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  1. I wanted Idris... male or female... meh.. why not just another agent with a different designation... its almost a thing for the sake of attention.., either way its still a better idea than the Halle Berry Jynx spin-off
  2. all this arguing back and forth and touring is for the sake of testing the limits of how unresponsive we are.. If the nation can rush Area 51 for answers surely the reason nobody has stormed these summer enrichment camps is because its not that bad right?
  3. Horizon 4.. got the Demon, thank goodness the engine sounds are mostly ok because the music in the game is the worst in the series
  4. lol.. apparently so 5 spankings between 2) kids in a 30 year period... guess i better use this meme on myself..
  5. Have at it... Lol..truth be told I didnt punish nearly as much as my father did me.. Its either me correcting their bad behavior with controlled spanking (u know fake anger).. or they grow up failing to behave and victimize someone who doesnt deserve it or get themselves killed for not respecting authority... teachers have enough on their plate without my kids adding to their difficulties... there is a significant difference between a spanking and actually beating a child.. punching, bruising or going Good Will Hunting on them is definitely abuse and I hate people like that as well.. truth be told worst thing i do/did when punishing the kids was the lectures... listening to the why theyre getting punished seemed to be worse than anything else....
  6. I spank my kids, but I know their temperament and what impact the spanking has.. I cant comment on others because the temperament of the child may dictate other simpler methods of correcting their behavior... telling a hyper kid to sit still somewhere is as effective as a good thorough spanking
  7. at some point these Gulags will be shut down and the people running them will not be held accountable in any way..
  8. it screams of having been filmed on studio grounds.. but there are so many great visual and musical sequences that I cant help but enjoy it.... -the museum sequence all the way to the end of the drive to the bat cave -bat plane sequence and cathedral scene (I love miniatures) theres better bat films but this holds up
  9. https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/inside-a-texas-building-where-the-government-is-holding-immigrant-children/amp sounds normal.. amazing how this isnt every day news
  10. i would not be offended if a steamroller crushed Mitch McConnells head and he survived
  11. I can only hope the new environment can let the former Lakers thrive.. Lebrons “health” and maneuvering just reeks of bad karma... the Lakers are a toxic organization right now... Magic Johnson must be rolling in his Aids
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