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  1. After this hot summer, I need to do this. My house has no AC and it has been brutal.
  2. When Nintendo removed 3D from its handheld, the product was renamed to 2DS. When Nintendo removed the ability to Switch from its handheld, the product was renamed to Switch Lite.
  3. This version ditches tv mode, joy cons (local coop/mp), HD rumble, and the Kickstand which were all selling points in Nintendo’s marketing plan for the Switch. Basically, most of the features that makes a Switch a Switch.
  4. It’s Always Sunny had a similar arc where the first season is rough and the second season especially when DeVito was introduced started to become something good. Well the more I think most comedies I really liked (Parks and Rec and The Office) all took a while to get going.
  5. Steamer popularity is fickle enough that if Twitch banned him, nobody would care after a couple of days and there would be no impact to Twitch’s financials.
  6. Now we are comparing Rapinoe to Messi and Ronaldo? Keep moving those goal posts buddy.
  7. Beats wireless headphones used to have a major sync issue with video and audio. I have not looked at the newest Beats if this is still an issue. I would assume it isn’t.
  8. Of course physical ability is a major component in determining one’s talents, but you can still judge a person on technique and sport intelligence.
  9. Both the manga and first season of One Punch Man are buoyed by incredible technical prowess on behalf of the artists bringing the story to life, but I think this second season of the anime has shown that the story really needs that extra flair to make up for its deficiencies. But even stellar animation could not have completely salvaged the lack of focus in this part of OPM. It's not a bad story, but everything from its characters to its humor to its themes is rough around the edges, and it needed a judicious directorial eye to cut through the excess and hone the gems at its core. Instead, we got the unfortunate confluence of worse material being handled by a limited team compared to the first season. - Anime Newsman’s Network 3/5
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