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  1. Ask him why the gun hating Trump had to make the rally a gun free space so the attendees couldn't defend themselves. Then say, attendeesnuts.
  2. Anecdotally my wife is recording a msnbc breakdown about project 2025 tonight on Joy Reed because she has been hearing more about it.
  3. What has Jeff Grub said about it. I would assume the opposite to be true.
  4. Clearly the solution is to cut funding and push these kids out onto understaffed foster care systems. If all goes well they can eventually join the unhoused adults with mental health issues.
  5. Every time Wade writes RIP in peace I imagine him cackling at the amount this disturbes me and the other psychos like me Every. Single. Time.
  6. Wasn't aware liking something on Twitter gave out your GPS coordinates.
  7. You talking about 2 time Olympic gold medalist George Santos?
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