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  1. I will try this, I have some almond butter, wonder if that would be good? I had a Burger with blue cheese and grilled slices of pear recently... Amazing!
  2. Between 30-40 usually. Last 2 weeks have been very busy, worked over 50 each week. One more week of long hours, then it should get back to normal.
  3. Ding Dong, the witch is dead! However as the alternatives are at least as shit, Britain is fucked. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/24/theresa-may-steps-down-resigns-tory-leader-conservative-brexit
  4. It’s simple... want 2 games that would come to more than 99? Buy the vouchers. You don’t... then don’t. Nobody is forcing you to participate. That being said, I wish Nintendo etc. Would stop worrying about pissing off physical retailers and sell digital games cheaper anyway. Without cart costs, distribution, retailer cut etc... Digital games could easily be 30% cheaper.
  5. They patched the Switch version of My Time at Portia, which fixed a lot of bugs, but introduced some new ones. My game keeps crashing, where it didn’t before the patch. Played the same day 3 Times yesterday because of crashes. Will wait for a patch to fix the patch. Going back to Pokemon and Stardew Valley I think.
  6. I have gone from, interested, but not that excited... To day one purchase! Looks great fun, so much to do!
  7. They need to delay it to add Link & co for the Windwaker cross-over....
  8. Finał puppy count from Rosy is 2 alive, 2 stillborn. No picture yet, will take some when I get home from work.
  9. Rosy has finally given birth. First puppy was fine, next 2 were stillborn, one of them had deformed legs. My wife has taken her to the vet now to see if he can help the 1-2 Puppies that have not been born yet.
  10. It is, but she is so small, and was underweight when we got her. (She still is a little). So I think that is why?
  11. I could go the rest of the year without buying another game, and I would be OK with what I have. There are more good game than I have time to play them.
  12. A quick picture of Lily and her boys I grabbed just now. Still waiting for Rosie to give birth.
  13. (Switch Version). Trees you chop down, and rocks you break, should eventually respawn, but sometimes don’t. If you notice this, sleep to save, then close the game completely. When you restart the game, don’t choose continue, choose load game, and pick the most recent save. Trees and rocks will be back. They are going to include a slider to let you select how fast time passes apparently. https://www.team17.com/my-time-at-portia-update-coming-to-consoles/my-time-at-portia/
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