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  1. Yeah, by the time I got really good at clearing out nests, there were no more nests to clear. I wanted more as well. One little thing I really liked that kept the side missions feeling fresh was the bits of context the quest giver gave them - instead of just saying "there's a group of raiders at this spot on your map, go kill them," they'd have a conversation that told a story: "Hey deek, remember that kid Jason that rode in a few weeks back with his dad?" "Mouthy brat, always looking to prove himself?" "That's the one. Well he snuck off on a run and got himself captured... " It wasn't a ton of detail or fleshed-out storytelling, but it was enough to liven up the mission and give more depth to the idea that this is a camp of people living their lives. There was a lot of good detail like that, especially from Rikki.
  2. Sure, the entirety of playing games is repetitive, I mainly meant that the story missions weren't dragging - they stayed fresh the whole time. It was always just shooting dudes or burning zombies, but there were interesting areas to be doing those things and for interesting reasons.
  3. Finally beat it! Man, long game, but worth it, and it never got repetitive. During the home stretch of the end I kept getting interrupted by life getting in the way, and I was dying to get back and wrap it up - still haven't done the post-credits ending yet - so the story definitely had me hooked, even if the final bit was a little too predictable. Overall I'm really glad I bought into the word of mouth. That was one of my favourite games in years,definitely going to keep coming back and clear out all the hordes and side stuff. Blows me away they only had four people responsible for designing that huge open world.
  4. You guys are comparing Spiderman and donkey Kong when there's a better comparison - doom 2016 is $20 on PSN right now, and $40 on the eshop. What justifies Nintendo charging twice as much? That they didn't get a port until more recently? That the game runs worse and at a lower resolution than on ps4? This stuff has never made sense. They've gotten so much better with their sales since the switch launched, but they have to understand their prices are dumb. I would have taken doom for another rip and tear if it were $20 just for the portability novelty. At $40? No.
  5. I haven't watched a single conference this year. I read up on them afterwards, and I haven't missed a thing by skipping them except that sweet Keanu reeves moment, but I saw the gif after, so I'm good.
  6. Iron man sounding like your ghost in Destiny is weird and not right. Like, they used the same "robot voice" effect and everything. No thank you, that's not iron man.
  7. My problem now is knowing that PS5 is coming so soon after some of these launch, will it be a GTAV / TLOU thing where I play it on current gen and then re-play it on next gen because it's so much improved on the new hardware? I don't have time for that anymore, so I guess I'm better off waiting? I still refuse to believe cyberpunk will be a satisfying experience played on ps4.
  8. To be fair, the people still playing destiny 2 have already bought this year's season pass. And for new people, they're going to get all of year 1s content for free, but that doesn't include forsaken or the annual pass. What bungie has done has removed the necessity for you to own everything to play the end game. If you don't want to buy forsaken or the next dlc, you can still play gambit with friends, hop in the crucible, run strikes, etc. You can even visit all the locations that would otherwise be locked to the dlc and run patrols and explore and ay the activities there, hoping you get interested and buy the content to play the story that came along with all these places. It's a pretty good system, I think it'll liven up the playerbase's quite a lot.
  9. I preordered it. I want to believe it's going to be great, and stream 4k hdr right into my TV, and then I could leave the house and pick up where I left off on my work computer, tablet, etc. I doubt it will do all that reliably in reality, but I'm sure it will have its moments. I was going to buy a 4k chromecast anyways, I use my chromecast every day. So what's a few more bucks to try this out. I'm really excited for November.
  10. That's what I hoped for when I saw the robot dogs, maybe some advanced warfare nonsense scifi shit could liven the game up
  11. I'm curious if you're referring to how the bike controls when you first start the game and are chasing that dude. When I first started driving that bike I groaned loudly, imagining a 40 hour campaign of shoddy, slippery bike controls. Then, whether it was getting used to the controls or what happens with your bike, or maybe just not being in that introductory mission, the controls felt immensely better and I haven't thought about it again.
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