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  1. I dunno guys, this show is starting to loose me a little. It no longer feels like appointment television. The most interesting and noteworthy thing about this show is Baby Yiddle. Nothing else is even as remotely interesting. It’s become more of a vehicle to deliver Baby Yiddle into the collective consciousness than it is an intriguing show that generates water cooler talk.
  2. Was Danny Elfman brought on after Snyder left? Because it would be interesting if this had a completely different score.
  3. Sorry for my outburst yesterday. I had a really stressful day at work. I will work on how I communicate my opinions online. In the future let’s just avoid any personal attacks. @skillzdadirecta I’m sorry. I let that get too heated between us. Don’t feel like I don’t like you. I actually respect you a lot. I like reading your comments on the Watchmen thread. I loved that snowball fight video thar you posted, I just haven’t replied yet because I’ve been super busy. So no, I will not put you on ignore. You add so much to this board and it would be far less interesting without you.
  4. And in case anyone is worried, I’m not suicidal right now, and haven’t been since @SaysWho? called me and helped me calm down. I’m doing much better than a few months ago. I was able to find a better place to live and in general I’m on the up. But I still struggle with depression and self hatred. Seeing you guys personally attack is really setting me off right now after a really rough day. I just feel like I can’t do anything right. I’m really disappointed in you guys right now. Especially @skillzdadirecta for liking a post that personally attacking me and brought up things I did in the past that I thought was water under the bridge by this point. I thought we had moved past that. I didn’t mean any hurtful by what I said. Like I said above, I’m high functioning autistic so I have trouble getting my thoughts out on the internet sometimes. I never meant anything mean by what I said.
  5. I am high functioning autistic and I have trouble interpreting online discussions sometime. I am being attacked because I’m a freak. Maybe I don’t know how to communicate or read some comments well. I do much better in person when I can see their face and hear how they speak. On here it is difficult and you guys just spit me out and call me mean words because I have trouble with online communication sometimes. im a freak and you guys hate me for it
  6. fuck you dude. I didn’t even accuse him of being racist or homophobic. Fuck off. I’m not doing good today and you personally attacking and Skillz liking your post is really pushing me off the deep end. this board is cruel and it makes me want to cry skillz, you are better than to hate a hateful post like that. Why do you hate me. I was keeping it nice. Why are you so mean. Why does the world hate me. Why am I not worth anything no one loves me i need to take a break from this board. You are hateful. I never made one personal attack on any of you Skillz liked a comment personally attacking me. This shows his true character
  7. There isn’t a clear answer. Art isn’t quantifiable. That was my point. That’s exactly what I said in my post. If you think art can be measure and somehow empirically “proven” to be good, then you miss the point in art altogether. Basically what you’re saying is that anyone who isn’t making a lot of money from their art isn’t successful. That’s a real insult to local artists. Art is so much more than popularity and money. You know what else was successful financially, critically, and popular? Birth of a Nation. The metrics you use to quantify good art are questionable.
  8. I see where you coming from. I also hold a lot of minority opinions. I tend to have a low opinion on the average filmgoer, to be honest. Few people actually engage with the text like we do. Most people will just like a movie if it kept their attention for 2 hours. Plus, the prequel trilogy proved that anything with the Star Wars name is gonna make a ton of money regardless of money. The financial success alone isn’t as impressive to me as others seem to think it is. Let me reframe the original context. CV simply said that Disney made a mistake by rushing the movies out. The response was that no they didn’t make a mistake, because they were financially successful. Clearly CV wasn’t saying the movies were financial failures. He was criticizing the production schedule, and hell, even Disney agrees because they are changing it up after this movie. My big fear with Disney early on was that releasing a movie a year was gonna significantly kill the hype for future movies. While people on here argued against me, even Disney is seeming to wise up and realize that scarcity is what makes Star Wars movies a big deal. I’m sure Rise of Skywalker will do pretty well, but it is odd that there seems to be relatively less people talking about this one. Also, the new Star Wars lands at the Disney parks has had a had a much lower attendance than expected. That can’t be a good sign for fan’s general feelings for the franchise.
  9. I don’t think the elephant needs an explanation nor should it. It was just a quirky bit of world building that should be accepted more than explained. Just take it at face value. A cure for a nostalgia OD is derived from an elephant. What else more is there to say?
  10. My issue is that is that there is no way to quantify art. It’s not science or math where we can point to hard numbers as quantifiable proof. But that’s part of what I enjoy about discussing art! A good discussion or debate can help one understand or look at a piece of art in a new light. I’ve learned a lot over the years about art and story telling just by participating in internet and college debates. And even if one could quantify art, it’s not like this board is consistent with that approach. Just look at how popular it is to be dismissive of Avatar’s financial, critical, and audience-pleasing success. Also, I’m surprised that you’re using critical response as a metric for artistic success because I thought you were fairly clear in previous threads that critics are useless and mean nothing to you. Or is this an opinion you only apply when critics disagree with you? Financial success means little to me because it’s become clear to me as I’ve gotten older that capitalism is bad for art. Companies can make a huge profit by appealing to humans’ lesser nature. Just look at some of these wildly popular reality shows on TV. It’s a cesspool. Our culture has really suffered in recent decades because so much popular media cares more about profits than producing enriching stories. And lastly, I’ve noticed that you sometimes try to minimize opinions you disagree with by saying that only a minority of people feel that way and that mainstream audiences generally disagree. Just because someone has a minority opinion doesn’t mean they’re inherently less valid than those who align with the consensus. Because that’s what you seem to be implying when you make statements like that.
  11. Trudeau’s comments were so tame, anyways. As a fan of high quality shade, I was let down.
  12. PM’d. I normally don’t like to spoil myself for something like this, but I’m not emotionally invested enough to hold off. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a train wreck, so I’m morbidly curious now.
  13. You know this is Donald Trump’s capitalistic way of viewing art, right? If it has good ratings, that’s all that matters!
  14. I’m not worried about the show wrapping up in two episodes. I feel like a lot of the big questions have already been answered. We know what the 7th Kavalry’s plan is. We know where Manhattan is. We know where Sister Night got her name and aesthetic. We know more about Trieu and where she stands. We know the truth about Sister Night’s grandfather. We know why the police wear masks. There’s a decent bit for us to find out but in no way do I feel like I’m heading into these last episodes unsure about what is going.
  15. Return of the Jedi’s status as the weakest of the trilogy was solidified when I watched all three back to back. Like, I wouldn’t call Jedi a bad movie at all, but when you consider it as a direct follow up to Empire... boy, does it fall short. It does have its moments, like the space battle. It was also my favorite of the three growing up, which seems to be a commonly held opinion amongst children.
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