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  1. Worse. It has a higher rate of infection, and mortality rate than the flu.
  2. At this point China has effectively quarantined %6 of it's population. That is absolutely insane. They are back to thinking that this is new, and not a strain that was previously undetected. @CayceG Texas A&M has a potential case. The patient is currently quarantined in his dorm room. Still nothing about TTU.
  3. All that I know is that there are 12 more potential cases waiting to be tested that have a high likelihood of being positive. If I hear anything more specific I'll pass it on.
  4. I've only been told one thing that I wasn't allowed to share, and it isn't even relevant anymore. I just happen to be married to the lead CDC modeler working this outbreak, so I get breaking news in real time. lol Edit - it would also be risky to publish any of this without vetting it first. There are currently a lot of moving parts. All of these groups are currently collaborating without much organization because of the WHO's reluctance to call this a PHEIC.
  5. She is currently running point on a conference call with disease modelers from all over the world. I should have some interesting data to share later today. There is about to be 12 more confirmed cases in the US.
  6. we started dating her freshman year, and then she stayed in school for 10 more years. The original plan was for me to work while she was in school and then I would go to school when she was finished. She never finished lol
  7. It appears to be more contagious, but yes. There are already reports of 2nd and 3rd generation human to human infections. This is bad because it's more communicable than originally thought. It doesn't appear to have mutated. So we have that going forjedi us. Edit - Don't ask me to explain any of this because I have zero idea. My wife has a PhD, and I work at target lol
  8. Yep. The outrage is beyond ridiculous. They cheated, were caught, and punished. Welcome to every level of sports. It's time to move on. At least McCann and Gattis got rings (along with any other former Braves I'm excluding)
  9. Seattle is the 5th largest point of entry, and is currently unmonitored. Good luck to the PNW. (they have a q-station. They just aren't trained for this)
  10. Yeah, this is bad. CBP are now telling the CDC that they need to start screening at every point of entry for all of China (just over 500,000 individuals/month). And the WHO still hasn't declared this a PHEIC.
  11. I'm not super fond of the fruit ones, but I love the sausage and jalapeno varieties
  12. Because I've never heard of such a thing. We have specialized charter schools (art, stem etc.) that require students to maintain a certain GPA, but they don't blanket deny anyone from attending. Also, most of the time religious schools have ridiculous "moral" guidelines. Those are fine if they remain private, but I have zero interest in paying taxes to a school that refuses to take students with 2 moms.
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