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  1. Turnip Boy was great. I didn't find it quite as funny as a review I read before getting it and it's short and very linear but it was still amusing and overall enjoyable. It's 50% off on Steam until May 30th.
  2. Goose saved from eagle attack by B.C. mom MONTREAL.CTVNEWS.CA A B.C. woman who was nursing her child had to burst out of her front door to save her pet goose from an eagle.
  3. A bit of Star Trek: Elite Force II including a rather annoying zero gravity with a time limit level where getting up in the "air" is easy but coming back down is a pain. After almost finishing it but running out of time while trying to fall down to the last objective, I got fed up and enabled cheats so that I could use noclip to fly around. Finished some levels in Baba is You but I'm at the point where most of them seem impossible so not much reward for the time spent. I was going to start a replay of FFV PR but when I loaded my last save I discovered there was an update that gave me Gogo's bestiary entry which finished off the last 2 achievements. Then I started a replay of Katamari Forever.
  4. The popular thing these days is to split a "season" split in two or even three. Might as well split each episode into it's own part for an episodic series. I really liked seasoned 2, part 6, episode 1 but season 2, part 4, episode 1 was awful
  5. My first sister was born very premature and died of SIDS about 4 months later (I was just over a year and half at the time).
  6. 'What is going on in Shanghai': Horror as elderly man taken to morgue in body bag -- while still alive WWW.CTVNEWS.CA An elderly Shanghai resident was mistakenly declared dead and taken to a morgue in a body bag, in the latest sign of dysfunction in the COVID-stricken city where millions of people remain under government-enforced lockdown.
  7. Yeah, according to Steam I finished it in 19 hours the first time. There was an underground area that you couldn't return to at the time but I think that was changed later where I had missed somethings. The DLC adds a bunch of stuff including New Game +, it didn't seem that interesting so I had passed it over but I had a gift card to use so that was one of the things I got with it. New Game + puts you back at level 1 and makes the enemies stronger so even though I have end game gear, the early enemies usually take multiple hits and are able to KO party members.
  8. Played a bit of Star Trek: Elite Force 2 and Baba is You. I also started a new game + for Shadows of Adam (had to load last my save from a few year ago, but luckily the final boss wasn't difficult). I missed a few things last time and didn't have the DLC (and the new game + wasn't available at the time hence the need to fight the last boss again to unlock it).
  9. Something to keep in mind, while the old arcade games were difficult when you had to keep putting in coins, when you have unlimited continues for free, they're easy.
  10. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is free (not time limited) on Steam. Apparently people are still playing and modding it 19 years later. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Wolfenstein®: Enemy Territory is a free-to-play, objective-based multiplayer World War 2 first-person shooter. Featuring up to 32 players, choose either the Axis or Allies, as you fight across six maps based on real-world battle locations. Unrelated, but The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall are also free to play on Steam if you want even older games.
  11. Finished Bloodstained as Aurora. Overall it was really good, it was mostly easy but a few bosses like the 8 bit boss and the final boss gave me some trouble. Gain a few levels and spam attack, the ray of light and maybe press towards the target to sometimes parry and counter attack and bosses that were tough become easy. I got stuck in the library in a spot where as Miriam you'd have to use the ricochet ability, I was able to slide in but couldn't get out so I had to reload a save. Sometimes torches and dropped items couldn't be hit or picked up. The completion percentage seemed off but maybe I missed a few things. I hadn't played as Bloodless so I started a run as her. I miss Aurora's flight and ray of light.
  12. Started another run of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night with the recently added Aurora from Child of Light. So far it's great, I made good progress. Many areas that initially are blocked as Miriam are accessible right away and early on you get the ability to fly so you can go pretty much anywhere right away though some enemies might be too tough until later, especially bosses. I entered the room where that optional undead Belmont like boss is and died in just a few hits. When you're not fighting enemies and bosses that aren't supposed to be fought until much later it tends to be easy but I don't mind.
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