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  1. I know, and otherwise I agree with almost everything you said. Drivers are assholes, and so are cyclists sometimes. But obviously you are correct that layout of American cities makes biking a terrifying thing.
  2. no, but serious and competitive cycling do. They aren't just for looks They wick away sweat and work as compression garments to improve blood flow throughout the body. It's not a faschion statement. And if you wear clothes over them, they get soaked. I don't cycle, but I know a few guys who do. The tech in bikes is incredible, and the they weigh almost nothing. No unsprung weight at all. Some of them upwards of 10k. A local guy does iron Man (swim, run, bike), and they use custom built and fitted bikes. Like every sport out there, theres a science to it. Right down to the IPO
  3. The man is a caricature of a Moustache twirling villain, which is already a caricature in and of itself.
  4. The right absolutely fucking loves Don Jr. He's a very avid and and serious hunter, a strong supporter of the 2nd, has always been a staunch republican and pro life (even when the rest of the famdamily were liberals), and he loves to troll liberals online. He's pretty much the Right's Spirit Animal.
  5. I want to see this, but the wife refuses. SHe will only watch a horror movie at home with me, she says getting scared in a theater is embarrassing to her (I don't know why, thats supposed to be a point, but she does get jumpy), so unless I find a friend to see it with, I may just wait until it's on home video. The first IT terrified her. Even at 36 she has an overactive imagination. She's ok if she can cuddle up close to me on the couch and hide under a blanket when it gets too scary, but that is her limit. I watched Mothman Prophecies with her when we first met 14 years ago, and had to go to work the next evening. She ended up awake in bed all night with the lights on and doors locked. LOL. She's gotten slightly better, but not much.
  6. Man, people steal harleys in far less time with just a few guys to pick it up quick and throw it into a van. Whoever did this was obviously prepared.
  7. I'm not here asking people for money...
  8. Trump had no religious leanings at all, ever. He was also a democrat until Obama hurt his feelings. Everything Trump says and does is about opportunity. He doesn't give a fuck about any evangelical cause, beyond its ability to get him votes.
  9. The last thing anyone should ever want is a constitutional convention, and you can't change it without that. And a 2/3rds vote (or is it 3/4?) is needed to ammend. What you are suggesting is almost impossible.
  10. You can think I am whoever you want to, but I don't need to beg for 1000$. I have a job. And a home. Good job at being an entitled beggar though. Asking strangers for 1000$ online. People that fall for those scams are foolish.
  11. The middle class need to start hanging the elites from trees until they start working for them. Start with the Trumps, the Clintons, Pelosi, Cruz, King, everyone who has enriched themselves at the expense of the working class. CEO's, politicians, everyone who is trying to make life worse for the working poor, but especially those pretending to be champions of those people while enriching themselves and selling access behind closed doors. The company my father works for sent out a letter in February congratulating the workforce on record productivity and and profits, before forcing them on strike in late march saying that because of the economy and their economic positions, they would have to take concessions on the new contract. My dad was 8 days from retirement, now he's on a picket line fighting because pensions are one of the things they are attacking. The general managers exact words, on the news, was, "This is necessary because newly retired workers are living too long". Not "retired workers are living longer", but "retired workers are living too long". His exact words. This is a place that is detrimental to health and safety, and has caused the cancer of many employees (though the company would never admit it). People like him are the ones that need to be strung up by the neck. And not a long drop from a short rope, thats too quick.
  12. Asking for money is not the same as people deciding to help you on their own. Sounds pretty sketchy, imo.
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