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  1. I need to amend my previous post. Diamond 5 is dad legend. Diamond 10 is easy to get with star bonuses. DH is still prevalent but lots of counter to it now. I tried playing the Enrage Warrior deck but it is pretty skill intensive so I need more practice. Galakrond Rogue is still strong and I’ll probably do DH for the rest of the month to grind wins for golden hero.
  2. These past 3 episodes have been beyond incredible. Like, jaw dropping good. The rest of the season before it has been just okay.
  3. In all likelihood it will be my 15 year old and I (he’s big into D&D). Maybe my 10 year old but it might be too complex for him. My 12 year old daughter that’s said she would probably do a couple missions with us. Maybe she’ll get hooked though!
  4. Looking into backing this and adding the original Gloomhaven as well. Overkill? Seems like we could get our jollies out of the original over the summer while we wait for the new one.
  5. Agreed. There are no “pushover” bosses in this one, which is awesome. I was blown away by Ch 7 boss (dat music) and they just get better from there.
  6. Beat it last night. Loved it! Love the unknown journey we will be embarking on.
  7. Lol called it. Those nerfs...aren’t that bad actually. Eye beam probably the biggest one. Gul’dan on 6 is still busted. I’m usually playing it after turn 5 anyway. Though I guess it still costs 1 more mana and prevents you from possibly playing as many discounted cards it draws.
  8. Sooo, DH is getting mega nerfed soon right? I mean, I’m playing it like everybody else but it is seriously busted.
  9. Decided to try out the new rank ladder system. Fairly painless climb to Diamond 10, my new “Rank 5” aka “dad legend”.
  10. I flirt with HS now and again. Usually play during events and will give this a go when the expansion hits. Nowhere near what I used to play though. Really good that they are adding dupe protection to ALL rarities now.
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