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  1. AMC isn’t really in a position to gain steam until the next few days when the hedge funds have to start closing on their positions.
  2. Then that’ll be the will of the people who elected those leaders.
  3. And people are already coming hard on Biden for not doing enough or having a stimulus plan passed through Congress already
  4. I don’t drink soda, but when I do, it’s a fucking Mexican Coke.
  5. I think his frank personality could be a welcome addition to the Tammany Hall tradition of that city.
  6. Crazy that those doors didn’t come down until the mob was right there. Total failure by the Capitol Police
  7. Zip ties are for PC cable management. At least in my household.
  8. Finish a season and play the playoffs in a bubble = 0 infections. Decide not to use a bubble before the regular season starts = Stars account for 17 of NHL's 27 positive COVID-19 tests NYPOST.COM The numbers in Dallas aren’t pretty. The NHL announced on Tuesday — the day before the shortened 2020-21 season opens — that 17 of the league’s 27 positive COVID-19 tests came from
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