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  1. They should've just had him in the next Fast and Furious movie. Like a Paul Walker replacement, but instead of a car, you know, he runs fast.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/tennessee-man-accused-of-dipping-testicles-in-customers-salsa
  3. I'd really like some more aaa original titles. I'm still playing the switch, but it's all ports of mobile games or remakes of 8+ year old games. Kind of disappointing.
  4. Nothing funny. Nothing controversial. I didn't watch them last year, so maybe they were this bad. I don't know why I have it on.
  5. Is Bruce going to do situps with a broken back in order to escape an inescapable pit and save Gotham?!
  6. I just subscribed. Played the first level of Super Mario 3. Turned off the Switch.
  7. I remember a time when a topic like this would receive multiple pages of discussion here and mostly dominate the news. It's depressing that everyone is so used to these stories now, it's barely a blip in the day. Even the forced gun debates seem forced.
  8. Is this game still fun now that kids aren't walking over cliffs or into traffic anymore?
  9. It was ok. I don't know why she was there, but I liked seeing Mindy in the episode. Mac blowing loads in the Dennis sex doll was funny. And speaking of Mac. He got friggin' ripped this season. “No one knows what’s going on with Mac. He’s fat, he’s skinny, he’s regular. It’s a cry for help.”
  10. Getting a blow job while GIVING a blow job?! That's win/win no matter how you slice it.
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