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  1. Saw the worst thing a minute ago. 'That lady broke into the Capitol Building and got to meet Ronald Reagan.'
  2. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/12/miyamoto-leads-fans-through-super-nintendo-world-and-it-looks-incredible/ https://youtu.be/hQaRBOI-9kg
  3. A buddy at work used to try and sell these. He gave me a couple of the green ones to try. I guess it gave me a little energy boost for 20 minutes or so, almost like an adderall-lite. Again, it was just two, but the 'recommended dosage' was something like 4 or 6, every two hours, which is ridiculous. Same buddy switched over to using heroin at the start of the year and passed away mid-lockdown. June, I think.
  4. To make all kinds of terrible noises and pretend she was turning into some sort of zombie. That would've been classic.
  5. Derek

    I’m broken

    You're ok. As the great wizard, Gandalf, once said, 'This too shall pass.'
  6. We're just a couple of studs that want a virtual reality experience... eventually.
  7. Is this one of those 'better buy it now or you'll never get to' items?
  8. The NES is a big ole box and feels like a $200 set. I bought some of the other sets, got the boxes and thought to myself, 'I spent $60 on this'. It's a racket, but I like me some Mario.
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