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  1. I’m wrapping up some hordes and Nero spots before progressing. I am pretty close to the end
  2. I know I am a good person. The rest of you? Ehhhhhhh
  3. As long as Steam has access to this market, Gaben ain’t swearing EGS
  4. I see it similar to how Video game consoles don’t sell that well at the $400 price point. Mainstream buyers do not care about quality or value. Price is all that matters and I think $400 is a tad high. Bring it down to the $250 range and it will sell really well especially around the holidays. I fully expect Facebook to discount this by $100-150 by the end of the year.
  5. $400 is not a mainstream price point. It needs to drop in price by $150 before you see a high volume of sales. Personally, I have no interest in it due to the current library. I played most of the good games already on the VIVE or PSVR. I’ll wait until I see the wireless solution and decide between the two.
  6. If anyone should be licensing out their engine, it is Sony with Decima.
  7. THQ is the only one with Steam preorder data and EGS data. It wouldn’t be surprising if Steam data was tracking better than EGS ultimately did. Having said that, THQ can’t be that upset since on the same call mentioned similar deals already agreed upon with Google and others. I can’t imagine Stadia performing better than EGS.
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