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  1. OMG PC please! I now have something to play besides Warframe! Thanks sir!
  2. BasemntDweller2

    Sony Tetris Effect - DON'T SIT ON THIS!

    Occulus Rift bud
  3. BasemntDweller2

    Sony Tetris Effect - DON'T SIT ON THIS!

    I need this for Rift asap.
  4. BasemntDweller2

    General Gaming Official Warframe thread: Ninjas Play Free

    I finished the War Within last night. So so good.
  5. BasemntDweller2

    General Gaming Official Warframe thread: Ninjas Play Free

  6. BasemntDweller2

    General Gaming Good morning fellow gamers

    I'm so sorry to hear about your son, I cant begin to imagine how you feel. Please stay safe.
  7. I'll take any one of the 24 people assassinated in Columbia during the 1980s. Cocaine is a helluva drug.
  8. Week 10 Feature Game Pittsburgh Steelers $13,000.00 QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Steelers TD 2) Keeping the offense on the field: Which team in the Feature Game will have a better 3rd down efficiency Pitt 3) Name the player that will score the first touchdown in the Buffalo @ NY Jets game. Avery Williamson 4) Name the NFC East QB that throws for the most yards this week. Psssh.......easy af. Wentz. 5) Call the winners: San Francisco Tampa Bay Indianapolis 6) Which team will score the MOST points in Week 10? Eagles 7) Punters are people too. Which punter will have the longest boot in week 10? Whoever the Broncos punter is lol 8) Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in Week 10. ($5,000 for each player named correctly, $11,000 bonus if both names are called) Hunt and Theilen Good luck!
  9. BaseD2#1644 Clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=3422685 Clan is open just jump in. I invited you to the Discord also since I don't ever post here and its easier to form groups on there. We normally schedule Raids on Friday nights, sign ups are posted after reset on Tuesday. Lastly, things are slowing down in our clan/discord. Its expected with the lull in content, I expect it to ramp back up with Black Armor.
  10. BasemntDweller2

    where the fuck is DGH

    False. He will save it for a Discord or AIM chat.
  11. BasemntDweller2

    where the fuck is DGH

    It's sort of amazing how boring this board is now.
  12. BasemntDweller2

    PC LTTP: Doom (2016)

    I was bored to tears by the second level.
  13. BasemntDweller2

    What do you love American cheese on?

    Same. I'm all about that deli sliced Land O' Lakes New Yorker American Cheese.