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  1. Playing on the XSX and it’s dope. Game looks great and runs well. I don’t notice any stuttering. The elevator times are longer than I expected. My main gripe is the UI. The text is small. I am constantly leaning forward to read. Doesn’t help that the game drops a ton of information at the start. Gameplay is tight and enjoyable. It really shines when you get the first boss fight.
  2. Wow. Just because I love football, doesn’t make me a Brit. it’s probably on Netflix UK so use a VPN to stream it
  3. Sounds like a “holy fuck they are real mad. We need to trade for anyone now” move and got a pitcher who failed a medical review. Mariners gonna Mariners
  4. NFL says no restrictions on Deshaun Watson at Houston Texans camp while investigation ongoing WWW.ESPN.COM Deshaun Watson has no restrictions on his activities at the Texans' training camp despite the 22 active lawsuits against him, said the NFL; its investigation into the quarterback...
  5. Lol wow they still pretending these players are student athletes and academics has anything to do with this?
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