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  1. If I'm remembering right, the law Pence backed didn't force women to hold the funeral; it just forced then to choose what kind of funeral the fetus would have. That is, force them to choose between a burial or a cremation. I don't think it forced them to attend. That's not really any better, though.
  2. Isn't Deutsche Bank one of the only, if not the only, bank that was still giving him large loans before he became president?
  3. So the actual list is Labo since every other game on that list works if you have separate joy-cons. Well, I guess the lack of a built in kickstand also makes it tricky, but the Switch's current kickstand is pretty awful so, eh.
  4. Three only thing you should take away from early reactions like these are if the movie is a trainwreck or not. If it is, even the "positive" reactions seem to struggle to remain so.
  5. They both support handheld mode, you just need detached joy-cons. That use case was covered in the unveiling video. I'd really love to know which games require the console be docked.
  6. I don't think there are any games that don't support handheld mode. There are games that don't support docked mode, but not the other way around. The handheld only games are mostly just games that need the touchscreen.
  7. It's only step one if he apologizes or even hints at having made a mistake. If he were to just yell or mean mug at the camera for ten minutes, he'd actually make Trump love him more.
  8. There's a Pokemon Sword and Shield edition coming? THis is the real reason for launching a new Switch model...
  9. They have apps in Android, at least. I'd assume the same is true for iOS.
  10. Saitama is the comic relief and deus ex machina of his own series. All of One Punch Man is just so backward compared to most shounen series.
  11. Viz carries One Punch Man in their $2/mo Shounen Jump subscription. Viz is pretty good at keeping you up to date versus the Japanese releases in most cases...other than for One Punch Man. However, One Punch Man also gets weird revisions after release. The whole situation with One Punch Man is weird since the manga is an adaptation of the web comic. The web comics is just...you know...
  12. If you view OPM as a spoof/dissection of the shounen action genre, just picture Genos and Garou as your typical shounen leads. Genos just always falls short and Garou is fighting to protect the honor of the wrong people...things? ...monsters.
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