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  1. Didn't use SideQuest or Virtual Desktop with Original Quest because I have a wired headset, but it does work pretty butter smooth with the Quest 2.
  2. Not sure if you want to spend the big bucks but the Super Elite with battery is even better...that battery adds a nice automatic counterweight....but I'm sure you'll see a lot of mods on ETSY and Amazon soon with even more comfortable straps/facemasks for cheap
  3. When i am walking in VR I try and just walk in place as much as possible and it seems to help a lot. I also do the head bob as I walk...looks ridiculous but it helps my inner ear. Flight sims are still my achilles heel unless it's set in space. Doing an Immelmann makes me gut check pretty hard because the eyes and inner ear dont want to agree which probably makes things worse
  4. Cardinals $8000 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Cardinals TD, Cardinals FG, Cardinals safety, Cowboys TD, Cowboys FG, Cowboys safety, or other? ($700 for the correct call) Cardinal FG 2) Which team in the Feature Game will have the most penalties thrown against them? ($500 for the correct call) Dallas 3) Name any two teams that will BOTH score more than 25 points in Week 6. ($600 for the correct answer) Minnesota Vikings Buffalo Bills 4) He's got wheels: Name the ball carrier that
  5. Tom Brady is fucking bitch......... As for my fall from the top spot
  6. http://www.google.com//sites/esquire/assets/images/favicon.ico Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Review: Watch Netflix in Virtual Reality WWW.GOOGLE.COM The 12-foot TV and luxury living room you'll find in Oculus's new VR headset far outshine reality. And there it is....the non gamers entry into VR.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10,000 QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Buccaneers TD, Buccaneers FG, Buccaneers safety, Bears TD, Bears FG, Bears safety, or other? ($600 for the correct call) BucsTD 2) Which team in the Feature Game will have the most total rushing yards? ($400 for the correct call) Bucs 3) This turf tastes lovely: name the quarterback that is sacked the most in Week 5 ($800 for the correct answer) Kirk Cousins 4) Which team will have a higher average yards per play in the L.A. Ram
  8. Hearing good things about that one too. You know...the FOV thing.....I wonder if it's because I do Paintball and Scuba that it doesn't bother me that much. When I switch between my VIVE PRO and Quest it never really bothers me....
  9. You greatly misunderstand the problem. Trump is a product of populism. If he loses...the message won't be of his failure due to policy..it will be because the election was stolen and he's the victim. As the Boomers die off and GOP power falters....younger populist Republicans will cling to that narrative with every fiber of their being....they aren't going to have a come to jesus moment where they realize the failures of their party.....it will be someone elses fault. I literally have relatives who have taken advantage of disability to not work (1 took a whole year off and went
  10. I have the Vive Pro and Quest and I fully enjoy each....right now the Vive Pro offers me an overall better visual experience, but the Quest 2 will catch up so to speak in the visuals department. The only thing that makes me hesitatnt about the Quest 2 is that it does not have full IPD adjustment..it has several options with sort of set ranges....which may or may not work for some people including myself if I fall outside of thos eranges. I'm getting it from Amazon so if the IPD doesn't work for me I'll just stick with my OG Quest And Vive Pro. The next real advancement is putti
  11. The account wouldn't be inactive since you're using it to log into VR. There's no requirement to have lots of stuff on your page or like things or even post. I do get that some people don't want this...but FB is a company and overall the work they did with the original Occulus Quest was awesome......you buy a Google product like the DayDream VR and they just straight fucked their users. Facebook on the other hand continued with solid experience changing updates from Day 1 on the Quest and immediatly followed up with a solid upgrade a year and a half out. That's a big reaso
  12. I'll pay more attention when they actually lose in court. Making an accusation is far different than proving it. If I had to worry about corporations being sneaky...I wouldn't have any apps on my phone or iPAD. Besides.. the data from my SF86 including my biometric fingerprints already got stolen from OPM....Not much left to steal lol
  13. I have mine coming next Tuesday to replace my OG Quest..also have a Vive Pro. I'll send that one to my brother. I think VR is gonna kill movie theaters for me completely. I really enjoy watching horror movies in VR Movie theatres. Playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR has been nothing short of Amazing. As for Facebook...I mean...create a FB Account and just leave it blank. You're not required to friend anyone or add things you like or follow anything. It is useful as a social hub for VR if you're into that, but you don't have to. You can leave all the perso
  14. Week 4 Feature Game Denver Broncos $5000 QUESTIONS 1) Broncos TD, 2) Over 3) Denver 4) Jaguars 5) Call the winners: Buffalo Indianapolis Jacksonville 6) Josh Allen 7) 6 8) Dalvin Cook Stefon Diggs
  15. Green Bay - $2500 QUESTIONS 1) Packers TD 2) Green Bay 3) Green Bay 4) Mike Evans 5) Call the winners: Atlanta Washington Baltimore 6) Drew Brees 7) Vikings 8) Jonathan Taylor ,Stefon Diggs
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