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  1. It does and it doesn't. Half of it looks like bullshots the other half looks like they hired some shitty modelers.
  2. What? I dont like games that look like pixalated shit. There's a right way of doing pixalated graphics and then there's this where all i see is a bunch of moving blocks instead of a nice animated character.
  3. I love metroidvania games but any game that actually says "metroidvania" in their marketing is an automatic pass from me as if the pixelated garbage wasn't already a reason to pass.
  4. Was G the considered a cut-off point for a passing grade at your school?
  5. Can we please just let Trump go to Nevada and let him watch a nuclear test. They can do it in secret.
  6. Yeah I don't get what she means that they treated Stan badly. I'm pretty sure he didn't do his cameos for free. Them not calling her about him doesn't seem like a bad thing.
  7. If that’s the case they have one more in them that will probably never see the light of day. In less than 12 months we’ll find out.
  8. Do they have PC cases with 5.25" rom bays? I cant' find any like that on the Corsair website.
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