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  1. Working from home same pay. I am going back to work in the office in 2 weeks. working from home has been pretty nice. It’s been pretty fun to be able to hang out with family more but there are certain aspects of my job I can’t do as well from home.
  2. The grocery store thought he was writing a bad check so the police murder him.
  3. My daughter is TERRIFIED of dogs. Assholes still let their dogs off leash run up to her even after I tell them she is scared...They usually just laugh like I am joking.
  4. Our deposits are growing like crazy right now. Did the same during the last recession.
  5. Testing continues to rise as well. I’ve known multiple people who have been tested, it’s pretty simple to get a test.
  6. Positive cases in my state have been flat with 7 or less, with a lot of 0 cases per day over the past 30 days and we have now been open for 2 weeks.
  7. Well to be fair if they weren't willing they had a tendency to disappear.
  8. Daily cases are down in my state and so far have remained down after opening up recently (although about a week out to fully tell the impact).
  9. Same here. Realized it made me hate most people once I saw them on Facebook.
  10. I am thinking the Catholic Church has a little cash on the side. I don't know how they "share" that money though. I was talking more in general on businesses anyway. We had a few apply who made comments that they were doing just fine but it was free money so they would take it. They did have to certify and are at risk of fraud if they are audited but I doubt it comes to that since they were under the dollar threshold.
  11. The amount of businesses that received PPP that didn't need it is a staggering amount I am sure. The feds have threatened penalties for fraud but I have doubt much comes of it.
  12. Yup it’s a joke and every bank that deals with the SBA on a regular basis knew it would be.
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