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  1. We had 2 more confirmed cases at work today. I definitely believe that it has more to do with where I live than where I work, though.
  2. 1800+ positive tests in Georgia on Wednesday. and 1700+ yesterday. I get a notification every day about at least one coworker testing positive. Good times!
  3. The Braves scored 4 touchdowns and a 2-pt conversion. Wild.
  4. I have an irrational hatred for Being John Malkovich. I have no idea why. It's to the point that I can't stand Jonh Malkovich in anything.
  5. sure. the "only point" was misguided. managing decades of life with a traumatic injury can be devastating. We don't know enough about covid to claim that anything is a verifiable fact, at this point. Heart attacks, and strokes are perfectly normal in 20 year old people.
  6. of death? Maybe. The risk of permanent lung scarring, neurological complications, and myocarditis are very much present in this demographic.
  7. She was active and complicit in the harm of millions of people. I can't imagine a scenario where I could possibly feel bad for her. If that makes me a bad person then so be it.
  8. Ozuna had 3 homeruns last night (and another tonight). Duval has 3 homeruns tonight. If Anderson can stay hot the Braves are going to be a problem. I hope. lol
  9. Daniel gets beat up dressed as a shower. He is then awkwardly trained by the guy from Happy Days. He enters a tournament where Johnny sweeps the leg. Daniel then uses a gimmicky move to defeat Johnny. After he wins he gets the girl, and then loses her off screen before the 2nd movie. That's my recollection anyway.
  10. Hamilton after winning pole position yesterday. He won the race this morning. (I'd probably stay away from the responses because the world is fucked)
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