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  1. He's been trying to get Man of Steel 2 going for a while now and he was very happy working with Christopher McQuarrie and they were trying to pitch something to WB and they passed so Cavill went to do Witcher instead. WB is so stupid.
  2. The game is damn near unplayable without mods and i dont think you can get those on PS4. that alone should be reason enough to not play it on your PS4. You can however hook up your computer to your tv and play it again. You can even use your PS4 controller. if for some reason you cant play on your pc then i dont see why you shouldnt get the ps4 version it is a good price after all.
  3. 2 months?! I guess if they producers of Fuller House want they can film a few scenes before she goes in and a few more after.
  4. This works for movies only because movies already have a theatrical run to make money. and then later sell for $20 when it comes to home media. So them including a digital copy for the premium price makes sense. Honestly I could do without the discs. I'd rather get empty box with a scratch and sniff code underneath to get future games. I prefer not using discs at all but I miss getting games at cheap af prices. Do i want call of duty for $10 disc or do i want to pay for digital copy thats now at the low low price of $30 digitally. Lets not forget all of those buy 2 get 1 free deals. you'll never see that on any digital store.
  5. I guess its no big deal but its pretty fucking stupid. I preferred to add lots of comics to the cart and buy it that way rather than multiple transactions. Make sure your Marvel account and Comixology account are linked and let your buddies know. https://www.cbr.com/marvel-shutting-down-digital-comics-shop/
  6. I hope warner bros decides to build a "Pandemic Universe" and we see a crossover of the Motaba virus from outbreak and MEV-1 from Contagion.
  7. I cant believe Disney hasn't done much with this especially with Jordan Peele wanting to direct approaching Disney.
  8. I think they have after Andromeda fucked everything. Prior to its release EA was all "We want to focus on the future. Sure we have a lot of great games in our catalog but our focus is moving forward" I think if they ever wanted to do a Mass Effect 4 they'd have to give us faith in the franchise again.
  9. I bought a 750w 80 Platinum Corsair PSU for $130 in 2017. Amazon is now selling refurbished ones for $200 All out of stock on Newegg
  10. Anyone know why PSUs are so expensive
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