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The Mandalorian OT - This is the Way

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Just now, skillzdadirecta said:

Oh. There's Mandolorian books? I was not aware... I've been misinterpreting your posts a lot it seems... apologies good sir:p



The admittedly shitty joke I was TRYING to make was that if you read the (I assume) non-existent Mandalorian books, you'd know that we'd have Mandalorian threads like we did with GoT.


It was terrible content and I regret everything.

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The Mandalorian praised by critics as "incredible" throwback to original Star Wars trilogy (Digital Spy)


Disney+'s Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian is due to debut on the House of Mouse's streaming service in November, but a lucky few media outlets have managed to see almost half an hour of footage from multiple episodes.


And if you weren't excited about the show before, their glowing reactions might change your mind.


Season 2 has begun filming


The long-awaited premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+ as the very first live-action Star Wars TV series is finally only weeks rather than months or even years away, and showrunner Jon Favreau already has some great news for folks excited about the first season. Season 2 has already begun filming! The show, which stars Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal, is apparently hard at work on the next batch of episodes already.


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We don't even know his name yet. I wonder if they're keeping that a secret because it'll be a big reveal, like a famous character's relative or something. I hope not because I'd like to see this franchise branch out instead of constantly having to have ties with one another. 

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I got to see the first 20 minutes ahead of the exhibitor screening of Ford v Ferrari. What they showed was really intriguing, and it still blows me away to see the production values of prestige TV these days. The only negative I have is that it felt too familiar. For as terrible as the prequels were, they did branch out from the OT fairly significantly in terms of locations and alien designs. The Disney output thus far relies heavily on the OT imagery and Mandalorian through 20 minutes is the same.

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The speculation is that [possible spoiler]


The Mandalorian is actually Bobba Fett in different armor. In the first episode it’ll either explain or show how he got out of the Sarlac pit. This is why not even the first episode is available to critics.


They have been very quiet about The Mandalorian’s actual name so this could be true, but I would rather it not.


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