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  1. I just listened to the whole thing, man that was exhausting. I don't know how the Georgia side of the call didn't do the "we are loosing you Mr. President ....... going .......... tunnel ......... (dial tone)" after the first few minutes.
  2. I tried an emulator a few months ago, it takes a lot of tweaking and I still never got it playing right. It was available on the Wii virtual console, if you have one with it DL on it already. Not sure if any of that stuff ever came to the WiiU or 3DS, but I'm pretty sure those e-shops are all shut down except for the 3DS one.
  3. If you loved Tactics Ogre you may not like Ogre Battle. Tactics is more like the turn based FF Tactics while Ogre Battle is completely different.
  4. I'm convinced that no one will make anything the same ever again. Some may have been close but still haven't found any that are the same.
  5. I mean, that's exactly what you do for most test development as well once you have the sequence. The computer can find the best part of the sequence (and in the vaccine's case protein that is created from the gene sequence) that will be the most helpful for what you want to do.
  6. ‘I want accountability,’ says woman seen in video of botched CPD raid CHICAGO.SUNTIMES.COM "Justice has to be served. Not only for Ms. [Anjanette] Young but for any other woman in the city of Chicago, no matter what ward they live in. This is wrong," Ald. Stephanie Coleman said Wednesday. Another story about bodycam footage that is embarrassing to cops, so they try to keep it from the public.
  7. Sir this is a internet posting board, there can be no shades of grey. Only black and white statements for my posts.
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