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  1. Nothing will be learned from this because Trump-endorsed candidates lose ALL THE TIME. Nearly half of his endorsements in 2018 lost and he only did better in 2020 because the vast majority of his endorsements went to incumbents. Endorsements by Donald Trump - Ballotpedia BALLOTPEDIA.ORG Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics Why would anyone think any learning will happen?
  2. Let's get this party started with the Jaguars... Why Your Team Sucks 2021: Jacksonville Jaguars | Defector DEFECTOR.COM Two years from now, after yet another 1–15 season, Urban Meyer will get bored and then have the Jags’ medical staff research a plausible fake diagnosis so that he can re-re-re-re-re-retire and magically... This is actually true. I will likely skip their games versus the Patriots while pretending Urban Meyer isn't a person that exists anymore.
  3. Correct. Just open your list of devices on the Oculus support site and it should just have the option to claim your new face cover. Their own documentation makes it sound way more complicated than it is.
  4. Oculus Quest 2 Recall for Facial Interface Issues WWW.OCULUS.COM Oculus has issued a voluntary recall of the Oculus Quest 2 detachable facial interface in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Go get the gross foam pads on your Quest 2 replaced with a free silicone one.
  5. It's easily fixable, but nobody that can enact the change is willing to. The gaming press could choose to not cover games by these companies. That would do it. Governments could also hold the execs at these companies responsible fire the mistreatment and harassment of they're employees, but they're unwilling to hold these wealthy men to account. Gamers could also just boycott these games, but 90% of gamers don't know anything about this and 9% of those that do well forget about this a few weeks from now.
  6. It was pruned by the TVA, but that doesn't mean they don't exist in the scared timeline.
  7. Individual contributors nearly always try their best. It's management that fucks it up while facing zero consequences. They fucked up and then fired the folks whose lives they'd made miserable for nine months.
  8. Should have gone with the Spiders. They had a perfectly good name right there. It would have been so easy to charge $30 for some $2 spider plushies in the park.
  9. Yeah, I don't get it. Years back, I was appalled that some random VP thought he could yell at me. I thought that was a pretty shitty work environment. I've lost our on money and promotions because of racist bosses, and I thought those were shitty work environments. All of that pales compared to this. How fucked in the head do people have to be to think any of this is ok? None of these people should ever be allowed to work again. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing they were hired by my company and I'm not a woman. How does some of this behavior not end with you on a registry?
  10. I'm reading this comic that is pretty close to literally a woman trying to nope her way out of all the horror shit happening around her. There's are good stories to tell in that scenario.
  11. The press in this country has always been worthless. It has always carried water for government employees acting in bad faith. I'm including its mealy mouthed reporting on police misconduct with "government employees acting in bad faith". It's nothing new, it's just the these people acting in bad faith have caught on to how worthlessly spinless the press is and have taken more and more advantage of it.
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