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  1. A guy I worked with son just gave his two weeks yesterday. Apparently people have seen the writing on the wall and have been leaving the company for a while.
  2. Engel

    PC World of Warcraft Thread

    No it was all manual there were two folders I copy pasted into the interface folder and that was it. Shestakui I think it's called
  3. Engel

    PC World of Warcraft Thread

    I downloaded a compilation off of wowinterface.com
  4. Engel

    PC Tech Do you own a mechanical keyboard?

    I like my Logitech G910
  5. Engel

    PC World of Warcraft Thread

    I have no idea. I think it was 200gems/episode. Last time I bought one a few years ago it cost me 100g or so if i remember right.
  6. Engel

    PC World of Warcraft Thread

    Can you do it from anywhere in the world? In GW2 you can right click the bag select deposit materials and no matter where you are they go to your material storage in your bank.
  7. Engel

    PC World of Warcraft Thread

    I boosted my NE priest to 110 on Cenarius. Part of me is regretting buying the xpac. The game feels clunky and slow, the cast time on mounts irritates me more than I thought it would, the lack of an option to deposit all the materials in your bag into the bank, having to go to a mail box to get mail, having to go to the auction house to browse items, the new races locked behind reputation grinds. The game just feels old and shitty. I'll probably level the priest to max and maybe on of my other toons, they are all level 85 as cata was the last xpac I bought. Another thing why the hell do I have to go to a transmog to hide my cape, shoulders, or head piece now? I quit gw2 for almost 2 years came back and after a 10 min review was caught up and ready to go. Coming back to wow on the other hand feels like a chore starting with fixing the shit default UI.
  8. The first few sting, especially if you get a nice colorless weapon, but once you come to the realization that everything is transient and ultimately meaningless the game is a blast. Sometimes it's fun to see how far you can get with shit weapons. Finally don't creep like you are playing Souls run and gun and use skills on cd.
  9. Engel

    What do you hate about the people you work with?

    I like the people I work with. If there is someone I find that I don't like I don't work with them anymore.
  10. I enjoy my job. The are bad days but overall it's an enjoyable job. If I win the lotto I wouldn't quit working I'd scale up hire more people to do the parts I don't like and focus on the rest of the job.
  11. It's an off day. You can see why I lost my license though.
  12. Once again a woman has to give her job up for a man.