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  1. lol you are funny for the first time in gaming history the upgraded consoles are using the same architecture x86 Porting things will be easier then ever. Also we dont need a comparison of pc's ssd's and xbox or ps5 ssd cause we already know the consoles will be faster cause of the hardware compression something the new pc pcie4 m.2 drives will be missing Man I just realized you said you are smarter the Phil Spencer lol
  2. why are you talking about ps's I was only talking about the xbox ecco system. With both the ps and sexbox having dedicated controllers for the ssd's for on the fly compression pc drives arent fast enough to keep up. It will change but we dont know how soon that will be. In the mean time You could just add alot more ram as a substitution.
  3. exactly what ive been saying. Its actually easier then supporting PC because you will start the gen off with 5 skus to support then it will drop to 2 in a couple years
  4. Oh you are one of them. SMH yo youtube name Crapgamer? does someone with a 1060T and a 670 Hold back someone with a Titan and 3950x. Stop it with these false agendas of concern. Lockhart will not hold back the series X. Infact every thing is exactly the same except for Ram and Video card. Both use Velocity Architecture.
  5. 60 is a lot so i expect some to be old just glad they bringing them back. i dont remember the last time ive played a demo on xbox
  6. yep I wave my pom poms Strong thats why I'm Admiral X but I also know what i'm talking about. You always trying to make it seem like what i'm saying is Blasphemous
  7. yep Positivity on the side of M$. punching someone in the mouyh is not a negative thing. i quite enjoy it and pretty much all of my claims for the series x is coming true even though you said NO at every comment
  8. see thats where you wrong I dont have to root against anyone. I just support who i like with positivity so thats why you see me talking up M$ I love their ecosystem and the way Phil has run the division. He has done a Tremendous job but people wanna hate on him for some reason. He has fixed all the issues with xbox except first party games. That will be fixed soon very very soon.
  9. fuck you talking about? saying sony will get punched in the mouth is not a damn comparison. nintendo is great if I have kids but i dont they are grown so fuck nintendo from my point of view. If I said Crispy I'm going to punch you in the mouth that is not me comparing myself to you
  10. lol saying MS is gonna puch sony in the mouth is not putting sony down. M$ needs to get to Sonys level I've never denied this. they are there and beyond with the hardware not the software has to catch up
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