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  1. Lmao even if that were possible that doesn’t excuse not reviewing the final copy before filing
  2. Somewhere in a small city in Texas, Vince Young is wearing a mask with a smile.
  3. And we failed both because of lack of education and the invalidation of science by imbeciles.
  4. I just wonder when people will feel safe without mask mandates and social distancing. I know after I have the vaccine I won’t feel comfortable without a mask since lord knows I could still be harboring the virus without knowing. It’ll be interesting to see if we ever reach pre-covid normalcy again. And if we don’t, how close to it will we get and when will get there.
  5. I mean the dude is hitting 80 million votes, the hispanic vote squarely fits under “nice to have” at this point and I’m sure many figured it could swing this way given the fact that they actively dismissed that voting bloc. I wish they wouldn’t have, but they aimed their resources where it mattered, suburban voters. It worked.
  6. I hear you man. My wife is also a teacher. What makes all of this is worse is that there isnt a healthy pool of substitutes anywhere so these teachers are putting in insane hours with no hopes of a respite.
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