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  1. Texas disaster puts Beto O’Rourke back in business - POLITICO WWW.POLITICO.COM The onetime Democratic sensation has new political life — and, perhaps, hope for the governorship.
  2. My wife and I have two white NZXT H510s on the desktops we bought last year. My other older desktop has a corsair 540 air. I prefer the look of the cheaper NZXT if you don't mind not having a disc drive.
  3. Damn. The fact that Blizzard won't fix WC3:R speaks volumes to what kind of company they are now. There isn't even profiles or a ladder post 1 year from release. I played Starcraft 2 multiplayer ladder while it was in beta!
  4. I was close to selling in the upper 50s but I wanted to hold out for a full 2x return like my original 2-3x plan. It just shows to be flexible sometimes.
  5. CCIV just plunged 10%+. It is recovering some now. Lucid Motors To Go Public In Merger With Churchill Capital IV In $11.75B In Equity Value My stop loss at $45 will probably hit, but I'm holding till normal trading hours to see if Wall Street Bets or Twitter people come in to jack it up. Edit: Now we are blow $48 after hours Edit2: It was down over 25% at one point.
  6. We finally had a day of electricity. We went 48 hours with 0 electricity and moved to a location with rolling blackouts in the middle of the week. Things are finally improving, but water is becoming a concern.
  7. Ethereum is moving to proof of stake which will make it far more efficient than Bitcoin. I have most of my crypto in ETH.
  8. Weather knocked our power out for over 30 hours. I had to move locations. Texas grid is a mess!
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