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  1. Y’all have a hard on for BioWare if you think the ME games JE, DA and Kotor were something some of the best games ever made.
  2. I'm confused, whats going on?
  3. 25% of the company was let go including those that volunteered to leave. Over 100 people are gone.
  4. Skynet must've been dumb and forgot how time travel worked. or maybe it perfected it. I'm just glad they got rid of Jason Clarke. I don't understand why the keep casting him in movies.
  5. Does anyone know if they fixed the M3 controller issue with it so that it can actually take advantage of SSD speeds?
  6. Because at the time it was compelling and it’s so short and easy to make
  7. They finally figured out what everyone was saying? There approach was so ass backwards
  8. I have this on dvd the premise is about a kid that has falls for his teacher but its okay it turns out he was stuck in time and he's really older than he appears but he's just in highschool finishing things up. I think the teacher is an alien or something.
  9. We're now living in a pre-9/11 America
  10. They’ve been working without a contract for months now and are claiming that some classes have swelled to 50 students and that school sites only have access to a nurse once a week.
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