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  1. I've felt like shit since about 9pm. I'm running a fever and my body aches. That said it's infinitely better than getting a bad case of Covid.
  2. I got my second dose today as well. I got the shot at 10:30 a.m. and was worried that I wouldn't feel great for a short live-streaming gig I had at 4:00 p.m. But I made it through that event just fine. My arm is sore but otherwise I think I feel pretty normal.
  3. I agree and would add Escondido, Fallbrook and Otay Ranch to the list of places where new builds are currently happening.
  4. I also live in San Diego and I think the AirBnB of it all plays a role in our housing problems. Regulations fuck us as well. I am active in the local Chamber of Commerce and am on the Small Business Committee. We had a developer come in during election season back in 2018 to talk to the committee about some ballot initiative. He mentioned he had to pay 10x in permits in fees what he does in Texas because of State and local regulations. Something like 27k per unit in California vs 2.7k per unit in Texas. As a result, almost any apartment development around here is labeled a luxury a
  5. @Spork3245How is your cat feeling about OCGN with this latest news. Are they still feeling good about $20-25?
  6. I don't own much OCGN, but I have a sell order for half of my shares at 14. I wonder if it gets there today.
  7. I worked a shift Wednesday evening and the site I was at had to stop taking appointments, couldn't take properly documented walk-ups, and also wasn't able to vaccinate the volunteers that had done three shifts. I know they hope this weather clears up, but I think this type of delay creates a domino effect that becomes more difficult to manage when you're many vaccine sites around the country are going to be just starting to give second doses.
  8. I don't really know what happened here, I just saw my SN posted a bunch of times. I appreciate you guys sharing your information with me. I really try to take it all in, add some of my own DD to it and then use it to make my trading decisions. That said, I'm getting KILLED on PLUG right now and I thought that was my sure thing. Although, I'm planning on playing the long game with that stock.
  9. @Spork3245So, I've had this thought that keeps popping up in my head about OCGN. I know we are a long ways away from vaccinating the number of people that we need to vaccinate. However, seeing the rapidly falling infection rates and the rapidly rising numbers of people that are getting vaccinated. Is there a chance that by the time they get down with their phase 3 that they won't get EUA here (in America) because we just don't need another vaccine option? Are their primary (India) and other developing nation markets big enough to make the stock go Brrr into the 20-25 range or is t
  10. I volunteered for my second consecutive day today and was able to get my first shot. No side effects as far as I can tell, but maybe they will develop over the next day or two? Interestingly, the site I am volunteering at was very slow today. They have the capacity to do about 2,500 doses per day but they estimate they only did 700 today. They think this was due to the fact that they didn't know how much vaccine they were going to have today so they couldn't offer any appointments until late last night. I'm back again tomorrow and hopefully it will be packed like it was on the fir
  11. I didn't get in on this one, but I did take an opportunity to buy a few more shares of PLUG now that its dipped under 60. It looks like I bought it close to the apex, so this lowered my average cost per share. I also threw a bit more money into Apple.
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