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  1. Most of Europe apparently doesn’t include Poland, so I’m out.
  2. It’s got my attention, but not enough info yet to decide if I want it.
  3. If it lives up to the claims they are making, it will be great. I am skeptical though.
  4. Dreamcast / Streamcast.... Dreamcast 2 Confirmed!
  5. I saw some posts on resetera that the empty cases were it... The point being that no new hardware is required....
  6. I remember when the Xbox came out thinking it was a waste of time. 'it's just a stripped down PC' was the general opinion of my friends and I.
  7. 1pm Eastern, 5pm UK. What is it? Console? Streaming service? Dreamcast 2? Another Ouya type waste of time? Lots of rumours, very few facts so far. Are you hyped? Is this going to be 'The Future'? You can watch it here:
  8. I have been a member over there for about a year, and have probably posted less than 10 times. It is good to browse occasionally to get news, but it is too big to have any sense of community. D1P has a friendlier atmosphere I think.
  9. Please give me Witchbrook news! By far my most anticipated game!
  10. Whilst I don't consider myself a nudist, and I would never get naked in public, I often don't wear clothes at home. Mostly just a pair of shorts.
  11. I can't seem to get focused on a single game at the moment. I am about 60% of the way through Pokemon Let's Go, but every time I turn on my Switch I end up playing something else, generally Dragon Quest Builders, which I recently restarted.
  12. The anti-immigration argument that immigrants are lazy, whilst simultaneously 'taking all our jobs ' has always confused me.
  13. There is a big racism \ antisemitism problem in Poland. I teach advanced English in some companies here, and last week one of the lessons called for a debate on overseas aid to Africa. One student, a guy in his late 20s with a good job, said it was a waste of money sending aid to Africa, because Africans are lazy. I put him on the spot by saying Elon Musk was born in Africa, and he isn't lazy. The student's response.... 'I don't mean people like that, I mean black people'. Several other students around the table nodded in agreement, I was really shocked. That comment would never fly in an office environment in the UK, here it was just accepted without question.
  14. Up until now, I have been using my Switch without an SD card, and it has not really been a problem. I generally only keep the 3-4 games I currently play downloaded, and redownload stuff as and when I feel like a change. My library is getting quite big now though, so I think it's time to get a micro SD card. Do the read \ write speeds of these really matter, or should I just buy the biggest one I can afford regardless of speed?
  15. It's cheap and kids will have fun with it for a while. It's not going to be a great VR experience for the obvious reasons. A Switch pro, with a bit more power and a better screen could make it work though.
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