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  1. Yes. I’m pretty sure New York is a done deal from what I’ve gathered.
  2. I'm sticking with my iPhone 7 plus for another year. The cpu improvements don't seem all that great, and I was hoping for a 120 Hz refresh rate screen. If I bought one, it would be the 128 gb xr.
  3. I got a 1440p 144hz freesync monitor and it was one of the best upgrades in years, and that was coming from a 1600p 60 hz monitor. Adaptive sync and 144hz+ is awesome.
  4. It's a decent enough game, but I didn't think there was anything all that special about the IP.
  5. I'm surprised Rubio did such an excellent job of pissing Alex Jones off.
  6. I trust Trump over the mainstream leftist media. Trump created peace with North Korea, got trade deals done, and cut taxes for everyone. Trump is enforcing our borders and throwing criminals away. Trump has made billions as a businessman and a left wing hack writing a false book isn't going to change his amazing, beautiful achievements and 95% of Republicans are 100% with me. Period.
  7. Massdriver

    PC AMD to launch 7nm GPUs THIS YEAR!

    Every previous rumor and official statement from amd has indicated Vega 20 is datacenter only. Consumer cards based on 7nm Navi will come our next year. If amd did release a consumer card, it would be a shocker.
  8. Yep. From what I can recall reading about this, finance classes don’t produce better outcomes for whatever reason. https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/04/13/473561841/not-all-financial-education-is-effective-here-are-4-ideas-that-work Its worth trying something though.
  9. Massdriver

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    I am wondering how much Beto helps Democrats down the ballot. It isn’t really showing up in the Governor’s race.
  10. I think nearly everyone is tired of our shitty system and is ready for a big change.
  11. It could help AMD in a way. GF usually had a inferior process to TSMC, but they had a terrible agreeement that made it cost prohibitive to use them over GF. From a competitor perspective I agree, but AMD will probably be better off assuming TSMC has the capacity.
  12. They should be doing the opposite. Voters should have little to no say in the party's nominee.
  13. It's sad how much hate there is for other people just because they have different political beliefs. I wasn't his biggest fan by any stretch, but he's still a person and I don't celebrate people dying of brain cancer unless they're incredibly malicious (McCain does not qualify).
  14. My guess is 2020 and 2021 will be some of the most interesting and competitive GPU years we have ever seen. Intel will be new to the scene and will probably have something fairly competitive. AMD will launch their brand new from scratch designs and it will be on par with Nvidia. AMD is able to do a lot without much money and now they are incrementally increasing R&D in areas they know they can compete. The important thing to note with AMD is their leadership is rock solid now, unlike the years prior to Lisa Su running the show. I wouldn't bet against them.