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  1. This was my same reaction when I saw this in the living while black thread. Just...what? Why? What?
  2. If you still have a Mew with it, you can transfer it to Sword and Shield instead of Let's Go.
  3. If you don't have a pro controller, I'd go for that one. That'll let you get into some three player local gaming or afford two people full controllers for some couch co-op. I do have multiple joy cons, but that was mostly for stuff like 4 player Mario Party. Another alternative, if you want an extra controller for multiplayer gaming is to pick up one of 8BitDo's gamepads. They're great, feel good, and work perfectly on the Switch. You don't get motion controls or rumble, but they work great for games like Smash Bros.
  4. @TwinIon @Jose Vizio is claiming the update for their TVs will hit early next month. I'm willing to bet someone realized this bit of news would suck come Black Friday.
  5. While true, the phrase "a standard liability waiver based on the waiver" is very much not accidental wording.
  6. It looks like the NFL wanted to get Kap to sign some waiver that would have screwed him over and that was the only reason for this whole workout...
  7. That's the only reason Stadia even makes sense for Google. I imagine Google would love to jump in bed with, say Adobe and offer a new Photoshop subcription tier where your Photoshop experience on a Chromecast would be no different than if you had a Xeon with gobs of RAM. Team up with Autodesk and it opens the doors for who has access to the tools they need to create anything and with all that data already being in Google's cloud, it would be a simple mouse click to send it all over to a vast render farm with no need to transfer anything.
  8. Those are monthly subscriptions for software you still have to run locally. You don't want to do 3D modeling on a remote desktop instance unless you like pissing off your artists and engineers. Most of that work is still done on high end workstations from Apple or the like. The entire Quadro line of graphics cards exists for this space. Even then, it's still a large upfront investment. I'm more thinking about a world where smaller studios can subscribe to some cloud-based tool like this one for literally no upfront cost since all the software you need would run just as well on anything with a functional browser or even just a dongle plugged into you monitor. We're still a long way from there, but I have to imagine this is where Google is thinking of Stadia going.
  9. I don't even know if games is what Google is really thinking about. If they can get gaming down right there's a LOT they can do with a server farm that can handle top notch IQ and low latency 3D rendering. I'm just imaging a world where 3D rendering tools like Maya and Blender become services you can run in a browser with no CPU or GPU hit to your local computer. If tools like that end up working there is, literally, nothing you couldn't do on a low power3d Chromebook that you currently can only do on a high end workstation.
  10. CT is so, so good. It's still a great game and one of the best I've ever played. The only thing CC really got right as a sequel to CT was the music. The music was a perfect step in the right direction. Everything else just slightly missed. Shyof possibly the best JRPG of all time didn't make for a bad game, but the things that it lacked really hurt it as a sequel. I still argue that CC would be more widely loved if it had nothing to do with CT and was just an odd, little, one off game. I don't really get Square. CT gets two sequels and one of them is a visual novel with the other being a JRPG that is nothing like CT.
  11. Modders are trying to to put the res l missing Pokemon back in the game and are finding it'll be a lot of work. The models can be reused along with some animations. Textures have to be redone and a whole ton of new animations need to be created, whole cloth. None of the camp stuff is animated, nor the dynamax stuff or even the overworked stuff. A lot of Pokemons don't have those run, hide, walk around, or otherwise animations for interacting with the player. Game Freak doesn't seem the type to bring in tons of contractors to help ramp up dev work, but they also haven't really grown in size all that much since they were dealing with much simpler 2D games.
  12. @BrickGame Freak does nearly everything in house some 150 employees between. That's for everyone working on two Pokemon games and whatever random new IP they feel like working on. By two Pokemon games, I'm not talking about Swore and Shield because it's certain that Sword and Shield's development overlapped the Let's Go games along with Little Town Hero. I don't even think they license any game engine for the Pokemon games and develop even that in house. The studio should probably be a lot bigger, but I have no idea why that hasn't happened.
  13. Shield has ghost and ice type gyms where as Sword has fighting and rock types. I am sad that I'll miss our on the ghost type gym. That could be fun and it is a first for the franchise, I do believe.
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