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  1. I never played the original either. Excited to try this, as is my 9 year old. I've never seen him more excited for a game.
  2. https://kotaku.com/celestes-upcoming-free-dlc-closes-out-the-story-1837914329 Holy crap it is 100 levels and includes 40 minutes of new music. I’m hyped now.
  3. There was a promo for $1 for the first month. Then I could convert it to ultimate for the $2 for 2 more months. So that’s how I got 3.
  4. Sprung for XBGP Ult for $3 for 3 months to play this. Game is beautiful. Played a few missions. I'll definitely need to watch a better Gears 4 summary because it didn't tell much.
  5. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the game but mostly agree about mods. On weapons they feel pointless. The personal mods in the other hand are pretty useful. I use one that reduces the “time to activate” on a particular ability by 64%. That makes it actually useful. Same with the mods that reduce overall ability cost and increase overall health. I think I’m about 80% through the story.
  6. I've never seen the original (at least that I can recall) but I see it is on Netflix so guess what I'm watching tonight??
  7. I make my kids buy their own treats when we go to the movies. If they want the $4 popcorn or $2.50 candy, have at it. Yes, technically I am providing most of that money to them for chores, yard work etc, but at least I’m not paying for it twice! 😅
  8. I'm in it. Just synced everything up this afternoon. I don't get the point of connecting to PSN. It isn't like I can use it to launch my PS4 games. Unless there is some way to connect my PS4 to my PC through my GPU that I don't know about.
  9. It is just prevalent on PC because of VPN’s and MM manipulation. Two teams can go to the Asia server and guarantee to be matched, do that for 50 matches until Legend. Rinse and repeat. That can’t be done on console.
  10. Those two triumphs for Unbroken are quite the hurdle! I’m in the same boat. Fortunately or unfortunately, Unbroken on PC is kind of a joke title now since so many players got it through win trading.
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