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  1. -Hattori Hanzo -Link, Samus, Ridley, Luigi -Sub-Zero (even if scorpion has been better designed of late) -Sagat...tiger-up-your-butt! -Kilik
  2. Clear and Present Danger 8/10...still a great watch.. Joaquin Almeida does good work here.. plus its inclusion of Ding Chavez and the US commandos doing clandestine operations just rubs the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six fanboy in me just the right amount
  3. my take (as if it matters): -I enjoyed all the stuff created for the prequels.. the dropship (troop transport), destroyer droids.... even the overall stories themselves are fine... the real problem is the dialog, the dialog provides what could be interesting information in the dullest way possible... I have no desire to watch the prequels from beginning to end... ever. but the stuff that came out of them (clone wars series, republic commando game etc.) is mostly good -original trilogy.. no major gripes for the first 2 films.. the dialog and characters is mostly spot on.. Empire is top level sci-fi. ROTJ is less enjoyable as time goes on but the spectacle of the battle of endor still carries the load force awakens is fine... i cant help but contrast it with the other trilogies and in that sense its much closer to original trilogies so that is a positive.. havent watched last jedi since the theater, but i again feel no urge to watch again I liked Rogue One, its more militaristic and boots on the ground conflict..
  4. -Rogue One... it adds to Star Wars and makes it better, plus its a more military focused episode which makes it even better -Fury Road... it should have made a billion bucks, -Sicario.. tense, roger deakins cinematography, late johan johannsson doing great work -*cheating MI: Ghost, Rogue Nation, Fallout... found the “tone/voice” of series and is just fun -Inception.. Zimmer doing work -How to Train Your Dragon... fun characters, Night Fury!! , roger deakins cinematography helps -Fast Five... perfect iteration of that series.. those Chargers at the end were trash -Godzilla’14/KOTM/Shin... flawed or not theyre great iterations of something i enjoy -Man of Steel... flawed or not, the score and scale of the film is just too good, Zod is great I so wanted to add Edge of Tomorrow... but the damn Full Metal Bitch was such a letdown!!!
  5. Halo Reach... its nice to go back to carefully crafted levels after spending so much time in open world battlefields... even better given that the Halo covenant AI is there to fight... the game is almost as good as the book... i dread the eventual crash and burn of Reach specially after the Long Night of Solace mission
  6. is it too soon to request another Pokemon Silver/Gold remake/remaster? it would be the good
  7. Theres really only one character I’ve always wanted to be in a Dragonball game... future Gohan (1 arm).... one day
  8. GTA V.... a game i dont often consider but i can attest to buying it on 2 platforms and playing through story mode 4 X (no online time) Arkham City, Origins, Knight... as a batman fan it was a virtual feast. each game has something the other falters on (Release of Knight is the date i got an Xbone)..i want another just to see what other ideas theyd add to the predator gameplay BOTW Kart 8.. best kart ever, best balance of characters track and weapons Ghost Recon Future Soldier/ Wildlands... its the franchise im slaved to.. thankfully the entries didnt disappoint Mario Maker... “classic mario” for the new generation.. those pixels will live forever!! Forza Horizon 3/4... its car racing that devours my time Ass Creed Black Flag... best pirate game ever, a Ubi collect-athon where i didnt mind doing everything Link Between Worlds... link to the past-ish goodness... Advance Wars... Oops nevermind, there wasnt one.. Eat Shit Nintendo Super Mario 3D land biggest regret... not being a PS player and missing out on Spider-man
  9. List always the list feel like a battle between whats objectively good or what was innovative/important.... for my ignorant money nothing will be better than Super Metroid with the original Ghost Recon right beside it. how do you weigh a one time playthrough of something like Metal Gear Solid vs something with multiplayer longevity like COD Modern Warfare
  10. im loving the game.. the crafting, loot system is put in such a “broken” way that i can completely ignore it.. the micro transactions arent pay to win though they are dick-ish (sets of cosmetics broken into half is free half is transaction).. additionally Wildlands had a fuck ton of weapons and other cosmetics right out the box.. breakpoint not even half as much. im loving the game itself, hopefully it gets the refinement that the division series gets
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