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  1. The Matrix doesn’t have a single interpretation. I think pretending that The Matrix can only represent one thing and one thing only takes away the beauty of that movie. There’s so much going on that it’s possible to have completely different, yet still valid, takeaways.. There’s enough religious symbolism and nods to suggest its a story about spiritual enlightenment, for example. However, one can’t deny that The Wachowski’s experiences as queer people played a big part in the the themes they were trying to express. Switch was originally supposed to be a different gender in The Matrix than in the real world, which would have been the most obvious evidence if the studio didn’t force that change. Also, one the sisters Has talked about how she nearly committed suicided by letting a train run her over. She mentions how she had so much shame about her identity but on the train tracks she had an awakening on who she was - she regained the will to live. The movie’s turning point is on the train tracks. It’s when Neo truly becomes the one. Agent Smith is holding him down and trying to let the subway run them over before Neo truly believes in himself and is the one. It’s where he truly adopts his new identity as Neo - he even corrects Agent Smith by saying “My name is Neo!” before becoming self-actualized.
  2. One of my roommates works at a nail salon and she went back to work last week. I’m still working from home and hardly going out, but I’m worried that living with someone with a job like that will put me more at risk.
  3. Jacksonville had “flyover” the other week. Maybe it’s because I grew up near a navy/Air-Force base and would hear Blue Angels all of the damn time, but I never understood the appeal.
  4. I don’t know about you guys but there is no way I’m sitting this one out. Hopefully everyone in my audience will be able to hear it over my dry cough.
  5. The gym has done wonders for managing my mental health. It’s been difficult having to life without it while also living during an inherently stressful period.
  6. Could I just watch the last four episodes if I haven’t been watching the series?
  7. Oh boy, is it awkward when extended gag is absolutely not funny and goes on for way too long.
  8. Jacksonville Beach will be expanding their hours today.
  9. Anecdotally I’ve noticed that Jacksonville is becoming complacent. Within the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a gradual decrease in mask wearing and overall increase of instances where people aren’t staying far apart. Given that restrictions for businesses begin lifting today, I’d say we’re getting ready to hit that peak with full force.
  10. He looks kinda off. It most likely is another person.
  11. I honnetly can’t even distinguish the difference between a real and fake chyron.
  12. Actively hoping that protestors, Trump supporters, red staters, etc get Covid-19 is the worst.
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