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  1. I don’t dock my Switch, but the smaller screen puts me off this a little. I was hoping they could reduce the size a bit without shrinking the screen. I need to know the thumbsticks are better as well, and don’t suffer from drift, as the joycons can’t be detached. I think this is going to be under a lot of Christmas trees this year, and it looks kid-friendly. I don’t see any reason to trade my current Switch for one though. Maybe if my Switch breaks this would be what I would buy as a replacement as it is cheap, but even then I am not sure.
  2. Played some My Time at Portia yesterday. Even after 2 patches it is buggy, but a lot of fun. Will alternate between that and Cadence of Hyrule the rest of the weekend I think.
  3. After about 400 hours across multiple saves on Switch and PC, I feel like I am finally done with Stardew Valley. There is still stuff I have not done, like complete the museum collection, and there are some villagers I have not married, but I don't feel any motivation to tick the last few boxes. I just finished the community centre and built Pam a house in my most recent save, and the desire to play on evaporated. Until there is another content update, I am DONE, and I can work on clearing my embarrassing backlog.
  4. I had no idea this topic would open such a can of worms! The point I was trying to make was that without deliberately thinking about it, I just seem to gravitate more to indies these days. I am surprised that people think that because I game on Switch I haven't played big games. My username should give you an idea of one of my all time favourite game for a start. A lot of the game series I used to enjoy just don't exist any more, Command and Conquer and SSX for example, or just no longer appeal to me, like CoD.
  5. This! About to play some myself this afternoon. Wonder if they will make any more crossovers? A Cadence of the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario characters and music mixes would be amazing!
  6. I played around with a friends PS4 this week, played a little WRC. Felt no different from driving games on PS2, just better looking. Fun, but not really my thing.
  7. There may be an element of that, but also I play almost always in handheld mode, and that could be a factor. Big budget AAA games are obviously going to look better on a big beautiful screen, whereas often indie games are more suited to a handheld experience perhaps?
  8. It's not been a deliberate thing, but I just realised the VAST majority of my Switch library is made up of indies. Just in 2019 I have bought Wargroove, Downwell, My Time at Portia, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Cadence of Hyrule, Friends of Ringo Ishihawa and Graveyard Keeper. I haven't bought a 'big budget' game since Pokemon Let's Go. Maybe it's my age, and these games often remind me of the stuff I played when I was younger? Maybe it's the convenience of the eshop? The stuff EA, Activision etc. is putting out just doesn't interest me these days it seems. Am I the only one?
  9. I get paid next week, and really want to pick this up, but on the other hand I have bought a ton of games recently and feel shamed by my backlog. I guess this isn't going anywhere if I wait a few weeks to jump in.
  10. Wish they would do cross play multiplayer. Stardew Valley is my favourite game and I haven't got anyone to play multiplayer with.
  11. Thought it was only PC and Switch at the moment? Other consoles to follow?
  12. Played a little Cadence of Hyrule. Great music! Worth picking up if you are on the fence.
  13. I would be interested if I had a super-amazing internet connection, but I don’t...
  14. Bought Cadence of Hyrule last night, and had enough gold shop points to get Crypt of the Necrodancer free as it is currently massively discounted. Not started either of them yet, but taking my Switch to work today Incase one of my clients cancels and I have some free time.
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