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  1. Puerto Rico and DC statehood, no filibuster, $15 minimum wage, the green new deal, wealth taxes, voting rights legislation, marijuana legalization...
  2. I’ll take him over Paxton, the most corrupt politician in Texas. In Texas you either have shit or crap and I’ll take the crap.
  3. I’m still waiting for an 85% sell off to purchase a ton of ethereum ( a ton meaning less than 3% of my allocation but still big to me for such a speculative bet). I unloaded nearly all my Bitcoin on Sunday and a little less than half my ETH. Holding my tiny position in AAVE. I believe that there will be a hard crash in crypto some time this year or early next based on the mania going on and everyone talking about it plus the parabolic charts, but I don’t have a crystal ball so I kept some in case this is some sort of new paradigm (doubt it). I don’t see a future for Bitcoin. Nothing is being
  4. Ive been in for $100 since the first week. My wife and I are huge fans of mst and rifftrax. It’s nearly at 6.15. It needs to get above 6.364 for a 13th episode. I’m caught off guard at the magnitude of the last couple of days. I was thinking it may get to 9 episodes, but this is great! If they execute this in a competent way, hopefully it will be sustainable to have mst without Kickstarter’s going forward.
  5. Got Shadow and Clean Hands, but didn't try for Flesh and Steel. Oddly enough I thought I got these achievements for Dishonored 1, but I guess not because they're not in my profile. What the hell! I did get Shadow and Agent of Mercy in Death of the Outsider as well.
  6. I agree. I would say all his points are correct; it’s clunky as shit in some respects (dear lord the map). Yet it’s still a masterpiece. Its shortcomings are more than made up for in other ways. I’m trying to think of a movie that would be the equivalent and I almost said the original blade runner, but I wouldn’t consider that a masterpiece, just a great film. I’ll get around to Replicant soon enough, but I know it won’t be as good.
  7. In Aoe3, I just won several matches again the new United States civ. I think I’m playing too much AoE3, but damn more people should be excited. Aoe2 and 3 definitive editions are really great. The developers are patching and balancing them regularly making multiplayer a blast. I’ve always loved competitive rts online, so I couldn’t be more pleased with theses games and the effort going into aoe4. I can’t speak to the single player.
  8. I didn’t play the DLC for Bioshock 2. I loved all the Bioshock games. I really enjoyed the DLC for Infinte as well.
  9. It's looking really good. I've been sinking a lot of time into Age of Empires 3 DE multiplayer and this is all just too good to be true to have new civs for AOE3 and now AOE4 coming out! I don't know why some people do not like the graphics. I think they look great. Maybe I'm not that picky since I think AOE3 graphics are nice looking still.
  10. I want to see what the tax hikes will look like. Is student loan forgiveness going in this?
  11. I'm hoping that another crypto like Ethereum displaces Bitcoin. It has more utility and is switching over from proof of work (energy intensive) to proof of stake which won't require massive resources to mine. Most of the decentralized financial coins and platforms are using the Ethereum network already. Bitcoin is just a digital asset, nothing more. It doesn't have much utility. It just has the name and the press's attention, but I see way more potential for ETH. We are also going to see some cryptos from central banks, including a crypto dollar most likely in the nea
  12. Growth is taking it hard, particularly tech and biotech. My small cap value tilt is really showing its utility right now.
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