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  1. Ontario had passed Quebec in active cases earlier in the week before falling back to second place the next day but today they're back ahead by 9 cases.
  2. I'm done with Lightning Returns and finished the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Planning to play Shadow Warrior (2013) next.
  3. Initially I was annoyed by the time limit in Lightning Returns but now I'm enjoying the game.
  4. 6% which is basically 3 weeks (started at 4%) but we also get the time between Christmas and New Year's (depending on what days of the week they fall on it could be the whole time or 2 long weekends). 6% of bonuses also goes to vacation and we carry it over from year to year so I've got around 9 weeks at the moment.
  5. They're calling it the Definitive Edition. At least the price is downgraded too. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1295510/DRAGON_QUEST_XI_S_Echoes_of_an_Elusive_Age__Definitive_Edition/ If you could import saves from the Definitive Graphics Edition, I'd consider getting this version on sale for the extra content but I don't see that happening. Knowing SE they won't even bother giving you an in game option to quit the game so you'll have to use Alt+F4 if you're not using a Switch Pro Controller (Steam support for it lets you bring up a menu with the Home button which h
  6. Finished Command & Conquer (Tiberium Dawn), started Red Alert.
  7. Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist with Doctor Pepper Glendronach 18 year
  8. I was disappointed with early 3D, 3D models on a workstation and pre-rendered stuff raised my expectations such that the low polygon count and low detail in actual games was a big let down.
  9. Done with Romancing Saga 2. Started Command & Conquer Remastered.
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