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Summer 2023 hottest on record by a wide margin

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"Things that we said would come to pass are coming to pass."






The new analysis, done by Willis and his team at the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) in New York, comes just a day after a different team of scientists warned human activity has taken the world beyond a safe operating zone. Six of the nine so-called planetary constraints of the global environment, which assess how much humans have deviated from the pre-industrial world, have been breached, the team had found.



"Unfortunately, climate change is happening. Things that we said would come to pass are coming to pass," Schmidt, said in the recent statement.



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One of the wettest and coldest here. I realize that’s obviously not the norm, im not a climate change denier whatsoever and this is just a different extreme of climate change. Rivers are higher than they ever have been during even the spring, and our forests are pure swamps with standing water everywhere. Our moose season starts next Sunday, and the marsh our scaffold is in is more like a lake. The river my house is on is 3-4 feet higher than it’s ever been, regardless of time of year, and the beaver pond I fish trout in is completely washed out after 70mm of rain last Friday evening and Saturday. 

weirdest summer ever. Cutting firewood has been awful, working in pools of water all over our property. At least it’s cold enough that we aren’t dealing with bugs. 

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21 minutes ago, SoberChef said:

Meanwhile we had the 3rd coldest summer in 130 years.

Here it has been colder over all. The big thing for us is that we have had almost 5 times the precipitation (my weather station was replaced in late January and missed a nice chunk of snow), we are currently at 15.99" and still have a bit to go. 

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