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  1. Dang it! I’ll just show myself out 😞
  2. I know! I saw Biggie’s sad face reaction and assumed he didn’t understand what you meant. 😝
  3. I’ll wait for this to evolve a bit since it is early access. Loved Bastion and Transistor but Pyre didn’t grab me nearly the same as those two.
  4. Fighter Pass is $25. The $85 she quoted was the game plus $25.
  5. Is that the old Animal Crossing one?
  6. Pre-purchased and ready to be “unwrapped”* by my boys on Christmas. Ridley Amiibo on its way too. *I will be playing it on work breaks in secret whenever I can. 😈
  7. So like before seems best to do the dreaming city stuff first for a bigger jump then the rest of the crap.
  8. I saw on reddit that a few have. Final tier of the Forge is 630 recommended... If the reaction on reddit is any indicator, people are not happy. Reddit, of course, is never happy but they are extra pissed today. “Worse than Osiris” is a common phrase I’ve seen. So temper your expectations of what you will accomplish this week. Looks like it might be more of the same grind from the same milestones for the vast majority of us until we can get to 610-615 light.
  9. @StephenO1683 How ya been buddy? You should join us...
  10. Yes! I fully expected the princesses to be just the scene we saw in the trailers but they triple downed on it in great way. 🎶Slaughter Race 🎶😂
  11. Anzo

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    Thank you for the updates Glenn. Sending good vibes your way.
  12. Anzo

    General Gaming What is your current GOTY?

    God of War followed by Celeste. Haven’t played Spider-Man or RDR2 though.
  13. My 18th birthday present. Birthday isn’t until next month so I had to wait a few weeks for it. Quite agonizing at the time!