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  1. HGLatinBoy

    The White Nationalists Are Winning

    Did you pack your guns and Croatian flag?
  2. Any more news? scrolling through all the comments is boring
  3. HGLatinBoy

    The White Nationalists Are Winning

    I hope people take their dogs there and shit all over the nazi permit areas
  4. classic games that I love i tend to speed run a few times newer games that take forever to play the first time I tend to just play them once and uninstall. I'm sucker for
  5. I love Metroidvania games but I have to give it hard pass for looking like pixelated shit.
  6. The oscars are a meme and they should stop trying to get people to watch it liven TV No one gives a shit about TV anymore they need to just stream it on Twitch and have it available as a VOD for free instead of charging for it
  7. HGLatinBoy

    PC Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games

    I don't get what you're trying to say.
  8. Its a wait and see for me. Disney isnt the reason why I sub to Netflix. I actually buy Marvel movies and with Disney linking so many services with Movies Anywhere I just watch them on Youtube/VUDU
  9. Well that goes without saying. I'd be surprised if a hexacore intel pc with 2 Titan XP SLI could run new games at native 4K with max settings let alone an Xbox One X
  10. HGLatinBoy

    Sony Trying to find a PS4 pro

    Yeah fuck that $500+ price https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-One-X-1TB-Console/dp/B074WPGYRF/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1533626348&sr=8-10&keywords=playstation%2B4%2Bpro&th=1 At least this is priced well.