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  1. Philadelphia Eagles $5500 QUESTIONS 1) Eagles TD 2 Eagles 3) 50-99 4) Deadskins, Titans 5) Call the winners: Houston Detroit L.A. Chargers 6) 4 7) Cincinnati 8) Ingram, Hilton
  2. Detroit Lions $1700 1) Lions TD 2) Lions 3) Patriots 4) Eagles and Patriots 5)New Orleans Arizona Miami 6) Tenn/Denver 7) Houston/KC 8) Kamara/ Hopkins
  3. $2900 Seattle Seahawks QUESTIONS 1) Seahawks FG 2) Seahawks 3) Cousins 4) Chark 5) Tennessee Oakland San Francisco 6)Eagles 7) Bills 8) Kamara, K. Allen
  4. Washington Redskins $2800 QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Redskins TD 2) Over or under? LUL under 3) Air Force - Mahomes 4) Flags everywhere -Steelers 5) Call the winners: Arizona LA Chargers Kansas City 6) No one gets a win 7) Ravens 8) Zeke, Amari Cooper
  5. @Rachel Are you homeless yet?
  6. Was it a hard N or a soft N? Im p-sure Jason uses hard N's in his everyday language.
  7. Why? Your chances of being shot go up exponentially. Can I take your spot in Canada ?
  8. Atlanta Falcons $600 QUESTIONS 1) Eagles FG 2) 2 3) Bell 4) Stafford 5) Call the winners: Green Bay Buffalo Tennessee 6) New England highest, Miami lowest 7)4 8) Zeke and Ridley (Atl)
  9. It's the internet. None of you are real.
  10. Steelers $1000 ) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Steelers TD 2) Which QB will be sacked the most in the Feature Game; Brady 3) How many penalties will be thrown and accepted in the feature game? 11 4) Which team will have more turnovers in the Week 1 match-up between the Bills and the Jets? ($300 for the correct call) BIlls 5) Call the winners: LA Rams Detroit Tampa Bay ($300 for EACH correct named game winner, $800 bonus if you call all 3 correctly) 6) How many total points will be scored in the late Monday Night game (Denver at Oakland)? 11-24 7) Name the player who will score the first touchdown of the Washington @ Philadlephia game? DESEAN JACCSON 8) Excluding players who played Thursday night (Bears and Packers' rosters): Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in week one. ($1,000 for each player named correctly, $3,000 bonus if both names are called) Conner and Evans (TB)
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