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  1. The topic title says it all. As a HUGE fan of The Sandman, I'm extremely excited for this, if it ends up happening. https://www.slashfilm.com/sandman-tv-series/
  2. Showtime has placed a 10 episode order for a Halo TV series from Awake creator Kyle Killen and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt. For now we don't know much more than that. I'm very surprised that this is happening. I feel like Halo has lost some of it's cultural relevance, and this is likely to be an expensive show. Still, there' s absolutely potential there, and I'll be excited to see how it turns out.
  3. The show premieres April 18th w/ the first 2 of 13 episodes to air. The following 5 eps will air weekly & then go on hiatus until July 11th at which time the final 6 shall air.
  4. 'What We Do in The Shadows' Season 4 Release Date Set for July COLLIDER.COM Season 3 left things on a pretty serious cliffhanger.
  5. Might as well start it off with this thread ? what have you guys watched while the boards boards have been down? me: Rampage 2.5/5 Logan 5/5 Flower 3.5/5 Set It Up 4/5 (seriously, this was an actual good romcom)
  6. My manager at work was talking about this series today and told me to check it out. It isn’t bad but super Canadian everything, usual word play fun, very adult language at times and quick half hour show. Watched the first episode tonight and enjoyed for all the above reasons. If you liked Austin Powers and it’s humour, you’ll like this too
  7. Glancing around the internet a lot of people are taking this as a massive show of no confidence from the BBC on the Chibnall run. Russell T Davies to return as Doctor Who showrunner WWW.DOCTORWHO.TV Russell T Davies will make an explosive return to screens to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who in 2023, and series beyond. BBC Studios are partnering with Bad Wolf to produce.
  8. And I don't mean grading on its a kid's show curve good either. One this is not a little kids show, it is geared towards older Nickelodeon age group I would guess. It also acts as an excellent primer for how things work in the Trek universe so if this is someone's first exposure to Trek they don't have to worry about not knowing what a warpcore or transporter is. The first couple of episodes feel more Star Wars than Star Trek but it gets increasingly Trek as it progresses including a very high concept for a kid's show time dilation episode late in the season. The characters are enjoyable and actually get some legitimate depth and development. Animation overall is solid but can be occasionally stilted. The designs are good and colorful with some actual alien looking aliens taking advantage of being an animated series and not having to put people in makeup. There is not a bad episode in the entire season, they aren't all homeruns but this is probably the best first season of a Trek show since TOS. Still waiting for hologram Janeway to explain the ethics of Tuvix to the young crew though.
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/star-trek-pike-spock-series-set-at-cbs-all-access-1294704
  10. AMC Developing ‘Alan Wake’ TV Series Based On Action-Adventure Video Game DEADLINE.COM AMC has thrown its hat into the ring of video game adaptations, with a series adaptation of 'Alan Wake' in the works.
  11. ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’s Canceled At The CW After Seven Seasons DEADLINE.COM DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will not return for an eighth season. It marks the end of a long road for the series, which premiered in 2016. While The CW is known for giving its longer-running ser… @Kal-El814
  12. We Own This City: Release Date, Cast, And More WWW.SLASHFILM.COM The team behind The Wire is back on HBO with another story of crime (of all kinds) in Baltimore.
  13. I'm almost done with the first season, holy shit this show is dark. I guess I never expected a Damon Lindelof show to hit those dark notes, but goddamn, it is one of the darkest shows I've ever seen. Like if you want to just feel sad and get some humanity sucked out of you for a little bit, then The Leftovers is your jam. I'm wondering how it changes, as I noticed that the first season was reviewed mostly kind of "eh," while the second and third seasons are really well reviewed in general.
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