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  1. Nothing is giving me more pleasure than watching Bernie go down in flames again. If Warren is the one that finishes him off, I'll take it. She isn't even close to my first choice, but it's just great to see Democrats rejecting the nutcase.
  2. Bernie wastes so much energy trying to redefine democratic socialism. You be the judge on what his real political philosophy is based on his policies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_socialism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_democracy Since Sanders insists that the term be used, my guess is he still believes in transforming the means of production.
  3. I’m holding out for RDNA 2.0 most likely! AMD all the way!!
  4. I’m pretty sure that Zen 3 will still be am4. They will change when a new ram standard or something big happens.
  5. I'm also eyeing the 12c/24t model, but want to see independent gaming benchmarks first.
  6. Biden thinks that everything the GOP is doing is related to Trump. He doesn't realize that the GOP base is going to expect Republicans to stay the course after Trump leaves.
  7. Get the Fed to lower rates a couple of times and then suddenly announce that all the tariffs are lifted 9-12 months before the election.
  8. What poison pills did Democrats put in the New York legislation where they can't count on a single Republican vote? Illinois's legislature passed legalization with a bipartisan vote because they compromised on certain details. I don't think there has been any real attempt to make it a bipartisan effort in NY.
  9. I don't consider it a compromise to talk about systems that seem to work just as well as M4A. The goal is to help as many people as possible. The world has already proven that there are other ways to do this than M4A. I guess I don't understand why the goal must be M4A. Allowing a public option and adding more regulations would be less of a nightmare than passing Bernie's M4A. I'm not sure in what world everyone lives in that a bill abolishing private insurance passes easier. Why not go for the Wyden healthcare bill from back in 2009-2010, but allow insurance companies to sell across state lines under Federal mandates and regulations? Control drug prices and prices on services. This would allow giant national sized pools and more competition. All the while, allow Medicare/Medicaid for anyone who wants it and provide good subsides and tax credits to individuals/families so their insurance plan is portable, giving them more leverage for increased wages and other forms of employment.
  10. @SaysWho?, I don't see what Delaney said wrong. Bernie and AOC have made it seem like M4A is the only way to achieve universal health insurance. Many other developed nations achieve universal coverage through other methods that don't result in abolishing private insurance and all options should be on the table, not just the one Bernie and AOC like. The UK even allows a private system to exist along side their public system, and they have a national hospital system.
  11. Biden already won. Why are people attacking Buttigieg?
  12. He ran on it and he been lobbying for the bill. It hasn’t been officially signed yet though. Vermont legalized personal possession and cultivation of the flower through the legislature, but not a market. Illinois will be the first to legalize a commercial market for adult general use through the legislature.
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