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  1. Started Romancing SaGa 3 with the last main character I have left to finish it with.
  2. I haven't played any of those. I have played Fallout 1 and a bit of the very beginning of Fallout 2. I own the Enhanced Editions of The Witcher 1 and 2 on GoG from when they were free but haven't played either of them.
  3. Back in the day I replayed games all the time. Games were usually shorter and I had fewer games. With no backlog you either replay games or stop playing games. Now I mostly don't replay games but there are still some games that I replayed and/or plan to replay.
  4. Our premier says your VP will always be welcome in Quebec and that he hopes to see her soon but he'll probably have her arrested for speaking English if she comes back.
  5. Lactose free milk is more expensive but it exists.
  6. Media Creation Tool https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  7. Finished Romancing Saga 3 again. Started run 5 of 8.
  8. Still doesn't make sense. How will you make sure you don't use too much cereal? It's one thing if it's the first time using a certain sized bowl but otherwise you should know how much you want. If none of not enough for the cereal to float, enough for it to float a little and fill up the rest of the bowl aren't good enough for you, the solution to your eccentricity is not pouring milk first but getting out some measuring cups.
  9. I think that as a kid I once or twice poured more cereal into the leftover milk after eating a bowl of cereal but even then I poured more milk onto the cereal.
  10. Not sure if algorithm or coincidence. Today I saw a Toyota hybrid ad (part of a series featuring owners of Toyota hybrids) on Facebook and on seeing the 2 names in the caption I checked it out. It was my last elementary school teacher and his wife. Bit of a weird way to find out he had a stroke.
  11. In one of BBC documentaries they showed some polar bears that are doing quite well because the walruses are climbing up cliffs and when the bears come they try to get back to the water. Rather than carefully taking the same path they took up, they just throw themselves down the cliff and then the bears feast. So walruses might have to kill themselves off before polar bears go completely extinct.
  12. Finished Romancing Saga 3 for the third time. 5 more main characters to go but I should be able to get through the game relatively quickly now.
  13. Finished my second playthrough of Romancing Saga 3. 6 more main characters to go. Second time took much less time and I should be set for the remaining times. Unfortunately max HP doesn't carry over in a new game plus so I can't just breeze through the game but with the stuff that does carry over I should still do well.
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