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  1. Not enough shots, most states require at the very least a rabies vaccine every 2 or so years. Also if your dog bites anyone and you do not have those records you can get the crap sued out of you. And if you ever plan on boarding your dog you should get them a kennel cough vaccine.
  2. Chadatog

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    but but but doesn't a pardon mean you have accepted you are guilty? (even if you don't mean it)
  3. One could even describe them as uppity
  4. Chadatog

    ~*Official Nancy, AOC, and Friends Thread*~

    I imagine she is more of a Caramello girl.
  5. Chadatog

    Army Study Determines Iran won the Iraq War

    That shoe thrower had the right idea
  6. You will be happy to hear @SFLUFAN that potato blight is a thing of the past now as farmers can accurately predict when there has been enough moisture and will kill the tops of the plants severely reducing the possibility of the actual harvest from getting blight
  7. Never before has this webcomic been more true.
  8. Chadatog

    My name is Andrea. AMA.

    Have you watched Maniac on Netflix and what are your thoughts on it?
  9. at least they still made it a demo and they didn't make the Yakuza 6 mistake