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  1. Indeed! Brady is the greatest QB of all time and Belichek may be the greatest coach. Yet, I will be impressed by them more so...if they make it to 4 straight super bowls. Something that has only been accomplished by one team in NFL history. BTW, editing out my suicide comment above, because although it is a joke directed at you Biggie (which we know each other and of course I don't mean, and it was said in jest), I understand the offensive nature the statement may be to others. FOOTBALL RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!
  2. Ha! Yes, I know, I know. The only thing that helps me get to sleep at night is knowing that my team didn't give up the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. I mean, damn, that would just suck.
  3. My mother past away in 2001...by the end of 2016, three-quarters of a generation, she hadn't missed a single playoff game.
  4. Just FYI and late to the party, I watched the world cup. It was great.
  5. The Strong Museum is something special, in general, if you have the chance and are passing by Rochester, NY, or making a day trip. And Strong Hospital has been instrumental in diagnosing my daughters special needs as a child on the spectrum.
  6. I don't even have half that. ...wait, my math is wrong. It's lower.
  7. I remember it. I remember the stories of the firefighters, responders and workers willing going into an impossible situation and knowing the consequences. I am remember brief glimpses of the footage of many of them dying in the hospital. They did it to save their families and to save so very many others. My balls could never be so big. The "heroes" label is very easy to pin on them, albeit unsettling to think about their pain.
  8. Zaku, that is awesome. What makes it even better is that you shared it. Please, Leon, buddy. This is sad news from you and I hate to hear it, but some great advice by Zaku. EDIT: Leon, I also just read your follow up post, as well. I am seriously not joking here when I say it is a baby steps sort of thing. Please, good luck on finding a new job that makes you happy.
  9. I so love The Division 2 right now and although I am not gaming as much as I used to, I am playing more than I have in the last few years. These guys put their hearts into The Division...it was wonky, they didn't give up and fixed it to be the game that people loved...and then worked their asses off for TD2. I just plain know I am not going to be a contributor to the gaming market like I was before and that there are just plain going to be great games I never play.
  10. I love coming here for the differing opinions and the way you all keep me on my toes on other perspectives. I'll joke...maybe poorly, but I refuse to offend. Life is too short and I want to try and be the same person here as I am out there. skillz, man...I was 5...and I am very old. Even as a kid I had a love of history and I honestly remember that night and I remember my father putting me in front of the TV and telling me, "This is history." I was at the Magic Kingdom and remember it...two years after it opened.
  11. Greatoneshere, I was honestly being sarcastic and I was poorly mixing Morbo from Futurama and Kent Brockman from The SImpsons. However, I am honestly not being sarcastic right now and on my word if I offended anybody here with my comments please know it was not my intent. I have been here a long time, but I don't post a ton and it was my mistake in either assuming the board members know my personality better, or that I took very lightly a subject that others are more serious about, with strong personal opinions. I am not taking back my opinion, but I am wholeheartedly taking back anything that may be offensive, which I truly intended to be light sarcasm. ...in truth, as well, I really don't even personally know any corporate overlords.
  12. G1, I pulled my comment about putting words in other people's mouths with my strike through and explained it in my post to Wade with explanation that it was a mistake on my part. Even though there was a strike through on that people still didn't like my original comment, which I stand by because I haven't loved the WB movies, save for a couple. That's fine, too. However, my follow-up was obviously in jest, I thought my emoji gave that away. So: I stated a position. I retracted part of it. Explained why I retracted part of it in my post to Wade. And then made a statement so obviously sarcastic on its own that I didn't even need the emoji that came after, and yet I can't even believe I've gone through it with two other posters now on this board, of which I have yet to be insulting or talk down to either of you...or anyone. So I'll paraphrase again...what gives?
  13. Doubtful as I would have been about 3 when I became a member on this Board. Since I remember Nixon resigning from office that also puts a hole in the 12 question. Why so serious, Merc, bad day?
  14. I am so obsessed with The Division 2 lately that I may have to go see a doctor about it. ...so he can give me drugs to stay awake and play more The Division 2.
  15. You puny creatures are so lame. You are but ant specks in our corporate spreadsheets. Enjoy what we dole out to you and lap it up like so much tripe and just smile and say, "Thank you." Bow before your corporate overlords and take your proper place under our shoe!
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