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  1. In...........deed! The Bills finished the night as they started it...with a bottom 5 receiving room. They decided to Hasek* Allen. (* Dominik Hasek, G, Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist, 6 time Vezina Trophy winner (Best Goalie), two time Hart Memorial Trophy winner (MVP), and Stanley Cup Champion with Detroit that the Sabres never, ever got help for on offense to put them over the top)
  2. You could be right, but it is also his first year there and his M.O. is to behave. They might not feed him the rock as much as he wants but they should be good and he should help them so that will bring him a modicum of decorum. Keyser, I think there is a chance the big three might be gone in the top 10 in this draft, with Thomas Jr. shortly thereafter. It’s just too pricey to get up that high. Anyone should be happy to get any of those guys. I’m not sure the Bills 24 and 25 (1)along with their 24 and 25 (2) gets them in the top 10, although knowing the true value of those picks is not in my wheelhouse. I love Jr., but if he is gone the others around WNY like AD Mitchell and I believe the Bills may have met with him the most. I like him, but they need a 1…a solid and true 1. I think that is Thomas Jr. or the top three, which obviously includes Harrison.
  3. Diggs on the field was so much about winning and it is what I love about him. I was always a Forever Diggs guy because of it. However, you knew it had to be untenable with them willing to eat so much cap. Also, and most importantly, during the last nine games under the new coordinator which includes the two playoff games he had 44 receptions, with a 55 catch %, for 388 yards, at 8.81 yards per reception, and 1 TD. ...and during those 9 games the team went 7-2, including a huuuugggge drop by Diggs late in the playoff game against KC. Knowing that the Bills were looking for another #1WR (1A, 1 B if he stayed) in this draft does anyone here think Diggs was going to play nice with a new wideout taking some of his receptions and ten years his younger? Early in March the Bills were $52 million over the cap for 2024. As of today they are $45 million under the cap for 2025, $53 million if Von goes after 2025 and they've gotten younger everywhere. Do I love everything? No, but sometimes you have to pull the band aid off quickly. I have no allusions about division titles and we will see. I would consider 10-7 a good season, but the real focus is what I believe to be the last half of Allen's prime years, which I believe he is halfway through them now at 6 years. That said it is a good pick up for Houston and they are likely to get the best out of him (that is possible) because A) new location, and B) now apparently a 1 year deal so he will be motivated.
  4. Difference is Norwood's kick would have won the game. Bass' kick would have just allowed for KC to get a FG or TD in the last 20 seconds or so in dramatic, but not unexpected, fashion.
  5. Yeah, saw that the other day. It would make things easier if they would just assign the two teams.
  6. No, he did a good job for most of the year with a patch work D and the O let them down in the middle of the season until the OC change. Diggs has finally turned the corner on his age ad for most of the year there was nobody else on the other side, or really covering in the slot the way Beasley did earlier in the decade. Anybody around the League want to pay Gabe Davis 10-15 million dollars a year as a #2 for his 40-48 receptions a season, be my guest. I like him, but he is not, and has never been, a #2. Biggie, in this 5 year run they have never...never been the best team in the AFC. Is that McD or is that the circumstances of everything? I think it is everything. I never liked the Von signing. Why? Age and the potential for injury. What happened? Age and injury. They are good at drafting some talent, but there have been blunders. Cody Ford over DK Metcalf? BTW, I am not sure even Brady is staying. I am not sure he is the answer although he is a good coach. He is interviewing for your Falcons job for the second time in 3 years. If you guys don't sign BB I don't think he is a bad choice. I think the Dirty Birds job is an attractive one. Good young talent in important positions, a number of draft picks. Get a QB and a good offensive mind and they could go on a run. If the Ravens and the Niners end up in the Super Bowl how in the world can any balk at that? They are simply the best two teams in the League. Man, they are both put together so well, especially the Ravens.
  7. Biggie, this team wasn't going anywhere and they certainly weren't situated to defeat the defending Champs, even at home. That is (and should) be Baltimore's job. They had 8 or 9 guys out on Defense and a limp receiver group since day 1. It was a small miracle they won the division. If Bass ties that game I still don't think the Bills walk out of there with a win, whether it be regulation or overtime. They will piss away the talent they have under center and he will leave (as he should) after '28 because of it.
  8. I watched a number of Tyree games in person at UB. Man, he was a specimen. He should have never come out early.
  9. Someone on GMFB suggested they should trade for Justin Fields. How would you feel about that Biggie?
  10. I saw that besides their hiccup against the Titans 5 of their 6 losses have come against teams with 11 or more wins. I also saw that they lost last night to the three time (now four time) defending AFC East Champions and against a QB that has been witchcraft to them since he came in to the league (11-2), and who also coincidentally has scored more TDs at this point in his career than any player in NFL history and is the first player in league history to score at least 40 TDs in 4 straight seasons, with a coach who has now made it to the playoffs for the 6th time in 7 years. And they also lost last week to the best team in football in the Ravens. As well they are dinged as bad as any team right now. Far be it from me as a Bills fan to come to the defense of the Dolphins, but 9 days removed from potentially getting home field advantage in the AFC is not the resume of a team who should dismissively be put in the "why bother" box.
  11. I'm old enough to remember watching the Bucs lose 9-0 in the NFC Championship game for the 1979 season against the Rams. and credit to the Bucs going 6-3 down the stretch.
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