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  1. oh, my bad. I probably confused you with another user that I was networking with that was offering me wholesale timber prices.
  2. Are you driving the Ferrari or the Viper to the vaccination center?
  3. Definitely a more appropriate comparison. Air just gets no love, and they are easier to listen to while having sex.
  4. if you need a French, elctro-pop duo, then Air is still a thing.
  5. no fucking way... I didn't get it before you posted, but you're right! 2 of my friends just killed themselves from the shock of it all.
  6. You need to get an estimate. Cosmetic damage turns into structural damage really quickly when dealing with certain areas. Doors are reinforced, and when those structures are compromised require replacement. You can easily find replacement doors at a junkyard, but then you have to handle paint matching. Someone is going to have to physically inspect the damage in order to give you an honest answer.
  7. The Queen and whoever else are a bunch of cunts. They were probably relieved that they didn't have to deal with a brown dutchess.
  8. It isn't. Until something changes on the ground it's just people saying things. Report the change. This isn't it.
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