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  1. Small theatrical release in October from what I understand.
  2. Keep tweeting about Deborah Messing and totally forget that 90% of the population wants UBC?
  3. WTF is it with all of your high schools trying to be college. We still went with a % system and the max being 100. Also honors, AP, and the normies were all tabulated the same.
  4. You could of just shortened that down to Boomer
  5. My brother, sister, and I will only be retiring comfortably because of the whole must withdraw from their pensions and other retirement funds after 65 (and cause our parents love us of course). They are contributing to our roth ira's the max for a year, every year.
  6. Jesus, that woman should not be teaching children.
  7. Man that place must have a really shitty president.
  8. Clearly this is just a cover for getting an infusion of young person's blood
  9. Can't wait for a Fox pundit to say bad things about this deal and Trump blows it up. Edit: I mean blows up Afghanistan not the deal.
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