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  1. I enjoyed the revival of the show although it definitley gave off the early 90's vibes in egards to production. Modern Family, Blackish and Fresh Off the Boat are good, but they tend to take the comedy a bit too far into places of unreal-ism..almost more spoof than parody. I don't know how this will fare...it would be better if J.Gallecki came onto the show more full time...to provide a better framework. I think this is TBBT's 12th season? Yeah John Goodman plays off Roseanne Barr...but he's a good enough actor to not need her and the ensemble cast has more than enough build up to carry the show. When Ritter died on 8 Simple Rules...they only had one season under their belts....then they had to bring in characters to fill in the gaps....same thing with 2 and a half men..they had to bring in Kutcher to replace Sheen to build out the cast.
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