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  1. This is why "common law" based legal systems are absolute nonsense. "Civil law" based legal systems are the only legitimate ones!
  2. Coronavirus: Health chief hails Africa's fight against Covid-19 WWW.BBC.CO.UK Africa has had fewer cases than Europe, Asia or the Americas, with numbers continuing to decline. Africa has truly been an absolutely stellar success story among a morass of incompetency and failure!
  3. DC's New Raised by Wolves Comic Gives More Context to Its Religious War IO9.GIZMODO.COM In HBO Max’s Raised by Wolves, humanity’s last real hope for survival lies in the existence of a group of children who are all being cared for by Mother and Father, a pair of androids programmed to be influential nurturers by the...
  4. I watched that earlier today and came to the conclusion that Kyle was DEFINITELY the "brains" of that operation. The "Microsoft should buy BioWare" comment earned a guffaw from me.
  5. It's not a monopoly in the least, but I fundamentally disagree that the acquisition is a purely vertical integration. Microsoft -- through its Xbox Game Studios -- is BOTH a content producer and a content distributor and they acquired Zenimax/Bethesda another content producer/content distributor.
  6. Aaaaaaand it's been cancelled after just winny an Emmy: http://ew.com//img/favicons/favicon-192.png Netflix cancels 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' after one season EW.COM The prequel series to Jim Henson and Frank Oz's original 1982 fantasy puppet film just won an Emmy last week.
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