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  1. yup, it plays into the witch hunt narrative.. If Dems followed through Trump still gets acquitted but maybe some unclear on the matter perhaps see the truth and change their way of thinking to cap it.. Trumps 4 years end on an absolute victory.. the GOP now knows they can rob the place blind without accountability, they know that the opposition is spineless snd will roll over, and they have carte blanche to twist facts to whatever they need. The only reason Trump isnt president right now is cause Covid... but he or someone worse is waiting on the wings.. trial run
  2. the Dems are such f’n losers that they dont realize when they win or how to press their advantage..
  3. prosecutors should have played back all the GOP members who predicted Trumps BS back in 2016... call them out for their hipocrisy
  4. yup... be careful... we can all point and say “good” won this past instance... but look how late in the game it actually happened... imagine if Pence buys into the Kool-Aid and him and Mitch go all in on Trumps BS (instead of just 90%)... honestly I dont see the Democrats having the mechanisms or the conviction to stop them... we now know folks weren’t just playing along with the GOP BS either, there are folks who legit believe their crap to be factual and those folks are embedded all over to include government.... nobody is taking this issue serious enough and the GOP folks w
  5. Moana- 10, just watched it for the 1st time no knowledge of plot or characters..Loved it, the trajectory of all characters involved took unexpected deviations to more pleasant resolutions. Definitely did not expect poultry to play such a big role. I cant imagine how Zootopia got the nod for best animated film over it (beyond Zootopias underlying racial/class harmony undertones). All the praise I heard about Moana is beyond justified
  6. That would certainly draw in his cult to Washington... it would be worse than the election debates... he would try to bully the proceedings... a mutable mike would be necessary and the circus/chaos he would cause would likely work in his favor... the mistake would be in treating him with due respect and courtesy instead of the blunt uncouth pig that he is
  7. Not enough Chancla action.. plus Miguels father looking eerily like the dad from Inside out raises questions..
  8. Coco- 7/10 good, but like recent films there are side characters that you wish got more screen time The Fugitive 9/10 as good as it ever was. Ford is understated and unbalanced as his character requires.. Lee Jones is confident and supremely competent as Gerard. Will never not be a great thriller Air Force One..8/10 Another great performance by Ford along with the always great Oldman. The dog fight scene has aged decently despite how gung ho it appears. Glenn Close carries her duties well too. About the only thing thats bad, laughably so is the crash of Air Force One
  9. Well at least the Arizona GOP is taking the steps to prevent any controversy by adding legislature that will allow them to toss out any election results that they dont appreciate
  10. So where are all these civilian litigators that were just itching to get at Trump once he became a private citizen?
  11. Heres hoping for another great musical score..... Goji ‘14 had a great new tracks.. KOTM had awesome remixes of the classic theme
  12. Yup.., I doubt they remove Trumps ability to run again... he played along with the agenda well enough this time and took all the heat without tarnishing his brand..... why wouldnt the GoP go to the well again, specially since they think he’ll be more controllable next time The Dems would need shattering evidence at the impeachment to sway GOP folks to not protect Trump.. their lives being in danger wasnt enough... the room has cooled
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