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  1. I can believe that Disney dug into this movie far too much, not wanting a repeat of the Last Jedi backlash. Disney certainly has a history of it. The movie definitely seems to have some connective tissue cut out of it. I also believe this was originally a much longer film, and Abrams and Terrio wanted to split in two. But there is absolutely no doubt that this is JJ's movie, and he's the one responsible for it in the end. We'll definitely find out more about it in a year or so.
  2. I mean, she was never that great of a character (though neither was Monaghan's character), and very few actually care that she was barely used for this movie. I really don't get why a mostly poorly written character who was completely extraneous to the plot, aside from one good line, is such a sore spot for you. She certainly didn't deserve the hate she got, but the most memorable part of her character is that her whole side plot with Finn should have never existed. She is one of the few parts of TLJ that really didn't need to exist. She adds nothing to the plot, and has one line that could have been delivered by any number of characters, especially Luke to Leia before he faced down Kylo. On top of that, her and Finn had no chemistry and the whole kiss even seemed forced and one sided. In fact, the whole suicide run seems to have been created to give her that one line? It doesn't serve any part of the plot, much like the whole Canto Blight side quest, it felt unneeded. Most of the people who seem to want her the most, seem to want her to just directly spite everyone who hated her. Thats really not a good reason to shoehorn in a bad character. And im willing to listen to why you want more of her, but you haven't given a reason other than trying to claim, contrary to evidence that she was cut to appease haters, so the opposite should have happened?
  3. You're correct. It's probably closer to 99.8% are good people who just want to serve their country.
  4. I never denied that this film has problems, so you guys could definitely be right. And you had the ability to pause, so you would see more. It's pretty much just a flash in motion. So you could be right as well. I just didn't see that during my viewings. I wonder if the visual dictionary will have more on it.
  5. I thought it was a ship breaking up as it fell into a gravity well. I could be wrong though.
  6. There was no Holdo manoeuvre done in this movie. I've seen it twice, that was not what was happening.
  7. The movie is no masterpiece. It has problems with flow, it desperately needed to be slowed down for the first hour, and it's obvious there was no plan going into this. But it was still fun. I liked the redemption of Ben. I even liked seeing the emperor again, even though he was shoehorned in there. It was cool to see Rey bury Luke and Leia's sabers together on tattooine. It was nice to see Chewy get his medal. I liked Finn and Poe. I liked the Rey/Kylo stuff. The people claiming this is better then TLJ are absolutely ridiculous, that was probably the second best movie in the saga. But as I said the first time, it's fun if you can just sit back and enjoy it for what it is, a Star Wars movie.
  8. I'm just not disappointed with Rise of Skywalker. I understand the problems from a film making standpoint, but I enjoyed how they wrapped the Saga up. And I look forward to new SW, far away from the fan toxicity of the Skywalker Saga.
  9. I really didn't hate this movie. It has pacing problems, but it was still fun. Thats all I want out of a Star Wars movie, and it did that. I had fun, twice. I know there are still problems and plot holes, but that is the case with every Star Wars movie. I won't ever hold it up as one of the greats, but I enjoyed it, and I liked the ending, that was enough for me.
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