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  1. Same. I really thought it was all done. I doubt he will, but it would be nice to see Jet Li again.
  2. A black eyed pea will sing us a song. A chickpea will hum us a song.
  3. I never paid $200 to have a lentil on my face.
  4. I have to say, even after making a bunch of movies and series with character's that have God/God-like/Superhuman powers and abilities, they're still able to really interest me in a guy that has very good aim with a bow and arrow. They know exactly what they're doing and I love it.
  5. When the kids are asleep. I turn the knob and lift up on the door a bit, for a quiet as possible closing.
  6. I actually thought he passed away a couple of years ago. Glad to see he hadn't. Shatner is going into space at 90. I'm sure Kurtwood can pull off a grumpy old man for a couple of years.
  7. I bet Ghostface is going to be Matthew Lillard. He was a staple of the series. There's noway he isn't in this.
  8. I just went to the wiki page because I kind of forgot what these movies were about, but I saw this... 'In an interview, Doug Bradley stated that in 2002 Dimension Films received two scripts for a crossover featuring both Pinhead and Michael Myers, the antagonist of the Halloween series. One of the pitches involved Michael Myers opening the Lament Configuration as a child and being possessed by Samhain fleeing from Hell, and the Cenobites pursuing him in the present day. Although Dimension Films initially turned the project down because it believed the upcoming film Freddy vs. Jason would fail.' That would've been interesting!
  9. Wow, 78. He must've really enjoyed what he was doing. I imagine he could've retired years ago and still done very well financially.
  10. I can't speak for the others, but I like to get there early to watch the handful of movie trivia questions. After the second or third rotation of the same questions, I can get all the answers right and then I feel proud of myself.
  11. That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's hope it pays off for him. Porn might be a good option. He looks like the type of greasy guy that probably has a large penis.
  12. I had no idea that there was a movie or a show.
  13. Couple of new characters and courses since the New Donk City update. A desert course and a winter one. I played 6 holes of the desert. Seems pretty challenging. It's set during the sunset and they went ka-razy with the shadows, but it seems fun. Koopa was a new character, but I forgot the other.
  14. Oh, ok. Thank you. I don't like them to watch MA rated shows.
  15. It sounds cute. Is it kid friendly? I've been looking for a fun game show to watch with the little ones. I tried Holey Moley, but they're too young for Putt Putt yet, so they weren't too interested. I may want to try this or the Lava Floor show.
  16. Nice. I watched the SVU crossover and the first couple episodes of season 1. I like him. I enjoyed it, seemed like more of an action-oriented Law and Order.
  17. I can't even imagine an X-men/Avengers movie. That would be nuts. I doubt he will, but Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in a Marvel movie would be pretty sweeeet.
  18. Lol, Sorry. It was just a silly thing from 'Arrested Development'.
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