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  1. Ghost_MH

    Cops Shoot Black Security Guard...

    As I said before...
  2. Once you remember that Mr Mine has always been terrifying, then you won't have any issue with it in thid movie. Just try to remember that in the games, his "hair" is actually a set of horns and his toes are what curl up to look like shoes.
  3. Yes. I just don't seem to pay attention to whatever abominations autocorrect on my phone comes up with.
  4. I, for one, like fuzzy jifflypuff. I feel like you either go that route or the skin route and I really don't want to look at a balloon of bare skin.
  5. I had a mail slot once...a long time ago. As far as mailboxes go, you're very much going to find outdoor, non-locking mailboxes on the outside of apartment buildings in your favorite crappy apartment building in the middle your average ghetto slum. I had one of those too. It was fun when my mother would send you down in the middle of the winter to check the mail. Sure, the box was right outside the door, on the stoop, but the trip was so short putting on a coat felt dumb so those five freezing seconds felt like five shivering hours.
  6. Nope, the way you do it is to time your entry to have you coincidentally run into the mail carrier. All those mailboxes are popped open and most carriers aren't going to question you on whether or not you're poking around your mailbox and not somebody else's. I live in a building with a locked mailroom just off the lobby. I've happened on the carrier a few times and just asked him for my mail. I'm not getting IDed or anything when he just hands the mail over to me. This is WAY easier to do than most people would imagine.
  7. Ghost_MH

    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

    We need to clearly state it's "good white guy with a gun" because "good guy with a gun" was too ambiguous. Everyone saw something like this coming from a mile away.
  8. I...have no idea how to feel about that. It doesn't look bad, per se, it's just that there's no way this should work as a movie.
  9. Toy Story 3 was the best of them all. If this one is within the same ballpark, that's all the justification it needs.
  10. The Toy Story universe already raised so many uncomfortable questions. This just raises even more of them.
  11. Who are the people that don't want regular shots but are cool with having fifty mini needles jabbed into their eyes?
  12. Laptop with two folds creating a widescreen image from a 4:3 body. Hell, bring back IBM's old butterfly keyboard and you could get 17" laptop with a numberpad in a 13" laptop body.
  13. Now I want everyone to send whatever black journalists they have to the White House. That would be incredibly amusing...then Trump will go back to not holding press conferences.