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  1. @Remarkableriotsyou can masterwork it even after the event ends. Edit: And you only need 1 clan member, not 2.
  2. It can be done on ps4, there are plenty of discords dedicated to it And its not really win trading ( that would take FOREVER) and absolutely no VPN's on PC. Its asking for a ban. There are no guarantees of being matched and you never actually play a match. Source: I got pretty good at quarterbacking this cheese
  3. I can't believe video games did those two mass shootings. Glad they found the culprit.
  4. I know people that wear tinfoil hats and think Russia hacked our voting machines. But that is about it.
  5. I've pooped in the woods a few times. Not a big deal.
  6. I've never heard of any of these people
  7. Im ok with that since i only play most games (not named Destiny) for 3 weeks
  8. I can't wait to downsize. 4 bedrooms,2 bath is too big for just two people
  9. Have you heard about our Lord and Savior Destiny 2? I also would like to use this excuse
  10. Sorry, I don't socialize with lunatics.
  11. The ones around me are BYOB and are awesome with a group of friends. I've gone a few times.
  12. Thank you Bacon, I'll keep that in mind bud
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