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  1. Ahh nevermind then. Was there anything conclusively said about violent video game revenue vs total?
  2. Senate but that isn’t happening. There are too many candidates. He already chose. I’m obviously hoping he is chosen as VP.
  3. The lesson of the last 40 years is developed countries can have plenty of national debt without it being a major problem. There is a limit, but the United States isn't even close to it. I still favor surplus budgets during growing years and major deficits during recessions, but that sort of fiscal discipline doesn't exist.
  4. Poll: Americans Not Sold On Trump — Or Democrats Democratic loyalists vs. independent voters
  5. I'm hoping that there are some good things in this bill. I can't find anything on medical research and scientific research in general, but there has to be some with all this additional spending.
  6. That shows how good these cpus are. I find it especially interesting that the dual chiplet 3900 beats the single chiplet 3700 in most benchmarks. That extra cache must make all the difference. Apparently crossing from chiplet to chiplet doesn't outweigh the extra cache. Bravo AMD. That bodes well for their servers and threadrippers.
  7. https://www.econlib.org/library/Columns/y2019/Hummelmonetarytheory.html Thoughts on this column?
  8. This is a good point. I feel that everything in the film worked quite well (especially the illusion sequences which is exactly what I wanted to see), but in the end watching Spider-Man kill drones is not very cool. I still think this was about as good of a job as they could possibly do with Mysterio.
  9. I can't wait for season 4. I love this show! I have no idea when it's dropping though.
  10. I liked House and Devil's Rejects, although it's been a very long time. I strongly dislike his Halloween movies and stopped watching his movies after part 2. He seems to cast his wife in a lot of shit and she's just not that good of an actress. All of his films feel the same, regardless of the content. Halloween is supposed to be a sort of creepy stalker boogeyman tone, but his versions are just gore porn slashers. I'm skeptical of another film.
  11. MMT is like the “science” behind supernatural orbs. Let’s see what economists think about it: http://www.igmchicago.org/surveys/modern-monetary-theory
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