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  1. Ask EA how that worked out. She really needs to produce something of note this time.
  2. I’ll buy one because why not. Can’t be worse than buying the Vive and Rift at launch and never using them outside of the first month. Edit: Nevermind. There is no local hardware. @Mr.Vic20 lied above. Not my fault.
  3. I just want a streaming service for the Switch. I will say I had a good experience with Assassin’s Creed but no way would I pay $60 for it. Now a subscription model with modern games......maybe.
  4. I visit to see the news and steal shit to post on here. I rarely post since it’s just a tidal wave of noise.
  5. I received a summons in college and wrote back that I am out of state. Never got another summons since. Currently 16 years and counting.
  6. Must have passed out from all the lies.
  7. Trying to wrap up Metro Exodus before vacation. Also got Baba is You for the trip. Oh and the Captain Toad DLC released so that too.
  8. If you enjoyed TF2 campaign, I would recommend Singularity. Really fun game.
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