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  1. For anyone that wanted to use Virtual Desktop to stream games from their PCs and not have to sideload a patch into their Quest 2, be happy. Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest WWW.OCULUS.COM Connect to your computer to watch movies, browse the web or play games on a giant virtual screen or in various theater environments. Virtual Desktop is a highly optimized, native application developed... The full streamer is now all official-like without the need for any patches. Looks like Facebook had finally decided to allow it. From the versio
  2. You know, when I avoided Justice League and never bothered to watch more then fifteen/thirty minutes of it, the entire time all I thought to myself was that the film could use more black and gray.
  3. So what you're saying is that Snyder is a bizarro Tarantino, complete with bad taste and probably has a hand fetish? Sure, why not.
  4. I was a teen in the days of pouches, sharp edges, and capes that went on for days. I don't at all understand how a dude his age got so caught up in that aesthetic that he's made it his defining look thirty years later. He's around McFarlane's age, so maybe the terrible cars of the 80s had a lasting and horrifying effect on these people's tastes. I'm making up this theory now, there has to be a direct line from posters of the Lamborghini Countach adorning young boys walls to Punisher 2099. Maybe we should be blaming the dudes over at Burtone and not Liefeld. Ye
  5. Like a month or so back we got like 2 feet of snow so heavy my snow blower choked on it. It was heavy enough that it turned the bottom inch into a sheet of ice. There are still remnants of that ice on my driveway... mostly because I've been lazy about salting it to death. I'll take powder any day. The only issue with powder is when the wind blows it back in your face. That's not fun on below freezing days.
  6. It's easy to ignore that someone you're professional equal or below is racist and thinks you might be less than human. It sucks knowing that you're colleagues think less of you and your family just because of the color of your skin, but I've ignored plenty of racist people in my life (Yay for working in the tech industry in the Boston area). It's different if that person is in a position of power. There's is absolutely no way of separating managerial decisions or the treatment of employees further down the ladder from their racist views. Even more so if they feel comfortable enoug
  7. This world is too connected for that to still be true. Things you do outside of work don't create a toxic work environment, but things you publicly blast on social media do. If I know my colleague is racist, that will lead to issues that aren't the fault of me as a brown man. I also wouldn't feel comfortable working for a racist and I've had to leave places I REALLY like working at for that very reason. That's bullshit and things shouldn't work that way. Star actors and actresses already get more pull on the set compared to all the assistants and riggers and so on. If they're going to be racis
  8. Facebook STILL gives meaningless video stats. They count 1 second as a view on their videos AND automatically play them in people's timeline. If you're a brand with 100,000 followers on Facebook and create a new video, it's all but guaranteed to hit 100,000+ views in a manner of minutes after posting it. However, none of those views matter since those are all 1 second views. Facebook then likes to break down views in 1-second, 3-second, and 10-second chunks before going into more meaningful stats. Source, me. Until like a year ago, I ran the live stream feed for our local church an
  9. Tom Brady is an idiot that's just really good at football. He was all in with Trump, but even his political naivety didn't lead him down the Nazi hole. I think the last time anyone asked him his response was something like "my wife said I shouldn't get involved with politics because I don't understand it", after which he rolled over for belly rubs. There's just more steps to take between MAGA hats and comparing yourself to victims of the Holocaust. This isn't even something that should need to be said, but then again, there's half the country that feels otherwise.
  10. I mean, yes. I'm a huge fan of the original comic, but Snyder sort of stumbles into the grand premise of Watchmen entirely by accident. I say by accident because it's clear from his resume that this is just his voice and Watchmen just sort of happened to sort of line up with his for reasons Snyder is entirely oblivious to. He doesn't actually get any of the Watchmen characters. I just mentioned Rorschach because it's so laughably off. This is nothing new. 300 is a pretty successful film, but he doesn't really get anybody in that movie. However it works since the movie is literally armies of ho
  11. Watchmen has always been about the vanity of those that would consider themselves heroes. It didn't really matter if they accomplished that via a badge or a cape. Snyder sort of fell ass backward into Watchmen by accidentally preserving the vanity while also completely missing the point. My biggest issue with Snyder is that he doesn't do sincerity very well and that's something he needs for any good superhero movie. To overlook the silliness of people in capes saving the universe, there has to be some level of sincerity mixed in. You have to believe Tony Stark thinks he's doing the
  12. Congress is run by people that want power to enrich their donors and people that want donors but don't really care for the power. Yeah, you'll find a bunch of middle and lower ranking folks that are happy to help whoever they can, but leadership is on a completely different page from any of them. These people literally held a trial and wrapped it up nice and quick with no witnesses because it might eat into their vacation time. There's literally a pandemic still ongoing with people losing their homes and going hungry, but you know, vacation time and all that.
  13. TIL that Gboard autocorrected Windows into Wineries.
  14. It's very sensible when you consider that a mobile OS like Android isn't really a windowed experience and everything is running fullscreen. Windows 10 works the same way in tablet mode.
  15. This is correct. Whenever I click on a some embedded tweet, I have it set to open that as a link in the Twitter app because the Twitter app is just better than mobile. I don't have an actual back button, but the back swip gesture takes me back to the browser window. Same goes with YouTube links since embedded YouTube clips are better in the native app on mobile since it lets you do things like comment, like, or subscribe. For anyone wondering, you get the same functionality in Windows by pressing Alt+Esc. You can keep hitting Esc to go further back in the task list. On Mac that's C
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