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  1. He kind of fell off my radar after his show 30 Days. I'll have to look for Rats.
  2. When Miles goes back to investigate the spider, we realize that it the dimension machine chamber is right on the other side of that wall, hence why Spider-man is there fighting and possibly why the spider was lurking about there as well since. Whatever the name of that tech company (Arksys?) is building the machine and the spider has its abdomen branded with that logo.
  3. Two scenes popped out to me that showed it is possible. Both of those set up the possibility that he fills some of the roles left vacant by Tony for the Avengers. Not that he will actually become Iron Man, but rather the tech guy, developing new stuff for the use of Shield, the Avengers, etc.
  4. S2 was mediocre. Only salvaged by the decent final two episodes.
  5. Have we established whether or not you can share your purchases between two switches? If not, as I believe Nintendo has handled this in the past, then this is a no way for me. If we can however, then I may consider one as an adjunct to the main Switch for the kids to use. I REALLLYYY wish they would make a Joy-con with that new d-pad too.
  6. I could see Whiteman being played. Pretty powerful effect. Clear their minions by sacrificing your and boom you get them all back.
  7. I mean, if you want to sure. I’m all in on Shadowkeep.
  8. In the YT video I linked above, the guy says where it is. I don’t have the game so don’t personally know where it is. It involves a chest that contains Silver Nitrate.
  9. Did TS3 really release in 2010? Where has time gone? In any case, my butt will be in a seat on Friday.
  10. Me too. Reading follow-up posts it looks like they are trying to keep it small for the first year. So anybody that attends will be a "beta tester" (their words).
  11. Pepito is likely, Bru maybe, Mode has a PC copy as well. Mo and Joe were considering Stadia but now that it is confirmed that it is its own ecosystem I'm not so sure. My plan was to have a PC and PS4 copy to go back for raid nights and such.
  12. Something bigger than Rise of Iron and smaller than forsaken per the devs. Blad and I are for sure making PC our dominant platform starting in September thanks to cross save.
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