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  1. HGLatinBoy

    Anime Please Teacher Coming to Blu-Ray

    I have this on dvd the premise is about a kid that has falls for his teacher but its okay it turns out he was stuck in time and he's really older than he appears but he's just in highschool finishing things up. I think the teacher is an alien or something.
  2. HGLatinBoy

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    We're now living in a pre-9/11 America
  3. They’ve been working without a contract for months now and are claiming that some classes have swelled to 50 students and that school sites only have access to a nurse once a week.
  4. HGLatinBoy

    PC Anyone want COD War Chest or Civ IV Gold?

    Classic CoD is a must play.
  5. HGLatinBoy

    Should I keep Youtube Red?

    Well it only works on browsers and not the youtube apps but you just install a few add blockers to your browser and no more youtube ads.
  6. HGLatinBoy

    Should I keep Youtube Red?

    Ads? Do you not use adblocker? I would only get it to watch Cobra Kai and then cancel right after.
  7. HGLatinBoy

    PC RDR 2 for PC?

    I say that this game comes out in 2019 with a 4K Remaster for next Gen consoles based on the PC code.
  8. They should just sell it off to PH
  9. So is the solution to NEVER make a Tomb Raider game again staring Lara Croft because she's white? Should we make a new Tomb Raider starring Juanita Knowles an Afro-latina from East Los Angeles who embarks on quests to uncover Mayan artifacts and retrieve it before an evil white man who is hell bent on selling them to some Austrian fascist that thinks it'll give him the power rule the world? Also, you equating blatant racism is so fucked up because it actually takes away from the seriousness of what Blackface stood for and current racism in this country.
  10. I have a problem with just straight up nit picking. Like one reviewer complaining about Lara craft being a white person robbing the indigenous people of whatever for the latest tomb raider. Dont get me wrong I’m not all in favor of every protagonist in modern media to be 90% white men and 8% white females leaving the last 2% being whatever. But that’s a pretty fucking stupid thing to bitch about in a review when you consider that Lara has been doing this for years why bitch about who she is and what she does?