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Smash Community Bullies 15 Yr Old Girl


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15 yr old Bocchi takes down a well known Smash player Ally at a tournament using a low tier character.  Cue the dregs bullying her because shes a "gamer girl" and 

“it’s not harassment, she just couldn’t handle the bullying” and my favorite is


Vid of the Win with a very nice pop off at then end



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14 hours ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

And I’d agree, but human history tends to show that it favors a worse outcome on the whole.


You should watch the Olympics more often. For every one negative story that comes out of any given Olympic Games, there are dozens of positive ones. And it's been the epitome of competition for a century.

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1 hour ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

Olympics is about who can best hide their steroid use, while mostly playing sports nobody would otherwise watch. 


Except there are many, many sports that don't rely merely on brute strength. Way to generalize an entire group of people though.

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