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  1. JosephManderley

    Starting a 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' course

    When you are finished, if you want to travel and put those skills to use, let me know. I work as an English teacher here in Poland, and I have contacts in other places as well. Good luck with the course.
  2. JosephManderley

    Nintendo Could Nintendo be working on an N64 classic?

    Interesting. I remember a friend of mine getting a N64, and I was really impressed by Wave Race when I saw it.
  3. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-penis-looks-like-toad-from-mario-kart-says-stormy-daniels
  4. Again, this aspect didn't register when I was reading before. To be honest, a backup that doesn't last beyond the subscription period, is almost worthless.
  5. Ah, I must admit I skipped over that aspect when I was reading and focused on the NES game part. Yes, you are right. I would hope Nintendo would guarantee to keep cloud saves for a minimum fixed period even after a subscription expires.
  6. I don't get the issue? If you are paying for online, I would assume that you would go online once a week? Even if you are on a trip, how hard is it to tether to your phone, or find a WiFi hot-spot once in 7 days?
  7. JosephManderley

    Nintendo Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 (3PM PT/ 6PM ET)

    The autumn directs have been better than Nintendo's E3 spotlights since the Switch came out. I have never played a Luigi's mansion before, and I can't say it's something that immediately appeals to me. Civ, Animal Crossing and Town all got my attention though. 2019 is looking great.
  8. JosephManderley

    Nintendo Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 (3PM PT/ 6PM ET)

    ANIMAL CROSSING!! Fuck yesss!
  9. JosephManderley

    What have you learned today?

    My dogs like Iron Maiden.
  10. JosephManderley

    Do you smoke/grow Marijuana

    That's similar to how my tablets work. It's like I still feel the pain, but don't really care...
  11. JosephManderley

    Do you smoke/grow Marijuana

    Those of you who use it for pain, how effective is it? I have destroyed my left hip and need a replacement. In the mean time I am in constant pain, and use strong prescription painkillers. I am sure these tablets are causing all sorts of harm and I want an alternative.
  12. JosephManderley

    Nintendo Civ 6 coming to Switch Nov. 16

    https://civilization.com/news/entries/civilization-vi-nintendo-switch-console-november-16-2018/ Portable Civ. Between this and Stardew, my life is over. This was probably in the postponed Direct.
  13. There is another team of doctors still working to get the smile off his face...
  14. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/italian-doctors-invent-new-tool-to-remove-23inch-dildo-from-mans-rectum/ The fact it had been stuck for 24 hours before he went to hospital, and that he felt fine, boggles my mind...
  15. I bought R-Type on the Spectrum, the Sega Master System, and the Sega Master System version on the WiFi virtual console. Will I buy it again? HELL YEAH!