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The Expanse: Season 4 - 13 December 2019

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1 minute ago, TwinIon said:

I'm excited that this already got renewed for S5. Amazon is often pretty slow to renew shows, so it's a great sign that they trust in the Expanse.


If I can manage it I might have to give the series a rewatch before Season 4.



The decision to pick it up in the first place came directly from Bezos since he's a fan, so it doesn't seem too shocking. 

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I really enjoyed this season (just finished it) - Amazon has really upped the budget for the show and it shows. Being able to binge the show helps a ton as well. I felt like the show was firing on all cylinders and I look forward to season 5, which was confirmed last July. 


The show definitely does not back off from the ending of season 3, which I appreciated immensely. Everyone should be watching this show. For those unaware, the TV show is based on a series of novels, 8 of which are out, with a 9th and final volume planned to be released later this year. Season 4 of the show adapted book 4, so we thereotically have 5 more seasons of the show, hopefully (to adapt books 5 thru 9). 

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Almost done with the season and I am not enjoying it as much as the previous ones. The alien planet stuff is just not clicking for me and Bobby's plot feels very tacked on to keep her busy. Holden remains the biggest vanilla nothing of a character, this is not a new problem but he seems to getting more screen time this year or maybe it just seems like he does.


The belters dealing with rogue operator has been my favorite part of the season. 

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