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  1. You want the government to work? What are you a Communist?
  2. Speaking of health and science type stuff, anyone catch our own Lopez on the recent episode of America Dissected, it's a podcast and that episode is about opioid and crack addiction. @SFLUFAN
  3. This rambling reminds me of the story he told of the elderly person in the restaurant who was bleeding. https://www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-howard-stern-story
  4. What's the over under on Trump saying "it's nobodies business but the Turks" in a future press conference?
  5. Wasn't Wahl also in trouble and had a warrant for something to do with trading securities?
  6. I hear that is not this but the 2016 map with the counties that Clinton won with Trump + third party canidates being more changed to red.
  7. I really thought this was one of the Ancestry like companies at first glance
  8. Isn't he also an employee of the government and the House chair is a taxpayer?
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