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What, in your opinion, are the best Horror-Comedy movies?


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Please don’t claim straight up horror movies with occasional funny parts are Horror-Comedy movies, and also no horror movies so bad that they’re funny, and no horror spoofs that are meant as straight up comedy movies making fun of horror movies (ie: Scary Movie).


I’m typically not a fan of horror movies tbh, but I f’n love horror comedy movies. It’s just such a (on the surface) mismatch of genres that it works in the best possible way, IMO.

For me (in no order):

Happy Death Day

Ready or Not

Final Girls

Freaky (initially named Freaky Friday the 13th)

Totally Killer

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

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Just now, silentbob said:

How you forgot Army of Darkness is a real shame. Raimi even called it Splatstick Comedy Horror movie



I don’t consider AoD as a horror comedy, I debated about it with myself, but ultimately IMO it falls more into a comedy with a very small handful of horror elements. If I included AoD I felt I’d also need to include Warm Bodies and Zombieland.

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Shaun of the Dead probably isn't considered horror at all, but it's really all I got.


Edit: Shaun of the Dead is a fantastic movie. Easily in my top 10. Maybe top 5, but that's pushing it. Tho I don't have a solid idea of what my top movies would be.

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17 minutes ago, Bacon said:

Shaun of the Dead probably isn't considered horror at all, but it's really all I got.

I would consider it a horror.  It's tough with horror comedies sometimes because often the comedy takes you so far out of the horror that your brain "forgets" that it's watching something gruesome.  In my head the test is, if you were to take out the jokes and all the actors played the scenes "straight" would it be a horror film?  Then yeah, it counts.

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I know I'm breaking your rules with a straight up horror parody flick, but does anyone remember that early 80s horror spoof Student Bodies? I've always had a soft spot for that movie and think it's kind of a lost gem. No one seems to even know it exists.


One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is from that flick and I still use it at least every few months...


"All these years I have been secretly naked underneath my clothes."


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Good picks so far.  Two of my absolute favorite movies fit into this genre: The Lost Boys and Fright Night (1985).  For newer stuff I really enjoyed The Wolf of Snow Hollow (and all of Jim Cummings's movies).  Also just watched Deadstream on Shudder and it was surprisingly really fun.


Totally Killer I watched earlier this month and I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed that one.

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