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  1. My memory is failing me. I know I watched it and liked it, but other than the standoff at the end I have no recollection what happened in that movie.
  2. My 8 year old 770 finally bit the dust and I'm looking online for a GTX1060, GTX 1650, or a RX 570 and the prices from reputable sources are astounding. At these prices I might as well just get a 3060. It would be a severe bottle neck but I will eventually be upgrading my i5 3570K, motherboard, and memory later. Any input on not spending $300-$400 on a card that should cost $200. Also need to get a recommendation on a newer wifi card, just realized that the one I've been using is going on 10+ years.
  3. Hasn't happened yet. And it's probably going to take another year for the whole process to be finalized. DSS has moved the case on to termination of parental rights, but our little girl's social worker is hopeful that with a long list of special needs (CP/visually impaired/prone to seizures/behind on all developmental metrics) and with bio-mom wanting her two older kids back and another on the way, she will be persuaded to sign voluntarily without needing the courts to make the decision.
  4. I have a black foster daughter, soon to be actual daughter. Does that count?
  5. Made in Abyss and Dororo are two on prime that are amazing. More recently I've been loving Jobless Reincarnation, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen and my favorite Miyazaki film is Howl's Moving Castle.
  6. aw and you just made me excited and nervous that this may have been a season 2 trailer drop, or info about it's cancelation.
  7. You think a kid playing catch with their dad can catch a heater to first base in a major league game?
  8. 24 hour update, had a rough night/morning with chills and full body aches, slept through most of it. Got to work late and still have a tension headache from the muscle soreness in my shoulder and neck. Also dealing with an upset stomach.
  9. Grew up Lutheran. Used to take solace in the idea that my religion has an afterlife and would quell any sinking feeling in my stomach whenever thinking about our own mortality (thanks 90's acne meds). Rarely missed church, only times were for family trips or sickness. When I went away to college I never really went to church any more. I would attend when I was home and not working, mostly to keep my parents happy. Then came the slow slide into non-religiousness that my family went through. My wife and I got married in my church (mostly due to her being a non-practicing catholic) and both
  10. I mean he kind of already has considering the state of wild fires, hurricanes, tornados, and floods in the US.
  11. Yeah I had a co-worker with Type 1 and when he dropped too low was when he would seem drunk. It was like negotiating with a toddler to go up to the break room and eat something. He would get this big goofy grin on his face and sit down on the floor refusing to move.
  12. Considering how all in on Hydroxychloroquine the right went after Trump talked about it, I'm thinking you are going to have to pay up.
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