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  1. Finally! Maybe those uptight Canadians will mellow out and be nicer to people for a change.
  2. So just a box set of every animated Disney movie released. Got it.
  3. 12 years in the making, PSN users will soon be able to change their names.
  4. Hey PS4 peeps our clan name is now Blad’s Best Friends Club Cayde’s Back Up Plan
  5. That's a bummer it isn't the original. Found this as a comparison from the prologue.
  6. Depending on what they change/upgrade about it I'll buy and keep the original one.
  7. Yes there is. Been sitting in my inventory since last week. Thankfully they don't expire because I've had the one to kill knights in the ascendant realm since week 2.
  8. I got those boots too. I have the seed for the arc class but am finishing up my void one, which I also like a lot. We we attempted the first encounter of the raid last week but didn’t finish. Have the mechanics down but couldn’t put it together for 3 rounds before people needed to log off. Should get her this weekend.
  9. I’m not getting the battery performance nor charging efficiency that @Emblazon mentioned he had with the series 3 either. I am able to sleep with it and use a silent alarm, which is more than I can say with my S0. I get a good amount of charge back even if I only leave it on there for 10-15 minutes. It is weird, some days the battery Lasts forever and others I lose 50% after a few hours without workouts.
  10. Some of us who own it on both platforms are in the same Sparrow Me the Crap clan on both. The PC side is really barren though in regards to activity. @Brick just joined a pretty active one that has some D1P members that is run by @BasemntDweller2 I believe.
  11. I love the new watch! Great upgrade from a S0. I am returning my XS. After a week with it, I miss the bigger screen so I am going to get a Max.
  12. I'll wait for reviews. Hopefully they can turn this franchise around.
  13. The core economy is too steep at the moment and Bungie is looking at it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I just did the Warlock Solar subclass and it didn't seem much longer than any of the 3 Titan ones. Maybe a tad longer.