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  1. Used the discount to buy Hades. I don't know how much I"ll play it while it is still in Early Access but $10 seemed like a good price for it. Not to mention Supergiant said that they are increasing the price by $5 after the sale. (So increasing from $20 to $25)
  2. Busy week last week. It is on my agenda for this week.
  3. New Token Druid is easy mode to rank 5. 8-2 today. My goodness that deck is busted.
  4. I've missed this show! I hope it is at least double the length of S1.
  5. Best music, best story, best "moments" of any FF I can recall. Just pure bliss all around.
  6. Eh I've been using a $12 wireless charger for over a year now so glad I didn't hold out for this.
  7. I got back into it recently because I couldn’t stand not having every hero golden. So I’ve been working through the remainder since Decemberish. 20 more wins with Shaman and I’m done! Not sure how much I’ll play after that though. Ladder is super boring but I’m looking forward to the more robust SP stuff. Ive hovered between standard and wild. Aggro Kingbane rogue has some good moments but is being countered a lot. Even shaman is still strong in wild but weak in standard. Finished Druid with Togwaggle Druid and Mecha’thun. Hunter with lots of mech Aggro hunter in wild.
  8. Just piggybacking on what has already been said, the movie was decent but overall bland in many ways. The biggest disappointment was Marvel herself. I just don't think she was very dynamic when compared to any of the supporting roles. Hopefully she comes off better in End Game. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am with it tbh. Side question: this movie has a 34% audience score on RT. How many of those are angry trolls and how many are legit you think?
  9. Oh man I remember that lol. Good times. Also people who would stand in a doorway and do jumping jacks to block you.
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