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  1. Yeah and I don’t agree with mlb on either case. This has the potential of the steroid era all over again. Also, if MLB won’t investigate it doesn’t mean someone like Rosenthal won’t/aren’t right now. also I’ll add this... The Dogers were 18th in strikeouts in ‘17 and 23rd in ‘18 so if they were stealing signs they did a piss poor job
  2. Every team accuses the other of stealing signs. MLB should investigate the Dodgers. I wasn’t aware of Morissons accusation and to be honest wasn’t even aware of who he is. if he is credible I can’t imagine some reporter doesn’t follow up with him.
  3. Huh? I don’t have instagram to check if he retracted it. How am I not arguing in good faith? lol
  4. And he deleted it didn’t he? I don’t have Instagram. Any other articles making this claim?
  5. Could the Dodgers have? Sure. To say they DID without anything is funny. I’m not going to agree they or any other team cheated just because someone on Twitter said every team is doing it. All I’m asking is for some evidence like we had with the Astros and now Red Sox. If you don’t agree with me I’m cool with that. oh and Yankees since I seem to remember them getting fined for using the bullpen phone or something in the past few years?
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