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  1. Because if she didn't want the baby there is obviously ways to shut that down. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/summeranne/rep-todd-akin-says-women-can-shut-down-post-rape
  2. I guess more middle America, I was told this from someone who came from Iowa
  3. I've been told that I sound like I'm from the Mid-Atlantic, but I grew up on long island
  4. Let's start actually harvesting it from people then it will have a human cost.
  5. I only ever do mayo and mustard when making/buying a deli sandwich.
  6. Pretty soon to do the 25th all we are going to need is Mick Mulvaney to vote, and Ben Carson.
  7. I still grab free stuff I already own cause Epic is giving some type of money to the free games developer
  8. I just figure that these people call the cops due to an unreasonable escalation so the police can then unreasonably escalate as well.
  9. Yeah I was just going to say I take the most exemptions allowed by law and I still get anywhere from 1 to 2k back each year
  10. Not enough shots, most states require at the very least a rabies vaccine every 2 or so years. Also if your dog bites anyone and you do not have those records you can get the crap sued out of you. And if you ever plan on boarding your dog you should get them a kennel cough vaccine.
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