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  1. I’m still waiting for the perma docked version extra boost power that comes with Pro controller by default
  2. There’s simple fucking solution to this. SEND OUT THE STEAM KEYS ASAP TO THE BACKERS. Its one thing to be timed exclusive and it’s another thing to screw over people helping finance the game and try to force them to use an ecosystem they don’t want. Especially if they SPECIFICALLY asked to have a steam key for their contribution.
  3. They're trying to activate that "Wong-Factor!" To get a clutch win.
  4. The Xbox One was better than the PS4 too. Until Sony upped the 4 GB to 8 GB of GDDR 5 and then MS realized they fucked up.
  5. No real gamer would ever want to deal with that level of input lag. fuck that shit. I am the 17%!
  6. This is what we get for not letting Marky Mark play Drake
  7. At a $50 difference you gotta be a fucking moron to buy PS4 Poor over a PS4 Pro
  8. Sucker Punch on N64 Also the only good inFamou games was the first one Protoype,
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