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  1. Looks like someone finally showed them Vic Berger's YouTube channel. Or lots of episodes of Tim and Eric.
  2. No I wasn't saying that. What I was saying (apparently not very well) was that Trump wearing a cloth mask was good enough with the SS team wearing N95 masks. Sure a N95 mask would be better, but there is a reason that they don't want non-medical people wearing them. You need to be fit tested and undoubtedly Trump wouldn't wear it correctly (or not be able to breath well in it with current respiration issues). So a cloth face mask for him with the SS team wearing N95's is good. My other point was that the valve on the SS N95 valve masks wasn't a problem as long as they were not asymptomati
  3. The fit of an N95 mask only protects the wearer on the inhale, hence the reason a N95 with a valve is still rated as an N95.
  4. Why would trump wear one? It protects the wearer, and he already has covid. N95 masks don't keep the covid in. A normal cloth mask is sufficient. Now the valve on the secret service members isn't a problem as long as they don't have covid. But most places i've been just wear a cloth mask over the N95 to cover all the bases. They should be more concerned with wearing eye shields than anything else.
  5. I just already assumed most Republicans masturbate on 9/11
  6. I don't know about this. A master debater once told me that if you think the person was not a good guy you are wising that he got shot, raped or something horrible and totes deserved it.
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