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  1. Hey, remember that time when an actually popular president was impeached and the opposition party still managed to take the White House AND maintain control of Congress shortly thereafter?
  2. Come on. You get my point. This is a stupid and inexpensive, single player, two hour game. Why would any of those missing features stop someone from buying and playing this particular game that they'd otherwise enjoy?
  3. Damn. That lack of voice chat for the single player meme goose game has got to suck. Cloud saves also suck for this 2.5 hour, no replayability game. I mean, I have separate backup software for my gaming desktop just because, but that's because the point. Everyone got mad at Nintendo for not having cloud saves since they didn't allow you to backup those saves anywhere else. I could totally see not wanting to pick up some big multiplayer game on EGS because you don't want to use some other voice chat system. I could also see not wanting to pick up some 500hr game on EGS because you don't want to bother using something like Google Drive or CrashPlan. Skipping out on a stupid meme goose game that's actually pretty fun for any of those reasons makes zero sense. It's cheap, it's fun. Also, I picked it up on the Switch because it runs perfectly there and I honestly don't really have much time for non-portable gaming these days anyhow.
  4. Good thing there Pats traded DT to the Jets. So...where does he wind up now? My guess is that he goes unsigned until later in the season when some exec hopes people forget all about this. Nothing he's done will send him to jail and even that's never been enough to keep someone off an NFL roster. Hell, just look at Pittsburgh.
  5. I had completely forgotten that you need to claim the extra 9 months after the first 3 months.
  6. Yup. It's marked as $5 off on the eShop, so that seemed like a no-brainer for what's reported as a very fun 2.5 hour game.
  7. It can sometimes drop from 60/fps to 30. It doesn't seem to drop any further than that. I'm actually surprised they didn't just lock it at 30 and be done with it. It doesn't seem like that would have been a big deal, especially with Link, himself, being directionally locked like he was on the Gameboy.
  8. It's cute that you think the Democrats trying to impeach Kavanaugh is what would give future Republicans with control of both houses the green light to impeach any liberal Justice they don't like. When Barron is president, we'll see how that winds up holding up.
  9. How does "Hey, we hooked a CRT up to a modern PC and think games on it look awesome" equal looking at CRT tech through rose tinted glasses?
  10. Ha! Back around the time Fire Emblem Warriors came out, I was playing that quite a bit. My son was also two at the time and started screaming while attacking us with anything he could get his hands on.
  11. It's a Platinum game. The story is some craziness that's fun enough to keep things going. The gameplay remains thoroughly solid. It really is one of Platinum's best games.
  12. Cool. So aside from Iran, this would give us an excuse to throw a few thousand soldiers at Palestine the second they lob a bottle rocket over a fence.
  13. For this exact reason, I wound up buying my son a Leapfrog RockIt Twist. It did a damn good job of teaching my three y/o son how button presses and such could affect the characters on the screen in a way he was mostly use to seeing with touch screens.
  14. And Biden is naive enough to feel above that sort of thing when Trump is off on the side forgetting he has a teenage son.
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