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  1. That was the article that most stuck with me… honestly they have nowhere they can go as far as campaigns so u may as well get something that attaches to Warzone.. Since campaign doesnt really matter in COD.. how about I get COD Ghosts 2.. poor Logan has been in that pit forever… hell at least add a “Logan” to the reboot Modern Warfare universe.. give him a Riley and we can call it even,,
  2. Doing the Fallen Ghosts Dlc in Ghost Recon Wildlands.. its been sitting around for a few years now.. The missions are significantly more challenging than the regular game but theyre better designed too.. looking at it now it is a pretty significant chunk of content…
  3. so are the RPG mechanics, leveling up and skill trees the “-vania” part of the formula? cause im ok without that crap… i always did enjoy the minimalist storytelling too.. very calculated and interesting
  4. not enough facial hair to join a terrorist organization unfortunately
  5. I thought it was the childish reputation.... Playstation was the in-thing and had the "cool" factor and Xbox was the new kid with the Killer app and the most powerful hardware.... What would have happened if no Xbox and the Cube was the most powerful console??
  6. they built brand recognition early on, when gaming "caught on"... they built their franchises and are in strict control of their IPs. above all things they still know how to make great games...not just games that catch the attention of fans, they make products that other game creators look to and iterate upon.. they are one of the most brilliant and ignorant company out there...
  7. So after 3 days it finally got to a point where campaign could be played.. overall it was worth the hassle.. its a very good campaign.. the graphics legitimately add to the levels ( the darkness in the Benghazi-style mission)… the room clearing missions have that tension and ambience that majority of shooters lack… seeing the great night vision effect here I can see what Ghost Recon Breakpoint was aiming for with their night vision filter (theirs fails miserably).. now im going to research and see if Spec Ops mission is worth a go
  8. … So I do the overnight install, a product of the times we game in. I start up the game next day and thought it was the wrong game cause its all Warzone -the game insist im missing add-ons so I cant access crap… so I find content reinstall and finally get in. - I get to a Modern Warfare menu and get greeted by a list of other mandatory add-ons necessary to access the campaign.. I await its download… This had better be a hell of a campaign lol
  9. I love Body Harvest... ugly as it was there was a legit method to the madness in how the bugs harvested humans... -but the walking speed of the main character... -you had to use the upgraded weapons cheat to even be able to really harm the bugs -the maps were huge and had great variety of vehicles (area 51 even had the room for the staged moon landing) -the concept of the game is great and deserves another shot... (Buck Bumble too btw).. -made it all the way to Siberia...
  10. I wonder how much it would cost Rockstar just to be able to maintain the rights to the game soundtracks...(not that it matters, Rockstar probably covers the cost in one week of GTA Online) As someone who never played the first 2 3D games I would gladly give them a go....
  11. It was a nice game in its day…… even then there was a severe lack of combat in that game… needs a substantial redo
  12. -Super Metroid -Metroid Prime -Arkham Asylum -Metroid Zero Mission - Metroid AM2R
  13. -The best part of Days of Ruin was being able to create bigger custom maps (not shareable online) -CO Powers were finally implemented perfectly after running wild in Dual Strike (COs in battlefield) -Battle experienced units leveled up -best balance between range, indirect, direct combat units.. the more “serious” graphics didnt bother me as much as the bad blurry combat graphics All the same I will get the remake... already looking forward to Sami “mech floods” and Kanbei battlefield dominations
  14. Curious to see if they add a few more baddies... a Darknut or proper Stalfos knight to ramp up the variety... as popular as BOTW is I would hope they would take our knowledge of existing baddies and toss a few curves
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