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  1. You said the same thing about the regular season, and the NLDS. I don't think that they have the depth to win the NLCS, but I'll still root for them until they are eliminated.
  2. it was the right call. pitchers on short rest just don't work out often. Morton was the best option, though.
  3. I understand starting Morton on short rest, but I don't like it.
  4. Same. Mike Soroka as well even though they've had 3 really solid starts.
  5. The last time Georgia was #1 they shit themselves. Hopefully Richt took the yips with him.
  6. Dave Chappelle - The Closer - First time a comedy special made me cry.
  7. Yeah, UGA's defense has given up 1 td in 5 games. That's insane.
  8. ND getting smoked at home is so glorious.
  9. They did it without their best pitcher, power hitter, and position player. Snitker sucks, and should be fired immediately.
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