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  1. It’s $12B out of $1.9T. It’s makes no sense to cut pennies especially when it will impacts voters and further push the storyline that Democrats are weak.
  2. I can. Depends on the alcohol % of the beer. I don’t drink for the buzz. I enjoy the overall experience of drinking a beer.
  3. She got upset you didn’t hit her up.
  4. Yes. I don’t need alcohol to fuel my degenerate behavior. I lost quite a bit last year especially due to my baseball bets. I only buy beer when it interests me. I rarely buy the same beer twice and often leave the liquor store empty handed.
  5. Depends. If the wife wants beer, we split it. If she doesn’t, I drink it all.
  6. Just buy oven ready lasagna sheets. No need to boil them. Easier and tastier than shitty wonton wraps.
  7. I drink 2 beers a week, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Healthy habits for a healthy boy.
  8. Due to my 19 month old, most thing are unplugged since she knows how to turn them all on.
  9. Imagine experiencing O’Brien all of those years and then picking Kingsbury as your next coach.
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