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MediEvil Remake - Information Thread (Launching 10/25/19)


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Completely remade from the grave up!


MediEvil follows the story of Sir Dan, an unlikely champion who met an unfortunate end on the field of battle. He receives a chance at redemption when his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok, accidentally resurrects him 100 years after that fateful day. Lord Zarok seeks to conquer the Kingdom of Gallowmere, and only the skeletal Sir Dan stands between Zarok’s army of the undead and the kingdom he swore to protect.


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I liked it back in the day but think for me to really enjoy it these days, they'd have to really work on the overly simplistic PS1 era combat. I'm interested in the remake but judging from the trailer, the sword button-mashing-running-in-a-circle combat would make me lose interest in an hour now.



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It’ll be a quick show (around 10 minutes), but we’ve got some PS4 updates we couldn’t wait to share with you.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be showing off an extended look at MediEvil, as well as a first look at a new title. And we’ll have other updates and announcements from upcoming PS4 games.


One note: Don’t expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time. Sorry!


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From insider Zhuge, who said for the last one to not expect much:


"Last time I said “Don’t expect much”.


Well this one will be better than the last for sure. We'll see updates to Sony games, a new title (as mentioned in the OP) and also the re-reveal of a third party game that was announced long ago.



"It's important to bear in mind this is only a short event. So don't expect too much ofc. I'm mainly saying this will be better than the last one. (Which admittedly isn't a hard thing to achieve). I just hope they didn't change anything lol."


I thought the first was fun if you went in knowing there were no megaton announcements. Very curious what the new title is and for a Medievil release date.

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