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What steaming devices do you guys use?

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My nexus player appears to be dead, so I'm looking for a new media player.  I was wondering what devices you guys use?   Does anyone have an opinion on the Shield TV?


I have a ps4, xbox one,  a chrome bit, and a paperback sized windows 8 computer.  So I have a few options already, but I'm looking for other ideas.  I might use my ps4 for the moment, but want to look at other options.  The chrome bit and windows computer allow me to access all my streaming services through the browser, but that isn't the most couch friendly setup. 


I did like my nexus player.  I like the options with an android based device.  It just would have been nice if Android TV would have gotten more support from developers. Sideloading apps didn't really work that well for my nexus player.  It would have been nice to get my comcast app to work on it.

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I've been streaming a lot of videos off the Giant Bomb app. I've had a premium membership for a year and figured it was probably a good time to actually watch some of that content I'd been paying for. :p


So far it's been a blast though. Going through Ranking of Fighters right now. Finished all of 13 deadly sims last week.

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Used to just use my PS3.  Finally broke down and bought a Roku stick earlier this year and I've been very happy with it.  It's hard to resist those Fire sticks when they're on sale for $20, but I try to stay away from anything Amazon because I don't want to be tied down to their shit in one way or another.

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