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  1. That sounds tempting, but I'd still rather find out how good the extra content is. One thing that would REALLY be stress about this series for anyone on the fence. Anyone with gamer, completionist OCD may have a very hard time with these games. They're just filled to the brim with pointless MMO-style side quests that don't do anything for the story. They're all completely optional unless your desperately need some random material or doodad that's also completely optional. XCX is the worst offender of the bunch here, but XC is pretty bad about it as well. It was also brutal on the Wii, but I do believe there were some nice QoL improvements introduced on the 3DS and Switch. XC2 handled its side quests way better than any other in the series, but even it was still filled with pointless stuff that will drive some peoples' OCD crazy.
  2. I didn't realize that best friends had a different set of permissions when visiting each other's islands. I guess it never occurred to me to even try to dig up or bury anything before.
  3. Same here. I have no plans to pick it up again. The only thing that would change my mind is if the new epilogue content is REALLY good. I'm reading it's some 10-15 hours long, but it's probably too soon to expect any reviews on how good any of that stuff is.
  4. I jumped on this mainly for the Studio Ghibli stuff, but it's also a it good collection. I was already paying $10 for HBO, so it's just an extra $5 for me with a bunch of stuff on top of it. There aren't too many exclusives right now, but I did catch an episode of one and I'll say Elmo's talk show is painfully cute.
  5. Preorder the game on Amazon and it'll be $50. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086GFHCB2 I really enjoyed the game. All the Xenoblade games are basically standard JRPG that just happens to automatically mash attack while you're other attacks cool down. DF did their thing in the new remaster. It doesn't look too bad.
  6. What? Did someone stroll through my island while I was away and just start dropping bells all over the place like some sort of lucrative scavenger hunt?
  7. In case anyone is interested. My Nooks has an elaborate kimono going for 220k bells that I don't really want to spend bells on and my Able is selling that 1.2m bell crown. I'm opening my gates and jumping into a meeting.
  8. Well, shit. I got an itch to build a haunted house, so I guess I'm onto my fourth mortgage.
  9. Anyone know the western style stone and can make me a couple? I'm more than happy to provide the stone since I think these take quite a few.
  10. Yuka is giving it the gold bar DIY if anyone wants one. She's the top-right house in the southeastern neighborhood. Celeste is also in town. My gates are open.
  11. I'd happily take a few. I was planning to use the few I do have to go island hopping later today.
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