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  1. More or less. But my screen is 122", and I'll take that, over the image of an OLED (which still has it's uniformity issues, even at higher level models) on a smaller screen any day of the week. The TV I was looking at was an 82" Samsung at $4500, vs my projector at $1500. It was a no brainier. @silentbob's projector, on the other hand, costs a bit more than mine.
  2. @nacthenud Well, everything changed again. Lol. A couple weeks ago, I picked up the BenQ HT3550 4K projector. It's been amazing. HDR10, HLG, and for Dolby Vision tracks, it kicks into HDR mode. And yesterday I bit the bullet on the sound, and my new system should be arriving tomorrow--the Nakamichi Shockwafe 7.2.4 Elite. The 2019 model just came out, and I jumped on it. 45" soundbar, two 8" downward firing subs, and two elevation surround speakers. I decided against the 9.2.4 set up, because it's a normal sized living room and I didn't want speakers everywhere. Really looking forward to setting it all up tomorrow.
  3. Diablo tastes like Drano. I want something hotter than Fire, but Diablo is just disgusting.
  4. Only if Kaya realizes towards the end of the movie that she's actually the crocodile.
  5. One of our 4 cats in particular likes to sleep on the bed with us... if we close the door with her outside the room, she will literally cry for the entire night. She doesn't get tired, she doesn't get bored and do something else, she just sits there and cries until the door is eventually opened--whether that's in the middle of the night, or in the morning when we get up, there's crying until that door is opened. And after we open the door, whenever that may be, she comes flying into the room and yells at us for like the next 5 minutes. Like, it's not enough we locked her out, she has to let us know that wasn't ok, and to not let it happen again.
  6. I don't have an issue with the Switch Lite... I have an issue with the $200 price point.
  7. You lose so much information and detail playing BotW in handheld mode. Not only is it playing at a lower resolution (i.e. not sharper), you see so much more on a larger screen. It's simple math--6" vs (for us) 122".
  8. Oh, don't you worry, that comment was an underhanded, cowardly jab directed squarely at me. You have a specific use case scenario. I actually might buy one of these, both for myself, and for our daughter to use. What it doesn't change, as I had originally pointed out, is that for $200, they gimped the Switch far too much. This thing goes on sale for $150, and packs a game in with it, then it's a good price point. As it stands now, far too many features have been removed, where the value doesn't match the price. But again, the price point seems to be geared more towards the early adapter tax market.
  9. How did you know? I boycotted McDonald's after they stopped serving the 64oz Super-size drinks.
  10. You somehow seriously lack reading comprehension. I said it was a bad product, which it is. I also said there will be appeal for it and it will fly off the shelves. Not once did I say, "it's not for me, therefore it sucks".
  11. I'm surprised they have a page up without full specs. The official page also states there is no table-top mode, which insinuates you can't connect controllers to the system.
  12. You couldn't pay me to take one of those. Maybe at the $100 price point. But for only $50 less, and you lose so much functionality? If someone wants to throw away $200, I'll happily take it off your hands (the money, not the whateverthisis Lite). Also doesn't look like there's a kickstand built in. And fuck playing a majority of Switch games with the joy cons. If I had to play BotW in its entirety using the joy cons, I never would have completed the game. Sadly, because it's Nintendo, people will eat these up, even though it's a significantly gimped version that is way overpriced.
  13. So, we went to the tasting room, came back with two growlers of Chugsuckle Brunch (might be my new favorite beer of all-time) and a case of Imperial Grind, which is a higher ABV version of my favorite stout of all-time (Winter Grind). We had a flight of 8, and every one was really good.
  14. Heading down to Missouri for next weekend with Triage, to the same town that my favorite brewery is in (that doesn't ship to Illinois). Super excited!
  15. Loved the movie. Definitely want to watch this.
  16. While BotW is one of my top 5 games all time, and I'm beyond giddy for a sequel, for me, nothing comes remotely close to the excitement of a new Microsoft console launching with a new Halo game.
  17. It's 60 IBU, which is about double what I usually like, but it's surprisingly smooth.
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