all up in dat Kitty
  11. yea I know I worded my statement wrong. does the beserker talent work for the lmg if you have the Rifle as your second weapon. it reads equipped doesnt say you have to actively be shooting that gun
  12. thats why I want it cause it will scale with the tier levels. We should get more armour with each tier. Does the Beserk talent work if you have the talent on your backup weapon? the way i reading the talent says it has to be equipped. does that mean it can be your secondary weapon and work with your LMG or is it only when you are actually shooting the gun that required?
  13. you ready to make a Camerican
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