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  1. New treatments are expensive. If the medical industry didn't profit, there would be no medical industry. This stuff is bound to be prohibitively expensive for many years. Its the nature of medicine. Research needs to paid. These companies don't work for nothing, new treatments cost billions.
  2. Are you seriously against getting rid of genetic disease? Seems ridiculous to want people to lead worse lives because you are scared of the implications of what else might happen with it. Gene editing will obviously need limitations and laws, but I can't think of a more important science for the future of humanity.
  3. Naww, it's like telling dead baby jokes to a pregnant woman... (Save those for the dad)
  4. Omfg! That was Jean Luc Picard on fucking screen! this is literally the screen event of this century for me. Above Endgame, above LotR, I’m psyched.
  5. As far as I understand, it really would have made large sections of Europe uninhabitable due to radiation fallout, and mostly everyone in Ukraine would have been as good as dead. but like you, I’ve been reading more to get the full account
  6. I think he can use a heart tree to see any part of history, past, present or future. He has to choose where he’s going,, but he can see what he chooses.
  7. Nope. He can't affect things, he just knows where they are going (and where they've been).
  8. She barely survived. I don’t think there was time jump more than a day between episodes.
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