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  1. Just to start I would make one central credit scoring system, easier to make disputes and have them resolved, free and easy to watch your credit score, automatic freeze on your account which is released via a pin, ability to have a print out from any lender showing your credit score at any time. As far as why Wells is doing this is that they can’t legally grow so they are getting rid of consumer assets so that they can extend and service more commercial loans is my bet.
  2. My parents have Starlink and it’s consistently 150 down. Before with centurylink they were getting 5 down.
  3. Dude should be gone or suspended from the team at the very least pending the investigation.
  4. I would love to experience a fastball that is mid 90s or a big time curve, or slider. No way in hell would I make contact but just to see it in person and up close would be cool.
  5. Bauer a scrub! We want pine tar!
  6. His average spin rate was up by nearly 100 points compared to his last game.
  7. Where do you go to see spin rate by game? I’m curious to see Buehler from last night.
  8. It’s just a piece of metal after all! No big deal!
  9. The commissioner made his report! Am I doing this right?
  10. He’s been shaky with command lately. Already at 40 pitches too. Whoof.
  11. Don’t rip his shirt off! He’s shy!!!
  12. Verlander have any chance to come back?
  13. Joe Kelly ending any chance for Altuve to continue his hitting streak….
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