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  1. Here's the deal....you can save cash my going with FreeSync monitors over G-Sync....as long as you get the right FreeSync monitor it will now work with your Nvidia GPU to get you the same benefits. Now...I have a two monitor setup....one 35inch curved and one 28inch 4k that acts as a roamer....I'll hook my iPad, laptop, work laptop..or whatever to it. But my primary is this guy and I've been pretty happy with it as an all arounder https://www.amazon.com/AOC-AG352UCG6-Monitor-3440x1440-DisplayPort/dp/B07LCX18MW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=AOC+35+inch+AG353UCG&qid=1565378905&s=gateway&sr=8-2 The thing is...there are a lot of nice mid range monitors on the market right now and the prices aren't that bad.
  2. It’s True....I ripped ours out myself when we did our remodel/renovation.
  3. Why not make Kevin the bad guy. I mean..poor Marv and Harry. What did they do that was so bad? Those were wealthy elites they were screwing over in Home Alone.....so they were stealing things..(that were insured and would be replaced) and they caused internal water damage (that was insured and would be fixed) The only victim was the insurance industry....and calling the insurance industry victims is a stretch. All that rich spoiled kid did was thwart a couple of harmless blue collar joes. And that’s putting aside the fact that apparently black people don’t exist in Chicago or NY in either film.
  4. They did have a landline....the power got knocked out and the phone lines went down locally and we’re being repaired. (I have kids...I’ve seen that movie pretty much every year....I know minutia about it....that picture of Buzz’s girlfriend...is Buzz in a wig which could spawn an entirely different movie)
  5. Yeah..I knew I was gonna take a hit going in, We have two really good game stores locally close to me (Non GW owned) Dice City Games (Wheaton) and Dream Wizards Bethesda/Rockville and so I grin and bare(bear?) it to support them because even though I don’t get to participate much I like knowing theres are good places for the board gaming community locally. Dreamwizards had a nice (TooPoortoGotoGenCon) WarGaming tournament this last weekend among their various stuff.
  6. I just purchased this yesterday..... so many little pieces....after the ease of putting together and painting my Star Wars Legion figures this is a little daunting. But it looks fairly easy to get into and play. It wasn’t cheap either..like $170
  7. I've never had to in our household on the two girls, but the boy (age 8)..I've had to bust out the open handed palm to ass slap a couple times when other methods wouldn't work. I think the last time was about a month ago when he did a side kick to his one year older sister during an argument. He's currently a Blue Belt (somewhere in the middle of the belt spectrum) and his kicks and strikes are starting to be able to do some damage and it's been made clear through his teachers at the Karate Dojo and us that he's never to strike his older sisters. Every kid is different (i got the belt now and then when I was a kid, but I can barely remember it...so it didn't seem to make much of a long lasting impression on me) One thought though...in our case....it seems the spankings don't necessarily drive better long term behavior, but in the moment helps the kid get through the short term outburst like a hard reset. I dislike having to do it, but you can see immediate results in our case. It seems akin to slpapping a hysterical person to break them out of the fit or throwing cold water on someone to sober them up. I feel that parents in the old days relied to heavily on spanking without building other options. It's just best if you use all the tools at your disposal for parenting. One thing that seemingly helped us in our case was not letting the kids see any TV in their first couple years and even now we have just one TV in the house in my Rec/Room and watching is limited for them to an hour a day. Seems like a lot of issues these days are centered around cell phones, tablets and TV and constant screentime during early childhood..
  8. Except...does CBS even show Star Trek:Discovery on it's regular Cable Channel? It looks like networks are looking to paywall some of their better content to make extra money.
  9. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I think it's a minor social issue at best when compared to the larger issues that liberals are looking to tackle. Chiefly climate change, universal healthcare, free or low cost tuition and cost of living imbalance and infrastructure. I feel that if we can tackle those issues....along with the boomer die off and the rise of the multi ethnic Zoomers may of the problems will abate. I'm certainly not hoping they just come up with something as simple and stupid as cash payouts like some of my co workers have suggested. Money doesn't really resolve the underlying issues from my perspective......I'm getting ready to head back to Minnesota on vacation and we live near a tribe who get payouts for having casinos on their land (they don't actually have to work or they can work very little...the payouts are more than enough to live on comfortably....but the issues with alcoholism and mental health are as present as ever)
  10. Some decks are just weird configurations and only specifically are good against other configurations. My favorite part is playing against other people where you have to swap decks. Also I suck at deck building games because I lack the patience and practice of building a fine deck and I feel that Netdecking is like playing a game with all the cheat codes turned on. I'm not really doing it myself. Also..finally got my gaming/play area cleared and at least set up so I can baordgame and paint miniatures this summer https://share.icloud.com/photos/0FyD9t8B4yW50vgzscO37_nqg
  11. Getting into this. It's definitly fun and a deckbuilding game without the boosters and deckbuilding. You can't net deck your way to victory here.
  12. When police officers searched Franzen's home, they also allegedly found cocaine, as well as various drug paraphernalia, such as a digital scale and packaging materials. "Evidence from state and federal investigators shows that he has purchased and sold marijuana products across North America," Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon said in a statement. "In addition to the evidence found in his home, we also have evidence that he had received multiple packages that raised the suspicion of postal inspectors prior to his receiving the package that led to his arrest." Since the case was resolved through a plea deal rather than a trial, none of this evidence was adjudicated in cou
  13. That's what I didn't do the first time, but the second time when I did it when I tried to amend the edit ....it didn't give me the option and it still didn't show up right. And for some reason it wouldn't let me completely delete the previous post completely
  14. Yeah...for some reason I can't fix with an edit. Like if I post it new again or quote it..it works...but when I go to edit that already made post it's wonky and won't properly bring up my options. Or maybe it's because I'm on PC now trying to edit?
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