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  1. From what I recall from the books this seems to be some of Forward the Foundation, Foundation, and Foundation and Empire. I am still puzzled about what was going on at the end of the second episode, but I'm assuming it's going to be explained at some point.
  2. Didn't Brazil also get a lot of notoriety for tricking a dating app. Had an article written up about him. Perhaps not twitter famous but more notorious
  3. Not sure why but went onto fox news saying the usual: not as bad as the flu, no shutdowns, masks, distancing, yadda yadda.
  4. Not created by Oprah, but Dr. Drew's heel turn was something to behold as well.
  5. I think we would do better getting the Right to be pro choice if we frame it in a Landlord/Tennant context.
  6. I really need to watch I think you should leave season 1+2, not just to get the memes but for my own sanity
  7. Just listened to a great podcast that dealt with exactly this, talking to Dr. Aaron Kesselheim, one of the Dr's who resigned from the advisory panel. Big Pharma’s big fraud with Dr. Aaron Kesselheim | Crooked Media CROOKED.COM They are called surrogate endpoints, and in this case is the big cause of all of the problems that @CitizenVectron pointed out.
  8. But his name is Naruto, I thought it made the incest baby storyline pay off more and think it will culminate into a classic episode
  9. They were talking about the FBI and the 1/6 conspiracy about them honeypotting the MAGA people in to storming the capitol and talked with the dude who wrote the book on the FBI entrapping Muslims on terrorist charges, Trevor Aaronson. After talking about how Tucker Carlson was co opting what the FBI has done to other groups to the 1/6 groups, they also talked about other groups that were on the FBI's radar and the Moors were talked about as being seen as a radical group much like sovereign citizens.
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