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  1. Massdriver

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    Where the hell have you been?
  2. Massdriver

    Former Clinton advisor: Hillary will run in 2020

    Now we just need Senator Elect ( is that proper?) Mitt Romney to run again and we are all set for some nostalgia!
  3. I started Divinity OS 2 and I love it. It is so beautiful and everything feels solid. I’m sad to see Obsidian probably done for a while with the rpgs I love, but I am glad Divinity is doing so well because I would love another sequel and more games with this engine!
  4. Massdriver

    Your Democratic House Wish List

    Because a negative income tax is cheaper and is targeted to the people that need it.
  5. Massdriver

    Your Democratic House Wish List

    The U.S. House votes on free trade deals.
  6. Massdriver

    Your Democratic House Wish List

    We shall see. The US and Japan are supposed to be negotiating a trade deal right now. Trump may have less of a problem with bilateral trade deals relative to large multi national ones. And add a negative income tax to the list.
  7. Massdriver

    Your Democratic House Wish List

    I can dream.
  8. Massdriver

    Your Democratic House Wish List

    Increase legal immigration. Legalize the ones here, but do not grant automatic citizenship. Set up work visa programs. Maintain a border but make immigration deals with other nations and the EU. Free trade deals with the Pacific and Europe. Deschedule marijuana Universal healthcare that is low cost and efficient Keep the corporate tax rates as is; but cut out some deductions. Raise some of the brackets, slash taxes for the poor and middle class some. Eliminate deductions even more. Carbon tax paid back to the people Create incentives for better zoning laws or pass Federal zoning guidelines that make sense (or abolish such laws) More funding for scientific research More funding for nasa Cut defense spending slightly Increase infrastructure spending Mandatory retirement accounts thrown into index funds for all workers create a sovereign wealth fund that only invests in broad indexes and starts distributing gains to the middle class and poor after 10 years More foreign aid
  9. Massdriver

    The Grand KKKeebler Elf has "resigned"

    I actually think we should be welcoming anti marijuana AGs. Sessions helped the movement in Congress. Christie would be great.
  10. They probably don't have a marketing budget for it, so I doubt it will sell all that well. I hope I'm wrong!
  11. I look forward to playing it some time after I finish D:OS 2. For whatever reason, Obsidian's rpgs just were not selling.
  12. Massdriver

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    What Beto helped do in Texas goes beyond Congress. He also helped moderate the Texas House: Led by female candidates, Texas Democrats picked up 12 Texas House seats from Republicans, mostly in North Texas. But Republicans still have the edge in the lower chamber. Are Texas suburbs slipping away from Republicans? Republicans hoped to keep a majority Texas House seats from Dallas County when they redrew district boundaries in 2011. Seven years later, they've only held onto two of 14.
  13. Massdriver

    The Grand KKKeebler Elf has "resigned"

    I just can't feel bad about Sessions getting fired.
  14. That sucks. I enjoyed Pillars and I really enjoyed Tyranny which I finished right before I finished Prey earlier this year. In fact, I like Tyranny better than any of the isometrics I've played recently. I think the ending was cool. I bought Deadfire for $30 on a sale recently and intend to play it. Obsidian selling to Microsoft makes a lot of sense. What's odd is we see that isometric RPGs are not dead. Divinity OS 2 sold really really well. Obsidian went the wrong route with their 2d art I think.
  15. Massdriver

    ~The 2018 midterms/special elections thread~

    North Dakota rejected marijuana legalization without any conditions ~60% against.