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  1. Legend just wants Vic to get one so he can get a hand me down next year. @legend how many more years until skynet is ready?
  2. I slept through my extra hour
  3. The california team has implemented some new censorship polices and even changed the X and O functions on the japanese playstation 5
  4. No the new Playstation California team is god awful and are even making sweeping changes and censorship policies.
  5. Ex This is exactly what prompted me to make this thread. The website is awful to navigate and is bugged and won't let me get the games. I usually log-in from pc and make sure to get the games for me and my GF and also queue up the download. I had zero issue with the old store and this new store is annoying AF Playstation HQ needs to go back to Japan
  6. Web Store - Latest STORE.PLAYSTATION.COM So now its a pain in the ass to look at games and check tabs for sales PS plus deals and free games. And worse of all they dropped support for PS3, PSP, and VITA purchases. Seriously, how much of an effort is it to keep PS3 games on there. And you can't even check your old purchase as well. Sony arrogance rearing its ugly head again. Fuck you sony
  7. I asked him for it like 2 years ago lol I assumed it would be a 3080ti, unless there is a 3080ti coming next year and vic is getting that too!
  8. Same. I’m poor so my budget is going to be 1 major game release or Red Dead 2. i don’t know if I could afford a game but I do want to treat myself to one in December. Cyberpunk Blops 5 or Red Dead.
  9. With both PS5 and Xbox 4 coming out the same month and new PC hardware as well, how much are you guys spending this November or December.
  10. I'm surprised Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake didn't make the cut.
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