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  1. As a Storm I had to drop it to normal while in Free Roam as well. Hard for missions has been fine though.
  2. I think the biggest insult of the tombs mission, aside from lazy design, is that there is basically nothing in each tomb. No trial. Just F to pay respects.
  3. I’m not seeing much of a load time improvement post patch with SSD’s. To be fair, I believe the patch notes specified improvments for HDD’s only.
  4. Going through the story you probably won’t get much chatter. If you stick with it and get to the grand master difficulties I wouldn’t imagine that teamwork is crucial.
  5. I don’t think there is anything wrong with waiting it out a bit. Let them flesh out their post launch content, perhaps a price drop or two and you will have a load of stuff to do later if you so choose.
  6. Correct. Isn’t that what we’re talking about? Sorry If I misunderstood. ☺️
  7. We do know. In the recent earning call Activision said that because they did not own the IP, they could not monetize it like they wanted to (like COD for example). They had already said previously that it wasn’t performing to their financial expectations so easy to allow the split.
  8. I think I’m the most vested “Destiny player” of anyone commenting in this thread (over 1000 hours between D1 and D2) and I don’t feel threatened by Anthem at all. Destiny is in a huge content lull right now and will be for at least another few weeks. Anthem is filling that void and I’m enjoying the story, characters and lore, echoing all that has been said about them already. I’m glad I read/learned early on that this game should be played like a cool down based MMO rather than a shooter. Understanding the combo system is critical to enjoying the gameplay. Otherwise it is super boring plinking enemies with so-so guns. Playing with randoms has been fairly painless. I can’t wait to do stuff with friends. This game has huge potential so I hope they can follow through on their promises for regular content. It being free is a huge plus for those that want to take a break and come back to it now and again. And yet, right now now it is hard for me personally to give the game a recommendation because I am still so early on, about 6 hours in. I want to finish the story, get to lvl cap and see what the end game loop looks like. How receptive will they be to the huge amounts of feedback coming in? Early end game impressions are that it is shallow with only 3 strongholds. However, there are those higher difficulties, getting masterworked gear etc. Too early to tell on that and I’m not there yet. How will bugs and stuff improve with the much ballyhooed day one patch? What about future patches? How much can they change about the base systems of the game. Destiny has the advantage of 4.5 years of tweaks, content and adjustments. I quit destiny after the first month because it was so tedious. A year later with Taken King they overhauled it completely and made it fun. They did the same thing with Forsaken after a lackluster year one of D2. Will BioWare be given the autonomy by EA to play the long game with Anthem if it stumbles out of the gate as Activision did with Bungie? I hope so because this game has good “bones” as it were.
  9. I don’t quite know what these reviewers were doing where they hadn’t even revived a single person let alone 3. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing on hard but I’ve revived numerous people by now. I started the Tombs mission and found two of them before work. Most of the stuff was already completed! My one gripe with those is what I posted earlier today. Let me mark a tomb with a way point to be able to find it more easily. I don’t know the map like the back of my hand yet so a little help until I get to that point would be nice.
  10. Ok, in free play they absolutely need to add a waypoint system. Using the icons up in the compass is not intuitive at all.
  11. @atom631 Abilities with a Circle/dot in the corner are Priming abilities. The ones with an explosion looking thing in the corner are detonators. When you hit then with a priming ability you will see a status effect above their head (freeze, flame, shock etc.) At that point you hit them with the detonator and PING! Combo pops up. Melee attacks are always detonators.
  12. Spoilers for that quest everyone hates. Consult this when you get to it I guess.
  13. Regular strikes had them too. Even story missions had them at times. To you point though, even if you couldn't respawn immediately (like when patrolling) you could after 15-30 seconds. As I said, Destiny's respawn system is less punishing overall than Anthem's. Bioware would be wise to adjust it.