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  1. I live in Georgia. I get called out for wearing a mask now. Wearing one post-pandemic is probably a bad idea.
  2. Yeah, this thing is nasty. I'm roughly 3 months removed from my positive test, and still get winded going up a single flight of stairs. I could sleep 20 hours a day if I didn't have shit to do. I'm constantly dealing with headaches, and pretty severe joint pain. It's quite the combination considering I walk around 9 miles a day while lifting heavy boxes filled with dildos all day.
  3. It's complicated. The short answer is 2020 sucks. I found the device to be quite impressive, especially for the price.
  4. I have pretty severe social anxiety. I'm going to legit miss wearing a mask everywhere. I've also learned how to smile with my eyes while saying fuck you under my breath. I do have tickets to a few concerts that have yet to be rescheduled. I'm really looking forward to seeing The Pretty Reckless, whenever that happens.
  5. I have a Quest 2 64 for sale. Slightly (less than an hour) used for $200.00 + shipping if anyone is interested. Covid-19 is a helluva drug! *sold
  6. Dune '84. I had to immediately rewatch 'Cherry 2000' in order to renew my faith in film/10. Everything about this movie is complete shit. At least 'Ice Pirates' had a funny castration scene.
  7. http://www.nature.com//static/images/favicons/nature/favicon.62367f778b.ico The coronavirus is mutating — does it matter? WWW.NATURE.COM Different SARS-CoV-2 strains haven’t yet... Long and nerdy...
  8. I'm harassed daily for wearing a mask in Georgia. There aren't very many places that require them for customers. I wear mine everywhere.
  9. The 7 people i took to the polls for the general asked if I could take them for the runoff. I agreed, of course, and asked if they had any friends or family that needed a ride as well. We'll see what happens.
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