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  1. Earlier in this interview she explicitly says she wouldn't all the government to shut down to slow down a nomination.
  2. There is not a world where I would vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden at this point, but stories like this make me cringe. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/510643-biden-gets-in-testy-exchange-with-reporter-who-asked-if-hes-taken-a
  3. All this talk about this very easy cognitive test,but I'll be honest I'm terrified that Trump will goad Biden into taking it. Trump was too much of a coward to call Biden senile when Wallace asked him directly, but he took 3-4 shots after where he all but called Biden senile.
  4. I have a weird nit-pick against political ads or news interviews that are shot or edited to look cinematic. I feel like it cheapens the message by trying to make it look and feel more like a movie. This ad being what I think in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio bothers me, the Bolton interview from a few weeks back on ABC was shot 24, that pissed me off too. That said it's a good ad.
  5. I'm not sure if I've gone nose blind or if the air has cleared. Only went out a few times to walk the dog, but couldn't smell it as strongly as last night. Are you still smelling it? I'm in Normal Heights,so not as close as my friends in North Park, but close enough.
  6. The air in my neighborhood has a burnt electronics tinge to it today. Not the best day for air quality in San Diego.
  7. The hospital my wife works at was down in the 20s a couple of weeks ago (right around the time of reopening). They crept back up into the low 30s last week and BOOM they're at 50 today.
  8. Let's all cram on planes, trains and in elevators to beat the virus and help the economy!
  9. Do they have any theories on how it was contracted in hospital? Are the rooms in your Covid unit all negative pressure units? Are you concerned that you were exposed whole treating the patient before he was known to have it?
  10. Out here in San Diego, rioters burnt down two banks, a grocery store, , and looted and vandalized an area that is full of small businesses. Banks are whatever, but grocery stores have been essential during this pandemic for people to eat and small businesses have been hit hard by this as well. These protests, while largely peaceful, also have a group of people in them that just want to loot and riot and are doing so without any rhyme or reason for the businesses they are looting and burning down.
  11. Kicking the windshield of a police car while there is an officer in it is a violent act. Some of these protestors are violent and instigating violence. It's naive to think otherwise.
  12. Fargo Riots I was surprised to see people protesting in Fargo. But from what I've seen on Twitter there are protests everywhere today. Also, the guys jumping on the squad cars and kicking in the windows are pretty stupid. Seems like it kicks off with one bottle thrown and then the bottles start coming in greater number. I can see how this can escalate to tear gas and riot gear.
  13. Depending on where you live $2M isn't that much money. $2M where I live isn't going to make you rich. Especially if $750k of it is wrapped up in a house that you purchased 30 years ago for $125k. You're also really doing a disservice to professional athletes and others that come from nothing and then make a large amount of money in a short amount of time.
  14. In 2,000 years when the Book of Donald/The Art of the Deal is the basis for the new Qanon-ism religion, there will be verses written about how he looked the eclipse in the eye and was unfazed, and now how he took medicine that killed many others but it only made him stronger. We're all so fucked.
  15. Trump's base rails on Hollywood but their entire gimmick is making their "characters" look like super heroes by wrapping them in pop-culture memes.
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