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What were your favourite launch games?


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As the title alludes to, this is a thread for you to mention the games that you bought at the same time you picked up a console at release, so naturally this thread can not be about games that you first picked up with a console, but rather one for the dedicated few that buy consoles on the first day of their release. 


I've only bought one console at launch and that was the Gamecube. The first game I played was Luigi's Mansion and I loved it. The look, the music, the gameplay loop were perfect at the time. It does seem convenient that it was my one and only, but in the six years I had my first gamecube, I played through the game three times and enjoyed it each and every time. 

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I have bought lots of release day systems and I guess these were my favs at start


Dreamcast - SoulCalibur had me and buddy playing it for ages. I would of included House of the Dead 2 here but it was well over 2 weeks before I could get my hands on the light guns 


PS2 - I’ll be completely honest, I bought it more for the DVD player. TimeSplitters was the only game I had for some time before I got into the Ratchet and Clank and God of War series


GameCube - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is the game I remember playing the hell out of on my system. Remember walking into the same EB Games store 2 days after getting my PS2 and seeing a couple of gamers doing the same thing


XBOX360 - Perfect Dark Zero might of had a bad single player campaign but I played the hell outta the multiplayer on that. God I loved the setup for the analog zoom sniper rifle 


PSP - impulse buy but I guess I enjoyed the Ridge Racer game I bought at launch


Wii/Switch - come on, really, something better then a Zelda game at launch


XBOX ONE - I’m trying to remember what games I bought for launch. I guess my COD: GHOSTS is what I played the most of. I actually enjoyed the campaign on that. Plus I got the game for $10 after an insane trade in deal at Future Shop/Best Buy and $10 up-charge trade in at end games from past to current gen system


PS4  - didn’t wanna list one because I only bought Killzone 3 and it wasn’t that great 



. . . . and as of today I turned to the dark side. My gaming PC should be here in a just few hours. If I weren’t so broke after my purchase. I would LOVE to get an Oculus setup and the new Half-Life game 

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The only console I ever got at launch was the PS4, and for that, it was actually a surprise Christmas gift, so it wasn't right at launch.


I got Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and bought Resogun as well. Resogun was and is such a gem. Black Flag was a lot of fun, but it was only a sliver of what was to come this gen.

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Just now, Dodger said:



Same, game blew my mind at the time. 


I agree. Seeing Mario in 3D was stunning for my 14 yr eyes at the time. I played the Japanese version at blockbuster video before the American version released.

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8 minutes ago, best3444 said:


I agree. Seeing Mario in 3D was stunning for my 14 yr eyes at the time. I played the Japanese version at blockbuster video before the American version released.

Same. I played the Japanese version on one of those try-out console stations prior to release at a store and there was a line every day.


The biggest 'leap' after Doom I had seen.

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17 minutes ago, best3444 said:


I agree. Seeing Mario in 3D was stunning for my 14 yr eyes at the time. I played the Japanese version at blockbuster video before the American version released.



They had the demo at EB games, and at the time it really was incredible. I sold the Playstation I got for Christmas so I could pre-order the N64. Sorry mom. 

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Switch - Breath of the Wild. Should be pretty obvious.

PS4 - None. I had both consoles pre-ordered, but opted for the PS4 because I enjoyed the Killzone series and the Xbox had nothing on launch I wanted. Boy was I let down by that game.

Xbox - Halo. I personally didn't get one until Christmas, but a friend had one at launch and we were all over at his house playing Halo every weekend.


Almost every console I got growing up was either for my birthday or Christmas, so I never really got anything on launch.

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Star Wars Rogue Leader deserves a mention, even if it’s not my absolute top.  It was so far ahead of everything else at the time presentationally, and still is the quintessential Star Wars game today IMO.


Not just visually either.  I still remember playing it over a friend’s house with their surround sound setup.  There’s nothing better than that tie-fighter Doppler effect to show it off.

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-Agent Under Fire, the on rails car  shooting portions were fun.. but those “bond” moments got annoying

-Rogue Leader, those graphics! plus tons of unlockable missions... Battle of Endor was amazing


Xbox 360

-Cod 2, that kiosk demo sold me on the controller and the system itself... the campaigns were mostly ok... but the American campaign along with the tank battles were a touch above



-Arkham Knight, the game that finally pushed me to buy the system... the iteration on predator system was so good.. the batmobile did wear a little but doing the New Game+ playthrough i managed to better balance the game... too bad “the” Arkham Knight mystery was a dud..

Still one of the most Amazing Endings



Got it recently for Breath of the Wild.. still an amazing experience... i kept from cresting the difficulty for as long as i could?


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On 4/9/2020 at 5:28 PM, Bloodporne said:

N64 - Mario 64


That'll always be the most impressive big launch game for me.



I agree. I don't think you can recreate the confluence of events that made Mario 64 so impressive at launch. It wasn't just about how good the game was, it was about how it dropped just at the right time to usher gamers from 2D into 3D and how it made that transition perfectly. On the first try. At launch.


I used to think that maybe a perfect launch game for a high quality VR set could match that wow factor, but now I think it might take full on Star Trek holodeck technology before you even have a chance at that wow factor again. Because stepping into the Castle Courtyard or Bob-ombs Battlefield for the first time felt like that.....you were inside a living, breathing world.

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N64 - Waverace 64

Mario 64 was sold out, but i didnt regret picking up Waverace at all. I played the shit out of that game.


Dreamcast - NFL 2K


Gamecube - Rogue Leader

That game was fucking excellent. Gameplay-wise, it still holds up, though i dont have a upscaler so it looks like ass.


Xbox 360 - Call of Duty 2

I played that game on the demo kiosk at walmart sooo many times.


Xbox One - Dead Rising 3

That game was fun as hell and looked amazing. Runner-up was Battlefield 4 but since matchmaking and parties were a shitshow at launch it was a pain in the ass getting a squad together.


Even though i've owned most of the consoles, those are the only ones i've gotten on launch.


Favorite games I got when I bought the other consoles are as follows:


NES - Mario/Duck Hunt/Track and Field


SNES - Super Castlevania IV


Playstation - Silent Hill


Xbox - Elder Scrolls Morrowind


PS2 - Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec


PS3 - Uncharted


Wii - Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles


Wii U - Zombi U


2DS - Donkey Kong Country Returns


PS4 - Uh.. I don't even remember which game I bought with my PS4 lol... I think it was either Uncharted Collection or Horizon Zero Dawn.


Switch - Super Mario Odyssey

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