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  1. New Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEENk6_XFoA FFS Wade stop being so fast to post shit
  2. Nephew: Hey Mom Remember when I had to tell Nana that dinosaurs are alive in this world and she said no and I said yes huh and I had to tell her cuz I am a genius and she well isn’t. She doesn’t know that they are on an island that no one has been to no scientists like no one. She just doesn’t know but I do. Mom: Well Nana goes to school every day (teacher) and has been around for a while so I think she would know. Nephew: Nope she has never been to the island in outer space that the dinosaurs live on. Mom: Have you been to outer space? Nephew: Nope but I use my telescope and I just know I am smart. Ok I am done with this conversation.
  3. I wonder if Peter and all his friends (since it appears they were all dusted) can claim they are 21-22 years old and drink in America (and everywhere else) now.
  4. You are right, it's not a plot hole I used the wrong term to explain what I meant, it's just a big issue I hope is addressed.
  5. One of my biggest complaints about the end of the movie and it's impact on the Universe is this... I see this is almost exactly what @EternallDarkness said. I'm glad there are others bothered by this.
  6. @MinnesotaFatz because we hit 6K together
  7. Yeah I started playing this morning when I went to play Battlefront 2 and Battlefield V showed the "Play" button on Origin so I figured why not.
  8. Actually the crowd was mostly booing them for even mentioning it. Most Battlefield Fans don't want the game to have a Battle Royale because that will take away from the main focus of what BF games have been for the last 16 years.
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