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  1. I don't need 4K.... I just want to at least be able to get to 1440P on a 6.8 inch screen. I definitely noticed the increased sharpness and broader color gamut while testing side by side. The Youtube 4K Costa Rica video is perfect for doing the test btw For the same price..why not get more lol.....that's like saying you don't want a 90hz display over a 60hz display in your phone at the same price point.
  2. I love it. The fast USB-C charger in the box takes it form 0 to full in an hour and 10 minutes. I can go to 60% in a half hour. The screen is pure sex....it would have been 11 out of 10 if it had 90hz refresh though..but it's nice to watch Youtube video at higher quality than on iPhone. Pixel 4 looks like it's shaping up to be a winner too.
  3. Double Posting....Story Time Wow...so still torn and on the fence I showed up at Verizon at 9:45 Am this morning 15 minutes before it opened.....there were 2 guys in line....thats it. Last year same location about 30 people and the year before over 100. So anyway..we go in and I start looking at my options and they don't have the Midnight Green in stock at all......so I was like..this is a sign....told the guy tell ya what....get me the Samsung Note10+. Apple can fuck off for the year. I've got an iPad that I like so I'm not leaving the park....just the Wild iPhone Ride. The last non Apple phone I had was the Galaxy S3. Anyway....I was just feeling super pissed at Apple today No USB-C Charging Still can't view higher than 1080P video on Youtube No attempt to shrink the Notch Kudos on WiMax6 in device, but the radios still suck and reception in buildings is a pain. Apple Needs to get its shit together and stop beefing with Qualcom, Samsung, and all their other vendors. Next Year I'll go back to Apple if I see things like USB-C Charging No Notch App Support for Google Stadia or MS XCloud 5G 90hz display And now I have to watch some Youtube to figure out how to set this phone up right. Last year there were 5 iPhone users on my plan.. now there's only 1 and obce the pixel 4 comes out....0. Apple you got some work to do. PS :Apple Arcade is awesome on my iPad
  4. Did you get it? I e got the Alienware because it looked better at MicroCenter when I did head to head. I had to manually set it to 120hz though but that was just a one time thing
  5. I'm suprising my wife with this one.....did it last year with Game Night..and that was a fantatstic funny movie that came out of nowhere
  6. what i really want to know.....is if XCloud gonna work with Apple phones.....clearly google is gonna drop stadia on Pixels first..and then rollout to other Android phones...but will it or XCloud work with iPhone or iPad....i use Moonlight right now and PS4 can stream games from anywhere to my iPAD, but Steam was cut off.
  7. Still trying to decide between the ProMax11 or the Samsung Note10+ or wait for Pixel 4.....although I don't know if Pixel 4 will release on Verizon right away. That screen on the Note10+ is bewitching...
  8. It's probably why I stay a bit more optimistic with Nintendo and try and give them more of a chance after hardware failures nowadays..
  9. After I bought the 32X and Saturn...I wasn't touching that damn thing...
  10. That's awesome Slug. I just started Rebel Assault solo to learn the game so I can teach my kids...but it has a pretty great companion app that does the DM of Sorts role.
  11. Does this all mean Snoke was a horcrux for Palpatine.....kinda like Nagini or a shared vessel like Prof Quirrel?
  12. Here's the deal....you can save cash my going with FreeSync monitors over G-Sync....as long as you get the right FreeSync monitor it will now work with your Nvidia GPU to get you the same benefits. Now...I have a two monitor setup....one 35inch curved and one 28inch 4k that acts as a roamer....I'll hook my iPad, laptop, work laptop..or whatever to it. But my primary is this guy and I've been pretty happy with it as an all arounder https://www.amazon.com/AOC-AG352UCG6-Monitor-3440x1440-DisplayPort/dp/B07LCX18MW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=AOC+35+inch+AG353UCG&qid=1565378905&s=gateway&sr=8-2 The thing is...there are a lot of nice mid range monitors on the market right now and the prices aren't that bad.
  13. It’s True....I ripped ours out myself when we did our remodel/renovation.
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