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  1. It is an unbelievably hard watch. I could rarely watch episodes back to back. The experience, however, was one of my all time most enjoyable experiences.
  2. Audioslave, "Audioslave". It has been a while since I listened to this album. Cornell's vocals, along with Wilk's restraint absolutely make this record. Morello is mostly terrible, like usual. Commerford is fine I guess.
  3. why are the Falcons so bad at drafting players? Good god.
  4. I'm a Bluejays fan as long as Ozuna is still on the team.
  5. Sure, but that video has more views than Netflix has subscribers. I'm more curious about how YouTube affects subscription services going forward.
  6. I'd be curious to see a breakdown of where YouTube stands here. Mr. Beast recreated Squid Games, and had significantly more views than Netflix.
  7. I don't support teams that employ domestic abusers, anyway. Someone tag me when Ozuna is off the team.
  8. There is literally only one person on the planet that wants this war. Fucking kill his goddammed ass.
  9. yeah, real women and babies are being murdered in the streets. we are just letting this happen.
  10. Why is this still a thing? Send mi5, SAS, cia, navy seals, Israeli special forces, french counter terrorism division, and whoever fuckall you need to kill this motherfucker. Putin has obviously lost his goddammed mind, and needs to be put down.
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