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  1. Part of the fun is that the ride feels cheap and small, and this movie is big and expensive. I did like stuff at the begging with Rock scamming tourists. I wish the movie was more like that, honestly.
  2. Didn’t it eventually grow into poking fun at itself? Either way, I do agree that it’s charming and a fun ride. This trailer is selling a movie with a completely different tone, however.
  3. The agreement is that for two years after leaving you can’t work for a “sandwich shop” within a three mile radius of any Jimmy John’s. But even worse, they define sandwhich shop as any business that makes at least 10% of their revenue from selling sandwhiches, which really broadens the list.
  4. Yeah I used to work for a Jimmy John’s and had to sign one. I got the feeling they mostly enforced it for management after they left. It was messed up - the store I worked at really took advantage of their employees.
  5. Jungle Cruise is such an outdated attraction at this point and even the people who run the ride poke fun at it as it’s happening. It’s a weird attraction to turn into a Pirates style blockbuster. At least the Pirates ride was always cool. The Jungle Cruise attraction will need major changes if this ends up becoming a hit.
  6. I enjoyed 3 a lot but 4 needs to be the last one, or else this franchise is going to get redundant quick.
  7. I still haven’t seen Far From Home but apparently that movie is pivotal for the MCU as a whole so good thing it work out as expected.
  8. Apparently Robbie wouldn’t sign onto the movie unless Harry Quinn’s name was in the title.
  9. I mean yeah, you can’t tell me that some movies are simply better to go into not knowing the outucome. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the perfect example of that. I get that people are often way too spoilerphobic, and I find them crazy, but people who go so far in the other direction and say that spoilers never detract from the experience whatsoever are equally insane. I take a middle ground where I purposefully make sure I don’t spoil something for myself, but if I accidentally get spoiled then I just shrug it off. I won’t watch this trailer simply because indie movies are simply more enjoyable to go into blind. If I know a movie is supposed to be good I’ll see it regardless. But if I happen to see this trailer at my local theater in the meantime, I won’t sweat it. It’s simply a preference for me, but not a strict one.
  10. Warren is only 2020 candidate to accept invintation to RuPaul’s DragCon This seems like low hanging fruit (hehe) and a no-brainer to who any candidate who is serious about LGBT outreach. But that’s the thing, she may be the only candidate who’s actually serious about LGBT outreach. As I’ve been saying for months now, Mayor Pete is really uncomfortable being associated with LGBT culture.
  11. Skillz, I owe you a public apology. I lost control again that night, and losing control never feels good. You deserve better. I’m currently in recovery and learning a lot about self control and taking responsibility for my actions. Please don’t take this personally. My anger towards you was misdirected because deep inside I have a lot of hatred for both myself and my parents. I struggle with finding proper ways of dealing with my emotions and for whatever reason it comes out online at times. I’m not excusing myself, however. I take full responsibility for my actions, I just don’t want you to take any of that stuff to heart. I have a lot of work to do on myself in the meantime. I’m very lonely and this board provides me a sense community that I don’t often feel today. I want to fit in here, but unfortunately I am my own worse enemy. I feel like I’m only pushing the rest of the board away with my behavior, and that makes me sad. That has never been my end goal. I actually think you add a lot to this board and would like if we could place this behind ourself and still engage like adults on other topics. If you don’t want to engage with me on any level after this, I understand. And don’t blame you. I have given you plenty of reason for you to want to avoid me till the end of days, and it is my own doing. From here on out I can only have control for my own amends, not how they are received. As I learned in recovery last night, I should only focus on sweeping my side of the street. And lastly, I owe this entire board an apology for my actions. You deserve better, and I’m doing myself a disservice by not acting better. If anyone else on here is bothered by my behavior and you feel like this sweeping apology isn’t enough, you can PM me and I will apologize privately.
  12. I feel like if a prominent and prolific member of this board is going to ignore me simply for being a vocal gay man then I have no reason to post here anymore. It’s like I’ve been shut out from a large part of any conversation on here. He’s trying to push me out of here. He wants to silence me.
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