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  1. My switch has been exclusively an Into the Breach machine for the past few months. I only have a couple achievements left to unlock, and then I'm going to finally need a new game. Think this will be it. People still enjoying it later in the campaign?
  2. I really love this game now. At first I thought it needed a solo mode, but the ping system has totally changed me on that. I've had so many cool moments due to being in a squad - solid flank attacks and distraction plays, good teamwork and cooperation, no toxicity except for maybe a few assholes who prefer to loot their teammates box rather than respawn them and let them gear back up. I don't think this game will be as fun on your own. Duos or a large scale team battle (20v20) could be cool, and a solo mode will probably come eventually, but squad is where it's at.
  3. I have a feeling those two items are their first tests to see what their prices their audience will take. Fortnites skins are crazy expensive when you stop to think about them - people who have bought five or six skins for their free to play game may have spent more than a regular full price AAA game costs new. But yeah, a gun skin that, like you said, is barely visible is just as expensive as an entire fortnite costume. Think they over shot their mark here.
  4. You're probably going to need the online service to share/play mario maker levels, right? Definitely in for links awakening, it's my favourite top down Zelda. The art style is a bit strange, but I feel like it'll grow on you. Fire emblem should just be an anime now. Hard pass.
  5. Hemlock can have a single shot fire mode as well, you'd love it - it's a super high rate of fire scout rifle in that mode. Deadly. Mozambique is the one you're talking about, and it's trash. It is a shotgun, so the range is bad, but it's only good if you dropped in a hot zone and it's the first gun you find.
  6. I really enjoyed the beta, it reminded me of how great it was playing the division in the very beginning - the atmosphere, the great gunfights, fun progression in skills and leveling up your base - but I think I'm going to wait on some impressions of the end game before I think about buying it. The first one was great until it very much wasn't. I admire how they managed to right the ship and the effort they put into it, but I still want to see which direction this one is going - buggy dark zone troll fest or diablo-esque looter shooter. Also DC looked great, but snowy post-apocalyptic new york was like half the reason I was drawn to Div 1.
  7. Hemlock. It was one of my faves in titanfall. Just wish it wasn't so rare. Wingman is great too, and the Eva shottie. Bought some credits so I could get the bamboozler. Never changing, the holos have gotten me out of so many sticky situations, and some kills too.
  8. I'm excited for this, getting it as part of the Odyssey season pass. I've heard it's garbage, though I can't possibly think any less of it than I did of Unity 😂 This also saves me $20 as I was just about to buy Syndicate in the PS store sale. Now I'll wait for this instead.
  9. I had a very similar experience last night. In matches where my crew landed in an empty zone we could all gear up and stood a chance against the enemies we ran into. In matches where I dropped into a busy area I'd end up with a pistol and 20 bullets if I was lucky, and instead of fast-paced tactical gunfights you end up with five or six players in the world's dumbest fist fight cause nobody could find any gear or ammo. I assume this will be balanced and tuned in the future, but the ammo economy right now is just absolute garbage. Edit - not sure if everyone feels the same, but I felt like loot in general was hard to see until you were right on top of it. Might be exacerbating the issue.
  10. I think this game is going to be a hit. It feels great to play, it's fun to watch, and the silliness of the characters is good enough to sell endless skins while also serious enough to be in an fps like this. I really enjoy the game, but it's a no go without a squad. I'll definitely be back for the inevitable solo game mode. That said, this game in exchange for titanfall 3 is a travesty. Fuck EA.
  11. I bought a Playstation 1 Classic recently (I know, I know, but it was only $40) and I've been going through some of the games. Jumping Flash is hilarious. Grand Theft Auto 1 is so weird knowing where the series ended up. Ridge Racer R4 actually holds up surprisingly well - thought I'd do a couple races, ended up playing a whole campaign. The standout for me however is destruction derby. This is one of the first ps1 games I owned, and I remember it quite fondly. It was the first game I tried on the classic, and boy oh boy this thing should not even be considered a game any more. Controls are awful, graphics are awful, mechanics are awful - it's pretty crazy to think I once loved this game and sunk tons of time into it. Really, really bad.
  12. Love it when it's a month with games I haven't bought. I'll probably even play hitman, rather than just download it and toss it into a folder of games I delete when hard drive space is low 😂 100GB is pretty big for just saves. They planning on letting us use that space for something more?
  13. 1. Red Dead Redemption 2 2. God of War 3. Celeste 4. Spider-Man 5. Into the Breach 6. Destiny: Forsaken 7. Fortnite 8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey 9. Lumines Remastered
  14. I was about to say, I thought it was a pretty good campaign, longer than I expected. For me I use the healing mod, the one that let's you take a hit without losing your combo and the reduced gunfire damage, since my dodge skills aren't always up to snuff.
  15. Yeah, don't go into steep expecting SSX. The tricks are often frustrating because it can be both too realistic in one instance (half pipes) but then you fly off a small bump and get incredible air in free roam. But it's a great game to put on some music or a podcast and just ride.