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The 2021-22 Mock Gambling Thread - WEEK 1 - The Long Road to Inglewood


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*stumbles out of the basement into the waning September daylight and rubs his eyes wearily*
. o O (Oh shit, is it Week 1...?  Oh shit!  It's Week 1 !)


WELCOME to the 2021-22 edition of the Mock Gambling Thread!  The shortest pre-season now rolls into the longest season in NFL history.  It's time to throw your fake money on the table and gamble, guess, and predict your way to victory over all the other slobs on the board!  Whether you are an MGT veteran or new player dipping your feet in for the first time, read-on for all the rules!  Let's go!


The Mock Gambling Thread is a competition that is a part gambling and part prediction contest. The competition lasts for the entirety of the NFL season and post-season and is open to all regular board members.  Each player starts with fictional $1,000 that you can gamble as much or as little as you like on each week's Feature Game. There are two ways to increase your cash:


  • Bet on the outcome of the Featured Game each week (with the spread). The featured game will be chosen each week from among the nationally televised games with the line set from when I post the thread.
  • There will be a number of questions that will ask you to make predictions or to forecast certain outcomes across the NFL during the week. Correct answers earn you cash. You do not lose cash for wrong answers. The types of questions will vary each week, as will the amount of cash they can earn you.

The competition continues through NFL season and post-season. At the conclusion of the Super Bowl the user with the most "cash" left will be the winner.


1. You make your bet and answer the questions simply by posting on the thread each week with your pick for the featured game along with your bet, followed by your answers to the prediction questions.

2. Everyone starts with $1,000. If a user doesn't start until week 3, they still start with $1,000. Your best bet it to get in early and play every week.

3. If you somehow reach $0 you are not out of the competition. You can't bet on the feature game during weeks that you are broke, but you can answer the prediction questions and hope to earn cash to gamble the following week.

4. IMPORTANT: I will set a deadline for getting your entries for the week in (usually before kick-off of that week's first game). It is imperative that you make your post before the deadline. The entry thread will be locked at the deadline so if you don't get your entry in by then you lose out on the chance to make money that week.

5. I work full time AND am 24/7 on-call AND have a near crippling gaming addiction AND probably drink too much! Responsibilities and personality flaws allowing, I will attempt to post the results and the next week's game/questions each Tuesday, as early as possible. Keep in mind though that there may be some wackiness here and there based on my schedule and hangovers. Pay attention.

6. For the official recording of stats/yardage NFL.com will be used. Whatever their site says on Tuesday morning is what counts.  No whining.

7. Accounts created within the current calendar month are not eligible to play and any entries from such accounts will not be considered.


If you have any questions, ASK!


Prize(s): The winner will be declared the Champion of the 4th D1P Edition of the Mock Gambling Thread and also take home a Fanatics.com gift card so you can get some swag from your team! 



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DEADLINE FOR WEEK 1 ENTRIES - 9/9/2021 (Thursday) 20:19 EASTERN



Week 1 Feature Game
Chicago Bears at L.A. Rams (-7.5)
(Remember you are betting against the spread, not just the outright winner)


1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Bears TD, Bears FG, Bears safety, Rams TD, Rams FG, Rams safety, or other? ($200 for the correct call)


2) How many interceptions will be thrown in the Feature Game? ($300 for the correct call)


3) How many penalties will be thrown and accepted in the feature game? ($300 for the correct call)


4) Which team will score LAST in the Week 1 match-up between the Seahawks and the Colts?  ($100 for the correct call)


5) Call the winners:
Arizona at Tennessee
Jacksonville at Houston
L.A. Chargers at Washington
($200 for EACH correct named game winner, $400 bonus if you call all 3 correctly)


6) How many total points will be scored in the Dallas @ Tampa Bay game, Thursday night? 0-10, 11-24, 25-36, 37-45, or 46-55 or 55+ ($200 for the correct guess)


7) Name the player who will score the first touchdown of the Baltimore @ Las Vegas game (by "score" we mean "the player holding the ball in the end-zone; don't name a QB unless you are guessing a rushing TD by them) ($300 for the correct answer)


8) Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in week one. ($800 for each player named correctly, $2,000 bonus if both names are called)


Good luck!
### Example Answer Post and MY ENTRY ###
Bears for $600
1. Rams FG
2. 2
3. 6
4. Seahawks
5. Cardinals, Texans, Football Team
6. 37-45
7. Jacobs
8. Gibson, McLaurin

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@BasemntDweller2 @Biggie @ManUtdRedDevils @Commissar SFLUFAN @AbsolutSurgen @Keyser_Soze @Alpha1Cowboy @Greatoneshere @Kal-El814 @Dodger @thewhyteboar


Couple notes:

  • If anyone knows someone not already @'d who might like to play, @ them so they can get on-board!
  • If any regular player has had a classic D1P "I was this guy but started a new account because the funny or some dumb reason" @ them to get 'em in here.  I don't keep track of you people.
  • COVID pushed a lot of random summer stuff into the fall (GenCon for example, is usually in August, but this year it'll be next week so I'll be out of town most of the week).  I'm going to try to keep the thread as regular as possible but be aware of the possibility of an extra Bye week or some other weirdness as necessary.
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The LA Team That's Not The Chargers - $400


1. Rams TD

2. Three INTs

3. Seven

4. Colts

5. Tennessee Team That Used To Be Known As The Houston Oilers, Houston Team That Replaced The Tennessee Team That Used To Be Known As The Houston Oilers, The LA Team That's Not The Rams

6. 37-45 (which means that actual final score will be something like 9-3)

7. Gus Edwards

8. Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs

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Chicago Bears: $1,000


  1. Rams FG
  2. Three Interceptions
  3. 12 Penalties
  4. Seahawks
  5. Arizona / Jacksonville / Washington Football Team
  6. 46 - 55 Points
  7. Mark Andrews
  8. Rushing: Christian McCaffery / Receiving: DeAndre Hopkins



Also thank you mr. @Slug for doing this. I'm glad I could talk you into it. And remember if you need a substitute prop man I put together some good ones that one week ;)

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