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  1. somedays 3... somedays IV though most of all I wish they’d revisit the ideas of Castlevania 2... an overworld with more dangerous enemies at night... plus mansions as adventureof link style dungeons deserves to be done right
  2. the goofball brother from The Mummy series was so good as the turd slave/gladiator owner.. plus he got him some Lucy Lawless on top of that... having watched Hercules and Xena the 300-ish Spartacus effects didnt bother me too much..very good program
  3. I dont know the “marketing” decision making process.. but they seem to have gone a couple of trailers too far... a few of these moments would have worked as solid surprises in the film.. not sure if its marketing incompetence or lack of faith in the product
  4. Getting closer to a Darkwing reboot.. On Ducktales Darkwing just went full “...either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.. Such a meta episode of Ducktales.... one of the best episodes of anything in a long while
  5. Cummings sounds perfect.. Keith Ferguson is spot on as megavolt.. sounds just like Dan Quackerjack still has it.. Steelbeak is whom i need to hear... but hell we’re getting Animaniacs (hell they updated countries of the world song recently).. so sell nostalgia please
  6. i saw people were mad that the guys did all the spots for MITB (flip over the ladder into a powerbomb onto a ladder with the guy bouncing off ooof!)... then Lesnar shows up for the “easy” win.. now the part timer who doesnt care eliminates the surprise of mitb for a shole year
  7. so if the film wont take anything from the cartoon but the name.. whats the point? Ive been watching lots of Talespin lately and it holds up great ..(Don Karnage!, Thembrians).. Ducktales was consistently good but Talespin had bigger highs.. The new Ducktales show has had Darkwing show up (voice actors are spot on)... they have a new Don Karnage too (garbage!)
  8. N64 “felt” Castlevania in some weird way that other 3D games that tried to be castlevania didnt... gothic decor, whip wielding hero, platforming and whatever the hell else goes into the special sauce.. plus the boss battles were great ... stupid dracula kid
  9. yeah, they will patch in the music as an option.. they will also eliminate the censorship...I love castlevania before the “metroid-vania” dumb down i must be one of the few weirdos who enjoyed the N64 Castlevania... specially the “improved” Legacy of Darkness... bad camera, stiff controls but great levels and gameplay scenarios.
  10. I just yesterday found out that the japanese versions of the Nes/famicom releases had superior soundtracks than their US counterparts.. huge differences.. legend of zelda theme is also different in japanese version
  11. Looks meh.. I dont have a preference whether its a direct adaptation (dark knight returns) or a reimagining of the story (under the red hood)...
  12. Its almost too much to take in... way too many tools to cause grief.. oddly enough im most excited for the new level themes and the various new musical themes they had to create wish i was young again to really play
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