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  1. mo1518

    General Gaming BEST OPEN WORLD DEV

    Despite however much you love any open world game by any other developer, you can probably admit that Rockstar did it first or does it better. Their open world games have a life of their own and it's incredible every generation. GTA5 isn't my favourite game to play of all time, not by a long shot, but you have to respect the world they built. Can't wait to see first hand what they do with red dead 2.
  2. mo1518

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    I say it every time I cook. Microwave a burrito? That's it! Grill a steak? That's it! The way he pronounces recipe is incredible.
  3. mo1518

    General Gaming Impressions for FFXV

    This pretty much nails it, but I really liked the game overall. The bro roadtrip feels and camping is also awesome, it all feels like this weird nostalgic gap year between high school and college with four best buds. There's a cup noodle side quest. Your car can fucking fly, but it's awful. The combat is easy but fun. Spent like 100 hours on the game, could not recap the story for you to save my life, except that the main guy has to marry a girl who he only knows through sending journals via carrier pigeon puppy. It's weird. "That's it! I've come up with a new recipeeeeehhhhh...." is burned into my brain.
  4. mo1518

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    It gets better. It's just so story heavy and hand-holdy at the beginning. It feels like they expected very dumb or very young people to have problems grasping what to do.
  5. mo1518

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I'm home sick today so I picked up okami on Switch. Man, talk about a poorly paced intro. Non-stop annoying gibberish voices and cutscenes interrupting you every few steps. Awful. Got out of the first cave and now I see what the praise was about. It's got a real ocarina of time vibe to it, and the combat is pretty fun so far. I'm playing with a pro controller - am I missing out on any motion control stuff, or is it just the drawing, which seems fine with the analog.
  6. I got all three armor sets and weapons. Used to be easy to get groups when Warmind first came out, now people only activate it to farm the massive wave of thrall.
  7. When curse of osiris came out people who didn't own the dlc couldn't do prestige nightfall anymore, so they axed it from the trophy.
  8. Wow, I had no idea this was coming out so soon. September is too busy.
  9. Best raids, in order, inspired by the dumbass LFG guy we played with last night who, despite his bragging, had clearly never completed a raid before in his life, but had watched a lot of videos. Vault of Glass Wrath of the Machine Eater of Worlds Crota's End King's Fall Leviathan Spire of the stupid fucking Stars
  10. I hope they drop the multiplayer altogether. Invest that money and effort in the campaign.
  11. I was going to say I do it all the time, but thinking on it I really don't. I've got a handful of games I've replayed a ton, but most are one and done, or I say I'll replay it and never do. The games I have multiple playthroughs on are the God of war series, the last of us (five times now), my favourite final fantasy games (4, 6, 7, 10), tomb raider 2013 and the infamous series (gotta get both endings ). Some games are just too long nowadays to replay them. I'd love to replay fallout 4 or the witcher 3 again, but I just don't have a spare 250 hours to do it all again. I could try to run through just the story missions on easy, but the best parts of those games for me is doing every single little thing.
  12. mo1518

    Sony God of War getting NG+ August 20th

    I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like a really awesome ng+ mode, but with spidey and red dead coming so soon my single player adventures are covered for the year.
  13. 29:00 - new mod system and it's what everyone thought the mod system would be when D2 launched 35:30 - D1 crucible is back 40:00 - 1:22:00 - bungie employees are surprisingly bad at their own game.