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  1. Godzilla KOTM... 7/10 its grown on me during repeat viewings...its like a big budget Showa Era film... the "Monsterverse" really needed a guiding hand keeping the overall narrative on track.. I can see my appreciation for this film within the series itself growing..it may never be Godzilla-top tier but its close (it would be a better product through some judicious subtraction)
  2. Or perhaps “Arthur” inspires the “real” Joker.. or perhaps theres a “dishonest” narrator at play in the film
  3. Is the Ign reviewer the same guy that does videos for Cinefix... if it is then well played.. I hope this movie lifted the circus scene from Batman: Lovers and Madmen
  4. new trailer looks solid.. but as is the case with the Fast Franchise..no need for the try-hard spectacle, im more invested in the character than the spectacle... bringing down planes isnt needed, just catch me up with Sarah
  5. mark me down as another person that enjoyed Salvation.. flawed as it is Salvation still “feels” Terminator... continuity hiccups and all. As others said Rise of the Machines isnt completely terrible it just had too great a lineage to live up to
  6. Powerade Zero.. but i even cut off on that... in this heat the flavor of cold icy water cant be beat
  7. Batman Hush...2/10... As with all “new 52” styled adaptations... the lines from the comics are there, but they are delivered with so little passion that all dialog falls flat....they rush from scene to scene that no moment sinks in or has any emotion. this being based on a “longer” series with more characters means that “big” scenes are rushed through even more... the fight between is executed so fast and lazily that it like the rest of the movie falls flat..
  8. Aquaman 8/10.. a good spectacle to watch, confort in its own skin and has great visuals...(trench, torch diving sequence).... on par with Black Panther but this one nails the thord act (killmongers passing almost saved black panthers).... best part was the entire subplot involving Black Manta kept waiting for Willem deFoe to betray someone.. good on them for keeping him as Willem deFriend..
  9. I can only hope that the troops made up of a mix of our citizens actually provide a “buffer” from the cruelty that ICE and their ilk inflict
  10. jealous of Sony owners for this game... the one exclusive Id want from the system
  11. Rand Paul ensures First Responders get zilch.. how does Trump keep winning? lol.. President Lisa Simpson will have her work cut out for her
  12. He will never go far enough to say that... Dems are too stupid to lead to that conclusion
  13. played some Wildlands Mercenaries mode... a little unrefined..hopefully data gathered can help the mode once its ported to the next game
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