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  1. Yeah, sometimes it flat out doesn't make sense at all. Sometimes a cold blooded murder has no honor/bounty impact on you at all for hand wavey reasons, sometimes the same act has you in a two hour gunfight. I don't know what the rules of this world are, and it makes it frustrating to navigate sometimes, especially when it goes against my intentions for my Arthur's version of his moral code.
  2. mo1518

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I'm right at the end of red dead, so naturally I'm avoiding playing it so it won't have to end. Instead I played a little Spiderman over the weekend - webslinging around new York is incredibly fun. I've barely done any story missions, but I've got all the collectibles already because it's so great to just swing around the city.
  3. When you're 640 in a few weeks a forge run will probably be a breezy ten minute match. Handing out that much powerful gear per wave would obliterate bungies drop-feed leveling system.
  4. They made the forge like they made escalation protocol. It's meant to be an end game activity to play as you reach the new level cap. The problem is there's no other activity bundled in this content drop that you can do - when Warmind dropped I tried escalation and got my ass handed to me. But that was fine - a little disappointing, but I had a campaign to finish, exotics to chase and a bunch of secrets to keep me busy until I was EP ready. This time there isn't that buffer. I feel like bungie probably should have communicated this fact better, it would have managed peoples expectations. But the blind well has difficulty tiers, why couldn't the forges?
  5. That's what I figured. Which I could be totally fine with. I really liked that open world.
  6. Ditto. Wonder if it'll be the exact same map, but with a few alterations due to the events of the FC5.
  7. I'm staying away from this until the dust settles and it gets its first taken king/forsaken expansion that fixes all the irritations and imbalances that the day one buyers beta test for everyone else. I may be slow to learn my lesson, but Destiny has been a patient tutor, often repeating itself to really hammer home the point.
  8. I was hoping to finish the story before online came out, but I keep getting sidetracked. Also, ultimate edition only has a one day headstart. Anyone who played RDR2 on launch day can play the following day, played on launch weekend gets in the following day, everyone else the day after.
  9. mo1518

    General Gaming What is your current GOTY?

    In order: Red Dead 2 God of War Into the Breach Celeste Maybe spidey sneaks in there? Just bought it yesterday. Assassin's Creed might as well if red dead hadn't stomped in and interrupted my playthrough. I feel bad putting red dead at the top because it does so many things wrong, so many little irritants where other games would have streamlined to increase the fun and minimize the bullshit. But it's also the most engrossing game world I've ever experienced, and when I'm not playing it I'm thinking about it constantly. It's also a game that improves more and more the longer I play - whether that's from just getting used to the silly control scheme or actual growth in appreciation is up for debate. God of War is a masterpiece, and the series has always been my favourite, it's just up against a juggernaut in red dead, which also benefits from recency bias. Celeste and Into the Breach were my reasons to own a Switch this year. Both are incredible, and they've kinda defined the switch for me - even though they're available for other systems I couldn't imagine playing them anywhere else.
  10. Sure, probably, but I'm knee deep in red dead and still have asscreed odyssey on the go, I shouldn't really be buying this at all. I'm just a weak, weak consumer, and skipping the dlc makes me feel a little empowered. I'll just buy it later for full price
  11. Quality content, or am I fine just getting the standard? Standard is $50 canadian, deluxe is $75.
  12. What's the digital deluxe content - says it includes three chapters of dlc, is that a season pass, or is there more that isn't included?