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  1. Just look at every Trump post on twitter. You'll see hundreds of "Mueller is gonna lock you up" posts, especially when he talks about the "Witch Hunt".
  2. I think you better check out social media, and your local hangouts. Many think the mueller report is the end of trump.
  3. Ive been saying the same to everyone I know for a long time now. Liberals around here acually think the Mueller report will put Trump in prison.
  4. Definitely completely wrong. The "average" walmart shopper is 90% of America.
  5. same. I remember N64 getting all the shit at that time.
  6. I can pack for two weeks with a good 80l backpack. Though the only time I do that is hunting. One pair of jeans, two spare pair of underwear, two shirts, tent and sleeping bag, plus survival gear, food, and water bladders. Bino and spotting scope on a chest pack, which straps to my backpack if I gotta fly. I need very little to get by. I’m not a very materialistic person.
  7. You’re gone die young sir.
  8. Nothing, they are completely out of control there as well. Much of Africa too.
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