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  1. I’m at least hopeful because it’s being done outside of the studio system. I can’t believe that out of all of the rock music biopic we still don’t have one that’s an hard R.
  2. Is anyone watching his “speech”? I can’t watch it where I am but everyone on Twitter is saying he’s coming across as very unhinged, even by his usual standards.
  3. I wish the national conversation around gay rights would move past gay marriage, tbh.
  4. sexy_shapiro

    Movies Yesterday

    This premise is great and feels like it should yield a more interesting looking movie than the one this trailer is selling us, but hey, it looks cute enough. But yeah, you could raise a lot of interesting questions with this premise that it looks like this movie doesn’t have interest in dealing with. Wouldn’t the entire music industry look completely different if the Beatles never existed? Would there even be a Coldplay without the Beatles?
  5. sexy_shapiro

    Movies Yesterday

    And written by the screenwriter of Love Actually. I’m... still there but with major reservations.
  6. They should have just bought him a Wii to save money.
  7. sexy_shapiro

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    Puff Daddy hates Jews.
  8. When Disney’s first official look at the Genie was him in his human form I knew that most likely didn’t bode well for the CGI design. Turns out I was right. This looks bad. Like, really bad. Everyone is ragging on the Genie but Jafar’s line readings may even be worse.
  9. The Catholic Church is guilty of covering up these abuses on a massive scale. It’s a bit of a stretch to compare this to public schools which generally do their best to remove teachers who are receiving complaints. The abuse itself is terrible. The coverup is heinous.
  10. sexy_shapiro

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    How is it a beauty contest if Trump won?
  11. Honey, I can speak for myself here. They said the invitation was lost in the mail, okay?!
  12. sexy_shapiro

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    It’s sexist and homophobic to imply Spider-Man can’t have a big booty because he’s a dude.
  13. In the right meaning that he was right to be annoyed or do they also agree that a five minute temper tantrum was the appropriate response to the situation?