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~* Commissar SFLUFAN's Beginning of Summer Giveaway & Buffalo/Uvalde Fundraiser*~

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It's time once again for one of our traditional holiday giveaways, but at least for me, this one is tinged with great sadness because of the recent atrocities committed in Buffalo and Uvalde that further prove that American society is sick and broken beyond all repair.


But rather than allow despair to rule the day, I've decided to turn the Beginning of Summer Giveaway into an opportunity to do something worthwhile!


So, the usual rules for the game giveaway apply: post in this thread and you'll be eligible to win a free game if the RNG gods favor you.  But that's not all!  If you post evidence that you've donated to a fundraiser for the victims in either Buffalo or Uvalde (or both!), then I'll match that donation to a Buffalo/Uvalde campaign up to to $100 in your name.  Unlike the game giveaway, the RNG gods won't be involved - you post your donation for Buffalo/Uvalde, then I make a donation in-turn!


If you haven't donated to Buffalo or Uvalde yet, but would like to, GoFundMe has set up a pair of hubs for verified fundraisers:



Help those affected by the Buffalo mass shooting. Donate to verified fundraisers to offer relief to the individuals & their families.



Help those affected by the Robb elementary school shooting in Texas. Donate to verified fundraisers to offer relief.


Let's face it: everything really kinda sucks right now, but this is what we can do as a community to make things just ever so slightly better!

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