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Manchin says there is ‘no circumstance’ where he would vote to get rid of or ‘weaken’ the filibuster, opposes using reconciliation to even pass the infrastructure bill.

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1 minute ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

and we won’t notice a difference. He’s not doing anything to help Democrats now. He’s 


Turn your ire to Sinema not Manchin. He still votes with Democrats plenty of times. He's from a very conservative state and his replacement would never vote with Democrats, ever.

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Mitch also said he had his entire caucus together on opposing Haaland right before Murkowski voted for her.


Kind of paradoxically what McConnell is saying is both in the "no duh" territory while also being pretty transparently shaky. It's a well worn tactic by McConnell to will his preferred outcome into existence by prematurely stating he has votes or support from people he actually doesn't.


It's "no duh" because nothing has really moved on that front in a month or two, so he's not stating some new trump card. He is just stating what the conventional wisdom is.


Conversely, it is shaky because Manchin has repeatedly indicated that his stance on the filibuster, election reform, infrastructure, etc are at least somewhat dependent on the GOP's willingness to compromise.


Mitch's own power move of coming out and asserting what Machin definitely will or will not do could itself be a point in pushing Manchin to the other side.


I mean, like it or not this may be the only path to getting something done. Letting Mitch and his goons bite Manchin's hand enough times on compromise so that Manchin gets sick of it and moves on reconciliation or filibuster reform.

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