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  1. Rice is what people use when their food isn't substantial enough to constitute an entire meal. Also, corn cake>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>rice cake.
  2. I got two minutes into the first episode... and was pissed at myself for spending that much time watching it.
  3. Fuck this show. Seriously. I haven't been this emotional over a show plot in years. Fucking absolutely gut-wrenching.
  4. At this point, I think I just want crazy crossovers. Terminator vs Hellraiser.
  5. How is it, that with the success of The Walking Dead, we have yet to get an Invincible TV show?
  6. That's a valid assessment, as I hadn't realized he was the director until entering this thread. Perhaps it's simply a case of the studio shoving its own head deep up its ass.
  7. At least mine is only one person--you bring two other people into bed with you every night!
  8. I saw episode three at 60 minutes. That's what I get for believing a UK site.
  9. I'm a little upset about the episode lengths. First three episodes are all 60 minutes or less. When the creators said the final season would only be 6 episodes, they also said each episode would essentially be a feature film. Only the final two episodes come close to that at 80 minutes.
  10. The Postman, which I feel is a legitimately brilliant film... and Down To You, which is a guilty pleasure.
  11. I have, but no purchases yet. I'm going to spend a bit more and get the Samsung 7.1.4 system because we'll be getting the Q70 82" TV. I think I much prefer device compatibility than a slight difference in sound.
  12. Two of my favorite movies are rated under 10% on RT... but I'ma pass on this in the theater. About the only redeeming thing it has going for it is it's supposedly a very hard R.
  13. She's aged REALLY well. She's one of the main characters in my favorite movie of all time... RAD.
  14. Damn, what Triage do?
  15. You can top me any day.
  16. What Apple really needs to do is give users the ability to add music to their library straight from the iTunes store. Right now, you can only purchase from the store, so if you want to add something to you library using Apple Music, you have to go into the app, go into Search, click Apple Music, search for what you want, and then add it to your library.
  17. The random battle encounters are ridiculously frequent. It almost feels as though the developers were poking fun at the genre like "see how your games used to be?! Aren't you glad it's not like this anymore???"
  18. At least we have a future historical document to reference in Idiocracy.
  19. We should just have a scrollable list of emoticon choices that permanently occupies the right 50 pixels of the screen.
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