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FBI director holding press conference at 11am on matters of national security

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This will go either of two ways but if it's trump BS I don't really think it's going to make much of a splash outside his base.


9 minutes ago, legend said:

I kind of just want to go into hibernation for 5 years.

Awww sounds like someone took away your admin/root access so you couldn't execute the suspend mode. :thumbup:

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12 minutes ago, Pikachu said:

The pair were part of an Islamic State cell known as ‘The Beatles’ that held journalists and aid workers who were beheaded on camera.


Those pictures look like one of those Facebook ads for "Top 10 Local Brooklyn Indie Artists You Just Can't Afford To Miss".

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8 minutes ago, chakoo said:

If this was all, why the massive freakout by Trump & Co? You would think they would have had early info and would be jumping on to show how strong they are against ISIS.


Random guess. Trump wanted them to open an investigation into Biden and then publicly announce it, but they didn't. It's not like Trump didn't do exactly that with a foreign nation, I'm not sure why he wouldn't do the same with his own FBI.

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