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What are you playing today?

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Lately been addicted to another mobile game called Girls Frontline.  Usual moeblob Asian ft. guns and girls.  However supposedly has less gacha bullshit than Fire Emblem Heroes or Fate Grand Order.


Played a bit of DJ MAX Respect.  I'm rusty again.

4 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Where is the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch!?  Come on Nintendo. 

See Metroid Prime 4 news.



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I wanted to play Dragon Quest Builders today, but then I remembered that I will have to restart from the beginning and I can't be bothered playing through the early stuff again today.


Will give Fortnite another go, played 1 match Friday night and it was OK.  I got sniped by someone I didn't even see, but that will teach me not to walk around in the open! 

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Played about 3 hours of Papers Please just now.



The fucking bomb threat though lmfao.


Also saved Sergiu.  Gotta help a bro out.


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I'll be playing nothing over the weekend, just a bit too busy (unless it's very early on Saturday, but then I'd rather tidy and walk the dog).  I'm aiming to try and complete Persona 5 in the next 10 days of so, 65 hours in and on the last palace so, depending on how long that takes...


I'm almost more excited just to play a different style of game now, but I want to see it through. 

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Watching the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 got me interested in the first game. The HD version that came out for the 360 was BC on Xbox so going through it right now. Definitely has personality and charm. My biggest gripe with it is you can't invert the Y camera with out inverting the X as well :angry: Makes it that much more harder to get through but I'm enjoying it so far.


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Almost back to where I was in Pokémon Quest before I sold my Switch. (and lost all my game saves) 


I WILL finish this game before the Let's Go games come out, and I will finish it without spending money. 


Going to bite the bullet and restart Dragon Quest Builders this weekend as well.  I really like the game, but I played the demo before I bought it, so restarting it will mean playing the first couple of hours, which are pretty straight forward, for the 3rd time... 

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