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  1. Manziel got traded to CFL’s Montreal today, now he can get real good poutine
  2. I’m on that Street Fighter Collection on Switch and 2K On PS4, I have both of those games on Switch and ps4(both digitally)
  3. Prefers LA but gets shipped out of the Country lol. I thought Spurs wanted a ton for Kawhi, What happened? All they ended with is DeRozan, Poetl and a draft pick
  4. IT has really fallen off, he went from believing he’s a max money guy to now playing for the veterans minimum, he’ll be playing in China next
  5. Ultra Street Fighter 2(Switch) Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection(Switch)
  6. Got a good deal and mlb was on sale, I am poor and game on a really small Samsung anyways, just thought I’d let everyone know I have a ps poor slim
  7. Lakers looking at acquiring Lillard...would be a good move, send lonzo and his circus out of LA
  8. Laker fans on twitter scrambling to delete all their Lechoke/LeBum tweets from the past lol
  9. It sounds like PG is staying with OKC...but who knows
  10. Playing NBA 2K18 and Street Fighter Collection lately
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