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  1. And success means everything, amirite? Your mind is as simple as Donald Trump’s. If it gets good ratings then it must be good and totally worth it.
  2. I work with kids as mature as you all day so I have a thick skin. Just like you they are also excited about Wolverine fighting along Spider-Man.
  3. Nobody over the age of 12 dabs, which is appropriate because you have to have the mind of a child to support this monopoly.
  4. I apologize for the super late reply. It’s been a hell of a month for me and there was a lot to unpack in that piece. And I have complicated feelings about it as a whole, with a slight lean towards agreeing. I will say that there has always been something about Pete that has rubbed me the wrong way and I couldn’t quite place my finger on it until reading this piece. Pete does seem very calculated. Every decision he has made in his life seems to be focus grouped. The writer is definitely on to something there and I’d like to elaborate with my own observations. There are some gay people who react to being pushed to the margins of society by pushing hard right back. This is where you get gay culture such as drag and camp, ways of expression that are mean to highlight the ridiculousness of mainstream culture. Pete is the type of gay who reacts the opposite way. Instead of pushing back against the society he has raced head on to be accepted by it. He so badly wants to be liked by the straights. He goes out of his way to not be “that kind of gay”.  And what bothers me the most is that he seems to look down on gay culture. It’s fine if he doesn’t like Drag Race. I understand if it’s not for him. But he can’t even seem to acknowledge the positive impact that show has had in the gay community. People call Pete the gay Obama, but even Obama had more of an appreciation fo African American art than Pete does for LGBT art. My largest complaint towards the piece is that the writer seems to assume there’s a universal gay experience. There are a lot of share similarities that most gay have gone through, sure. But I’m not sure if our experience is universal enough to make such broad generalizations such as Pete being an undeveloped human being for not spending a large part of his life single. Yes, some gay men find that having a lengthy period of sexual freedom can be very cathartic. Some aren’t meant for that life and settle down as soon as they can. It’s lazy for the writer to make such a statement.  But if the big question is whether this piece is homophobic... I’m gonna ultimately say no, but a lot of that has to do with context. If a straight person was writing this piece I would feel a lot ickier about some of the conclusions he came to. The piece is flawed but I’m overall I’m glad to see a queer writer who is willing to openly question whether we can even call Pete one of our own. It’s a discussion worth having.
  5. I have long said that if Pete has just one ounce of femininity then he wouldn’t have made it this far. It’s sad but our society really looks down upon feminine men.
  6. It was only a matter of time before Trump gave away their location so might as well beat him to it.
  7. I loved it. After Toy Story 3 I had no clue how the franchise could forward after that ending but now I realize just how wrong I was. This ties the bow on a certain storyline in a way I found actually more satisfying than the ending of 3 (even though that ending is more devastating in general, at least to me). The new elements are welcomed and keep the franchise fresh without standing too far apart. Forky was surprisingly endearing and offers some interesting philosophical wrinkles into the Toy Story world. Key and Peele’s characters were hilarious and perhaps gave the biggest laugh of the year during one particular bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out they had a hand in writing some of their dialogue and comedic beats. I would say more but then we’re getting into spoiler territory.
  8. As someone else who grow up in a very Evangelical house, stuff like this is why it’s ammusing to me that conservatives were able to get away with labeling the left as the ones who are easily offended.
  9. Remember when Donald Trump announced his candidacy and Jon Stewart celebrated it on his show? That sure aged well.
  10. Most people complaining about this seem to forget he has a gymnastics background and can parkour quite well. I don’t know if there are many leading man types right now who has the physical skills that Tom Holland has. If they allow him to perform some of his own stunts then this could be quite cool.
  11. There already is a straight pride parade. It’s called Mardi Gras.
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