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  1. My last drink was October 3rd, so it’s been nearly a year.
  2. I never understood why the HBO apps at the very least don’t have an option to stream whatever is playing on HBO at the moment. Getting to chose my own shit is fun, but I miss flipping through the channels late at night and finding some obscure movie that I hadn’t thought about in years.
  3. Are LGBT people allowed to be upset that she didn’t step down earlier? There will certainly be a rolling back of our rights with the court swinging even further to the right. I just wanna make sure I’m qualified enough to to be disgruntled before I start sharing my feelings.
  4. I wish the left was as serious about judges as the right is. This might be the event to get their priorities in order
  5. You may not have realized what you were saying, but saying that I was being childish really cut deep. It almost feels ableist, whether you intended it to be or not. I’m fully self-aware that my autism has stunted my emotional development. I’m aware that I’m behind that curve compared to my peers. I’ve seen my friends eventually grow apart from me because they are maturing and I”m still 19 in a lot of ways. It other ways I’m still 8. Do you know how isolating that can be to be a child in an adult’s body? Or how painful and embarrassing it has been to see my younger siblings grow up and are able
  6. Your posts are lesser not because I’m a teacher, but because you’re trying to normalize the rising ignorance surrounding the Holocaust. It’s disgusting. I hate that you like to be Mr Spock and have no emotions and all reason when it comes to delicate issues that honestly should be handled more sensitively. Do you think the Jewish people who are worried by this news are overreacting?
  7. I used to think people were exaggerating about his drug usage but now it’s become pretty obvious to me whenever he’s on uppers compared to when he isn’t.
  8. I wonder how many of these people can name Christopher Co Yeah, you see, you had to put in another dig about how I don’t have a special knowledge of history textbooks. You aren’t even self-aware enough to realize when you’re being a dick. I at least know that I’m being a bitch right now but I don’t give a fuck that I am. I went to school to study education, and Holocaust education in particular was something we talked about because of how it’s a requirement in the state of Florida. It’s something I do have a background in. Sure, belittle me because I don’t have a spe
  9. I don’t work as a teacher’s aide. I work as a private instructor for a variety of subjects, with a speciality in special education. Now you are trying to downplay me by saying I’m simply an aide, ffs.
  10. Sure, you can keeping ‘splaining education to someone who actually works in that field, but you’re not telling me anything that I don’t know. The fact is that for decades many Jewish Americans have pushed Holocaust education so that it doesn’t become just another forgotten event in history. There’s even a whole museum in DC dedicated to just that. Maybe you don’t think it’s worrisome that younger Americans don’t even know how many Jewish people died in the Holocaust, but I don’t think it’s up to you whether that’s concerning or not. I’m seeing lot of activity of Jewish users on Twi
  11. Matt and Trey seemed to have matured somewhat over the years, so hopefully this isn’t just them playing the “both sides are equally stupid” card again.
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