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  1. This guy's manifesto is all over the place. He seems to hate corporations, race mixing and both political parties, but also to be really upset that we haven't tackled environmental issues. What a clusterfuck.
  2. Yes, like a politician. I know some City Councilmembers where I live and some of them look "slick" I think our Mayor Kevin Faulconer, looks slick. Donald Trump looks slick, Rahm Emanuel, Ted Cruz, Bill Clinton was tagged with the moniker. I get that vibe from Castro. You've heard the term "slick" associated with politicians before, right?
  3. I'll probably get killed for this, but I thought he looked a little short (and kind of slick) too. It's sad that this stuff matters, but how a person looks has mattered since at least the 1960 election. It shouldn't matter, but it does. The shortest president of the TV age was Jimmy Carter at 5'9 and a half.
  4. I'm only chiming in to say that Armageddon is a better movie than Deep Impact in every possible way. One of these films has a Criterion Collection version of it, the other is Deep Impact. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/48-armageddon
  5. That at least used to pay lip-service to the fiscal responsibility part of their platform. I just wonder if they've fully given up the ghost and are like fuck it: "We like to spend too, we just spend differently, more patriotically? "
  6. How long before Trump's base roasts him for not being fiscally conservative? Or is that not a thing any longer?
  7. This is one of those misleading headlines that annoys me. The story seems to want you to think that this is out of the ordinary, when really all that Trump is doing is upgrading Obama's system that may have been an upgrade to Bush's system, etc. He's a big enough fuck up as is, no need to create misleading stories.
  8. SoulMan was a major studio release in 1986, so at least on the Blackface front, I don't think all of America was convinced that this was completely socially unacceptable. Especially as a costume on Halloween. As for being in the Klan, yeah, America knew that was wrong. Dressing up as a Klan member as a costume, who knows. We're a fucked up place.
  9. Hold on...what's real? What did you just watch? Did the pee tape leak? (awful pun absolutely intended)
  10. Is the implication here that none of this is happening and that CBP/Fox were making this up out of thin air? If so, I think that's bullshit. Fox News sucks and the CBP is whatever, but as far as I know there was a group of migrants at the border that were throwing rocks. I'm in San Diego, so some of the reporters I follow are down there reporting on the issue. Wendy Fry is one of those reporters and she has video that seemingly shows rocks being thrown over the border by the migrants. I also have a buddy that is CHP up in Oceanside and he was actually called to the Border on Thanksgiving day and was on standby to go when they shut it down. The information he's getting from his superiors seems to match the rhetoric from the Trump side (possible terrorists in the caravan, etc). Also, I find it weird the fact that these migrants are being murdered (probably by the cartels) while on their journey isn't a bigger piece of the story.
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