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  1. I think by this Christmas you could see it maybe at the $349 price point.......but past that you start cutting corners and the experience suffers Added: Even the Go has not received a $100 price cut I am all for cheap awesome VR....but the price here is pretty competitive and fair. I've tested it for a couple days and it holds up well to my much more expensive Vive Pro.
  2. I disagree completely. It will drop in price by $150 when the next version comes out. I think you don't realize all the technology packed into this thing. You want cheap VR..you can have it at $150 with the oculus Go and 1 waggle controller. You want Full flawless 6DOF with headset and advanced controllers.....$400 is very reasonable mainstream price. A Nintendo Switch is 349.99. The biggest thing about VR is convncing people of a use case to get them hooked. I shoot pictures and video on a Lenovo Mirage VR180 camera.....playing them back on the Quest is easy and it's like stepping into a memory.
  3. They already have programs to link it to your PC to stream games...granted...it was literally just released and an offical version is on the way. I'm gonna give it a shot maybe this weekend just to see if artifacting is an issue. That said...I spent 5 hours staright last night in VR......Vader Immortal is a must buy...I could spend hours just in the training section fighting the flying blaster speheres.....deflecting blaster bolts back at them and slicing and dicing and just perfecting lightsaber play. Eventually you will get what you want with VR, but at this time and place...this is one of the best and most enjoyable in home VR experiences you can have and it's a perfect jumping off point. $400 is the perfect price.
  4. Really gonna miss my Best Buy gamers club when it expires
  5. Unfortunately out of all the VR headsets I own...and I'm now up to 4...I have not gotten to use the PSVR headset. From the specs only the PSVR has lower reolution , 960X1080 vs 1600X1440 but higher refresh rate 90 to 120HZ vs 72 and I have to believe that the AMOLED PSVR screen is more colorful than the OLED in the Quest. There are some games I know the my Vive Pro will be my go to device..and maybe they will drop the damn price of the wireless transmitter form $300 to something more realistic like $100...but for now I can see the Quest as likely being my most used VR device. The Inside Out Motion Tracking really is a game changer.
  6. I am already the owner of an HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro and an Oculus Go My initial thoughts. The screen is on par with the Vive Pro.....it does not have the same refresh rate, but the games and programs I've used seem to take this into account and have downgraded visuals.....that's not to say they look bad...the visuals that are there look great...but they have eliminated some visuals...like fog in Beat Saber. So you have less visual components, but the ones that are there look good. Minimal screen door effect. For some reason I am not really able to discern screen door effect or frame rate drops in games...unless its completely obvious...so your mileage may vary The Sound....is great. You can use headphones...and many reviews say you should, but the sound feels like its just there in your ears....very much like the go where the sound is just here but you can't make out a discernable speaker in the headband. I still think this is awesome how they fit a tiny speaker in the headband strap that works so well. Using an Ipad or phone you can stream your experience very easily so others can see what you are doing in VR or for recording. Battery life is much improved over the Go.....I feel like its doubled...so hardcore gaimng will get you two solid hours...streaming Netflix 3 Solid Hours......but even better..I have an Anker battery that I use for my Switch that i can slide into a back pocket and it connects via USB C easily to the headset and adds another 4-6 hours easily. (Not that I can spend that long in VR...) The face has a fan inside it....If you used the GO...you may have found that the interior fogs up..sometimes quite easily....this has been fixed. (this also means that the unit is more front facing heavy..but it's not too bad..the original HTC Vive with the straps was worse) Tracking is phenomenal....I used it in my basement and in my kids bedroom. It was very easy to outline a new play area and I love the way that it uses Gridlines like the Vive if you get too close to act as a warning...but even better is the fact that if you setp out of the play area..the front cameras come on so you can actually see without taking the headset off. If my wife comes down stairs I can just jump out and talk and then jump back in... Never used the Oculus handset before and it takes a little getting used to, but they tarcked and worked flawlessly....and the finger gestures made even more intricate hand movement in games possible. Overall the biggest takeaway is that the whole process was seamless. Jumping into VR is quick and easy and everything works fluidly. It may not be able to handle No Mans Sky VR like my Vive Pro...but the games and apps it does work with...work well enough to make the experience a lot funner. (if you have questions ask away) I really do think that this is a real big step in consumer VR and a sign of things to come. Advances are coming at a much faster clip and these devs have a solid foundation to build on.
  7. Never fired, but damn close. Just had a new contractor win the contract I'm working on.....fortunately they kept most of us around. I had to take a 6K paycut.....but I do get better benefits including a 16K annual stipend for schooling which I should take advantage of.
  8. The New Ducktales is actually really great......you just gotta get used to the art and voices....the stories though are top notch. I really like the introduction and expansion of Della Duck because that was always a question for me when I was younger and Donald cutting ties with Scrooge over her disappearance (Scrooge McDucks fault or not) actually adds some dynamic to the relationships.
  9. 30 seconds. Haven't done it in awhile but that was how long it took in boot camp. So that's still my theoretical max. I prefer Hollywood showers though. I don't wash my hair very often...I stopped a couple years ago and while the first two months sucked..eventually my body started producing the right amount of oil pr sebum....and now I just rinse it and wash it like once a month.
  10. Christensen and Portman Also....this season sucks hard. Writers just trying to wrap things up in the most starightforward way as possible. Uncreative battles, fast travel, and writing out characters they don't know what to do with. I got Arya killing Cersei as the Hound takes on his brother. They'll probably use the fighting/war as cover to sneak in and deal with the Queen.
  11. Occulus Quest Reviews https://www.engadget.com/2019/04/30/oculus-quest-review-wireless-vr/ https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/30/oculus-quest-review Occulus S https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/30/18523941/oculus-rift-s-review-vr-headset-price-specs-features HTC/Valve Vive Index Intro https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/30/18524167/valve-index-vr-headset-price-pre-order-date
  12. Where the hell was Howland Reed and Meera? The books indicate they live in the north in a bog on some sort of moving island... maybe next week they come in to supplement the norths forces? I think their location is somewhere to the south by the riverlands....
  13. I'll have to go back and reread the thread. I may be mistaken about that claim. I don't dispute the fridge logoc claim in Abarms films. I think the claim was equating TLJ to a masterpiece film like Memento when compared side by side and I'd say thats pretty hyperbolic as TLJ did indeed get away with some jarring fridge logic when you think about it. That's not to say Rian Johnson uses it on other films as Abrams does....but in the Star Wars films both of them are just as guilty
  14. Rarely see droids flying ships.....What do you think R2 units are doing in those X-Wings..or the entire Droids in Episode 1 and 2.and 3..the entire Trade Federation military was made up of droids. ANd then there's L3-37in Han Solo A Star Wars Story and then there's this I'd counter your phrase with the fact that the we have seen countless Droids piloting ships in Star Wars. As for the Asimovian stuff....fine...even another living person could have done it. Game of Thrones Spoilers Unlike Luke's...her sacrifice was indeed needless. Just like in Chess...you don't sacrifice a queen when you don't need to or unless it's for the end game win. There were other droids..and there were other humans/aliens that could have done it and should have done it. She wan't piloting the ship the entire movie so it's not like she's the only one capable of flying the ship. My response about this is not a criticism of the movie....it was a direct response to the assertion that JJ Abrams uses fridge logic and Rian Johnson doesn't. Both of them get away with it when needed for the sake of spectacle.
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