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  1. I’m trying to find a good psu for it lol. I kind of want one with a 12 pin connector but I’m not sure if they made any for the 3090 or if the new ones (ATX 3.0 is that right?) are compatible since they have extra connectors on it
  2. Yay! Been waiting patiently since the 2080 came out!
  3. @Mr.Vic20 what brand are you going with this time? also what kind of 3090 do you have now?
  4. the fact that they didn’t offer an Ethernet port on their consoles should clue you in that they’re still not serious online gaming. in fact if you used an Ethernet dongle on your Wii and Wii U you’d actually get a WORSE connection. I can’t speak on the switch since I don’t own one. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did same nonsense with that
  5. I’m not saying it should relook realistic I’m just not interested in a Metroid prime trilogy rerelease in 720p or sub 1080p. And really fucking hate that claim that Nintendo has never really been about graphics. NES was superior to the Atari 2600 which was to be expected but they sure tried to outdo the mega drive with the SNES and pushed mode seven, cgi sprites and polygons via the FX chip in their marketing. And the N64 even waved its graphics capabilities in the name like it was a big dick. Had MS not entered the console market the GameCube wouldve been the most graphically superior console of that generation. The only thing Nintendo has been consistent throughout each console is that they know how to make the systems cheap, but not always weak.
  6. The switch sits somewhere between an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One really don’t see the point. Not until nintendo makes a system that’s at least as good as an Xbox One X or series S
  7. Fuck this remake. The guy at Sony who started on this project originally setup a small team to create remasters of PlayStation classics. Sony told him to do the last of us for some dumb reason then took the game away and gave it to naughty dog so they could finish and then shuttered the original team.
  8. I ended up getting it for $400 and cousin said a few of the parts had just been replaced like the cooler was less than a year old
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