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  1. I’ll sit here and make myself a caipirinha and wish them luck
  2. I foresee the Champions League continuing to open up its qualifications and then turning it into a larger tournament. Just like the NCAA being a small little thing and now its 68 teams or something dumb like that.
  3. Yeah that was the joke. While they were hesitant to commit at first, they weren't going to be left behind
  4. And it doesn’t help that the MLS follows their own calendar schedule separate from the rest of the soccer world - which means many MLS clubs are nowhere near their best form when the CONCACAF CL tournament comes around.
  5. Now the UCL want to kick out Real, Chelsea and City from this season? Oh man the scenes if that happened??
  6. And they just sacked Mourinho. Maybe if PSG miss out on the Super League they can get Poch back.
  7. To me this is eerily similar to college conference realignment rumors of mega conferences made up of the top schools from the SEC, ACC, B1G, PAC, and BIGXII. Down to the same talking points of “oh the NCAA will kick them out of their association!” Just like FIFA, UEFA and domestic leagues are talking about - but that’s the point for both of these scenarios. Consolidate power and make your own rules and your own media deals and revenue sharing structures. I still think this is shite, and I say it as a die hard City fan.
  8. Pretty sure Bayern and Dortmund said no. This is going to ruin season 2 of Ted Lasso...
  9. Some latest info on it: LIVE BLOG: 8 people dead after active shooter incident at FedEx facility in Indianapolis WWW.WRTV.COM Multiple victims have been reported after shots were fired at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, according to police.
  10. “The Day that Sports Stood Still” on HBO is a good covid documentary to check out.
  11. As someone who’s obsessed with Derry Girls, this is disheartening
  12. I’d rather stick to a database saying person X owns Y until they can make NFTs not have such a ridiculously large carbon footprint. Maybe Cardano’s ADA will help with that? Ethereum’s proof-of-work is taxing as fuck.
  13. Both parents were Mexican Catholic as fuck. Sunday school, catechism, alter boys, choir singing, church ushers, etc - that was my family. I followed the rites up to confirmation. On the walk back to our car after I was confirmed I told my mom I was done. She cried. Then my older brother came out as gay. She cried again. Then she got over it. Raising my kids in a purely agnostic household. Though I won’t lie, the new Temple of Satan is really tantalizing giving that all they do is pot stir religious people. That’s my love language.
  14. I remember doing that for the 2000 presidential election. 20+ people for Bush, I was the sole Gore guy (in Texas). I just liked Gore’s stance on gay marriage. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Seriously, I was excited for this video, and it fucking got me:
  16. We are still in March and the majority of my family, including myself, have been fully vaccinated already. We were all thinking June or July would likely be our timeframe. Not sure who we should specifically thank for these efforts, but kudos to whoever deserves it.
  17. Seriously, I have had tickets to a Megadeth concert for over a year now. Currently scheduled for August. Let’s do this.
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