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  1. This isn't really news. Facebook employees have, for years, written up algorithms that would fix many of the problems associated with Facebook. It just hasn't happened because Zuck is a terrible person. Nobody is forcing his hand. The largest social media conglomerate on the planet is run by a right wing sycophant who's more than glad to make authoritarian governments happy, but will do nothing for the mental health of its users. As long as the unwashed masses keep clicking and the authoritarians don't ban them, he's happy.
  2. Eh...I'm just being salty because they're like half an hour from me and I hear from their recruiters like four times a year. Everyone I know that's left places like iRobot, FLIR, Boston Dynamics/SoftBank go there. It's crazy and I refuse to believe that Amazon isn't OmniCorp. Their Ring and police shenanigans aren't helping, though.
  3. Amazon eats roboticists like they do small businesses. I swear, I know ten times more engineers go to Amazon Robotics than just go to any robotics company not owned by Amazon. It's great to know the future Robocops are named Alexa. It's a very feminist future. I can't wait for my minority ass to be beaten while also being asked if I want some painkillers shipped to my prison cell via Prime.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. How is this not shaped somewhat like an arcade cabinet. Even SNK got the design somewhat right and those fools put analog sticks on their mini MVS. And $200, too?
  5. He's going to live in Mar-A-Lago and is hoping he can charge whatever Secret Service is watching him an arm and a leg to have their rooms.
  6. For the first time since March my city has hit the 100+ new cases in a single day. Even then, that spike in March could almost entirely be attributed to Boston commuters and that convention. Once folks started working from home, it's kept pretty stable until just this last month. Cool. Just love it. My wife is a special needs teacher and they've decided to keep kids with severe disabilities in school, however the limit on adults present in each class is down to one. That's awesome. Let's just have a single teacher with no aids handle a class of 10 kid
  7. I couldn't find the Reverb G2 anywhere in stock, so I just caved and shelled out the $300 for a Quest 2. I'm not sure I want to go back to tethered gaming after getting to enjoy Alyx complete wireless with nary a dropped frame in sight.
  8. I had no idea we were even getting a full fledged sequel. This one is coming next summer to the PS4 and Switch.
  9. And just a few weeks ago Webtoons was having a Latinx artist spotlight. The term is definitely used, but now I'll have to check out what games are for sale. Never a bad idea to support minority artists and developers.
  10. Well, yes. The disinformation campaign against Spanish speaking communities was nothing at all like it was in 2016. It's was everywhere. Everywhere enough that I was exposed to it and I don't even have Facebook.
  11. Yeah, older religious people aren't visiting the more left-leaning blogs that use the term. Most people have never heard of the term and it gets a lot less play in Spanish-language news that it does on English-language. This is my take. Blame the media. Their insistence on both-siding everything and refusing to call Trump and his ilk straight racists and/or liars leads to folks simply not believing the worst aspects. This works both ways. Less politically informed people view Republicans and Democrats on more centrist terms. Republicans not as far right and they really are and Demo
  12. As I've mentioned before. I'm Latino and will sometime use the term, mostly in a professional setting. Even if I don't care much for it, there are a bunch of non-binary Latinx people that feel the phrase is more inclusive for them. It doesn't cause any harm and it makes those folks feel better, so I'm in the 3% there. That said, I don't think I've ever used it out loud. Mostly in emails and such.
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