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  1. To get WFT emails, pressure is being placed on NFL sponsors - ProFootballTalk PROFOOTBALLTALK.NBCSPORTS.COM Last year, pressure from sponsors prompted Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder to abandon his all-caps NEVER refusal to change the team name. Now, sponsors of the league are being asked to pressure the NFL to release the emails obtained through the recent...
  2. T-Dubs, it's so sleazy. Even if it is just conjecture on our part it is not too far off to think that someone amidst all this garbage...those young girls...someone just waived their hand and said, "meh, throw the masses this bone and let's move on." Disgusting. No...not this time. No.
  3. I support all of the comments above by you and thank you all for the information and as always the education and further knowledge. I will go back to my earlier comment, though, about what the context was or really what the story was, which I did not know at the time, and stated as much. If it were a fluff piece, especially from an insider whose job essentially is to be a water carrier for the NFL (right or wrong) is different. The Defector can say all it wants about it being a no-no (which they even hedged on with fluff a bit). Doesn't mean it is not done, but also, and agreeably, it should be chastised and deterred. However, and as I have posted on other boards this is all red herring bull**** that we...US here are chasing after. For crying out loud on my Bills board it became pages about whether OJ should come off the Bills Wall of Fame...there I stated, "really?" Gruden (?), OJ (?), all the while Snyder, AND the NFL and the WFT go strolling and whistling out the backdoor. I guess I was not eloquent or even pointed in what was really my main issue in my earlier posts here, which was... Gruden...Shefter...really?! With the monstrous things that the WFT and Snyder have done or are at least being accused of doing here at the D1P it is the benign garbage we are debating...including me. We are kidding ourselves if this is or should be the focus. Gruden is gone, as he should be...but he's gone. Shefter is going to take his heat, but who's clinking their glasses together if he goes down, proclaiming "decency and ethics in journalism has been restored! Ha-zah!"? Meanwhile, I believe PFT referenced the fact that someone is out there speaking up, petitioning or at least trying to get advertisers to put heat on the the NFL's advertisers to hold the NFL accountable for some disclosures, and really some consequences, about the purpose of all this, which is the egregious activities of the organization, owner and the now apparent cover up by the League itself. Firing the guy who deflates footballs, destroying THE evidence of "spy-gate", or fining a team doesn't seem like it is going to be enough of an answer this time around...or hopefully it shouldn't be enough. If it is, if this is ALL this ends up being about or happening, then maybe we all deserve to be eating nothing burgers and being satisfied.
  4. Yeah, because so much self respect in reporters nowadays, but that 100% aside*… …what was the story? Honestly asking, because I don’t know. I know it is crazy that context matters, but context matters. * because I’ve seen on numerous occasions and on numerous stories from self respecting reporters in print and television state, “when asked to comment about this story”, or “when asked before going to print”. It helps as well to create a safe harbor from libel.
  5. Yeah, but isn't that really kind of a nothing burger? It is not unusual to run stories by people who were being reported on to verify parts of it, or to recommend changes from their perspective. its up to the judgment of the reporter, but it also helps prevent something from being a hit piece if it is inaccurate.
  6. In. Side note: I called Keyser a jerk late in the last decade and was "misplaced" from this board for 12 months. Not true story.
  7. Well, I was right about it not being close. Two straight weeks of absolute rain drenched messes. Happy over the way they played.
  8. Honestly, that game was kind of everything and kind of a joy. I like the Bengals and that was too bad, but still. Good stuff, movie fan wise.
  9. KC 31 - Buffalo 17 ...and for f*** sake the following week watch as KC will need a field goal as time expires to beat the WFT, 27-24. Over the last 18 games including the playoffs KC has gone 13-5, and in those 13 wins they have won only 3 of those games by greater than 6 points. Twice against the Bills and last week against Philly. Miami played them tougher than the Bills did. So did Atlanta. The Bills should match up better than others against them, but they don't. They just don't. I can't even climb to the top of a mountain, sit criss-cross apple sauce style and ponder why it is. It just is. Dammit.
  10. He couldn't agree more. Sb, please don't get mad at me, my friend. I couldn't help it. Honestly. Sorry.
  11. We’ll see. @AbsolutSurgen big game tonight, even for the entire league. Chargers playing well but the Raiders should win. Your thoughts on tonight?
  12. One might argue (this One) that the Bills also might be half way decent at the playing of the football. I can live with the #1 scoring offense and the #1 points against defense heading into next week. Injuries are mounting, though, and the Oline sucks.
  13. I believe there are 14 teams who would trade with the Raiders to be 2-0. Just take the compliment and run with it as a front runner. Be "not sure" when someone catches you, which may not happen anytime soon. You were 1-1 against the previous best team last year so there is a little precedent. Carr looks great. EDIT: Jumpin' Jiminey if you get by the Chargers you could be playing KC at 8-0.
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