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  1. I loathe the unnecessary attention that Person of the Year receives annually but this is a damned good choice.
  2. sexy_shapiro

    George H W Bush dead at 94

    They named a podcast Pod Save America.
  3. There’s a small part of me that wants him to win a second term just to see how bad he’ll look by the end of his eight years. It’s been two years and he’s already falling apart.
  4. sexy_shapiro

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    Haven’t the DNC gods already decided for her?
  5. sexy_shapiro

    Is it okay to put your trash in a neighbors trashcan?

    It’s like peeing outdoors. It’s embarrassing to get caught in the act.
  6. It was a little disappointing when compared to how fresh the first Creed felt. This felt like another Rocky movie which is a little weird considering how little actual Rocky has to do in this movie. Overall the movie is perfectly fine but it’s missing the energy Coogler breathed into the franchise last time around. At the time Creed seemed like a perfect jumping off point for future movie, but now it’s apparent that Coogler was never thinking about future movies when he came up with the idea. Adonis just isn’t as interesting of a character once his arc in the first movie is complete.
  7. sexy_shapiro

    Is it okay to put your trash in a neighbors trashcan?

    If the bin has already been taken to the curb to be collected the next day then it’s fair game. Just do it quickly because you still don’t want to be that guy who gets caught.
  8. sexy_shapiro

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    When is this report finally dropping? I feel like I’ve been hearing “any day now” for at least a few weeks.
  9. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Who here among us hasn’t thought about kidnapping Fred Savage?
  10. Or better, why even go at all? Redbox that shit in three months.
  11. What were your feelings about the first one? Is this one trying to say something about internet or is it merely a setting?
  12. Even Trump is tired of Hannity.
  13. I loved the first one but this looks like the Disney version of The Emoji Movie. I’ll check it out but I’m in no rush.