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  1. Found some more at Best Buy online store last night around 2am, picking it up at the store today
  2. Anyone aware if there will be a later shipment of the Spider Man PS4 bundles after the black friday ferver. Since most places are having the deal on current stock before black friday even happens I've found that I've been able to get deals online once well into december (skylander swap force comes to mind). I guess I'm gonna have to take that gamble. I've already convinced my parents to get my daughter the psvr astrobot/moss bundle so now me and my wife need to delivier on the ps4. Wish me luck.
  3. Chadatog

    Mueller Season 3: The End Game

    Seriously? Hasn't that been since the 8th?
  4. Chadatog

    The Official "I Voted" Thread - GO VOTE

    No clue...... Right
  5. Chadatog

    The Official "I Voted" Thread - GO VOTE

    Voted early this morning, man researching the NC constitutional amendments really shows how much our legislature is a bag of dicks. (Though I already knew that from being a state employee)
  6. First thing I noticed was the lack of a tether that was in most of there other bipedal vids, so it has it's own power supply now.
  7. So you aren't for human trafficking and child molestation for the illegals as a deterrent. Man what a RINO.
  8. Now @ALIEN-gunner needs to go all in and say the people seeking asylum deserve the human trafficking and child molestation that is happening to them.
  9. Chadatog

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    Or at least that their voters would punish them for having no conscience.
  10. Chadatog

    Probe of FEMA chief referred to prosecutors

    I used to visit my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather in their summer home in the mountains of Hickory
  11. Just finished it, the world was amazing, kinda sad it's not having more.
  12. Why is it I'm imagining the end of Fahrenheit 451 where they run down some scapegoat with dogs and shoot him on live TV