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  1. I haven't had that happen *yet* but I have had a few doors that would not open for me and I had to restart the game. I hit level 20, very satisfying game so far.
  2. I have a march madness bracket challenge going for 10 bucks per bracket, winner takes all. PM me or visit the D1P discord.
  3. How did I miss this thread? Should of been posted in Discord
  4. After the bomb Anthem was and I don't care about Gambit in D2 I welcome our Division 2 overlord.
  5. When people compare it to Destiny it makes me want to jump out the nearest window. People act like Destiny is the first loot game ever
  6. Interesting. I haven't finished the story but I think this other article is very on point. https://www.pcgamer.com/anthems-8-biggest-problems-so-far/ I downloaded it through Premiere so no big loss for me lol.
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