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  1. I know they are cheap I have one but most people that i've seen who dont have thier Pc to thier Tv say they dont have a long enough video cable
  2. Most people dont have an HDMI cable that can stretch to thier TV.
  3. 4k should depend on your home network bandwith but HDR is probably out
  4. Steam on my X1X I'll Gladly accept that. M$ is setting things up for next gen to be fucking incredible!!!!! Ponies gonna still hate doe.
  5. You can now Stream Pc games to your Xbox 1x and play them with a controller https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/13/18263513/microsoft-xbox-one-pc-games-support-streaming-wireless-display-app-feature
  6. Told Yall Phil was letting his Nuts Hang!!!! He getting his Jerry Mcgurire on. He not done yet 2019 is going to be exciting. THis next console is going to be a damn Monster
  7. I never expected it to look bad. They delayed it for good reason. Phil is a fan of the series and the game didnt meet his expectation so he delayed it so they can make it great
  8. Not Bad Adding more Rpg makers is a good thing in my book more single player games are needed badly
  9. I dont understand the wireless mic thing either Never expected Fable to be at the show
  10. I expecting at least two Hoping for more
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