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  1. Joey Jordison, Founding Slipknot Drummer, Dead at 46 WWW.ROLLINGSTONE.COM Slipknot co-founder Joey Jordison has...
  2. I'm surprised that the Crown Jules of the Big 12 would volunteer to be middling turds in another conference. 14 teams is a bit much. Kick Vandy to the ACC, and make the Miss. schools play as one or something.
  3. Teepee and all. I'm sure that i have a picture with him in an old family photo album. My political aspirations would be over if it ever got out.
  4. Your opinion on BLTs will do your campaign more harm than if you were actually in the KKK.
  5. I guess they are going to have this exact exchange once a month.
  6. I just enjoy supporting local farmers. It really isn't a big deal.
  7. No. I can a few jars, or just go without.
  8. Yeah, I blanch fresh tomatoes. It only takes a few minutes.
  9. I'm sure the other 80+ games of his career were just an anomaly.
  10. huh? I use plenty of canned foods. none of them require a can opener. why does that make my food suck?
  11. sure it does. if it doesn't, then a fresh jarred alternative is readily available. my kids won't know how to use rotary phones, either.
  12. they've never seen one? I don't own a can opener. I haven't needed a can opener in over a decade. a child raised in my house would have zero idea how to use one. what do you even use them for anymore?
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