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  1. Searching for Bobby Fisher 10/10.. Such a great movie.. Laurence Fishburne is great as always...the 2 opposing philosophies pulling at Josh... "always play on the edge of defeat".."play the man not the board"..soo good... a movie about chess that isnt about chess. An Officer an a Gentleman...10/10 louis gossett jr, is so good as DI Foley...the breakdown during the hazing weekend is still so good.. Its fun seeing the hottie from Beverly Hills cop play the frumpy trainee/candidate in this.. A Soldiers Story...10/10 A black Master Sergeant in a company of black soldiers during WW2 is killed and a black officer is sent to investigate...racism, self hate?..so good. Very young Denzel is already excellent in this...but Adolph Caesar as Sgt Waters is next level here... very complicated and complex character... I'd almost taken for granted how GREAT these movies are.
  2. I still couldnt figure out whom to root for in this film...Hector was the closest thing... watching Orlando get slapped around in a house full of his fan girls was funny back in the day
  3. will they ever make a version superior to Shodown II?.. that would be something... still havent beat the ref after all these years..
  4. How to Train Your Dragon 3.....8/10 the main villain and conflict are 1,000% ignorable... but the inevitable wait for the resolution to the overall arc of the main characters makes it all worth it...it was an affecting ending to me, and as always the visuals are top of the heap.
  5. 2 things: -I actually would like constructive criticism to build better levels...apparently I put too many "hidden" blocks in one level -more importantly the only way you were allowed to upload a higher number of levels in Mario Maker was by being awarded set amounts of stars (though frankly the stars never were the most important goal given that I ended up making only about 15 levels before the wait burned me out)
  6. those are "bad" numbers... hell the emoji movie made that much. thank goodness for the overseas markets then... Roger Deakins animated work is just too good to miss.
  7. Glad to see its coming... but after pouring all the effort on levels on the original with so little feedback ( u really must campaign on behalf of your levels)... im just too busy for it
  8. I always felt the default content was game enough.. that being said their 2 season Passes have not been as good with content or with readjusting the game as the original division Season 1 -Narco road- cheesy campaign -Fallen Ghost- the best content, new difficult enemies, tactical Season 2 - mostly a themed mission every 3 months (20 mins gameplay tops) -the rest is just cosmetics, first they were overpriced, then they were also put in random crates -then they added 96 new items, 80 of which were voices and cheesy poses. Compared to the modes and remixing of the Division its no contest.. Wildlands just needs to update its QRF system and add random enemy patrols outside the bades and it would reinvigorate ghe game
  9. No jokes, no pictures, no speeches will ever penetrate the barrier of "my gun rights"... only gun violence directly affecting the advocates will ever force them to pause and maybe consider empathy....maybe
  10. I kind of like that element of tactical danger... not too different from getting your base captured in advance wars due to poor defending... (or your CO dying in Days of Ruin).. to each his own i suppose
  11. Heres hoping Cruise survives the production...
  12. Its interesting seeing a lot of the reactions on the trailer.... many say they've gone too far by delving into super powered villains etc.. its a "violation" of what Fast and Furious is supposed to be.. I always felt that "too far" happened at Fast 6.... H & S looks generic but maybe Rock and Statham have the pure charisma to carry this, the studio seems to be banking on it just based on the lazy title
  13. Im a broken human being that actually enjoyed Terminator Salvation... though the alternate ending would be interesting
  14. I too worry about Map size given the dullness of the Arkham Origins map...it really lacked in the design department (an actual legitimate flaw in that game)
  15. MI: Fallout... 9/10 Movie flew right by... Fake outs were all great... Still cant decide if its the best MI yet... but thats only because the majority have been really well done. Though not the same thing, theres few Bond movies I'd put over MI films... After a while I did start seeing too much of the shadow of the Dark Knight in MI: Fallout, same as with Skyfall..
  16. Loved Origins too... like the indoor settings...the Joker and Bane treatments were real good too... Biggest negative beyond the glitches was the lack of Azrael costume on Xbox version.. MP was promising too....damn shame not many played it.
  17. My biggest problem with UV was that i downloaded the copy of movie on to my device yet i was unable to watch it unless i had a goid enough signal to be connected to UV app first... they "fixed" it, but most of the time playback was glitchy ir it would revert to locking me out of movies.. hate it so much
  18. I always hated Ultraviolet.... the app was garbage... I hate movies whose digital copies were all Ultraviolet.... Now this Stupid "Movies Anywhere" is carrying the mantle of this bullshit.... Just sell the damn Blu Ray and stop selling me a stupid 4K, 3D, DVD, Movies Anywhere crap for $35.... UGH
  19. -54 in Alaska u spend enough time in Fairbanks and suddenly 40 degrees is shorts weather
  20. It is a nice play They've figured out the plot.... its a nice narrative to sell I suppose
  21. That just reminds me of the movie Malena with Monica Bellucci... wanted to nuke the entire village
  22. Rogue One.. 9/10 Just finished rewatching it again... the Star Wars "War" movie just keeps growing on me... I really enjoyed all the characters in this suicide squad....the CGI Tarkin and Leia still stand out as being off (Leia specially) but it is a very enjoyable film... The only other minor sore spot is the dialog by Vader when visited by director Krennic, JEJ struggles to speak the lines a little.... either way its easily climbing the ranks as my favorite Star Wars movie... adds and makes the lore and the story of the other movies stronger.
  23. A fair point, with the flood of info and media both sides have become absolute in their belief and devotion to their "cause" I would gladly endure another Obama-like leader warts and all... having the GOP controlling both houses really limited what he could accomplish (or better balanced him depending on your point of view).... If only there was someone with Obamas "leadership" traits mixed in with easy recognition and trust...if only... Maybe.... Also the notion of Hillary trying to run yet again needs to be crushed NOW...
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