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  1. Blizzard has run their real time strategy games into the ground. Warcraft 3 Reforged is a joke and Starcraft 2 is running on legacy support. Meanwhile Microsoft has breathed new life into Age of Empires by funding really well done definitive editions of the old ones and releasing Age of Empires 4, which has sold well. Given those two things, I'm hopeful that Microsoft sees money in a new Warcraft RTS or at least fixing reforged.
  2. Nadal beat his body up a lot quicker than Fed, so I didn't really consider Nadal in is prime when Djokovic finally learned how to serve.
  3. I started this show about a month ago and would watch an episode here and there. When I hit season 2 last week I binged the rest of the show 3 episodes a day when I would get home from work. This is some of the best TV drama ever (no kidding), but with dark comedy throughout, that I’ve seen. I can’t believe I was missing this. And damn the music is good on top of the rest. What pieces of shit characters that I love to hate and sympathize with all at the same time. As someone else said, the most competent balancing act between serious drama and comedy I’ve seen. I think it leans drama but can see how people could see it the other way.
  4. I thought the movie was unnecessary, cringy, and terrible. It felt like no one wanted to make the thing.
  5. I thought the finale was weak (scattered, disjointed come to mind), but I’m hopeful for season 2 improvements.
  6. 2022 will bring with it some variant specific boosters afterall from what I’ve read. Moderna is even working on one that will target 4+ variants in one shot.
  7. It seems so obvious to extend it forever so republicans are forced to be the ones to start it back up.
  8. Take the offer. You get climate change, ACA subsides, and pre-k. Coupled with the infrastructure bill, that's a lot of things to run on. As others have said, work on a bipartisan basis for the child tax credits and paid leave of some sort.
  9. Finished season 2. I couldn’t stop watching and have nothing bad to say about the show except that I have to wait 1-2 years for another season.
  10. Child tax credits, paid leave, and climate change third.
  11. WoT has more main characters so they need more episodes compared to the Witcher. My praise in that comment was directed at The Witcher season 2, but I’m still enjoying WoT. I hope they improve WoT pacing in season 2. Agreed that 2 more episodes would do it.
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