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  1. The two mini cabinets I've wanted for quite some time now are Tempest with a dial and Missle Command with a trackball. Both now being available is tempting in a way that I didn't want to spend money on.
  2. This is the month before the OLED model dropped, so that depends on what October and November look like.
  3. Every new NFT sold is a new NFT mined. Since Ethereum is a proof of work crypto, every transaction is incredibly energy inefficient. NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate | WIRED WWW.WIRED.COM The sale of a piece of crypto art consumed as much energy as the studio uses in two years. Now the artist is campaigning to reduce the medium’s carbon emissions. Correction. Calling it energy inefficient is an understatement. Every Ethereum transaction sucks. All of these proof of work cryptos can fuck off and NFTs attaching themselves to one such blockchain certainly isn't helping. Ethereum Energy Consumption Index - Digiconomist DIGICONOMIST.NET The Ethereum Energy Consumption Index provides the latest estimate of the total energy consumption of the Ethereum network. The common argument I hear is that NFTs aren't responsible for the waste that is Ethereum, but that's like arguing my wife's engagement ring didn't feed the trade of blood diamonds. They're just lies we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night while we're leaving a Waterworld to our grandkids.
  4. I wonder how lopsided this new company will be compared to Alphabet. Alphabet's revenue split is wildly ad heavy. So, what kind of robot crazy, hive minded, nonsense name will this be company get?
  5. Of course. It's silly to think otherwise. The only franchise that could make some sense using collectable NFTs is Pokemon, but The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are more than large enough to be able to afford their own servers to keep track of this stuff on their own while retaining full control of the market. They'd gain nothing but a few extra centimeters of Japan lost to the Pacific. What other gaming franchise out there really deserves a collection of digital goods that's lasted decades across multiple platforms and generations? Still, how badly does anyone need that Gen 1 Charizard they evolved back in '98? At least they're still making Pokemon games and the franchise hasn't slowed down in the slightest. Is Age of Rust or any of these games really such evergreen franchises that we should expect to still need those NFTs we killed some polar bears over thirty years from now?
  6. Sure, but that's just peak "things that Apple did6 and I hate". They have an the tech they need to do that today, but very likely chose not to because it's a feature they can sell people as an upgrade. The big upgrade this year for people don't don't care about specs were the return of ports. Next year it'll be Face ID.
  7. I don't understand the notch without the extra Face ID tech. Just do a pinhole camera or tear drop notch if you want less bezel. This is very much a common design decision on Apple's part, but that's silly. It's pure form over function.
  8. NFTs are evil because it's running your AC on blast out the front door all week just to make a single transaction. It's an incredibly wasteful way of doing anything and the world will be better off when all proof of work cryptocurrencies go away. The thing about NFTs is that, conceivably, they never go away. If your Pokedex were an NFT, there's no way The Pokemon Company could never delete it and anyone else that wanted to do interesting things with your Pokedex data would be able to because all the data is right there. You know, as long as you don't lose your own token proving your ownership. If you did then it's lost forever and there's no way to ever recover it, oh well. Also, you'd have to assume Game Freak will forever make Pokemon games that use those NFTs. If the next entry stored Pokemon elsewhere, then too bad. However, if they did use NFTs then there could, conceivably, be an open market for trading and selling Pokemon. That would work out as well as you could possibly imagine. Also, every Pokemon sold is like chucking a burning tree into the stratosphere, so you know, totally worth it
  9. For smaller devs there's probably a lower barrier of entry for "put it on someone else's blockchain" than "build out our own secure infrastructure". I don't know if anyone else offers those kinds of services and even then, it wouldn't be "free" to maintain like NFTs would be too devs. Free because it might be free to them compared to running a bunch of servers, but that's in exchange for burning the atmosphere. Those are just minor details, though.
  10. It shouldn't be that bad. Cowboy Bebop is all over the place, stylistically, depending on the music playing. The anime would be exhausting if every episode was as hectic as it's craziest episode. Sometimes Cowboy Bebop is smooth and funky hip-hop, sometimes it's a crazy jazz solo.
  11. Eh, what's the point of keeping track of this stuff if they aren't actually doing anything to restrict access the moment some rando is downloading gigs of data off a drive they probably shouldn't have access to? Security systems are pointless if it you can't act on any of the data you have and can only use it for forensic purposes. "Cool, we know who took all this data. Would have been really cool to know this before they got to the press." Like, how does that even work for a publicly traded company? Systems I've set up track user access, but also lock accounts if it appears they're downloading more data than the account normally would access on any other given day. Does that mean I've locked a C-level execs account in the past? Sure, but that's just basic enterprise security in 2021.
  12. One thing I don't think anyone has brought up yet is where this series goes next, so end game spoilers here...
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