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  1. KC are the defending world champions and may be again this year. As well they have the best player in the nfl and they are worthy of respect. ...but I am just not afraid of them, and nobody should be, including the browns. I just don’t think they are that scary, or at least haven’t been for some time.
  2. OK. There it is. Let’s see who it is next week. Edit: Bills 7-2 this year against teams with 10 wins or more.
  3. You want m to use prefixes? I can't stop my Betamax from flashing "12:00", but you want me to do that technological yoga?! I will try and fix if I can, later.
  4. First one in! Whew...feels good! I love Keyser and I don't want him to be left hangin'.
  5. Well...unless you are the Dallas Stars. ANy thoughts on the year, oeveral, please feel free. Just trying to work my way up to inow. I'm a little stracted and I don't know why.
  6. BTW, Absolut, that was a typo in my first post. I meant they are all 25 and under, not 35 and under. One more thing, Big Ben has two Super Bowls and is a future Hall of Famer...and he is likely the worst QB in his division and will cost them 41 million dollars next year.
  7. Should we look too much into the fact that all afc winning qbs this weekend were 25 and under and all losing afc qbs were 31 and older, with 2 at 38 and above? Meanwhile the 4th qbs next weekend is also in his mid 20s.
  8. Heinke (spelling?) was all man in this game. This could have gotten out of hand and it didn’t. Tampa had to sweat this out, Yes, good job by your team, Slug.
  9. How f***ing bad can the nfl officiating be with this s*** today?! Honestly. Washington back caught that ball. Should have been reviewed.
  10. @thewhyteboar No biggie with the above. Likely won’t even come up with Wilson or even Goff. Yet Allen today became the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300, complete 70% and run for 50 yards in a playoff game, plus he had 3 tds total as well as 376 total yards for (edit) 89% of the offense and this is the s*** he still gets from the nationals.
  11. Not even necessary, TWB, but it is honestly welcome! My comments are above and they are absolutely true, but the fun in the playoffs is rooting for those teams and players you got feels or. I...am a HUGE Philip Rivers fan. Loved him going to Indy and knew he was going to get them in. ...Frank Reich? Are you kidding me?! Why I should be believed when I say that I was at the Greatest Comeback in NFL History (trailing 35-3 in the third quarter) 27 years ago (as of this past Sunday, January 3rd) AND THAT I DIDN'T LEAVE is for one re
  12. I was there at Super Bowl 25 for wide right. My parents were life long Bills fans. My mom died of cancer 20 years ago, my father to leukemia more than a decade ago. I’m likely more than two thirds of the way through my life, given my families track record. Here’s a thought, maybe root for the team of a fellow board member who is on borrowed time over “Rivers one last time.” 😂👍✌️
  13. i rarely advocate this, but if I were him I would say enough is enough. Just don’t play. “Yeah, I love my guys and I will miss them, but I am never playing for this team again.”
  14. The Bills have outscored their six opponents coming out of the bye 229-110, or 38-18, roughly. 4 of those opponents at the time were in the top 10 in defense. This weekend maybe the first time that Allen has Diggs, Brown and Beasley playing together since four or five minutes into the hail Murray game and they are going up against the only team to lose against the Steelers in a month and a half. Yes, they could lose, but right now I am more worried about being carried away by army ants than I am about losing to the Colts. ...and it’s winter for ants in Buffalo.
  15. I've pulled for Washington to win that division since early on. Your guys play hard and to say they overcome adversity would be an understatement.
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