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  1. I believe his late night show was "Costas Coast to Coast". I like the that show quite a bit. One guest. in depth, but laid back. EDIT: Side note, in 1988 during the Olympics in Seoul a local radio station got his number and called him to talk him. This call/interview was not set-up in advance and Costas luckily happened to be in his room. For almost 20 minutes he sarcastically ripped them for getting a hold of him in SK, and in between jokes he would answer questions honestly and with great insight. I used to like him, but on that day never was he ever as funny before or since. Deadpan, sarcastic, relatable and charming, all in one shot. In that bygone era it is what you would call radio gold.
  2. Even though it is just you and I talking, I got weirdly excited over the prospect of another Suffering game, Blodporne. ...not kidding, I really did.
  3. Reboot or Remake? Not for everybody and probably not worth it, but boy would I be in to it, BP.
  4. I love that you said that, ManU. Doom 3, with the no flashlight and shoot original edition rattled me...literally, my nerves started to be shot from things popping out and coming up behind me. Especially, playing that game in the dark. Additionally, The Suffering, after first watching the ghost asylum documentary and then all the weirdness and jumps that game gave...jeepers.
  5. BuckFly

    Football NFL Wild Card Weekend

    That call, was just truly great.
  6. I love my C from 2017. Those hopping on board this year, congrats. It looks like you will have the best of everything.
  7. I thought they were gamers this year, Wade. I thought for sure it would be a bad seasons for the Phins, no way being in the hunt the last few weeks, like they were. Lost key guys and actually got better.
  8. BuckFly

    Happy Very Belated 8th Birthday, D1P!

    Keyser, for most of us it was like the Colts leaving Baltimore in the middle of the night the way we left IGN. Yes, let's give proper credit where credit is due...Setharion did the heavy lifting on letting most of us know and getting us over here...The Dude truly does abide. A lot of those early guys are gone, but not forgotten. I remember early on when one of the guys that started this Board contacted me via PM asking me to change my username as he wanted to use it and he couldn't because I had it (things were different then on how we logged in, I believe). Whatever, he started the place so I was fine with it. ...about half a year later I found out he got in a fight with some of the other originators here and left the Board...about 6 days after he asked me to change my user name. Chalk up a win for the internet.
  9. BuckFly

    I’m one of the youngest people on d1p

    I was born before Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon. ...my days here are most certainly numbered.
  10. I believe I was the one who started the birthday day celebration and I have whoa-fully dropped the ball the last two years. My bad. The actual day of creation, I believe, is December 9, 2010. Sure we have slowed a bit, but what a run.
  11. BuckFly

    Football NFL Week 15 - The Last Days of Oakland

    What if we have an all LA Super Bowl shortly after 20 years of no NFL there?
  12. BuckFly

    Football NFL Week 15 - The Last Days of Oakland

    I am from a hard luck rust belt city on the banks of Lake Erie...it is a brethren thing.
  13. BuckFly

    Football NFL Week 15 - The Last Days of Oakland

    I like the Borwns, Keyser, but I just don't see that happening.
  14. BuckFly

    Football NFL Week 15 - The Last Days of Oakland

    Seriously, these last two weeks are going to be exciting. In the AFC I believe it is this simple, although I could be wrong: If the Ravens lose to the Chargers (likely) and the Colts beat the Gmen (likely) and the Titans upend Washington (likely), then Indy and Tenn are playing the final week of the season for the last playoff spot. Even a tie gets one of the two teams in. Probably Colts as they are currently ranked higher. In the NFC I honestly think the Vikings can almost solidify their playoff spot with a win against Detroit next week, because even though I think they lose to the Bears the last week of the season I don't believe any other of the competing NFC teams will be better than their 8-7-1...Wash, Philly both likely 8-8.