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  1. Some of these are older than the last year but this is what I could come up with right now. Dark Castlevania Anne with an E Ozark Sweet Home- South Korean Horror Medical Police The Witcher Nightmare of the White Wolf
  2. Ok so saying they’re not in control was hyperbole. What I meant is his wing of the party doesn’t have enough power to push 3.5 trillion dollars through. Sanders is saying 3.5 trillion and then I just read this in a politico article: K Street counting on Senate to pare back Democrats’ tax plan WWW.POLITICO.COM So the House Plan which is already watered down is being snickered at by lobbyists. Everything I’ve read has similar projections that in the end this will be between 1.5-2.5 rather than 3.5 trillion.
  3. Sanders must not be reading any of the news. His wing of the party is not in control. The final deal will end up being between 1.5-2.5 trillion dollars.
  4. This doesn't seem like a bad thing to me in the face of China's rise. France got left out because they're not anti China enough for us I guess. I also read that France has some contracts for some diesel subs with Australia, so this is also about money.
  5. I'm worried that it's going to be Shannara with a bigger budget. Poor acting and casting decisions could wreck the show even if it has a high budget and decent writing. Overall I'm neutral on the trailer. It doesn't make me feel any better or any worse about the show, but I was hoping for something more.
  6. I need to look at how many troops we had left before Biden pulled the trigger, but I'm pretty sure we could afford a small presence there for a while longer. It seems like it would have been more reasonable to do an unannounced phased withdrawal with certain benchmarks to prevent things from going this far south. At least evacuate every single person that helped us there as we could before moving so fast. We made no tangible gains over the last couple of decades, but Biden fucked up managing this thing.
  7. Yep. If McConaughey chooses not to run, Texas will be Abbott/Patrick led till at least 2026. Beto is running behind by over 10% against Abbott while McConaughey is statistically even. Who knows if that support will stay there once he declares himself a Democrat or Independent, but it's still likely he has a much better shot than Beto. The best scenario for Democrats would be McConaughey for governor and Beto for Lt. Governor. In Texas, Lt. Governor has a ton of power, so Beto shouldn't pass it over. Gov. Abbott rebounds against possible challenger Matthew McConaughey, has razor-thin edge over actor (dallasnews.com)
  8. Starlink is a game changer for a lot of people I know. People in towns often times have 3 mb down DSL guys or fixed wireless with random packet loss. I think some of you live in cities and don't associate with people in rural areas so perhaps you do not understand. Musk is not relevant to these people. It's the technology. I also look forward to having flights with decent Internet in the future.
  9. How much of the infrastructure bill that is ‘bipartisan’ would go to the grid?
  10. Puerto Rico and DC statehood, no filibuster, $15 minimum wage, the green new deal, wealth taxes, voting rights legislation, marijuana legalization...
  11. I’ll take him over Paxton, the most corrupt politician in Texas. In Texas you either have shit or crap and I’ll take the crap.
  12. I’m still waiting for an 85% sell off to purchase a ton of ethereum ( a ton meaning less than 3% of my allocation but still big to me for such a speculative bet). I unloaded nearly all my Bitcoin on Sunday and a little less than half my ETH. Holding my tiny position in AAVE. I believe that there will be a hard crash in crypto some time this year or early next based on the mania going on and everyone talking about it plus the parabolic charts, but I don’t have a crystal ball so I kept some in case this is some sort of new paradigm (doubt it). I don’t see a future for Bitcoin. Nothing is being built for it like ETH and no upgrades are coming to make it more environmentally friendly. ETH 2.0 proof of stake will make it environmentally friendly, so bring on a hard crash and let us all buy some for cheaper.
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