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  1. ED, what Man of X said. Or get some friends to help you out. I just started playing with a group that has played many times over, so it was easier. However, went through the Beta initially by myself. Yeah, patience...which may equal duck and cover! Still, you will be able to chip away at them and rank up. I would join in with you, my friend, but give my schedule my attendance online is...spotty!
  2. I think you are right, Spawn, but I thought they were going to work on more balancing for that.
  3. Saw a guy on twitch who was ridiculously strategic with taking the armor and weapons down on enemies. A thing of beauty. started playing the division within the last month. Ha, late to the party even though I was the first to recommend it amongst friends. i have enjoyed the beta quite a bit.
  4. Man, Tim Brown had almost 1,100 grabs for almost 15,000 yards and 100 TDs and he still waited more than a decade to get in. If Edelman ends up in a couple more years with 650 for 7,000 yards and 45 TDs how in the world can anyone put on a straight and face and say, "yep, great in playoffs, he's in!" I even think the guy is great, but how do you leap frog a number of guys with that? and please no references to NFL "dead ball" era guys, when you could molest receivers all you wanted.
  5. BTW, for the record. I think he is great. I think if you are developing a plan to stop the Pats you start with "Stop Edelman".
  6. Yep. Sorry, I'm calling it. I have mad respect for Nate B and Jason W and they do support it, but I am not buying it. 499 rec, for 5,390 yards and 30 TDs at 32 years old doesn't cut it, regardless of playoffs. Especially not in this era.
  7. Yeah, 305, it really looked like at some points that this was either going to be vapor ware or run of the rails.
  8. The stories we used to hear over at the IGN Boards with the difficult that some of members had gaming were heartbreaking. Especially considering that for some people this activity was the most ideal way for them to pass the time and fully be able to play with others. ...I used to think it wasn't possible to say that something is a win for everybody. I was wrong.
  9. Happy cheese farts galore! It is a great time to see all of them doing well. Even with very good things brewing lately at MS I find it very unlikely that anything will change in 2019 or much of 2020, as well.
  10. I believe his late night show was "Costas Coast to Coast". I like the that show quite a bit. One guest. in depth, but laid back. EDIT: Side note, in 1988 during the Olympics in Seoul a local radio station got his number and called him to talk him. This call/interview was not set-up in advance and Costas luckily happened to be in his room. For almost 20 minutes he sarcastically ripped them for getting a hold of him in SK, and in between jokes he would answer questions honestly and with great insight. I used to like him, but on that day never was he ever as funny before or since. Deadpan, sarcastic, relatable and charming, all in one shot. In that bygone era it is what you would call radio gold.
  11. Even though it is just you and I talking, I got weirdly excited over the prospect of another Suffering game, Blodporne. ...not kidding, I really did.
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