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  1. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and CrossCode.
  2. It looks like blockier graphics than the PSP versions except for the text in the text boxes which look nicer in the new versions. FF III only had the 3D remake so as far as 2D versions of it go it's a big improvement over the Famicom version. Hopefully they didn't go back to no auto-targeting next enemy when the target enemy is defeated in FF I and II. The battle screen shots of FF I don't show MP so they may have gone back to the separate MP per spell level instead of the common pool from later versions. The price of III is a bit higher than I and II. The regular price of III is a bit higher
  3. There's a bundle with all 6 games FINAL FANTASY I-VI Bundle on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM but it looks like only the first 3 will be released at the end of July and the other 3 will come later. They're based on the originals so they don't include the added content of the GBA versions or the PSP version of IV. The 3D versions of III and IV have been marked as 3D remakes to differentiate them from the new versions and the current versions of V and VI have been marked as Old Ver. with a warning that they'll be removed the day befo
  4. A lot of people who are in favor will change their minds when they get fined for saying "eat the rich"
  5. It won't be long before you see people running around wearing chaps instead of pants.
  6. From what I can find some people say you can eventually go back but others say there are missables. According to this there are only 4 missable upgrades: https://allthetropes.org/wiki/Lost_Forever What I remember is getting locked out of a section and knowing that there was an upgrade that I missed (probably because I was being chased) that I couldn't get back to. I eventually did beat the final boss but from what I can remember it took more attempts than it would have had I had more ammo.
  7. Definitely not my favorite but I liked it more the second time. The first time I didn't even realize I was finishing the game, though I did suspect I might be fighting the final boss due to the lack of health bar. The Zodiac system helps if you want more defined Jobs. For optional stuff you sometimes need specialized gambit setups.
  8. Yes, the remake. I really liked it. I did play Secret of Mana on SNES. The combat is quite different. Instead of hit, retreat while the power meter refills, repeat, it's mostly mash the attack button a bunch of times followed by heavy attack. Sometimes you have to use charged and jumping attacks and you can dodge attacks so it's not completely mindless. I once attempted to start the original but never got around to devoting the time to play it (especially since I knew I'd want to play each of the story paths) but I enjoyed finishing the remake 3 times in a row.
  9. Finished my second time through Trials of Mana. One more story path left.
  10. Disney+ is the worst for that. After each episode of Wanda Vision the "because you watched" was Age of Ultron which is related and Disney+ doesn't know that I saw it in theatre. But given that I watched Wanda Vision on Disney+ why was it the "because you watched" for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Can you guess what the "because you watched" is for Loki?
  11. Absolute Drift on GOG.com WWW.GOG.COM Drifting: the Art Of Sliding Sideways. This is a driving experience like no other. Journ
  12. You could just go with the first "because you watched" suggestion. Just be careful with Disney+, or it will recommend the last thing you watched so you'll loop between 2 shows/movies.
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