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  1. Same. As a union member, I refuse to buy from any company who has striking workers.
  2. I had only read the first page when I replied. I kinda agree with you, but at the same time I don't care at all.
  3. james Bond is a guy, shes playing agent 007, not Bond. Read the article. Craig will be in this as James Bond.
  4. His base is the republican party, and thats who won it for him, period. he'll get the same 60 million votes he got in 2016, because politics is like a team sport. It's hilarious that you think there is any "leaps" in what im saying. Also, lol at you saying he isn't Teflon. Do I have to list the shit he's gotten away with that no other president could? Fuck, Obama wore a tan suit and the republican party wanted his head. You know why? Because the republican party knows how to fight dirty, while the democrats only know how to fight amongst themselves while maintaining civility. "We need to be civil" is the biggest bullshit line ever. Being civil is only going to give Trump four more years. Trump won by being a bully and attacking every perceived weakness Clinton had, and he's going to do it again this time. 2018 saw a lot of house pickups, yes, but as you want to ignore, 2010 had far more republican house pickups, as well as 7 senate seats. Obama still won 2012. Unless you want to pretend 2010 wasn't a republican domination, because thats the only way your point works. Unseating a president, even one as ridiculous as Trump, is extremely hard.
  5. Trumps approval rating is in the mid forties, and democrats are fighting amongst themselves. Republicans are still behind him bigly. These racist comments do nothing but cement his base. They love it. And he's also siding with centrists (pelosi) for one reason, because he knows by pushing back against progressives he can steal votes from the center if a far left candidate wins the nomination. But keep your blinders on, keep pretending this hurts him. The only people mad about his comments are the people who have always been mad about everything he says. 2018 is not an indicator of 2020. Just like 2010 wasn't an indicator of 2012. Politics has never worked like that.
  6. Weirdly attractive? Theres nothing weird about JLD's hotness. She's still sexy today in Veep.
  7. It certainly doesnt hurt. Not one republican is truly upset about his comments.
  8. Its funny how liberal friends of mine screamed murder when I argued Pelosi was useless when dems won back the house, and those same friends right now are screaming about how terrible she is and how she shouldn't be house leader. When I remind them of our arguments, they look at me with murder in their eyes.
  9. Massive house losses with gains in the Senate. Lets not pretend it was a total democratic win. Trump isn't scaring off anyone, this is what his voters want, and theres still a damn good chance he wins 2020.
  10. OMG, watch the flurry of hate. Bets on Trump commenting on this and calling James Bond an American Hero? lol
  11. You don't need to be a millionaire to buy a regular switch. <----- Not a millionaire. Has two regular Switches (one is my sons).
  12. The difference being Biden can beat Trump (possibly). Warren, like all the old guard, spent her career lying to the public to get what she wanted. Nothing she is saying she will do will get done, because the establishment doesn't want it done. Hence Kamala walking back MFA, and Pelosi promising insurers she'll kill MFA. Then theres the whole Native American debacle. Warren is a political opportunist, just like the rest. But again, my biggest problem with her is that she can't beat Trump.
  13. She's another establishment candidate who will say whatever the audiance she's speaking to wants to hear.
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