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  1. at some point these Gulags will be shut down and the people running them will not be held accountable in any way..
  2. it screams of having been filmed on studio grounds.. but there are so many great visual and musical sequences that I cant help but enjoy it.... -the museum sequence all the way to the end of the drive to the bat cave -bat plane sequence and cathedral scene (I love miniatures) theres better bat films but this holds up
  3. https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/inside-a-texas-building-where-the-government-is-holding-immigrant-children/amp sounds normal.. amazing how this isnt every day news
  4. i would not be offended if a steamroller crushed Mitch McConnells head and he survived
  5. I can only hope the new environment can let the former Lakers thrive.. Lebrons “health” and maneuvering just reeks of bad karma... the Lakers are a toxic organization right now... Magic Johnson must be rolling in his Aids
  6. I still cant get over the fact that the prick from Billy Madison was in a Godzilla film nearly 25 fucking years later.. ... oddly lots of “longtime” goji fans either truly love it or hate it for every reason imaginable. .. great remake of Final Wars bad remake of ghidrah the 3 headed monster tone deaf use of nukes to save the day not enough monsters too much monsters
  7. I love Donut.. but if Bale doesnt ask: “Does it come in Black?”... id be disappointed also car porn
  8. I found some enjoyment watching folks play Mario Maker levels...but mostly levels that weren't over the top obnoxiously hard.... I only stopped cause most streamers would just ramble on about stuff not even related to the game or levels themselves...
  9. ... o...k the strength of the Pixar pedigree is the only thing keeping me in belief that this will be solid, if not great. I agree it looks non-Pixar in stills.. but in motion u can see where it was made
  10. I found the score mostly forgettable... in the last film the score really complemented the scenes...this movie had no patience for any significant build up.. I must admit.. I LOVED the remixed Godzilla and Mothra themes...then got upset cause there was no Rodan remix
  11. co-sign... the "War" is really well executed... despite what critics said, none of the characters feel disposable or forgettable
  12. Just watched it..... it really misses the "eye" and cinematography from the last one.... -I didnt find the human story boring or obnoxious....it fulfilled its duty better than anything Ford did in the previous film -for myself the true highlights were all the little homages and easter eggs for the "fanboys"
  13. the tone, score, mood, pace, and human element of 2014 Godzilla was perfect up until Cranston died..... everything shifted afterward and though the Ford character wasnt great it was good enough....Now if the next film could bring the whole humans and monsters package into harmony to be fair theres only been 5 films in the series that truly had that harmony.... not counting the original cause that exists separate from what followed
  14. is “follow” still the main Ai companion? cutting trailers was never the series’ problem.. if its built 95% on the bones of old gameplay then it may be a pass
  15. yeah.. my comment was more in admiration of John Hannah.. I enjoy watching actors who play in opposing extremes in projects.. Its like watching Stephen Lang be the super cowardly bully Ike Clanton in Tombstone and then hes ultra prick marine in Avatar
  16. somedays 3... somedays IV though most of all I wish they’d revisit the ideas of Castlevania 2... an overworld with more dangerous enemies at night... plus mansions as adventureof link style dungeons deserves to be done right
  17. the goofball brother from The Mummy series was so good as the turd slave/gladiator owner.. plus he got him some Lucy Lawless on top of that... having watched Hercules and Xena the 300-ish Spartacus effects didnt bother me too much..very good program
  18. Bran! “im not Bran” Hail King Bran “ok, i will be Bran”
  19. I dont know the “marketing” decision making process.. but they seem to have gone a couple of trailers too far... a few of these moments would have worked as solid surprises in the film.. not sure if its marketing incompetence or lack of faith in the product
  20. Getting closer to a Darkwing reboot.. On Ducktales Darkwing just went full “...either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.. Such a meta episode of Ducktales.... one of the best episodes of anything in a long while
  21. Cummings sounds perfect.. Keith Ferguson is spot on as megavolt.. sounds just like Dan Quackerjack still has it.. Steelbeak is whom i need to hear... but hell we’re getting Animaniacs (hell they updated countries of the world song recently).. so sell nostalgia please
  22. i saw people were mad that the guys did all the spots for MITB (flip over the ladder into a powerbomb onto a ladder with the guy bouncing off ooof!)... then Lesnar shows up for the “easy” win.. now the part timer who doesnt care eliminates the surprise of mitb for a shole year
  23. so if the film wont take anything from the cartoon but the name.. whats the point? Ive been watching lots of Talespin lately and it holds up great ..(Don Karnage!, Thembrians).. Ducktales was consistently good but Talespin had bigger highs.. The new Ducktales show has had Darkwing show up (voice actors are spot on)... they have a new Don Karnage too (garbage!)
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