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  1. Perhaps the travel ban from China helped a bit. But, I can say that I came back from Italy (Venice) on February 20th and they weren't doing a damn thing to check me or my wife's temperature or anything like that when we arrived Stateside in Atlanta.
  2. Can confirm. I run a small video production company (0 employees, all owner-operators) and we have had 5 jobs cancelled already. On top of that, I had this realization yesterday that none of our customers are even going to be open to pay us for the work that we've already done and are doing for them.
  3. But isn't some of that attributed to the fact that right after IA and NV you couldn't turn on CNN or MSNBC without someone screaming that "fact" at you?
  4. My TL is a weird cross-section of never trumpers and progressives, but if anything I've seen the exact opposite. Especially from the never trumpers that are happy as pigs and shit and have no problem letting you know it.
  5. Now more than ever, it feels like we're voting on which Vice President candidate are you comfortable being President for the next 8 - 10 years.
  6. This is WILD. The only precinct that I saw reported on Bernie had 2x the voters of Pete in the 1st round and walked out with the same # of delegates an Pete is really out here saying he won.
  7. To qualify for the mid-Feb debate under the DNC rules you need to either meet the polling threshold or have at least one delegate in the national convention. Are the delegates that are being brokered in these caucuses by non-viable groups coming together delegates to the national convention?
  8. Is this sourced or is it all on background? If it's anonymous, I'd be my house on Tillerson being the source. He comes off as a bit too much in the back and forth with the President.
  9. This guy's manifesto is all over the place. He seems to hate corporations, race mixing and both political parties, but also to be really upset that we haven't tackled environmental issues. What a clusterfuck.
  10. Yes, like a politician. I know some City Councilmembers where I live and some of them look "slick" I think our Mayor Kevin Faulconer, looks slick. Donald Trump looks slick, Rahm Emanuel, Ted Cruz, Bill Clinton was tagged with the moniker. I get that vibe from Castro. You've heard the term "slick" associated with politicians before, right?
  11. I'll probably get killed for this, but I thought he looked a little short (and kind of slick) too. It's sad that this stuff matters, but how a person looks has mattered since at least the 1960 election. It shouldn't matter, but it does. The shortest president of the TV age was Jimmy Carter at 5'9 and a half.
  12. I'm only chiming in to say that Armageddon is a better movie than Deep Impact in every possible way. One of these films has a Criterion Collection version of it, the other is Deep Impact. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/48-armageddon
  13. That at least used to pay lip-service to the fiscal responsibility part of their platform. I just wonder if they've fully given up the ghost and are like fuck it: "We like to spend too, we just spend differently, more patriotically? "
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