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  1. Done with Romancing Saga 2. Started Command & Conquer Remastered.
  2. I'd use the monitor because that's also what I use when not gaming.
  3. Both if possible. I mainly use my monitor for FPS and RTS and my TV with games I play with a controller. Headphones with the monitor and speakers with the TV. Just hit Windows key + P to get the menu to switch displays and if you set it up right it'll switch the audio at the same time.
  4. I got a code with a Ryzen CPU for work. My understanding is that to redeem it you need to use the AMD Product Verification Tool but at home I'm still using an Intel CPU. The code needs to be redeemed before the end of the month so I figure if I can't use it I could give it to somebody who has an AMD Ryzen CPU and does not have Game Pass (no idea whether you can redeem a code if you already did in the past). Anybody have any experience redeeming these?
  5. I've been playing Romancing SaGa 2. Except for the stupid difficulty I've been enjoying it. I pretty much have to save after every battle and reload if a party member dies which happens often.
  6. I already did a replay of Muramasa on Dolphin so I don't know if I'd do another. I do plan on replaying FF7 with Remako (it's supposed to be easier to set up now with more enhancements) and I was planning to replay Chrono Cross at some point so improve image quality would be great.
  7. Finished the Coliseum in Final Fantasy XIII-2. I didn't get Gilgamesh or Valfodr's crystals but I beat them and they're too much of a pain to fight again. I'm done everything else so time to move on.
  8. No it's to give @Emperor Diocletian II an opportunity to finally deliver those reserved slots he promised to those who donated for the BF3 server
  9. I was reminded today of a year or two ago when I walked by a squirrel running back and forth across the road. I continued a few meters to cross and heard somebody say something like "oh he didn't make it" but didn't really think about as I was watching for traffic and crossing. On the other side I looked back and saw the squirrel on his back, feet in the air and not moving. I guess Frogger isn't a game for squirrels.
  10. Yeah, I spent so much time doing quests that there was no need to do intentional grinding. If you prefer not to waste time on quests you should be fine with a bit of planning. You can see what level enemies are so to minimize grinding you fight enemies a few levels higher than your party which will level you up faster.
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