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  1. It's an off day. You can see why I lost my license though.
  2. Once again a woman has to give her job up for a man.
  3. I figured you were a terrible person I just wanted to confirm.
  4. Both of the new films have been complete recycles of the OT I just watched the OT a few weeks ago for the first time since I had it on VHS in the 90's and then TLJ when it came out on Netflix and the amount of recycling is glaring. I notices some when I saw it in theaters but all 4 movies fresh it really stuck out.
  5. Are you a star wars fan? edit- Also given the "burn the past" theme of the last movie, and like the OT the old characters dying to make room for the new generation, can the any of the deaths of the old characters have dramatic weight given that it's expected?
  6. I'm not getting what's so hard to follow here. Ort states they need someone to kill off. I reply with they have already have Leia [to kill off].
  7. No, they have to kill her off unless they are going to CGI her.
  8. She wasn't going to go along with anything other than Anet taking her side. What this came down to was who was more valuable to the company her or the customers. She also seems to have a history of behaving like this and even in the comments when this whole thing blew up someone complained about her behavior at e3 or some convention and how she was rude. Anet wants to be known as a progressive company so the hired Price, given her history I'm guessing that she turned out to be a bigger headache than she was worth and they took the opportunity to shit can her. Fries firing was just to blunt calls of sexism, which doesn't seemed to have worked, and I genuinely feel bad for that guy. His twitter comments since being fired have shown him to be a decent person.
  9. They already have Leia.
  10. Engel

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I got burned out on gw2 so I downloaded warframe today.
  11. He wasn't just a customer. He is an anet partner, someone who promotes their game on youtube.
  12. I wonder if they fired him to cut off any "double standard" complaints.
  13. Engel

    What theme do you use?

    What happened to "Admin CP"?
  14. Engel

    Movies The Last Jedi is now on Netflix

    It's still meh the second time around.
  15. Engel

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Dead Cells. Frustrating and fun.