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  1. Most people complaining about this seem to forget he has a gymnastics background and can parkour quite well. I don’t know if there are many leading man types right now who has the physical skills that Tom Holland has. If they allow him to perform some of his own stunts then this could be quite cool.
  2. There already is a straight pride parade. It’s called Mardi Gras.
  3. It makes him look like an evil corporate villain from an 80’s kid movie.
  4. Do I have to see both the Ford and Ferrari standalone movies in order to appreciate this crossover?
  5. Renting out unicycles would be much practical than this, and is still not be very practical at all.
  6. Increasing the cost of Coronas and margaritas during the peak of Summer doesn’t sound like a good ide politically but what do I know.
  7. Are you sure you know what autism is?
  8. It’s sad that he left us so early but I feel like we all should have seen the signs.
  9. What’s weird is that they are remaking movies that are known for their economic storytelling. Just like with Beauty and the Beast, adding anything different to extend the runtime will have to really prove itself whether it’s needed because we’re already familiar with a version where it wasn’t necessary. Lion King could bennefit from a longer runtime. It feels like too much happens with that 90 minutes that I could see a longer cut having more weight.
  10. Anyone who thinks alcohol isn’t an essential hasn’t worked in education.
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