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  1. It started at 8:00 Eastern on Space in Canada. It ran past 9 so I guess I'll be watching the recording of The Orville another day.
  2. If you suspect the power button, check the cables from the case to the motherboard and make sure everything is plugged all the way in on the motherboard (should be in the bottom right corner) maybe something came loose during shipping. You could try checking the individual wires to make sure none are on the wrong pins (doubt it's this since it would have been revealed in testing but check it just in case) and you can try connecting the reset button to the power button pins and try turning it on with the reset button.
  3. dualhunter

    Nintendo Anyone else get their NES Switch controllers?

    More mass in the same volume will make it both denser and heavier.
  4. dualhunter

    Nintendo Anyone else get their NES Switch controllers?

    Wavebirds don't have a motor for force feedback like wired GameCube controllers and the removal of the motor gives a net reduction in weight despite the addition of batteries. The NES controller didn't have a motor so adding a battery makes it heavier. The weight of the wireless receiver should be negligible but since it's Nintendo they may have done something silly like make it unnecessarily heavy. I think a friend had one of those infrared wireless NES controllers back in the day and I may have tried it.
  5. https://www.gofundme.com/des-souvenirs-julie-et-sa-famille My brother in law's sister has cancer. She had breast cancer, followed by a brain tumor but now it's metastasized and is stage 4. The family wants to go on a Disney vacation while she is still able to make happy memories for her two boys (age 10 and 13). That's the gist of the French text. It's in Canadian dollars. Thanks to anyone who chooses to donate.
  6. dualhunter

    PC Anyone want COD War Chest or Civ IV Gold?

    I opened up the box for Civ 4 and there is no cd key. Apparently it didn't come with one back in the day. @HardAct do you still have AoE 3? I checked and it does have a key inside so I could give it to you.
  7. dualhunter

    General Gaming ~*D1P's Games of 2019*~

    I finished Katamari Damacy REROLL but I'm going for 100% item completion. I finished Mega Man 9, 10 & 11 in the last few days of 2018 so I might go back and play them again. I was waiting for the 1TB SSD I ordered to arrive before installing Dragon Quest XI so other than completionist stuff and replays that'll probably be the next game I play.
  8. My brother in law gave me physical copies of some old games that a friend of his gave him. Call of Duty War Chest (COD 1 + expansion & COD 2) and Civilization IV Gold. I have no interest in COD and just got Civ IV during Black Friday. The keys should be good for redeeming for digital copies. The box for COD wasn't sealed but the jewel case inside was sealed (there were 2 other discs in paper sleeves). He also gave me Age of Empires III Gold but I'm probably going to keep it since I might play it.
  9. dualhunter

    PC Steam Winter Sale 2018

    DQ XI is 40% off vs the 30% of earlier sales.
  10. dualhunter

    PC Steam Winter Sale 2018

    I was able to get through 3 discovery queues without any issues (usually have issues on later days of the sale even when trying later in the day) but only made it through 3 votes before it stopped working. It's working now. I haven't played a single game among those available to vote for.
  11. dualhunter

    PC Steam Winter Sale 2018

    Looks like the delayed discounts thing once again. Nothing on my wishlist shows a discount yet.
  12. dualhunter

    PC Steam Winter Sale 2018

    I'll probably get Dragon Quest XI, Mega Man 11 and Katamari Damacy REROLL.
  13. The other option for GameCube component cables was to import which is what I did since I got them so late and Nintendo wasn't selling them anymore in North America.
  14. dualhunter

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Finished Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart and started Mega Man 8.
  15. I have in the past but I would never get around to playing the games before there was no longer a need. Not much point in playing those International version Final Fantasy games with the Remasters out. My Japanese PS2 basically didn't get used but back in the day hard to find overpriced PS1 games had reasonably priced Japanese versions. I got Symphony of the Night and then I got a PS3 and got the English version on PSN. I imported Rockman ZX only to discover that the Capcom store had both ZX games reasonably priced. The one exception is Mother 3 but even then I didn't play it on GBA beyond testing it out since I used the fan translation. The accessories I imported got some use. I loved the SFC Classic Controller for VC games on Wii but on Wii U I'd rather use a Pro Controller to avoid the tether and I used my GameCube component games until I got a Wii. I had a Hori Wii controller shaped similar to a GameCube controller that I think I basically just used in one game for the turbo fire in a minigame (I think it was fishing in Breath of Fire 2 and then back to the SFC controller). I also imported some game soundtracks. I also have a couple of PC games that I didn't import but aren't US versions. I think my Far Cry is the UK version (it was sold in Quebec because it also has French on the disc) and I have the French version of Diablo II on disc which I was able to use to download the English version from Blizzard.