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  1. Its why i dont switch sides... if i ever hit puberty and can grow beyond Joe Dirt levels of facial hair...watch out
  2. Rudy, is just there to normalize the lie and give the "truth" on their terms... that way we make fun of him instead of being indignant as to the BS theyve been up to
  3. 5timechamp

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    yeah, that guy is "the hype"
  4. 5timechamp

    Football NFL Conference Championshps

    havent watched much NFL the last few years... watched the last 8 mins of Patriots and Chiefs... great game, but good god the amount of stoppage and replays is crazy... Ultimately I suppose its worth it to get the calls right but...that is a lot more downtime away from actual plays than I remember
  5. 5timechamp

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    True enough but theres not enough thrown into the movie for it to leave "major" gaps in the story... to be honest the only "story" in Super which I would want not spoiled would be:
  6. Ideas are all over the damn place.. guess its safer to stick to the Real Ghostbusters cartoon (good episodes that is), and Extreme Ghostbusters
  7. 5timechamp

    Movies Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer

    No u need not have seen it... it touches upon Super a little (does kinda sorta spoil an arc)... but really the main thread through all dragonball is "hey heres a stronger fighter!" It rewrites the history of the main characters mostly
  8. I agree it is overrated, hopefully this is one of thise stories thats altered for the better (Under the Red Hood Style) and not wasted (like Court of Owls was)
  9. 5timechamp

    Help me remember a SNES game

    LJN had a hand in Wef games... Royal Rumble for Snes was pretty good.. Warlock just triggered me to remember the immortal- solid game
  10. The part of not butting in and interfering with Directors (movie makers in general) is the bigger concern... choice of stories to tell seems poor as well.. hopefully the animated side of the house doesnt shit out a crap version of "Hush"..
  11. 5timechamp

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I didnt play myself but i did watch my son play: Black Ops IV- the free battle royale weekend trial, still didnt look fun enough to me....as always too much wandering around a giant map with not enough action... though the movement options look nice Celeste- I pushed him to play Celeste, he quickly caught and passed where I quit. He says he enjoyed it over similar styled platformers... His most difficult endeavor was finishing all the Picto 8 levels... He made it to Level 4 before stopping... Celeste definitely earned its praise
  12. The offer is a nice way to put the "No" at the feet of the Democrats... not as if folks havent already made up their minds... but the unpaid voters might be influenced
  13. Dragonball Super : Broly... 7/10 one of the better movies.. the story telling portions are very well done... the biggest flaw is that once the fight begins it turns into a constant light show with no interval and minimal storytelling.... people like the characters, a bit more story and interaction over spectacle would be better... Once the main fight started most of the parents checked out and left the movie for their 25 yr olds to enjoy