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  1. So what you are saying is that we are all on a list for posting here?
  2. White woman needed a monogrammed clutch that said Karen.
  3. Little would Trump know that if you are taking blood and it is very red that is a problem because you take blood from veins not arteries and the blood should be darker because it is less oxygenated. Also as the parent of children that are/were tough to get blood/IV (had to request the neonatal team to get lines in for our Livi and now for Noriegh which use a ultrasound to see the veins) the top of the hand is a good place if your normal arm veins are not the best.
  4. Don't lump Suffolk County in with Queens on LI, the east end is way more racist.
  5. Someone should tell Miller she was going to die anyway.
  6. There is a reason that a pseudonym for evangelicals is the Christian Taliban
  7. I only voted yes because schools are opening weather we want them too or not (and the pandemic won't be abating any time soon). I see this as an opportunity to advocate to pump money into the school systems. Personally I think the students that must/can stay home and distance learn should do so. And that may allow some younger children (several studies from EU countries saying that under 10 are far less likely to contract and spread) and older kids who need more in person learning can safely distance/rotate. Our family is in the situation where we have a 3 year old foster child in our home who has cerebral palsy, so we are going to keep our older biological daughter home for at least the first half of the school year. Also the foster child was supposed to start school this fall and many of her services change from early intervention therapies to the school system, so trying to sort all of that out is not easy either.
  8. Not individual teachers but the districts, county, states, and fed are responsible for helping to solve those problems.
  9. With what money? You know this affects the poorest people who are most likely to have lost their job right?
  10. Man learning that the first suit was about a black community just wanted a bus got grouped into Brown vs Board blew my mind.
  11. If I remember correctly Tron: Uprising had some of the origin story in it about TRON being controlled by CLU
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