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  1. Tomorrow is Bauer vs Machado and Snell vs the Dodgers. Going to be good.
  2. These Padres and Dodgers games are so good. Shame they aren’t on National TV.
  3. It really is. We have had numerous times where the Title Company has messed up on a transaction involving either access, boundaries etc and have yet to see that “insurance” that everyone paid for actually show up.
  4. Yeah I’m really excited for the season to start.
  5. I think our Dodgers might be kinda ok this year? Might win a game or two.
  6. Some good stuff in there. Have to pick up the pace of play I think. My big ones are below: -fix the baseball -universal DH - ban the shift - pitch clock Then implement a salary floor. Increase minor league pay and coverage. Make FA more exciting somehow. Winter meeting used to be awesome but now free agency drags on for 4 months. It’s boring.
  7. Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5. Great game so far.
  8. SBIFilms left? There goes one of the three baseball fans the board has left
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