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  1. Not unwilling. He just wouldn't accept the Studio wanting to go back on their original comment and pay him less than they were obligated to pay him. They did the same with Hemsworth.
  2. He didn't start any of it. You're a fool if you think this is a new America.
  3. But which of those clones got the job of sleeping with Trump (when he was alive)? Did they draw straws at night, or was there one Melania that endure that all herself? And which Melania clone was happiest when Trump died? (probably the one who had to have physical contact with him)
  4. Oh god, are people still pretending that nonsense is real?
  5. Pete has zero chance of winning the presidency. Im in no way saying it's right, in fact its horrible, but much of America didn't want a female president. Being gay will hurt him far worse than being a woman hurt Hillary.
  6. Did you guys really believe the dems want to take powers away? they don't want to hobble themselves. It's not like they aren't as bad as republicans when it comes to overreach.. They are just quieter about it.
  7. As far as Block Booking, how can the DOJ overturn a supreme court ruling?
  8. It really does mean something. People in star wars don't wear patches/uniforms they aren't associated with (except while infiltrating, such as in New Hope). They don't put those things there for no reason.
  9. Yoda stated in the first episode of Clone Wars (maybe the second, the one where he fight's Ventress' droids) that the force is in all living things, including clones. He was specifically speaking to clones about the force being in them. I still don't believe the child is a clone. It is absolutely a Tridactyl that they want to clone. They wouldn't guard a clone so close, they would have many. And they would have accelerated his growth, like they do with all clones. IMO.
  10. Man, reading about your son and everything else you guys have had to deal with brought tears to my eyes. I wish you and your family all the best.
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