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  1. MCU fans are continuity obsessed so I’m sure Feige has something in mind to tie these universes together that goes beyond a simple throwaway gag. I’m personally against mixing the two worlds together but it’s obviously in Marvel’s best interest to bring such a popular character into the fold.
  2. What he really means is that the GOP Congress needs to do something populist for once that helps gets the Trump stink off of them.
  3. Cheese is an essential ingredient of Cobra Kai, but season 1 had just the right amount of it and was balanced with heart. The heart is still around for season 3, but it maybe leans a little too much into the cartoonish for some parts. It was still a very entertaining season though. I hope the writers have an end goal in mind instead of just needlessly keeping the story going to pump out more seasons.
  4. Sorry if I missed it from earlier, but what did Limbaugh tweet to get himself perma’d?
  5. It’s a sequel to the Karate Kid about two grown men who can’t give up a 30 year old high school rivalry. I’m not sure how it could work without fully embracing the cheese.
  6. It is weird it took this for it to happen. I always assumed the reason it hadn’t happened yet is because of protection by security, but apparently that isn’t the case.
  7. Eh, if you guys can make fun of Cats, which is a genuinely fascinating bad movie because it had every intention of being a prestige musical, then I can knock this boring corporate commercial that is posing as a bad movie. As a lover of bad movies, what makes a good bad movie is sincerity. What I hate is stuff like Sharknado that is intentionally bad and winks at the audience the whole time. This “movie” is exactly that, but even worse because it’s a commercial.
  8. It’s lame when corporations try to be ironic and be in on the joke. But in reality everyone is making a big deal for what is essentially a gloried commercial. Also Will Ferrell has already done a Lifetime movie, so this isn’t even the first time the network has been willing to poke fun at itself. And hasn’t KFC already beat the joke of casting someone who doesn’t look like the Colonel Sanders to death?
  9. Something like won’t have any impact on me so whatever, but it’s still lame when a former counter-cultural icon does something as blatantly commercial as this.
  10. Seinfeld is obviously a better show than Friends, but Friends has been able to be fairly popular with Gen Z kids in a way that Seinfeld hasn’t. So I guess one could argue that Friends is a more timeless show because it adheres closer to sitcom norms and thus is able to exist easier outside of the decade it was popular in. I love Seinfeld, but it is definitely a product of its time. To better appreciate it one has to be aware of the context of other shows of its time and why it was so revolutionary for its time. It’s sort of like Citizen Kane in that regard - it’s truly only appreci
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