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  1. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Just Spider-Man. Reached the 50% complete tonight.
  2. Ordered the watch and passed on the phone. OS12 breathed new life into my phone so I’m good.
  3. After the massive success of the TWD S1, clearly management thought it was mainly related to the licensing. A huge mistake. Plus didn’t help that two of the driving forces for TWD left right after.
  4. ManUtdRedDevils

    Movies Joaquin Phoenix's Joker makeup revealed

    Maybe the origin story is tied to Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  5. ManUtdRedDevils

    PC The Bard’s Tale IV Launches September 18

    It helps when you are in the 1% for PC hardware
  6. ManUtdRedDevils

    PC The Bard’s Tale IV Launches September 18

    @Mr.Vic20 Two patches, today and Sept 28th, have been confirmed by InXile to hopefully fix performance and bug issues. It is just unplayable for me in its current state which is a shame because I like the combat system so far.
  7. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming Rocket League: 50 million players

    The Devs have said in the past that they regretted the PS+ deal but I do think it is the one of the reasons the game did so well
  8. The Meg - 2/5 - Massive shark, underwater research facility, Jason Statham, and so much wasted potentialzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Party members that have Pep retain the status when removed from the party. I assume eventually you will get items or skills that let you enter Pep state faster.
  10. ManUtdRedDevils

    Sales & Deals Steam Code Giveaway for Deadlight

    I have a key for Wasteland 2 Directors Cut for Steam.
  11. Classic. Free Form felt off to me.
  12. Dropped Newegg once they were bought by the Chinese. Pooh knows all of your dirty secrets by now.