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  1. This will be the first time I will fork out the money to rent one of these movies. As much as I want to watch Raya, I can wait until June. But a MCU movie? Take my money now!
  2. Ted Lasso was pretty great on Apple TV+. Nothing else though...
  3. I cried like a little bitch in theaters during the last half hour of Endgame, so iron man for me. Up hit me too for sure. The other two didn’t affect me too much.
  4. No talk for that amazing episode? Even though I knew it wasn’t likely, part of me thought Kim might have been the driver of the Jeep at the end looking for them and Mike was going to shoot her unknowingly. I always assumed she was dead in the future but more and more I think she’s alive.
  5. So has anyone who pre-ordered Disney+ through D23 when it was buy 2 years get the third year free upgraded to the bundle? I’m curious how it works. They’ll charge me $12.99 every month and then credit me $6.99 for what I already paid them?
  6. Supposedly it’ll be free if you’re an ATT customer. I wonder what would be on HBO that wouldn’t be on Max though? Seems like one could cancel HBO and get HBO Max.
  7. My series 4 had amazing battery life prior to watchOS 6. It has to be an OS issue, I just downloaded 6.01 so hopefully that fixes it.
  8. I actually enjoyed this show a lot and look forward to season 2. And
  9. I always wondered why when I took my daughter for an outdoor walk, I wouldn’t get a workout credit. Me carrying her in a carrier in 100 degree weather isn’t a work out?!
  10. You don’t have to get the Nike band. I’m thinking of getting of this. By the way, apple does trade in? I have a stainless steel Series 2 but want a Series 4 with GPS so I was hoping to do a trade in.
  11. Curious where you guys shop for codes? I check uvdigitalnow frequently and dvd talk bargain boards. Sometimes there’s some good deals but nothing as good as that 3 for $10 deal posted above.
  12. Had no problem getting one. Ordered one from Best Buy last night, went to target at 1230 today and they had them in stock so I got one from there. I didn’t know the controller cable was only 3 feet, what the hell? I’ll have to look into wireless controllers. Any suggestions?
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