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  1. The thing that bugs me about that quote is that the SSD in a PS4 would obviously not be the HUGE upgrade that going to NVMe would be. It's still bound by SATA limitations and Cerny should know that.
  2. I'm also pretty sure they'll move John Wick, unless it's up against like Ant Man 3 or something.
  3. Someone thought it would be a great idea to launch the movie on May 21, 2021, the same day as a yet unannounced Marvel film and John Wick 4. That sounds like a brilliant day to release this...
  4. This is the only one that could work and Peele is likely better than most to get it done. Every other one of these, including the Rescue Rangers movie, sounds like an awful idea.
  5. Legitimately surprised the guy wasn't killed. I love this cop threatening to arrest the dude for obstruction.
  6. Assuming, it's a real god, it's apparent this god doesn't care about politics. It intervened to protect men, as a species, for extinction and nothing more. There's no reason for the Lord of Light to pop up again once that existential threat is gone.
  7. Can he witness anything in the past? How far into the past does he need to be? Is ten seconds in the past enough? Also, didn't he walk around the Night King directly when he was marked? That's a lot of questions.
  8. Here's the thing, the Six Kingdoms now have a king that could just straight up tell people if there's a threat up north. The Northern Kingdom has a queen that will believe anything that king tells her. The southern kingdoms are basically sending folks to man the border of a sovereign nation, to defend that other nation from threats their own king would know doesn't exist.
  9. It would be, but it would have at it given the Unsullied a place and purpose in Westeros. That would assume no more need for a Night's Watch and all those troublesome folks would get sent to them rather than a pointless Night's Watch. They'd still have the chastity vow and would be more than capable of replacing the Golden Company. That said, I doubt Grey Worm had any desire to be a sell sword.
  10. They could have also become a penal colony and taken Jon into their custody.
  11. I'm of the same mind. A lot of Jon's story becomes easier to swallow if Drogon kills him. The Unsullied peace out of this crappy country and the rest of the story just continues as it did. The Night Watch only exists in this ending to give Jon a place he can be exiled to. If Jon dies there with Dany, it would be a more fitting end to them both and it doesn't change a single thing about anything else.
  12. I'll be curious to see what they do with casting. It'll be amusing to see if they try to whitewash many of the characters after the games finally started being more true to everyone's ethnicities.
  13. I understood it that Drogon just didn't want anyone else to have the thing that his mother couldn't have. Arya showing up where she did isn't an issue. We have no idea where she went after she found that horse. The one that left me scratching my head was Grey Worm. Jon leaves Grey Worm to execute the last of the Lannister Army to go talk to Dany. When he gets there, Grey Worm is already there. Like, he killed those guys and then popped up ahead of Jon, just chilling, like he's been waiting. Thinking back, that and Tyrion still being alive bug me. I get Jon being left alive. The Unsullied are strictly obedient and likely wouldn't kill anyone without the order to do so. Tyrion, however, was legally charged with treason and sentenced to execution. There was no need to continue holding onto him. That said, I could be allow it that Grey Worm may have decided to take him and Jon in as prisoners to offer up as bargaining chips too exchange for the survival of the the Unsullied.
  14. The Unsullied are the only ones you'd have to worry about here. The Dothraki could, theoretically, just choose a new leader that's their best fighter like any other day. Now that Dany told them they fulfilled their promise to get, I'm not sure how much they care about a leader dying. The Unsullied are weird, but they're also very mindful of the law, so I could see them having choice paralysis here. The Night's Watch still being a thing is utter bullshit. It's also stupid there's even still a gate or that anyone would spend any effort rebuilding the gigantic wall that has a huge ass, army-sized hole in it. Jon should have had his pecker chopped off and exiled north rather than go with the pretence of any Night's Watch BS.
  15. This was WAY more if a happy ending than I was expecting. I think I would have been happier with Jon being eaten. Drogon melts the throne, Jon thinks he's safe, Drogon eats Jon. That would have been a lot more satisfying. Jon should die there, but again. He's the luckiest idiot in all the lands.
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