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  1. That's why I said significantly less than. It's still more money than pretty much any single person on the planet will ever have an opportunity to earn.
  2. That would be on him, and not his injury.
  3. He has an 8 million dollar insurance policy. While that is significantly less than what he would've made over his NBA career, I'm guessing that he'll be fine.
  4. Iculus

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    It's Gary Oldman playing Les Claypool in the upcoming Primus biopic.
  5. Thanks for visiting! Now please leave, because my ride to work has been garbage for 10 days.
  6. They do. Thinking that all they do is knit and sell cookies is very outdated. I'd much rather put my son in GS.
  7. Iculus

    Football NFL Conference Championshps

    The saints only committed 3 penalties? It all balances out lol
  8. Iculus

    Football NFL Conference Championshps

    I'm talking about someone with an actual whistle.
  9. Iculus

    Football NFL Conference Championshps

    I hope the person with the whistle chokes on it.
  10. I understand why they left UGA out, but they would've been a better opponent in both of these games.
  11. Iculus

    Hacked Nest Camera

    Bad things happen when you name your kid Topper.
  12. Iculus

    The Official "I Voted" Thread - GO VOTE

    My second attempt at early voting was a success. It still took over an hour. There seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for Stacy Abrams in the building. Early turnout has been absolutely bananas in Georgia.