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  1. Got one through MS and one through Amazon.
  2. I don’t see Gamepass prices increasing drastically. They are going the Netflix way.
  3. Just saw that. Wonder if he can come back from it. He’s presumably out all of next year and then FA?
  4. Winning 3-4 and really minus a melt down by Jansen, dominating the Astros... felt good. Jansen should be a setup guy at this point. Put in Graterol or Treinen as closer, can’t trust Jansen anymore.
  5. I drink once a year and it’s only 1 drink at my companies holiday party. I won’t have to drink this year at least.
  6. Yup completely crazy to me... then even his own manager throws him under the bus. And MLB wonders why the average viewer is 60 years old. MLB “we play loud” also MLB “not that loud!”
  7. That Plesac instagram video was something
  8. Joe Kelly about to get 8 more games
  9. Also describes the Dodgers offense lately
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