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  1. I mean, I've heard good things about 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' and 'Heart Signal', but I don't know if it's enough for a sub.
  2. Is it a pain in the ass to cancel. I.E. do they tie you into a 12 month contract or anything? I haven't read up on it.
  3. He really needs help. Maybe that Wack100 fellow will try and talk some sense into him.
  4. Peacemaker has me really thinking about HBO Max. I opened up the app menu on my TV and it showed a picture of him with a 2 dollar off sale.
  5. I was just googling which actors have been Batman. I'm sure Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery and Adam West did not kill as Batman. Mostly due to their eras. Michael Keaton definitely did. Clooney and Kilmer, I have no idea. I can't remember. Christian Bale didn't purposely kill anyone. I'm sure Will Arnett as lego batman, did not. Ben Affleck did. Gunned down some people.
  6. Lol. True. I never followed the comics, so I don't know where and when Batman's moral code started or where it stands. I do remember the Green Arrow CW show. At first he killed, then didn't want to, then I think he went back to it for a minute, then stopped again. Is it the same for Batman and his comics?
  7. I was thinking about that Batman thread, talking about him killing people or not. It was funny, the original (Keaton) Batman was on last night. I hadn't seen it in years. He literally drops building-leveling bombs at the feet of the Joker's henchmen. He also Batwing machine gunned the Joker's parade float with the Batwing.
  8. I haven't followed much tech in the last few years, so they probably do, but do/will the average Joe's even know about the Steam Deck, to make it a threat to Nintendo and their Switch? I feel it will have massive appeal to PC gamers, but may take awhile for the rest of general public to realize that it's something special. I just can't see millions of pre-teens asking for a Steam Deck, for Christmas, quite yet.
  9. I wanted to cancel Netflix, but my SO is trying to get through 'Squid Game'. And I am invested in 'The Ozarks', wanting to see how that ends. Other than that, I'd be okay with just Disney+ (Marvel for me and Mickey for the kids) and antenna channels. How do you all feel?
  10. I know the Fresh Prince ran into some trouble there.
  11. Hell yeah. She's a keeper. Your lady has good taste. I'm as hetero as a man can be, but if I saw T-phant in a club scene, I'd try grinding on him. He's one fella that could resurrect my Deadwood and the other is @Pretzel
  12. You can play the guitar like a motherfuckin' riot.
  13. I'm very excited. I should watch the last episode again. I can't remember it. I wouldn't mind 'The Shield' getting a little 'limited-run' series love.
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