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  1. yep for 1buck. Xbox Dashboard says 14.99 for 1month get two months free but the microsoft website still has the 1$ upgrade deal
  2. I'll try it out later this week. I just joined ultimate for a Dollar today so I'm good till september of 2021
  3. love Halo's but ODST was a chore for me only Halo game I havent finished
  4. No games No money to be made. MS dropped the ball this gen Game Wise. New Hardware does no good if you dont have games to drive the hardware. Good thing they Acquired alot of new Studios. If they dont fix the AAA games drought their hardware has no chance
  5. LOL I remember reading we removed all of our nukes during the coupe attempt
  6. guess you didnt read the link i provided hell its in the quote I posted
  7. GPU was hampered by an underperforming cpu. that wont be the case with the new systems. i expect the gpu in scarlett to have twice the performance of the 1xgpu putting it in the 12-14 terraflop range
  8. ➤ PC Games Hardware: Does the already mentioned statement 4x relate to the performance of the complete console? Phil Spencer: No, that's a pure CPU statement. It would also be a little too simplistic to refer to the whole system, as much as I would like to, because so many components flow into it. Take the Xbox One X: In its development, the memory bandwidth was the bottleneck. It had to be big enough to provide content to the GPU without idle time. We could have brought the console to market a year earlier, but we waited another year to get all 6 of the GPU's TFLOPS up and running. Our primary goal with Scarlett was to improve the graphics capabilities and GPU of the console. Primarily because another goal was to integrate a CPU into the system that can compete with the GPU. Unlike PCs, consoles have historically been "arm-presses" with a strong arm - the GPU - and a weak arm - the CPU, which does nothing other than change frames calculated by the GPU as fast as possible, often with only a maximum of 30 fps. Our primary goal with Scarlett was to improve the graphics capabilities and GPU of the console. Now we are talking about 120 Hertz or variable refresh rates. Because if the timing of the game loop - the core routines of a game - corresponds to the refresh rate, this reduces the input latency and thus ensures a smooth gaming experience. And that depends largely on the CPU and memory bandwidth. That's why you have to see a statement like "Scarlett is x times faster than Xbox One X" a bit more differentiated. Once again I was right 4x the power is only refering to the cpu he also confirmed that the cpu in the 1x was the main reason they coulnt do 60fps like i said https://www.pcgameshardware.de/Xbox-Next-Scarlett-Konsolen-268616/Specials/Phil-Spencer-Das-Mega-Interview-1293543/amp/
  9. I'm trying to find it now but I watched the interview at work so it not marked on my home pc history
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