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  1. I'm with you on this. The Egypt setting was incredible, and despite the dumb story I couldn't stop playing it. In Odyssey the story is way better, the characters are better, the combat is improved but I just didn't find the environment as interesting, and that affected my desire to play it more than I thought. It just felt like the world was quite generic compared to origin's very different regions and cities.
  2. I still have my gameboy, I love it! I swear that thing and the night light attachment is what turned me into a niteowl.
  3. Donating all proceeds of zero sales of this garbage game helps no one. The gesture is nice though.
  4. It was very much more of the same, and I was pretty burnt out on the game at the time having just finished getting the platinum trophy and doing all the things. I probably should have waited a bit to play it. It does add some cool new abilities to the skill tree. I'll probably try and finish it off.
  5. I didn't finish the first batch of dlc either, but I also wasn't particularly enjoying it. This, however, looks more in line with the wilder second DLC in origins, which I loved. The game gets better when it gets weirder.
  6. I bought an internal ssd, put it in a $15 USB 3.0 shell and plugged it into my ps4. Works great, cuts load times down to nothing for games like the division and destiny.
  7. Sorry to hear about your son, your family has been through so much in so short a time. But hopefully the recovery process can start now that you're settled in Oregon. Wishing your family the best, take care of each other.
  8. The gun skins are a strong holdover from titanfall 2, where some of the rarer skins were real feats to unlock. And that was fine for titanfall 2, but in a game like this they're super underwhelming as battle pass rewards. I still love the game, but the battlepass is a bummer. It doesn't do anything to spice up the game, you've just paid to periodically unlock some lackluster rewards in a real rough xp grind. In fortnite people complain that the challenges task you with playing the game in a style that goes against the main objective (winning) and collect silly objects or land at various places, but the plus to that system is that you can log in once or twice a week, do the challenges and max out the battlepass before the season ends. With apex the grind is real, it's asking you to play two hours daily for the duration of the season to get to the end of the pass. That's... exhausting.
  9. This morning I finally finished the last achievement I was missing in Into the Breach, unlocking the secret squad of mechs (which are very cool). I love this game so damn much, I wish they'd do a sequel or some dlc, but I can't wait to see whatever these guys decide to do next.
  10. I got every chatterbox piece on the first try, didn't know they weren't guaranteed - now I feel better about my luck. I was super pissed cause I went and got all the parts for the liberty and felt so smart having a d50 in my stash ready and waiting... Except it's a purple d50, and the blueprint requires a yellow
  11. @atom631 I didn't upgrade my bench until I hit WT1 simply because I couldn't see the option on the screen. It was there, but because of the transparent ui and small font I didn't even know it was an option until I read a post mentioning upgrading the bench. I just assumed I'd get better blueprint a later 😂 Did a bunch of missions last night to get the chatterbox exotic smg, and I'm glad I did. It's just a really fun gun to use. I was doing those missions on hard with randoms, and the enemy difficulty in this game is really weird. For one mission we had a full group of four, and everything was bullet spongey and situations could get out of hand if someone went down. It was a good challenge, but maybe a bit on the annoying side. Then the other two missions were just me and a single other player, and we breezed through like nothing. I get that it scales up to match the extra players, but it doesn't seem like it's balanced quite right.
  12. I made it to WT4, and the end game is great. Lots of loot, constantly getting good rewards and progress - they really nailed the loot in this game. You can do anything - grind the hardest mission available to you or just go exploring and walk down a dark alley - whatever you do, there are rewards for it. Really lets you just enjoy the game the way you want to play it, but all the high end / more efficient ways of gearing up are there for those that care. If I had a complaint it would be that I don't see much reason to switch away from healing Chem and my turret. I try to put the turret away and experiment, but every time I've do I've switch back pretty quick. Haven't had ammo for my signature skill yet, so not sure if those are cool or not. This is a ridiculous bug, they better get a fix for this quick. I do like that it's a whole new set of perks to level up only once you hit end game.
  13. Very nice, thanks. I've missed playing the odd game of splatoon here and there.
  14. I don't think the onion article is requesting anything, it's just funny commentary that a ton of people probably relate to - the game they had a ton of fun with over the past month is getting harder as people get better. I can definitely see both sides to it, and it's obviously hard to come up with a solution in this stuff. If there were two tiers, Kiddy and Regular, you'd have a ton of people making new accounts just so they could go stomp around in the kiddy pool and wreck the noobs anyways lol. It's not fun to get stomped, but you have to learn to improve somehow. And if you take away all the easy kills from the vets by segmenting off the noobs, they'll just bitch too that now their tier is too hard.
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