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  1. Finally watched it.. it was very dull. Going in I had wanted them to focus on as few characters as possible and have the tournament not even feature.., well they did, unfortunately they picked the wrong character.... the Sub-zero vs Scorpion story was legitimately great, its the highlight of the film and bookends it perfectly (fooling folks into thinking the film was better than it was)... Everything in between is just bad..Coles actor did fine.. but Shang Tsung, Raiden, and Kung Lao were all terrible... no charisma. The biggest problem though is the fights (those not
  2. Surprising.. This franchise just feels like it will never come back.. In many ways its already exists as pure profit within GTA: Online... Plus the devs were disbanded as the Rockstar San Diego team was the one in the spotlight for its work conditions. the game itself remains great...
  3. damn shame this game truly lacks boards.. if Nintendo wanted to make a splash then a free board should have been given... then sell another 2 boards a little later.. Mario Party should be a platform for nintendo to sell boards (classic boards even) snd mini games ala carte
  4. Better make room fir the Letty Solo film... I wonder if she’ll go full Black Widow insane or go a little more tuner-ish
  5. never heard of it... that being said it was only recently that I became aware that there was a Dukes of Hazzard cartoon..
  6. It always seemed that the Raiders were the more popular team out of all those who lay claim to LA.. LA is where the out of market team is more popular than the home teams
  7. Out of curiosity is LA happier now that they have 2 NFL teams.. or do they still not give a damn.., hell i figured theyd be angrier now that blackouts are more common.. also.. mark me down as making it a goal to eventually attend a Atlanta United, Timbers, and Sounders home match... hopefully a rivalry match too.. I know Columbus and Cincy got a rivalry as well.. maybe once the new stadium opens
  8. That is the thing though.. the global soccer fanbase is (to irresponsibly generalize) made up of casual fans..... folks whose attachment to a team is born of variable factors: -cant escape World Cup coverage so you become a fan of big name player.. said big name player plays for a big club.. u follow -someone is playing Fifa, you want to play.. u pick a team with high stats, through the game you learn players and build a superficial attachment.. -In my experiences a large group of fans cant name 5 teams in the major futbol leagues after they name of the main
  9. guess they go back to the current system where the open player market keeps forcing teams to overpay for players while teams operate at a loss.. that system too sill start to crumble teams as well.., but what can teams really do...., Juventus had won Serie A 9 times in a row meaning they had enough talent to win yearly... the problem is that it wasnt enough to win Champions League so they have to spend even more on better players.., the top of the Leagues are too predictable.
  10. Yeah the MLS calendar has always been an issue.. but getting on the global calendar is a no-go with the cold in the northern states.. MLS clubs/fans have used that as a reason for the CCL struggles.. this is the first seadon using a new format... it spreads the games out more favorably now... honestly the CCL caters a little too much to the MLS vs Liga MX narrative.. they are the most “profitable” matches
  11. MLS Cup- Mls post season tournament seeded based on standings. Supporters Shield- Award to MLS team who amassed the most points in the season. US Open Cup- competition to crown best club in the US open to teams at all levels in the US. Mls is top of pyramid so they enter as well.. in a dream scenario a lowly 3rd string local team bucks the odds and makes a big run. Concacaf Champions League- Same concept as UEFA in that it takes the top teams from various leagues from the region and puts them into a tournament... If you win this you play in the “Club World
  12. All this is because the “big” clubs are responsible for drawing most of the revenue and now want a bigger slice of the pie.. this is mostly due because their spending is out of control and they overpay for players in the global market.., fans are mad and demand clubs are loyal to traditions, at the same time they want clubs to compete at high levels... clubs overspend to compete and go broke lol..
  13. Those older Japanese shows I watched while still in Central America the biggest were: Mazinger Z- It was only way later that I found out there were follow up series for it Super Campeones/ Captain Tsubasa- It was basically Dragonball Z but with soccer players (super dramatic, super shots, episode long plays, goku & vegeta stand-ins). Again it was only later I found out there were more series and that it inspired a ton of legendary players to take up the sport
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