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  1. CinemaWins- I love the positive lookback on the films.... the reviews always succeed in pointing out small details I failed to notice before. Helps to have a great narrator
  2. spent most of the weekend putting some time in Mario All-stars... with all the platformer noise I finally spent some time on Donkey Kong Country from the Snes...... all was good, but ate shit and lost all lives on the first mine cart level...felt like a total chump lol
  3. Everything I see states that they absolutely nailed these remakes and made excellent additions... so EA, can I has a Need for Speed Underground 1 & 2..(more sponsors to deal with but miracles)
  4. so 3D World... Game Explain says character movement is sped up and camera has been adjusted.... the addition of online play sounds exciting.. but its nintendo online sooo.. meh
  5. Switch-lite owners hopefully know to expect separate controllers for Mario Galaxy as its a detached joy-con game
  6. No 3D Land or World... hopefully it becomes its own release. Damn shame no Galaxy 2..Wheres Kart All-Stars? start releasing track packs and take my money!
  7. maybe shia labeouf is brought in... they discover a shard of an Infinity Stone which affects Shia revealing a path to fallen black panthers... the bad guys use another shard to revive killmonger after hes extracted from his sea burial... but yeah.. Shuri is a solid choice, Lupita would be another option too
  8. Someone posted that T'Challa shouldn't be recast... they suggest the next movie open with a tribute to T'Challa, then Infinity Stone Killmonger back to life and he becomes the new Black Panther...the film could be about his journey to find his place as the next Panther.. Did not sound like a bad idea at all.
  9. Its just so much work...can we just go ahead and say Trump won? I feel bad for all the extra work theyre having to put in to get this done.. specially since the Democrats dont take any sort of real stand against it.. (i know its harder when you have to follow the rules to fix something someone just does without regards to rules)
  10. I always felt Arkham games (maybe not Knight as much) always displayed the intelligent design where it meets gamers intent without having to be "gamey" -you dont have to manually target every batarang, if you intend to activate a switch just look at its general direction and the game meets that. -if you fall from height or into a surface you shouldnt be on then batman cushions his fall or the game automatically pulls you from that threat without forcing a game over screen or making batman look clumsy. small touches like that enhance the experience.... I also agree
  11. Playing through Arkham Knight again... a damn shame the batmobile gameplay drew so much attention away from all the great things this game offers. Its such a thorough product with plenty of tools to attack situations, great characters, and moments that have been pretty much forgotten. some of my highlights: -the ridiculous amount of moves and tools at your disposal -ivy sacrifice -the infected jokers -how punchable mad hatter is in every Arkham game -batman never “acknowledging” the joker despite the nonstop pestering -the man-bat and joker scares -the way u can see yo
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