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  1. @Xbob42 This game is built on emergent gameplay in the best way possible. Half the time, I can't even figure out if my solution to a puzzle is the expected one or just some random asshattery that just happened to work.
  2. I saw this was coming out to Switch. I'd grab it on mobile, but it's not on Android yet. The game does sound pretty great.
  3. No, it's not. It's a WAY more common concern women have than you probably think. My wife works as a therapist and has a naturally low voice that she raises up an octave to come across as more caring to her clients. Because you know, caring and kind is high pitched for some reason. Her natural voice would be right at home in, like, a board room if she were trying to sound assertive. In her field, though, it had the complete opposite. Didn't Maria Bamford have a stand-up special years ago that Comedy Central ran on repeat ad nauseum about this very subject? It's no different than every person in my family that has a white people voice they use on the phone so they aren't ignored by customer support. Isn't that the entire premise of Sorry to Bother You? Or this clip? You can't really be arguing that women with "child-like" voices don't have the same concerns anyone else in a similar situation may have.
  4. That's the sign of someone that didn't go through a voice coach and just decided to wing it.
  5. Eh...I wouldn't really hold this against her. I know a number of women with very high voices who feel that people think they sound too childish and aren't taken seriously. I don't see this any differently than someone with, say, a southern accent taking voice lessons to speak with a more midwest accent for similar reasons.
  6. You're looking to host your own VPN? I would not use anything inside your network to host the VPN. Ideally, the VPN would be hosted outside your network in a DMZ. Those open ports would be open to the Internet, so there is an inherit risk there. It would be the same if you were hosting your own website. You need to keep that website hosted in a DMZ outside of your internal LAN. From there, you can poke some holes in the firewall separating the DMZ computer from your internal LAN to allow computer/s VPNing in to actually be able to access internal resources. The end result would look something like this... Computer > Internet > External Firewall > DMZ (VPN Host) > Internal Firewall > LAN
  7. I can't be the only one playing a Baba is You, right? Game has a weak 87 on Open Critic because nobody seems to have played it long enough to review. It's available on Steam and the Switch eShop. As much as I like it, this game has a habit of making me feel really stupid. Puzzles seem impossible and then they just click and I feel like an idiot for not seeing the solution sooner.
  8. I think some Dems believe he can turn Texas blue. Also, because he seems like a harder target for Trump to attack. Those are all terrible reasons to support a candidate, but this country doesn't exactly have the best track record on these things.
  9. I have knowing this movie had been done for months but still having to wait.
  10. Eh, you can't have Monica Rambeau in Young Avengers since she'd be in like her thirties by the time Endgame takes place. That said, I can totally see Disney creating a Young Avengers series for Disney+ starring kids introduced in the movies.
  11. Doom is totally doable. It just needs to be Aliens, but with demons. A straight action/horror film with a focus on scary demons in crowded spaces on a space station. It's not high art. It just needs to be scary/fun.
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