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  1. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/11/22/astros-sign-stealing-2017-playoffs?xid=socialflow_twitter_si&utm_campaign=sinow&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social “A source familiar with the sign-stealing investigation said by midweek that Manfred’s investigators had interviewed “15 to 20” Astros personnel, including the 2017 coaching staff and manager A.J. Hinch—some more than once. The source said the investigation confirmed the scheme as described by Fiers was used during a period of about three months during the 2017 regular season. The source added that the investigation is also pursuing whether the Astros used modified systems to acquire signs in the 2017 postseason, when scrutiny is heightened and the banging of a trash can would be more manifest. The Astros were 8–1 at home in the 2017 postseason.“
  2. Charging her and potentially forcing her to register as a sex offender seems a tad extreme.
  3. I got a year for an iPhone purchase but haven’t watched anything yet.
  4. Keep holding out hope and defending a misogynistic cheating organization!
  5. Cheaters and their sympathizers! They cheated time to move on and accept it!
  6. Are you talking to me? When did I ever say otherwise or that they were the only one cheating. The Astros used technology to steal signs and relay it to players. It’s given. Did other teams do the same? Maybe. Rob Manfred has said there isn’t anything yet on other teams. I know your an Astros fan so I get that it sucks your team cheated it’s way to a World Series win.
  7. It’s only not proven to Astros fans honestly. They stole signs and did so in a way that broke MLB rules. It is what it is. With the speed and accuracy they aren’t stealing signs any other way than using technology. the investigation at this point is who all in the org knew about it and for how long did it happen. The “whistle” during the playoffs is the next to break and who knows what after that.
  8. Their cheating even left a distinct audio data fingerprint. What a shit team. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/55283/moonshot-the-astros-sign-stealing-left-a-fingerprint-in-the-audio-date/
  9. It’s proven. Saying otherwise is a joke paywall but basically offense was ok until they started stealing signs then they saw a huge jump. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/55450/the-astros-offense-took-a-huge-leap-after-they-started-stealing-signs/
  10. Ban the front office and AJ for life. Take away multiple draft picks. How to punish the players? It was so widespread within the organization I’m not sure how MLB handles it.
  11. Yeah I really enjoy these books. The descriptions of the battles are really good.
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