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  1. Aren't you paying attention? that shit is happening everywhere. This isn't some isolated case... Republicans win because their base stays hyperfocused on winning. I mean..I'm not voting for Joe...the top of my ballot is gonna be blank...but even though moderate republicans out there don't approve of Trump as a person...they aren't gonna not vote for him.
  2. Naw..we discussed the failures of the war and bad economic policies that led to the housing crisis and other stuff all the time with no issues. It was really when all these conspiracy theories about Hilary started being pushed over and repeated ad nauseum that things devolved. Trump isn't stupid...he knows that a lie repeated enough can become the truth.
  3. Admittedly not...the vast majority ..around 30 or so were centrist Republicans before Trump. But from what I'm seeing...this seems to be the norm across the country as they are choosing to double down.
  4. Based on what I've seen my relatives devolve into over the last 4 years...I disagree. They went in for Trump timidly and are now digging in harder and harder as the mistakes and idiocy blows up. Even during the Bush Jr years they weren't actively pushing conspiracy theories every chance they got.....social media and these right wing pocasts and media has really pushed them hard into trumpism. We used to talk and debate all the time..and now...well you can't debate conspiracy theories and as soon as i start putting facts in discussions they attack my and not my argument.
  5. I'm down for that...all i can say is that I'm down for some big tongue in cheek scene chewing fun.
  6. Still no release date....and one sneak peak a year. Must be waiting for next gen consoles.
  7. 1. I said that looking at this game reminded me I still needed to get the Subnautica expansion.....not that the two were comparable in gameplay or content 2. I also said I like game set underwater.....and this is set underwater because thats the natural environment for your shark character Your're not a shark thats running around land....it's not your natural setting for the game...hence limited movement and ability once you leave the water. Its open world with the exception that your severely limited outside your natural environment..which makes sense. Just because Ecco could jump out of the water and perform actions doesn't mean Ecco's setting wasn't under water either. Also...you should have been fine with my original post with getting pedantic about it in the first place.
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