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  1. I finally finished watching this on the day before it left HBO Max. I didn’t hate it as much as some people did. Part of me does admire how weird it is for a tent pole release. There’s definitely elements of it that I appreciate - such as Pedro Pascal - but overall yeah this was an odd follow up. So many questions. Does Wonder Woman fly now? Why have Steve Trevor possess someone’s body? Why does Kristen Wiig get two wishes?
  2. Huh? I literally just said that all the characters in that movie were cartoonish, which is why they were fun to watch. That movie struck the right tone with how to present the human characters. KOTM did not.
  3. I don’t necessarily want interesting characters in my monster movies, I just want them to be entertaining. All of the characters besides John C Reilly in Kong Skull Island were cartoonish cannon fodder, but I was never bored during the human scenes. The human scenes in KOTM just weren’t fun.
  4. Holy shit! Forget Tenant, this is a movie I’ll be will to die in order to see on the big screen!
  5. I don’t think I realized the original animated series is on there. I need to get on that.
  6. Will this be another movie where they’ll initially fight before coming together in the last act to defeat a shared enemy
  7. So this is what joy feels like. It’s been awhile.
  8. This is why some argue that the MCU isn’t actual art. Because when they do release something even remotely esoteric their fans go crazy because they are so used to having their hands held constantly.
  9. Never did I think something from the MCU was going to be so influenced by David Lynch, but here we are and I’m digging it more than most things from them. It’s clear by reading reactions that not everyone is used to digesting something like this. Just along for the ride. And besides, it’s Marvel so by the end I’m sure it’ll all be answered conclusively.
  10. MCU fans are continuity obsessed so I’m sure Feige has something in mind to tie these universes together that goes beyond a simple throwaway gag. I’m personally against mixing the two worlds together but it’s obviously in Marvel’s best interest to bring such a popular character into the fold.
  11. What he really means is that the GOP Congress needs to do something populist for once that helps gets the Trump stink off of them.
  12. Cheese is an essential ingredient of Cobra Kai, but season 1 had just the right amount of it and was balanced with heart. The heart is still around for season 3, but it maybe leans a little too much into the cartoonish for some parts. It was still a very entertaining season though. I hope the writers have an end goal in mind instead of just needlessly keeping the story going to pump out more seasons.
  13. Sorry if I missed it from earlier, but what did Limbaugh tweet to get himself perma’d?
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