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  1. ATT is one of the worst companies I know of. They are one of the least innovative pieces of shit that exists. This is really bad news for HBO.
  2. Massdriver

    Movies Star Wars: Episode IX - The Return of the Mack

    I'm increasingly agreeing with this. I don't have much hope for Episode 9 being all that great, although I'm sure it will sell plenty of tickets. Solo really let me down hard, so I'm approaching all Star Wars material with extreme skepticism now. I think the best SW films in the future will be when Disney tries something bold and fresh with very few references to these films while still not turning into the prequels.
  3. Massdriver

    PC Tech The death of G-Sync inches closer...

    I hope Nvidia does this eventually. Locking people into video card brands with monitors is far from ideal.
  4. I hate Trump’s style. I agree NATO needs to increase their spending to 2%, but I despise throwing up tariffs and talking shit to our Western friends.
  5. There is nothing wrong with that statement. Where is the actual statement that was originally proposed that the US strongly opposed? I went through 8 different articles and I can't find what it actually said.
  6. This is really stupid. There is a place for formula, but I don't see any problem with encouraging breast feeding. Nothing is as bad as Trump's anti vaccine stances though.
  7. Pretty interesting stuff. Would it be fair to say that these are sales, or just people that have opened the games?
  8. https://www.techspot.com/review/1655-core-i7-8700k-vs-ryzen-7-2700x/page8.html Impressive performance from AMD here.
  9. Massdriver

    You become dictator. What do you do?

    It's not a bad list. I'm on board with several of the items. My list: Phase out existing Federal taxes and implement a Federal land value tax with a progressive consumption tax to fund the Federal government. Universal healthcare with cost controls. Something similar to Singapore, or just something that works. Scrap most carbon regulations and implement a moderate carbon tax that gradually increases over time and is proportionally redistributed back to the people. Implement a negative income tax or wage subsides while scrapping many other welfare programs. Study UBI Increase university grants and scholarships for certain students that prove themselves. Universal Pre-K and tracks for high school. Reform school financing and mandate central state pools rather than local districts to equalize funding as needed. Merit pay for teachers. Year round school with more days. Cut down or eliminate occupational licensing. Eliminate zoning or implement Japan- style zoning on the Federal level Sign free trade deals such as the TPP, a Latin American deal, and a deal with Europe. Sign any decent free trade deal period. Increase all legal immigration, especially high skilled immigration. Implement merit based immigration on top of chain migration. Make cross border free movement deals with other developed countries (not citizenship, just for living and work). Support the UN, NATO, and the EU (while encouraging EU reform) Increase infrastructure spending, in part by raising fuel taxes Triple basic scientific research spending 2-3x NASA's budget Reduce penalties for nearly every type of crime based on recommendations from experts to maintain public safety. Increase funding for diversion programs, parole, etc. Abolish private prisons. Legalize cannabis for adults. Decriminalize possession of other soft drugs. Remove research barriers for scheduled drugs, including mdma, mushrooms, lsd, ketamine, etc. Civil fines for hard drugs with treatment (Portugal). Prescription heroin, methadone, etc. where needed. Clean needles. Study a sovereign wealth fund that focuses on indexing with the only purpose of distributing sustainable gains to the middle and lower class Mandatory worker retirement savings that use index funds for the work force. More anti trust enforcement. Cut regulations on businesses with a less than a ~200 million dollar market cap. Reduce public stock regulations for small cap companies to encourage more companies to go public. Reduce regulations on small banks Local loop unbundling for Internet Free birth control
  10. The earth is a little over 6000 years old. I just pretend to believe in the old earth hoax since that’s what is acceptable here.
  11. So what? The earth was a lot warmer 2 billion years ago. Everything is fine.
  12. I think there is a fundamental problem here with these media companies and how they are packaging channels together that doesn't magically disappear by cutting the cable or satellite cord for IP TV. From what I've read, Youtube TV is running at a loss at $40/month. It's probably safe to say all the IP TV services are close to break even. These companies are charging too much for their live channels and they aren't allowing us to pick and choose. I like IP TV because satellite is insanely expensive with all the extra fees they charge, but if they keep going up, it won't be all that much cheaper eventually. I think I could get by just fine with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.
  13. Massdriver

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I started GTA 5. It's a pretty big change from Nier.
  14. https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/2/17528474/sony-playstation-vue-tv-streaming-service-price-increase-5-dollars Sony raises monthly cost of PlayStation Vue by $5 for all plans Youtube TV also raised their price a couple of months ago from $35 to $40.