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  1. Or, wild card, Kim and Saul are still together. He never mentioned her in BB in order to keep her safe... or that's how they'll explain it. He leaves the cinnabon shop and goes home to her each night.
  2. I hope it wasn't a drug overdose :( R.I.P.
  3. Was hoping to see some boobies or censored intercourse, though.
  4. I really want to get into this game. It's so silly that it cracks me up. However, I've had two crashes and having to re-peek in windows is very annoying. Mainly because every window you peek in requires a loading screen and you get bonus points for looking in each window.
  5. I watched Transporter 3 the other night. It was pretty bad. I thought TDK was better than Transporter 3.
  6. Just want to have it for the sake of posterity. (Just have a Wii U and a Switch now)
  7. Yup. And they got me for 2 bucks because I missed a couple of games early on.
  8. 'Space Pioneer' seems to be the 'mystery game' for anyone that cares.
  9. I'll probably take advantage of some of these deals. Thank you for posting.
  10. Looks interesting. I believe I read that this is the first mainstream movie to have an African American as the lead role. Kudos to you, Mr. Nolan.
  11. Thanks. I'll do that. I guess I had mana spark. Didn't even realize it. I'm locked in. I can't wait to play Coloring Book!
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