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New Smash Bros Direct...


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7 hours ago, number305 said:

Microsoft has been pretty generous with Nintendo. I wonder when they will get something in return... 


They're going to buy Nintendo! That's the real Japanese studio Phil Spencer was wanting to buy, not Tango! :o:skull:

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20 hours ago, Chris- said:

How has the fan base reacted? Nintendo fanboys are laughably toxic these days and their reaction is always more entertaining than whatever Nintendo announces. 

From what I’ve seen, the initial reaction was “WHAT?! YUCK!” 

But then later most people warmed up to the character and the unorthodox moveset. Especially after Sakurai‘ s tutorial video.

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I love the ERA reaction to Steve. Sooo many people losing their shit over this pick. To me it’s a perfect choice. Smash is a celebration of gaming and this represents arguably one of the most popular games of the last decade while continuing to establish collaborative ties between Microsoft and Nintendo. It’s great for gaming.


(I don’t like Minecraft at all)

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Gamers are whiny and entitled asshats. Steve is a great choice because Smash could always use more oddball characters. I don't even understand the desire to see a character like Geno in this game. He was a side character that's only ever been in a single game released 25 years ago. A Mii Fighter skin is perfect for him. He doesn't need more representation than that.


There are so many more deserving characters before we get into those silly fan favorites like Geno. Doom guy, Rayman, Guybrush Threepwood, the alien from Sim City, a Sim, a Tetris block, the prince from Prince of Persia but the old rotoscoped one from 1989.


Steve is a good choice.

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