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  1. Some stuff doesn't get attention from sites like this one or in our general circles on social media, but that didn't mean people aren't watching and talking. The biggest TV series from Netflix last year were Bridgerton, The Queen's Gambit, and Emily in Paris. Quiz time: Who here had watched Netflix's most popular movie last year? It was the Polish 50 Shades-like 365 Days. It beat out the likes of Old Guard, The Social Dilemma, Project Power or even those shitty Adam Sandler movies that I assume Netflix loves because everyone watches them.
  2. Here's a great piece to add some sexism to our little thread about racism... Why Black Women Are Often Missing From Conversations About Police Violence | FiveThirtyEight FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM When Lajuana Phillips was shot and killed by a police officer in late 2018, she was a mother of three children, a daughter and a cousin who was described by fam…
  3. A lot of that comes down to who you're listening to or who do you expect to be talking about these movies. Many movie critics and sites like Reddit are filled with guys and target audiences that Captain Marvel didn't generally target. Awesome fire and glory and fucking heavy metal out a flaming guitar Mad Max totally strikes right at that same target audience and so garners a lot more talk in those same circles. Bridgerton is the biggest thing Netflix has ever done and there isn't even a thread for the series in this site. Reddit has multiple subreddits for Falcon and the Winter So
  4. It absolutely did. Captain Marvel made a ton of money and walked away with an A Cinemascore. It was well liked among everyone other than Gamergate-types that hate Brie Larson. Just watch the same thing happen with Aquaman 2 and Amber Heard.
  5. That's America for you. There's a reason we refuse to jump on the CRC. We need to be able to try children as adults and hand out more punitive punishments to teens than other countries do to adult offenders.
  6. Sweet. This is finally happening. Tried sourcing some drives for a few servers and they're all backordered months. Every vendor is blaming shortages from Chinese cryptominors.
  7. The latter isn't really true, though. That could be better summarized as wealthier immigrants have better educational achievements which couldn't be more obvious of a statement. Like nobody should really believe the numbers that come out of China... China is No. 1 on PISA — but here’s why its test scores are hard to believe - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM An expert examined PISA results going back years. Here’s what he found. Once you account for that, you end up with a random smattering of countries with strong educat
  8. They bigger issue with the Asian thing is that it treats an entire continent of VERY different peoples as a monolith and that keeps it in the realm of racism. That's how you end up with something like Indians aren't really Asians in the equation here, even if they're like a third of all Asians. It also ignore things like "Hey, it's really expensive to fly and relocate to the US from South Korea, so anyone that does is already ahead of the game compared to most others immigrants." Either way, I think this dude goes over the subject best... In the end, an
  9. It's going to happen one way or the other, right? None of the stimulus checks were enough to dig people out of their holes and for families, the child tax check don't start hitting until later this summer.
  10. Hey, looks like more houses and apartments may be coming back onto the market sooner than expected... Federal judge overturns national eviction ban WWW.CNBC.COM A federal judge struck down on Wednesday the national eviction moratorium, potentially leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes.
  11. That's exactly it. My wife had a few failed pregnancies before our first, but needed a DNC for one where she was some 18 weeks along. Our insurance was willing to cover medication to induce an abortion, but not the the procedure itself since it wasn't life threatening. Nothing like hearing from the insurance that you either pay for it all out of pocket or go home with some pills and wait anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks...if the pills actually do their thing. I told the hospital to schedule the surgery for as soon as possible and just bill me for the costs. That doesn't even cover the costs of the a
  12. He just turned 5 in December. He's been a skinny twig since the surgery and can't gain weight, but he's healthy and fine in every other sense. I guess that's what happens when you have to cut a chunk out of a newborn's gastrointestinal track. It'll catch up to him. He can finally eat like a small monster, but he'll never catch up to his sisters. He'll likely forever have his growth stunted. My wife and I are really short, so he was already working with poor stock. Like, my 3yo is in the 100th percentile for weight and 90th for height and is a chunk of pure muscle. She's already outgrowing 6yo
  13. I'm first gen Puerto Rican. I know SO many brown conservatives. They all think Republicans like them because they're socially conservative and not immigrants. It's hilarious because Republicans barely even acknowledge the island as part of the US.
  14. I've never not had health insurance as an adult. It's really cool that I still got saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt after my child. First there was a miscarriage that the insurance didn't really cover because just waiting to naturally abort at home on a toilet is cheaper and then she nearly died after being in labor for a week. That was all pretty cool. I'm not even getting into the life saving surgery my son needed at less than a month old that left us even more in debt. Best part? Since he was so young they put us up in the children cancer ward which was a very nice wing of
  15. It's ok. Trump has his new social media site that's just a fake Twitter blog and all his acolytes are just going to share all his posts from there to Twitter and Facebook. Donald Trump’s ‘social media platform’ has launched and it’s just a blog WWW.THEVERGE.COM Does the like button work yet? Twitter has already said they'll allow it, so I doubt Facebook is going to deny Trump.
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