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  1. I just had a conversation with my uncle who is a life long Republican. He has been a Trump supporter, but somewhat reluctantly. His family isn't switching to Newsmax or any other weird sources. He believes Trump lost and he hopes Trump gets out of the way after he leaves the White House to make room for more reasonable people. Maybe when Trump is actually gone from the White House, a good portion of Republicans abandon him even if he is still making noise.
  2. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a 2 part 20 episode season 6. They didn't say how many episodes it would be, so hopefully they do it justice.
  3. I happened to throw both pieces of information ITT. I wonder if it played a role, but I doubt it. I'm just disappointed that such a great show may end up being rushed and ruined at the end.
  4. It appears that they are going to try to condense 3 books into 1 season. Can they do it without destroying the pacing and rhythm of the show? I can't answer that since I haven't read the books, but some fans aren't happy right now. This sucks but it's necessary. I wonder if this played a part in Amazon's decision. The Expanse PRESS.AMAZONSTUDIOS.COM The season renewal comes ahead of the series’ 5th season, which will debut December 16 on Amazon Prime Video
  5. Then let my reference to ‘many of us’ reflect myself until recently and to Americans that are still thinking that things will go back to normal rather than people on this board.
  6. I think it's impossible to say what history is going to say about all this. I know what it should say. But when such a huge portion of the population actually believes that Trump won, who is to say what people will believe 30 years from now? Maybe by that time, 75% of the country is of the belief that it was in fact the most corrupt election in history and Trump really won. There's some normalcy bias going on by many of us that things will somehow revert to how things used to be, but there's no indication that is going to happen. It all depends on what path Americans choose. Right now, too man
  7. As I listen to right wing radio around 15 minutes a day and selectively watch Newsmax clips, one of their main arguments is that Biden couldn't have won that many votes because no one was at his rallies. I'm told it doesn't feel right, and you're not alone if you don't think it feels right either! I guess this sort of propaganda has worked very well throughout human history so I should not be surprised. It would be laughable if it wasn't being vomited out of their mouths all day as people slurp it up like the the psychic undead cult from Doctor Sleep did to shiners.
  8. The best part is the end when he said, "Maybe Hunter and Tucker share more than pizza."
  9. I've been listening to some talk radio lately along with some Newsmax to try to understand how a family member has gone off the deep end. Lol I thought Fox News was bad. This is the future I guess.
  10. I've watched the 1st 2 season and I really enjoyed them. I'm waiting for all the episodes to have aired before I binge it in December along with Picard which I haven't seen.
  11. RDNA 2 has exceeded my expectations dramatically. It feels a lot like Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000 series). AMD got really close to Intel with Zen 2 and it was more efficient, but it wasn't quite there with gaming. RDNA 2 is close in many respects, but falls behind with RT and the lack of DLSS (for now). Will AMD come out the gate to actually beat Nvidia with RDNA 3? I always thought RDNA 3 would be where AMD would be competitive because their R&D budget would finally be where it needs to be to compete. The fact they are already doing this well with RDNA 2 says a lot.
  12. The rumor is low stock for AMD, but there is speculation that they will ramp up quicker than Nvidia. We shall see. AMD seems to beat the 3080 in 1080p and trade blows in 1440p.
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