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I was wondering what this was about till I looked at the tweet. Sadly the leading indicator for xmas for me is when stores start replacing halloween section with christmas before halloween is over. =/ Oh well looking forward to shopping on Sunday, gonna be soo much candy on discount this year  :skull:


6 minutes ago, Jason said:

I thought Trump had officially declared himself king. 

That's not until election night

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I work in a restaurant. We're open, but only at limited capacity. I make probably half of what I made pre-covid, maybe even less. Luckily I saved money during quarantine, but I feel like the well is running dry, and also the restaurant hasn't paid rent in months.


The fact that Republicans are holding a new stimulus package hostage over the elections is disgusting. And, should they lose, I can only imagine lame duck Republicans just taking their balls and going home. "NO PASSING LAWS, FUCK YOU GUYS, I'M GOING HOME!"


We'll see how much home is left by February.

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