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  1. Leave it to Microsoft to come up with shitty Xbox names I would've just called it Xbox SX just to keep it simple. And I guess its designed to look like one of those Amazon echos or something. I bet you it doubles as a smart home device. "Xbox dim the lights"
  2. Kotaku is saying that the cheaper version will be at PS4 Pro level, I highly doubt it because i think it will be a failure if its not even at Xbox One X level
  3. are the 20X0 series just $100 more than their 10X0 counterpart? I usually buy nvidia's X070 series for about $400 but now that X060 series cost that much for the super version.
  4. i5-4760k @4.0 GHz 16 GB DDR @1600 MSi GTX 970 Windows 10
  5. If that’s the case they should let us use our own icons like zune used to with album art. also how do remove “what’s new” I don’t need to see what’s new from any game let alone don’t starve. I regretted getting that I regret more now
  6. Not sure why the SNES aladdin wasn't included. Capcom issues perhaps?
  7. i just realized i meant 3080ti from our previous conversation and you're right its been too long this year you should've been eyeballing a 3080 by now it also means i wait another 2-3 years
  8. Can a representative represent their district from jail? Asking for a friend. geeze i know crazy when i see it.
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