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  1. Comet

    ~*Official Thread of Easy Marks and Fever Dreams*~

    Now that looks like some intimidation, or a fall down the stairs.
  2. Comet

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    I wouldn't mind if they pat you down and bring out a foam roller to roll on your muscles while they're at it. Win/win?
  3. I know, but it's Smash... my friends list is always full of Smash players. I suppose it would help to know what is driving these metrics, hours logged or concurrent users.
  4. How on Earth is Smash so low?
  5. Jesus that's crazy pay in Ohio. My wife is a teacher and is thankfully in one of the best districts in Texas (but still Texas...). Her pay is now around $56k and that is with a steady small raise each year. The amount of work and bullshit that goes with that job is obscene, she might be okay with it if she was making $70k+ haha
  6. Comet

    SpaceX just got more valuable

    Those are definitely risky ventures, but it seems that their standard business of firing satellites for other state entities and companies is still their bread and butter (and will be for a while regardless of their Starlink stuff).
  7. Comet

    ~*Official 2020 Candidates Thread*~

    How is one person's opinion representative of the whole group?
  8. Glad you posted this, when I read this thread's title this is the story I just thought of.
  9. Whoever debates him for 2020 needs to pick up on this.
  10. So why the secrecy over this data to begin with? Publishers don't want that out in the open?
  11. Comet

    ~* Tripe/Counter-Tripe *~

    Jesus Christ, all I can think of is this clip from Impractical Jokers:
  12. Comet

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    This made my day, friend. Keep fighting.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. Though I shouldn't celebrate since Oath is a big client of ours.