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  1. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - still playing this through Google Project Stream. The more I play, the more thankful that Google have $10 credit that allowed me to buy the XP boost. No need for grinding so far.
  2. Noooo, the demo ended right when I got the shotgun. Thoughts: -The starter gun wasn’t satisfying. Maybe it was the sound of it but it felt like a cap gun. The damage it was doing to the zombies was impressive. Just seeing the layers come off was cool. Also would have liked a finisher type move like a foot stomp to the head. -The sound wasn’t great. I remember playing 7 and holding my breath every time I heard a rattle. In the demo, the sound didn’t have the same oomph to me which is good since it allowed me to play it. -The game looked good on the Pro for the most part. I encountered a few instances where the engine produced a too soft picture. -knife durability seems like a weird choice. Was that in RE2? -maybe it is my tv settings, but the dark areas didn’t seem that dark. I was ready to toggle off the flashlight to save the batteries.
  3. Either Randy is a creep or a terrible judge of character. This story has a lot of similar weirdness as the assistant story not long ago.
  4. I’ll try the demo tonight. I’m undecided on whether to play this game or not. I really enjoyed RE:4 but never really played any of the others minus 7 which I quit because I was too scared.
  5. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming Bungie done with their Activision overlords

    On sale for $3. If you haven’t read this great book, you should Buy it!
  6. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming Bungie done with their Activision overlords

    So after Sekiro, Activision has Crash Team Racing and Call of Duty. Yikes. No wonder Activision has been pressuring Blizzard to release something.
  7. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming Bungie done with their Activision overlords

    This is the moment THQ Nordic has been waiting for!
  8. ManUtdRedDevils

    PC Alienware's upgradable laptop

    Depending how it handles the heat and the noise output, I may buy one. My laptop is getting long in the tooth. What’s the price?
  9. That list is very different from the best seller list on the Switch
  10. I have not played any so I don’t want to say cheap junk but some definitely look like mobile games that are constantly on sale in the $0.49-$1.99 range and I see quite often in the best seller lists.
  11. ManUtdRedDevils

    General Gaming Games like Salt and Sanctuary?

    If you have Xbox Game Pass, check out Below and Ashen.
  12. This is just Tencent telling its two companies to play nice.
  13. Has been this way since Day 1. It’s embarrassing that games selling for $0.99 are constantly on the top DL page.
  14. I am excited for it too even though I have yet to finish a From Software game.