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  1. Eh, what's the point of keeping track of this stuff if they aren't actually doing anything to restrict access the moment some rando is downloading gigs of data off a drive they probably shouldn't have access to? Security systems are pointless if it you can't act on any of the data you have and can only use it for forensic purposes. "Cool, we know who took all this data. Would have been really cool to know this before they got to the press." Like, how does that even work for a publicly traded company? Systems I've set up track user access, but also lock accounts if it appears they're downloading more data than the account normally would access on any other given day. Does that mean I've locked a C-level execs account in the past? Sure, but that's just basic enterprise security in 2021.
  2. One thing I don't think anyone has brought up yet is where this series goes next, so end game spoilers here...
  3. I'd sooner believe a Tourette-like side effect is a result of COVID-19 infections than watching social media videos of others with actual Tourettes or of those kids that she having Tourrettes. That said, I know this stuff is weird. During one of my kid's births my wife almost died and wound up with half her face paralyzed. Apparently being at like 0 mmol of iron is bad for you. That healed up, but now wherever she gets really sick she starts to slur her words the same way she did when she had the paralysis. The really weird part is that she starts slurring her words a bit whether she sees a video of herself during that time. It goes away half an hour, an hour later. Doctors have no clue, so she just avoids video of herself from those times. The brain is weird.
  4. The best tip for every boss should be to not care if you die. Just figure out the timing you need to parry every attack that is...parry...able? Once you've done that a the rest of your time should be spent focusing on dodging. Done. That normally took me from getting my ass handed to me on a boss to finishing them at pretty much full health.
  5. These laptops are so expensive. Also these dies are huge. I can't imagine the yields being that great and if that's the case, that'll likely explain the price. I'm wondering how much stuffing everything on the die is affecting price here. An extra 16GB of RAM is a $400 option. Everything with Quadro graphics is impossible to get, so I am curious to know how well these stack up. Not for gaming, but for other GPU-heavy workloads. The M1 was a pretty capable VM running machine. I may get well buy an Mac Mini with the new M1 when they're available.
  6. Facebook really doesn't have anything in the way of document protection. This seems apparent with the last leak, but this one makes is completely obvious. I don't get it. I've worked at companies with employee counts in the low hundreds that had better file control than Facebook. At this point, I'm convinced the file server I run in my own house has better file control than Facebook.
  7. That's exactly the thing, though. I'd rather the space there used for another Thunderbolt. So much for Apple showing everyone how green they are by introducing a new charging standard.
  8. I don't understand why Apple isn't putting Face ID on their laptops. Face ID makes WAY more sense on a laptop than it does on a phone. Being able to unlock a laptop by our seeing your face while in the process of opening it would be so good. It works pretty damn well with Windows Hello and I can't help but feel Apple's Face ID is likely better fleshed out than Hello. Am I the only one that's really unhappy with Magsafe coming back? I was so happy we were getting to the point where everything was charging with one cable.
  9. Thanks. Now there's an even worse American pronunciation for Latines that exists in my head.
  10. Latines sounds WAY better in Spanish and spoken language overall. I can't help but think it would be horribly butchered by anyone that doesn't speak a Latin language. So much so that Latinx might be preferable. Like I'd want to hit someone that pronounced it Latīnes, because English is dumb that way.
  11. There are two pools of my family. My grandmother pool that like "Que diablo es Latinx. That's not Spanish." Neither is clóset, but that's never stopped anyone in our family. The other is "Yeah, I guess LGBTQ people like it better. Whatever." I've never met anyone that actually had a real opinion on the matter other than right-wing douches. Those right-wing douches could totally be Latinx as well. There are plenty of them. Also, me referring to them as Latinx just triggered the whole lot of them.
  12. The N64 and Genesis games aren't worth $30/year. Switch Online is fine for $20/yr compared PSN+ and Xbox Live. The only thing that makes the bundle worthwhile is the Animal Crossing DLC. It'll stop being worthwhile if they don't give away more DLC or anything else new and valued at ~$25. New is the keyword there because old free games included with a subscription aren't worth much when Epic is giving away old free games in exchange for your email address.
  13. This one does look good, but I'm also right there with you. Batman's entire ensemble feels so huge, but the movies barely scratch the surface thanks to the constant reboots. As a result, the whole Batman movie world feels so tiny. Who cares if they have to recast the character. I'm sure audiences can keep up.
  14. At least Nintendo has said that anything you unlock from the DLC on your main island will still be available to you if you actually do remember to unsubscribe. Apparently, it's just access to the archipelago that you lose without the DLC.
  15. A lot of going back and forth, but Nintendo Online is still only $20/yr. Nothing in the expansion has anything to do with their online offerings. It's literally just $30/yr for N64 and Genesis games along with the Animal Crossing DLC. I'm more curious to know if there's any more DLC that Nintendo is planning to including in the office for the expansion. Right now, it's only worth it for me because of the included DLC. I already pay for the family plan for mine, my wife's, and son's Switches. We were already going to spend $50 on Animal Crossing DLC, so spending an extra $10 to get my son N64 games is worth it to me. Now, if Nintendo does release more interesting DLC content free on the expansion within the next year then I'll be fine with paying for another year.
  16. Asking the important questions. Yes. It's also really like a booster to bump those breakthrough infections. Yay that I'm not likely to be hospitalized, but I'd still love to not be in bed.
  17. I was an hour away at work when my wife unexpectedly went into labor a couple of weeks early with one of my kids. Nobody closer to her was picking up their phone. She wound up driving herself to the hospital for this very reason.
  18. I know this game can be pretty tough at times, but how can anyone complain about difficulty in a game with Story Mode difficulty where enemies don't fight back?
  19. Hey now, the Animal Crossing DLC being included makes this a little more worth it. I was all ready to drop $25 for that alone
  20. I was just thinking of exactly that after watching the Direct. They've added pretty much everything I would have liked other than being able to build these shops, restaurants, and school on my own Island.
  21. And there's a the game. Finished with 80% in 10 hours. That was a great game and a pretty fun ending. The final boss was really kicking my ass for a while there, but once I got used to his timing it was pretty a breeze. I'm looking forward to where this is going next and, judging from the game's reception, maybe we don't have to wait another fifteen years.
  22. What I don't get is that if it absolutely requires a phone, why even include processing on it at all? Just make it a display with all the 6DoF sensors and leave the phone to doing all the processing. Anyone that can afford a $500 VR headset just to watch movies while there's a $300 VR headset that does that and more will very likely have a phone that can handle that sort of VR content. This thing doesn't even have a built in battery. It looks like you either need to buy a separate battery pack or have it leech power off your phone. This is a wildly confusing device.
  23. How's this for backward, twisted, true crime shit? Netflix has a true crime series called Don't Fuck With Cats about how a bunch of Internet people obsessed with true crime stories both help catch a killer while also causing him to escalate, in part, due to the attention he was getting from those same people.
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