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  1. He could have also just order catering from his own hotel that is literally a couple blocks away.
  2. Ghost_MH

    White House Sought Options to Strike Iran

    Cool, so the plan was to leave Syria to Russia and Iran and then destroy Iran. Am I keeping score right?
  3. Ghost_MH

    Nintendo LTTP: Breath of the Wild

    Here's my suggestion for getting the most out of the game. Climb up a tower, look around, out in the distance, and mark things that look interesting. They don't need to be story specific or a key destination. A weird looking out cropping? A small chunk grouping of trees? A random bridge or tree in the middle of nowhere? Mark that off, walk there, and see what you find along the way. Don't feel you need to be productive. The game is designed to just get you lost wandering around. There are like 120 shrines and many of them are locked behind quests.
  4. Ghost_MH

    Nintendo LTTP: Breath of the Wild

    This game is really about exploring and taking your time with things. If you're afraid of losing a weapon, you're already going into it with more gamer OCD than you probably should. Amusingly, I have a few mounts, but I never really bothered with horses until very late in the game. The horses are good when traveling from one point to another quickly, but this game is really not about hitting icons on the map. I just don't see the need to rush from point a to b in this game, especially early on.
  5. I am crazily well aware of that. Before I had my third, my wife was working as a preschool teacher. Even with her discount, it still was wildly expensive. In my area, daycare for all three of my kids would run us nearly $1000 a week, which is more than most people make in a week. If it weren't for family, we would have had to space out our kids far enough that our oldest would be in school by the time we started on our next.
  6. Yeah, saving money in childcare by cutting your household income in half isn't really saving.
  7. Day care is SO expensive. We have three. The cheapest daycare in the area charges close to $300 per child per week. Luckily we have family that helps watch the kids. Otherwise, I'm not convinced we could have afforded anything beyond our first.
  8. Adam Sandler is way worse. I don't know how much depth Kevin Hart has, so he's milking his talents for what they're worth. I can respect that. Adam Sandler may actually be a mildly talented actor...maybe. However, he seems content to just make movies that are mostly just excuses to party on a studio's dime.
  9. There are 11.8 abortions per 1000 woman in the US, so that 1.77 per woman would become 1.78 per woman.
  10. No, the article is written dumb and they fixed it. It was 2.1 children per woman over that woman's lifetime. It's now 1.77 children per woman over hat woman's lifetime.
  11. You missed the part where it says the current rate is 1,765.5 per 1,000. 2 children for every 1 woman keeps the population flat. Less than that and you end up with a declining population. For instance, Japan has been below 1.5 children per woman for a while now and it's freaking people in the country out. 1.77 children per woman is pretty bad unless you start supplementing that aging population with immigrants.
  12. Ha. It's the same security stance I take on everything, so nothing of particular importance. I just don't have a low security setting in my brain.
  13. Ghost_MH

    Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Reviews

    I meant that it was a new game compared to the previous New Super Mario games in the Wii and 3DS. If you've never played it on a Wii U, this is entirely new to you and totally worth the price. I'd double dip if the price were lower, but I'll likely pass stone I have it on the Wii U.
  14. Correct. I don't like my password being saved on the Switch because I don't trust its security. I don't leave a saved credit card either for the same reason. That's why I use PayPal for eShop purchases. Also, my password is like 30+ random characters. It's annoying to type out.