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  1. One thing I never try to do is make new friends. The ones I have now are hard enough to keep up with.
  2. I do. Not as many as I did say 10 years ago since people grow apart.
  3. No campaign or BR ? Awesome. Want a war narrative? Rent a movie dorks. This is probably my most anticipated game. I'm still playing BF4 on my series X.
  4. Lol imagine wanting to have children
  5. I know that dude. Used to race forza games with him
  6. Not my thing but cool of you to do a giveaway! Good luck everyone
  7. Why would anyone dislike white folks?
  8. Lol God no. Maybe exercise more but that's about it. I know how I spend my free time is frivolous and I give nothing to society but I'm really good with that. And all you vegans, don't worry I bought a new smoker/grill so I'll cook enough meat to make up for what you gave up.
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